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Air Sex Doll Toys

It is a product category page of Air Sex Doll Toys (inflatable sex doll) which is easy to store and inexpensive.

Air Sex Doll Toys List

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Air Sex Doll/Blowup Sex Doll Toys?

What is Air Sex Doll/Blowup Sex Doll  Toys?

Air Sex Doll toy that is cheaper than other sex dolls. Here, we will introduce the type, how to use, how to choose, notes, etc.

What is Air Sex Doll/Blowup Sex Doll Toys?

Air sex doll/Blow up sex doll toys are one of the famous and cheapest category of the sex doll toy. This sextoys for man gives ultimate power to men or gives a sex partner to men for fulfilling their sexual desire. Air Sex Doll toys are inflatable sex doll i.e. men have to pump the air inside the doll before going for the masturbation. So such sex dolls are also known as Inflatable sex dolls and blow-up sex doll india. And now on sale at SEXToys India!

What's Air Sex Doll?

Air sex dolls are an artificial structure of women. Such sex dolls are made by vinyl material. They are colourless transparent in colour. Even air sex doll doesn't have unnecessary patterned decoration like other sex dolls have.

Inflatable dolls are available in much body form like full body structure to the ass structure. Air sex dolls are used to hold the masturbator. It allows hand-free masturbation to the men. With the help of air sex dolls, now men can enjoy hand free masturbation even with their hand-held masturbator. Air sex dolls came with a full structure that holds the masturbator inside themselves. With the help of air sex dolls, men can enjoy the sex like masturbation by swing their waist instead of swing their hand. Inflatable doll sex is best for men

As Air sex dolls India are made by vinyl material, that why they are cheap in price as compare to other adult dolls. It is reasonable for all masturbator lovers. Every second person can easily afford it. Due to its specification, inflatable doll sex toy get popularity. It is easy to use and easy to hide after use. If you want more realism Realistic Sex Doll Toys is recommended. But the price is also expensive but it's worth it. Ass Toys and Titty Toys are also available. Please check it. You may find your favorite.

Differences in masturbation using Air sex dolls

Differences in masturbation using Air sex dolls

Normal or manual masturbation has a lot of hand affords whether it is hand masturbation or masturbator masturbation. It is quite painful to stimulate for a longer time. The up and down movement by hands causes strain and pain in hand. This pain is eliminated by the air sex dolls. Inflatable doll for men offer hand free masturbation to the men. Men now can enjoy sex like masturbation with their favourite male masturbator.

An air sex doll gives a complete different masturbation session to the men. Just need to fix the masturbator inside the correct spot.

Difference between Air Sex Doll Toys and other masturbators toy

An air sex doll is reproducing the body line of women. Where other masturbator is just reproducing the vagina line of women. There is a huge difference between both. Masturbators and fleshlight are used to stimulating the penis by accepting a penis inside them, but air sex doll stimulates men's penis by accepting the masturbator themselves. Accept that, air sex doll and inflatable dolls are also able to give a better cosplay with a presence of women. Men can costume their air sex doll with any of inflatable doll costume by their choice and fulfil their loneliness by sleeping beside it.

Recent air sex dolls

An air sex doll is widely famous in many countries like USA, Japan, China, etc. But it is not famous in India that much. I think we are the only dealers of Air Sex Doll Toys in India. Soon it will be getting famous in India too.

Indians are aware of Sex Dolls and sex dolls se, but they are too expensive. A lot of men cannot afford sex dolls and cannot enjoy the presence of a female in solo masturbation. SexToys-India introduces and working to help such men. Air Sex Doll Toys is not expensive and effective too. Every man can buy and use it.

