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Air Sex Doll Toys

This inflatable air sex doll is easy to store and allows for realistic masturbation and pseudo-sex. Comes in various types, including full body, waist only!

Air Sex Doll Toys List

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Air Sex Doll Toys?

Air Sex Doll Toys?

Air sex dolls allow you to have simulated sex with a life-sized woman

The inflated doll also has a vagina, breasts, and other parts, so you can experience insertion, tit jobs, and other sex-like activities.

This is especially good for men who masturbate with Masturbators but are not satisfied with the pleasure they get.

With an air sex doll, you don't have to move your hands to stimulate yourself but can move your own hips to reach ejaculation.

Even if there is no woman in front of you, you can enjoy the atmosphere and pleasure of having sex.

Let's take a look at what makes air sex dolls different from other sex toys and what makes them so popular in India.

Advantages of air sex doll

Advantages of air sex doll

The advantages of air sex dolls are as follows

There are many other types of sex dolls in India, but there are some advantages that only air sex dolls have.

Let's check out the advantages of each of them in detail.

Allows you to masturbate in a sexual atmosphere

masturbate in an atmosphere similar to sex

With an air sex doll, always allows you to masturbate in a sexual atmosphere. In other words, you can have pseudo-sex.

The biggest difference between this and a regular masturbation is the presence of a woman's body in front of you. You can ejaculate while flailing your hips, which is not possible with hand job masturbation.

Air sex dolls have a light body, so you can change the position of the doll according to the position you want to play.

You can enjoy masturbation and pseudo-sex while anticipating the real thing, such as doggy style or cowgirl position. There are also air sex dolls with large breasts, so tit jobs are possible.

Easy to store when not in use

You can store it away

Another advantage of air sex dolls is that it easy to store when not in use.

They take up a lot of storage space, and if you don't have a storage space for them beforehand, you will end up leaving them in your room.

If you leave the sex doll in the room and someone else comes into the room, you will have an awkward relationship.

Air sex dolls can be as big as a human being and can be tucked into a bag in an instant by simply deflating the air inside.

Air sex dolls are highly recommended for those who don't want others to find out that they are using a sex doll. You can even carry it in your bag for easy access.

Much cheaper than real sex dolls

cheaper than usual

Most real sex dolls cost over Rs10,000, and some cost over Rs300,000.

Some of them cost over Rs300,000, which is too much for some people to afford.

Air sex dolls are all affordable items that can be purchased in the Rs3,000 range.

While they may not look as good or be as realistic, they do come with a masturbator so you can experience the satisfaction of simulated sex

Air sex dolls are perfect for those who want to create a real sex atmosphere through masturbation while keeping costs as low as possible.

How to choose an air sex doll

How to choose an air sex doll

There are many different types of air sex dolls in India, so it can be difficult to choose the right one when you are ready to buy one.

To avoid any regrets after your purchase, please learn how to choose the right one and get the right air sex doll for you.

Choose from women of your choice

Select from women of your choice

First, choose a doll that matches the type of woman you like. This is because the pleasure and excitement you get will obviously vary depending on the face of the woman you are having simulated sex with.

There are air sex doll items that have various female faces printed on them.

There are also dolls where only the face and hands are made to look like the real thing, and only the body part can be filled with air.

Not only the face but also the body is different. Some people like slim women, while others prefer a fleshy body.

Try to choose the body that arouses your sexual excitement.

Select by function

Select by function

Each air sex doll has a different function. Some dolls come with removable masturbators, while others come with a vagina.

If the Masturbators are removable, they can be easily cleaned after the simulated sex with the air sex doll is over.

If you neglect to clean the part where you insert your penis, germs will accumulate, and the next time you use it, the germs may enter your body and give you an STD.

If you want to use an air sex doll safely and cleanly at all times, the removable type is the way to go.

However, if you want to use your air sex doll safely and cleanly at all times, the detachable type is the way to go.

You can attach it to your air sex doll at any time after cleaning and drying. Before purchasing, check the functionality of the product and choose the right one.

Choose by price

choose by price

As I explained earlier, the advantage of air sex dolls is their overwhelmingly low price.

If you try to buy a regular sex doll, the price will exceed Rs100,000. However, the price of an air sex doll is around Rs3,000 to Rs8,000.

Even air sex dolls in the Rs3,000 range are available with beautiful women printed on them, and you can have your ideal playtime with them

If you are new to sex dolls, you may not be able to imagine how much pleasure you can get from simulated sex and how much it can enrich your life.

Instead of buying an expensive item from the start, We suggest you start with an affordable air sex doll.

For Rs3000, you can enjoy sex with a beautiful woman. If you like the first one, you may even get a second one and make your house full of beautiful women.

Let's take a look at some of the beautiful women you can buy for Rs3,000 in India.

Popular air sex doll in India

Popular air sex doll in India

In India, there are air sex dolls with various beautiful women printed on them. They are very popular among Indian men because they are more cost-effective than real sex dolls.

New Dolls SAYAKA
  • Rs3,450
  • Normal position type
  • Tit job
New Dolls MINAMI
  • Rs3,450
  • Normal position type
  • Tit job
New Dolls AZUSA
  • Rs3,450
  • doggy style
  • Realistic insertion feeling
5 feet Doll
  • Rs7,500
  • Realistic face and breasts
  • Upright type
Sex Doll-In Position
  • Rs8,000
  • With Masturbators
  • Upright type

Now let's check out some of the most popular items in India.

New Dolls SAYAKA

This item is a life-size air sex doll of Japanese female SAYAKA. It comes with removable masturbators and sex lube.

