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New Product Sex Toys List

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Air Sex Doll Toys

This inflatable air sex doll is easy to store and allows for realistic masturbation and pseudo-sex. Comes in various types, including full body, waist only!

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How to Choose a Sex Doll and Popular Items in India
How to Choose a Sex Doll in India
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare for pseudo-sex
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare

Air Sex Doll Toys?


Several air sex dolls sold at SEXToys India have a special charm that you won't find at other stores.

That is, it comes with GF Pussy - Bounce creampie, SEXToys India's original large masturbator.

The large masturbator reproduces realistic vaginal sensations and provides an even more stimulating masturbation experience.


Only SEXToys India's air sex dolls allow you to experience this feeling.

In this article, we will introduce four recommended air sex dolls with the above features, including our impressions of their actual use.

SEXToys India's recommended Air Doll x 4

The four air sex dolls we are about to introduce differ from each other in size and posture.

Therefore, you can find the best air sex doll for you by choosing the one that best suits the position you want to play and the purpose you want to achieve.

Of course, we will take that into account in our introduction, which will surely be useful.

Real Teen body - Pussy queen

Real Teen body - Pussy queen


This is currently the most popular model. It is compact and easy to change positions, and the leg parts give a realistic feeling of sex. Furthermore, the price is very low at Rs3000, making it an excellent overall balanced air sex doll. If this is your first purchase, we recommend this one.

Real Teen body - Satisfied ass

Real Teen body - Satisfied ass


With large sex dolls, it is sometimes difficult to change positions, but this one does not have that stress. It is a simple sphere, so it lacks a bit of realism, but it is suitable for users who value ease of use over realism.

Real Teen body - Sitting position

Real Teen body - Sitting position


It is an exquisite position that can accommodate a variety of positions. The large size makes it difficult to change positions, but its strength is that it provides a realistic sensation of realistic sex. It is appreciated by users who want to simulate or practice sex.

Satisfied masturbating body(1304)

Satisfied masturbating body(1304)


The most attractive feature is the skin color and the balanced body shape that provides excitement. Its upright design makes it an easy-to-use feature for its size. This size and skin color make it popular among users who want to use it while imagining a realistic woman.

What you need to use Air Doll

First of all, have you prepared your Sex Lubricant yet?

Without it, you will not be able to insert your penis, so don't forget to order it.

If you are going to use a sex doll, don't you want to get closer to the feeling of real sex?

If you have that wish, we also recommend the USB Warmer that warms up the masturbator.

Maintenance is essential if you want to keep your sex doll safe and in use for a long time.

The dry stick makes it easier to keep the masturbator clean after washing.

For users who want it all, sets are also available.


Users who want to use sex doll comfortably should be sure to buy it, as it costs Rs700 less than buying it separately!


Air sex dolls are sex toys that allow you to easily enjoy the pleasure of sex.

Furthermore, the four types of air sex dolls introduced so far have the advantage of being equipped with a large masturbator, which is not available in other stores.


For a cheap, yet realistic sex experience, buying an air sex doll from SEXToys India is the best option.

Have you read this far and not found a product you want?

If so, I present to you the masturbator.

You can get it cheaper than the Air sex doll, and it is even easier to improve the quality of your masturbation.