Features of Air Sex Doll in India

Features of Air Sex Doll Toys

One important feature of air sex dolls for men is, it gives pseudo-sex to the men. Due to its body line structure, it gives the true presence of a woman. Many of full women size air sex dolls are available in the market. Men can purchase their preferred length. After inflating air inside the sex doll, men can have true sex. They can hug while penetrating; they can feel the structure of women. Men can dress their air sex dolls for the roleplay or cosplay. It is most of the good point of this sex doll in india. Air sex doll can be sleeping beside the men to fulfil their loneliness.

Structure of Air Sex Doll Toys

As we know, air sex dolls are available in many sizes. But you get surprised to know that, they are also available in many sex positions. Yes, men can choose their desire sex position where he feels comfortable. The cowgirl position, sitting position, etc are there. The body line of sex dolls has joints and with a turn in joints, it forms a different type of sex position. But remember, you cannot change the sex position. It is prebuilt.

What is Air Sex Doll Toys for?

Air Sex Doll Toys are for a male. It is a male masturbator that gives company to male in their solo time. It is dummy of women used by man to stimulate their penis. It gives best-ever masturbation to the men. The structure of a sex doll has everything from vagina hole to hands. Men can take advantages of it in penetration and as well as in foreplay. Blow up sex dolls itself does not allow penetration, but it improves penetration.

Good point and bad point of Air Sex Doll Toys

Let's know about the good point and bad point of air sex doll toys if you have it or thinking to purchase one.

Good point

Good point of a sex doll is that they give pseudo sex to the men. Now, men can feel real sex pleasure with an artificial female. Air sex dolls also give the same pleasure. But the good point of an Air sex doll is, men can transform their regular masturbator into the real sex play.

Air sex doll holds the masturbator. Men can fix their favourite type of masturbator in Air sex doll and use it. There is no need to brought new masturbator or find a newly suitable masturbator. It will work for your favourite and already a suitable one.

Men can fix these masturbators in inflatable sex doll easily.

Bad point

First, the bad point of Air sex doll is it does not react like a woman. It just gives pseudo sex to men. It is used by fixing the masturbator in its body. If you have a large masturbator then the hole of Air Sex Doll, then it can be a problem for you. Men have to check the size of the hole before purchasing. Air Sex Doll work for their preferable size masturbator only. To use Air Sex Doll/Blow up sex dolls toys, men first have to pump the air inside it. And it is too complicated and time consuming to blow up the sex doll. Well, many foot pumps can help you. In the same way to hide the sex doll, first, you have to blow out the air.

Air Sex Doll Toys Recommended People

Air Sex Doll Toys Recommended People

We recommended Air Sex Doll Toys to those people who are not interested in the handheld masturbation and handheld masturbator. It is frustrating for some men to continue use of the hand. With the help of Air Sex Doll Toys, men can enjoy the hand free masturbator. There is no need to use their hand and allow up and down movement. Men can feel the real sex pleasure with swing movement. It is possible just because of Air Sex Doll/inflatable doll.

If you are single and want to enjoy girl's vagina play, then it will work with just a masturbator.

Types of Air Sex Doll Toys

Types of Air Sex Doll Toys

Air Sex Doll Toys are available in four body types. Find your body type for your masturbation

Hole Body

Hole Body air sex dolls toys are full body line of a female. It has a structure from head to the toe. It gives the presence of a female on the bed. Men can hug her, penetrate her and can sleep beside her. It eliminates the lowliness of men. It is available in many of length. A man can purchase desire length hole body air sex doll. The length of this hole body air sex doll is varying between the 5-7 feet. It is available in many of structure means in standing, sitting, or even in many sex positions like doggy style, cowgirl style and many more.

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Half body

Half Body air sex dolls toys are in half body line of a female. It includes only the upper and waist part of the female. It is suitable for the sitting position. Men can hug and penetrate the artificial female in setting position. It is also available in many sizes with their hole of penetration and upper structure. It can be used in penetration as well as for sleeping beside. Well, the cost of such air sex doll is less than the hole body sex toys.

