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New Product Sex Toys List

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Male Dolls

Here, we introduce Male Dolls toys for women and gays with dildos. There are various types such as full body type, waist only, with holes.

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How to Choose a Sex Doll and Popular Items in India
How to Choose a Sex Doll in India
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare for pseudo-sex
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare

Male Dolls?

What is Male Dolls?

Most people think that Sex Doll is a sex toy for men. But there are also male doll toys. A sex doll with a real male muscular body and a large dildo. Of course there are full body types and various types.

The subject is Male Doll for women or gays. Many types with anal holes such as dildo and masturbator are hybrid sex toys that can be used by both men and women.

What is Male Dolls?

Male sex doll is kind of sex doll. Sex doll is one of most famous sex toys. Among men, sex toys are highly famous because sex doll start with the women sex doll. Many of sex dolls are available.

But now male sex dolls are also available. Now women can also use sex doll to complete the need of male. It is masturbation tool that give real sex pleasure to women and gay. Yes, male sex doll is sex toys for gay too.

Male sex doll is full size sex doll, not like dildo, vibrator or anal toys. They have head, torso, hips, hands and legs too something. It depends on type of sex doll. Best male sex doll is one that is made by medical grade material. Silicone and TPE is highly used material to manufacture male sex doll.

Now a day, in market many featured dolls are available like heat up like realistic body temperature. Some have eye movement, some reply on words, and many more. Women and gay can customize their male sex doll too according to their needs and desire of men.

Difference between Male Dolls and Female doll

Male dolls are designed like a male with dick and female sex doll is designed like women body line having vagina. The major difference between both sex doll is the genital part. Women and gay use male sex doll to experience the real sex with the penis. Male sex doll varies with the kind of it. The size of penis, body line, chest, hips etc varies like female sex doll.

Recent Sex Dolls

Recent Sex Dolls

Male sex doll is new additional in the sex doll market. It is type that women and gay are eagerly waiting. Recently male sex doll are in trend. These dildo base sex dolls are available in many size and shape. With the increase of interested user, male sex dolls are also evolving and adding new features in it.

Features of Male Dolls

Features of Male Dolls

Male dolls are improving themselves day by day and get in features. They improve in the quality, looks, structure, and get more realistic. Due to different taste of women and gay, they can customize their male sex doll. Whether you want blonde hair, blue eyes, log hair or short hair, want muscular body, 8 abs, 6 abs and many more. Among all realistic sex dolls help you to create best imagination of real man.

Structure of Male Dolls

The mainstream structure of sex doll is similar like male. Well, there are many types of male dolls are available in market. Like air male sex dolls are structured with the body line of male only. Where the structure of realistic male sex doll is more real and deep. Different types of joints and bones structure are moulded in it. Many of such male sex dolls are also available in the market that is able to take same sex position and pose like real human man. Although the price of male sex doll varies with the structure of sex dolls.

What is Male Dolls for?

What is Male Dolls for?

Male sex doll structured like male. It is suitable for the women and gay. Women who likes women-on-top position, it would nice to use male dolls. There is no time limit to soften the ejaculation, women can enjoy it as much as you want.

For gay, they can enjoy the fun of couples without having couple. For gay, male sex doll work as top and gay himself is a bottom partner. The anus of gay considered as vagina and can use male sex doll easily for a longer time.

Good point and bad point of Male Dolls

Male sex dolls has their own good pints and bad points that attract women and gays. Here we are going to discuss these.

Good point

The usage of male doll is most similar like a real man. It is structured in the fully body lines of course has penis with muscles, hip and etc other body parts. Women and gay can experience with real presence of men and real penis penetration.

The play with it is far better than vibrator and dildo. Women who love to masturbator with vibrator or dildo. The masturbation diet can be done because the calories burned are much more higher than masturbation with any sex toys.

Bad point

The only bad point in the male dolls is if penis breaks, product get useless. The male doll change into transsexual doll and will not be useful in any condition.

Like if in Female Doll, the vagina part get damage or broke, men can change the Insertable part with the masturbator. But there is no use of banded dildo or penis. It is not easy to replace the penis part in the male doll. If user do hard stroke or up and down movement, the chances of penis breakage is higher. You need to careful while using it.

Types of Male Dolls

Types of Male Dolls

There are various types of male sex doll in the market. Due to increase in selling of sex doll, male sex doll available with according to parts that user can select according to their preferences.

Real type

Real type male dolls are structured like male from top to bottom. They have head, hand, legs. Head is decorated with the all sense organs. Eyes, Head, Hairs and all. This types of male sex doll is bit expensive because it used lot of material and lot of male features. It gives real presence of male. Women and gay can enjoy the complete body touch in the time of solo sex with it.

Torso type

Torso types dolls is half structured of male. It has male crotch area with penis and have cheat to. Women and men can experience the penetration with th penis and hugging with the chest. It is partially realistic for the user. It is not much expensive. Many users will love to choose such type of sex doll. Somewhat, women and gay can feel the presence of real man.

With anal hole

Anal type sex doll is especially sex doll for the anal lovers. Such sex doll has only butt part of male with the penis. It is perfect toy for the couples. Both men and women can use it. Women can enjoy the penis where men can enjoy the anal hole. Such types of sex dolls are highly famous in the gay and gay couples.

How to choose Male Dolls

How to choose Male Dolls

Selecting a male sex dolls is confusing for the first time. There are many options are available with different types of male sex doll. While choose it, first you should keep in mind the budget.

Male sex doll are expensive so decide your budgets. The cheapest sex dolls are inflatable male sex doll. It can be afford by any every women and gay peoples. Silicone realistic sex doll are most exe. You can also choice your sex doll, with particular body parts. Like you want penis for masturbation, choose torso type. Want anal play, can choose anal part only.

If you want totally realistic male doll, then realistic silicone male sex doll is best for you.

How to use Male Dolls

The use of male doll is straight to use it to reach the climax in masturbation. You should start with the lubrication. Well it depends on male sex doll. If you have inflatable sex doll, then you have to first pump air inside. Make your sex doll ready to use. If it is realistic sex doll, set it on the correct posture where you are comfortable to use it.

Clean the doll carefully. Remove all the dust particle and oil particles from the surface. For the smoothness and fragrance, you can use body safe powder over it. After that, lubricate the penis part and yourself and go for the insertion.

Clean the doll carefully. Remove all the dust particle and oil particles from the surface. For the smoothness and fragrance, you can use body safe powder over it. After that, lubricate the penis part and yourself and go for the insertion.

Maintenance and storage of Male Dolls

Maintenance and storage of Male Dolls

The maintenance of male dolls is much to use it for long. It is expensive, if you do not maintain it. It starts getting damage. Material like TPE, TPR and other soft material required maintenance.

First you have to wash every type of male sex doll after the use. Use can wipe it out with warm water. Wipe it gently many times. DO not out much pressure on it. Try to avoid corrosive cleanser such as strong acid and alkali solution. It is not good for the sex doll skin.

To control the oil bleeding, you should use baby powder before placing it back. To storage, it is good to keep in its box only. Always store under the dark and dry place. Direct heat and sunlight can causes damage on your sex dolls.

What is the attention point of Male Dolls?

Male sex dolls required more attention than women sex dolls. Women sex dolls has vagina part, if it destroy user can replace it. But if penis of male sex doll is get damage or bend. It get useless. It does not work perfectly and cannot satisfy you. You need to take care while using it for thrusting movement.

Another attention point is, keep it hidden place. Especially when you are living with family or friends. It is required to keep your personal life privacy.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Some of the recommended male dolls. Try these ones and enhance your sexual excitement and masturbation session on next levelof pleasure.