Her knees are bent, making her perfect for pseudo-sex in positions such as cowgirl and doggy style.

If you like SAYAKA's face and body, you will love this doll and it is available for Rs3450.

New Dolls MINAMI

This item is an air sex doll with a beautiful Japanese woman, MINAMI, printed on it. This air sex doll allows you to have pseudo-sex in the normal position.

The doll comes with removable masturbators and sex lube. It is designed to fit each other's body in the normal position.

She has a sad expression on her face and looks as if she wants you to put your penis in her at any moment. Her breasts are also large, so she can achieve orgasm with a tit job.

Recommended points:

  • Japanese women's MINAMI
  • Large breasts and tit job
  • Low price of Rs3,450
  • Normal position type

New Dolls AZUSA

This air sex doll is a doggy style type.It is recommended for men who want to enhance the pleasure of pseudo-sex by inserting their penis from the back of the woman.

The masturbator can be removed and is designed to increase the stimulation for the man.

The masturbator is lined with multiple warts, which cling to the penis so well that it feels like you are inserting it into a real vagina.

The chest is also large enough to hold your penis while you masturbate.

5 feet Doll

This air sex doll has a realistic face. The price is higher than other dolls because the face is not printed on the doll, but is reproduced with a realistic expression and texture.

This is especially recommended for men who want to enjoy masturbating with an air sex doll with a more realistic face design and texture.

The doll's breasts are also elastic, making it a perfect item for those who want to enjoy masturbating with realistic breasts, but the distance between the breasts is too far, making it difficult to masturbate with a penis between them.

Recommended points:

  • Realistic face and breasts
  • Removable masturbators
  • Upright air sex doll

Sex Doll-In Position

Out Of Stock

This is a sex doll with a Japanese woman printed on it, and it comes with masturbators so you can experience realistic simulated sex.

The doll also comes with a pump to inflate the doll, so you can quickly inflate it when you want to use it.

And when not in use, the entire body can be deflated and stored away.

The body is very light and can be changed into various positions. The body is very light and can be changed into various positions, so you can enjoy inserting it into your vagina in any position that feels good to you.

How to use an air sex doll

How to use air sex doll

Air sex dolls can be used for sex and for many other purposes.

You can use it in any way you want. Depending on how you use it, you can increase your daily excitement. Let's take a look at some of the most common uses.

Use it for sex

Use it for sex

With air sex dolls, you can ejaculate by shaking your hips, which is difficult to achieve with masturbation or hand job masturbation.

In normal masturbation, you need to move your own hands, so you can't feel the sensation of having sex with a woman at all.

With an air sex doll, you can have simulated sex while recreating the atmosphere of the real thing, including the woman's body and her body movements during penetration.

Masturbating in a realistic atmosphere will heighten your excitement and pleasure.

Be sure to use the sex lube when inserting your penis into the air sex doll.

This will reproduce the wetness of the vagina when the woman is excited. If you want to get a feeling similar to the real thing, the following sex lube is recommended.

The water lubes are well adapted to the skin, creating a smooth penetration, and can be easily washed off after use.

Sleeping together

sleeping togetherl

You can sleep together in bed even when you are not using it for sex. You can cuddle, hold her breasts, or kiss her while you sleep.

Treating her as an important person even when you are not having sex with her will make you feel more and more attached to her, which will make you more excited about sex.

If you usually sleep alone, cuddling is highly recommended. If you feel lonely when you are sleeping alone, try sleeping with someone.

Take a bath together

Take a bath together

You can also enjoy bath time with your air sex doll. You can take a bath with your sex doll before sex to heighten your excitement and then enjoy your sex time.

Air sex dolls are inflated with air, so when you take a bath, you should be in a position where you are lightly riding on top of the doll.

Since the body is filled with air, you need to be on top of the doll or it will float upward.

During bath time, try to keep the doll as close to your body as possible, and touch the doll's sex points to enhance your mood.

Maintenance of air sex doll

Maintenance of air sexdoll

With air sex dolls, cleaning is very important, especially the masturbation part, and is a necessary task to protect your body.

Cleaning after pseudo-sex can be quite tedious and time-consuming. If possible, having pseudo-sex while wearing a condom on your penis will make cleaning easier.

When sperm is released inside the masturbator, it is difficult to wash it off. However, if you ejaculate inside a condom, the amount of sperm that adheres to the surface of the masturbator will be reduced, and the cleaning process will be less complicated.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning, we recommend that you wear a condom. You can find the right condom for your penis below.

  1. Remove the masturbator from the body
  2. Rinse it on keeping air in it
  3. Wash & dry the masturbator
  4. Store out of direct sunlight

When you are done having simulated sex with the air sex doll, remove the masturbator from the body.

Rather than rinsing it with water after removing the air, it is recommended to wash off the dirt with the air in it. Removing the air will create numerous wrinkles and make it difficult to clean.

The part of the air sex doll that should be carefully cleaned is the masturbator. Thoroughly wash off any dirt on the surface with body soap or soap.

Afterward, wipe off any water droplets from the surface with a towel and dry it in a good place for the full year. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight.


We have introduced the benefits and recommendations of air sex dolls.

You can get them for much cheaper than real dolls, and you can ejaculate while shaking your hips for only Rs3000.

You can achieve orgasm while feeling a more realistic atmosphere than masturbating with a hand job or masturbating with a masturbator.

In addition to air sex dolls, there are many other items in India that allow you to have simulated sex while feeling a woman's body.

If you want to check out other sex dolls that will enhance the pleasure of your masturbation, you can find them below. There are also dolls with only the lower half of the body and items made to reproduce only the buttocks.