Lower body

Lower body air sex dolls toys are in half body line of a female. It includes only the lower and waist part of the female. It is suitable for bed. It is just used to fix the masturbator and have masturbation. Due to the absence of an upper body, many cannot experience the high and sleeping fell in the masturbation. But the Lower body air sex dolls toys gives pleasure to gain different sex position. It is on men how he wants to use Lower body air sex dolls toys.


Ass air sex doll toy is used to enjoy the ass fuck. There are many masturbators in the market that are available in ass orifice. So, such ass air sex dolls came in the market. It gives hand free ass play to the anal lovers. Ass air sex doll toy can be available in the full body form or half body form. The stability is a concern in the ass air sex doll. They are available in many sex positions like doggy style, cowgirl style, piledriver, rear entry, turtle, teaspooning, leapfrog and many others.

How to choose Air Sex Doll Toys

How to choose Air Sex Doll Toys

First, you need to find what level of pleasure you want. There are different kinds of air sex dolls are available. If you want full body then hole Body air sex dolls toys are good. The choice of a sex doll is depending on your pleasure. The choice of air sex doll also depends on what type of masturbator you have.

First the size of masturbator that fits in the hole pocket of the air sex doll. Second, the type of masturbator. If you have vagina masturbator then hole Body air sex dolls, half Body air sex dolls and lower Body air sex dolls can work. If you have ass masturbator then ass Body air sex dolls can works.

How to use Air Sex Doll Toys

How to use Air Sex Doll Toys

Air Sex Doll Toys is fixing type of masturbator. So first you need to fix your masturbator in the hole of a sex doll. Do it with a dry hand and dry body because it is made by vinyl material and things get difficult with moisture. First, begin to apply some baby powder in the inside of hole pocket of sex doll and outside the masturbator. It decreases the friction between both surface. Now start blowing up the sex doll. Blow up about half of it then fix your masturbator in it. After complete blow up it will not fix in it. Apply some lubricant in the masturbator. It is good to put some lubricant in masturbators after inserting it in the sex doll. It is also good to use condoms. It will be easy to wash and it is also good hygienically. And by using a condom it will be a realistic.

Maintenance and storage of Air Sex Doll Toys

Air Sex Doll Toys is made be vinyl material and can lead to puncture if you do not store it carefully. You need to clean all the sweat and dirt from the air sex doll like other masturbators. Cleaning is important for all type of sex toys. As it has a huge volume of air and needs time to blow out the air. Take your time for it. In a hurry, you can damage your sex doll. Always keep it dry and dark place. Surely away from the direct sunlight and flammable things.

What is the attention point of Air Sex Doll Toys?

Attention point that you need to consider while using air sex doll is the following:

There is a limit of the diameter of a hole. The masturbator which is larger in diameter as compared to a hole of sex doll, it will not install in it. Even you do not force it. The installation of masturbator can be difficult for a beginner because they are new. Do not get panic and try hard to install it in the correct way. Sometimes excess air ingestion and excess weight on the air sex doll can leads to puncture in it. So be careful and keep 80% air only inside the air sex doll.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Try this recommended air sex dolls toy if you are confuse to select a one.

Horny lower body (AYAKA)

Horny lower body (AYAKA) is lower type of air sex dolls. It is easy to hide and round in structure. It holds the masturbator easily by removing the underwear from the sex doll.

Where I actually used it was like this

I purchase it because I liked it. I found this sex doll with a panty and lubricant inside the box. I am not expecting this. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Even I do not feel any difficult to blow up the air inside the doll. I blow the sex doll in the correct size in just 10 minutes.


Love Body Coco is inflatable air sex doll with full body structure. Men can use it like women. It is straight structure, so can give cosplay as well. It is 73cm in length and 52cm in width.

Where I actually used it was like this

This is my first time when I choose a sex doll for masturbation. I have a collection of masturbator but never try sex dolls. So I purchased this full body sex doll to use my masturbators. I want to use my masturbator for the hand free play. I liked this inflatable easy to use sex doll