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What is sex lubricant?

What is sex lubricant?

Sex lubricant is essential for a more comfortable masturbation and sex experience.

If you have sex or masturbate without sex lubricant, friction will occur, which can be painful.

Sex lubricant provides a smooth penetration during sex and masturbation, but it is used in a variety of situations.

For what purpose do you intend to use sex lubricant?

By applying the right amount of Sex lubricant, you can achieve a stress-free orgasm even when masturbating with sex toys.

Sex will also be smoother, which will not only bring you pleasure but will also improve your relationship as a couple.

Find out which Sex Lubricant is right for you.

Sex Lubricant for use in sex toys

Sex Lubricant for use in sex toys

Men may masturbate with masturbators or anal toys, while women may masturbate with dildos or vibrators.

When you masturbate with sex toys, make sure you use a sex lubricant.

Some sex lubricants not only provide a smooth penetration, but also add to the stimulation.

Want to use sex toy comfortably

Want to use sex toy comfortably

For those who want to use sex toys comfortably, we recommend the water-based sex lubricant.

It is light, almost like a wet vagina, and is easily absorbed into the skin.

It is also very easy to clean after use. The above water-based lubricant is a versatile type that can be used for masturbation and sex.

It is a good sex lubricant for beginners who are not particular about the quality of sex lubricant.

Want to change the feel

Want to change the feel
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

With these sex lubricants, you can feel the warmth and coolness during penetration.

This will give men the sensation of penetrating a woman's vagina and women the sensation of penetrating a man's penis.

With these sex lubricants, you don't have to heat up or cool down your sex toys before masturbation.

Just a small amount of Sex Lubricant will give you a feeling like you have never experienced before.

This sex lubricant is especially recommended for men and women who want to enjoy a different kind of pleasure.

Sex Lubricant for use in Sex

Sex Lubricant for use in Sex

Sex lubricant is also useful for sex. It can make sex more enjoyable and stressless for the woman.

It is especially good for those who are new to sex and want to enjoy a different kind of pleasure.

Want to get in the mood for sex

Want to get in the mood for sex

These scented sex lubricants will naturally enhance the mood and excitement of sex.

The scented sex lubricant will make your partner more willing to have sex with you, and you may enjoy a more intimate sex time.

If you want to make your partner cum by cunnilingus or stimulate by blowjob, you should use scented sex lubricant.

Oral sex can be more pleasurable if you take a large amount of sex lubricant in your mouth.

It is safe to put sex lubricant in your mouth as long as it is not too much, but some products are not suitable for oral use. Always read the directions carefully before use.

Want to reduce women's pain

Want to reduce women's pain

If you experience pain when you insert your penis during sex, this Sex lubricant is for you. The smooth type of Sex lubricant makes penetration easier and less painful.

Both the person inserting and the person being inserted will enjoy a more satisfying sex experience as the pleasure is increased without pain.

If the man has a large penis or a constitutional problem with vaginal wetting, this smooth type of sex lubricant is essential.

Sex Lubricant used for Anal

Sex Lubricant used for Anal

It is recommended to use a high viscosity sex lubricant for anal play. Anal sex absorbs water and dries out easily.

This lubricant will keep your anus moist for a long time and give you a great anal experience.

Anal sex is very difficult to enter and the hole is small, so it is difficult to pour sex lubricant in with your fingers. The following syringes make it easy to dispense the right amount of sex lubricant.

If you would like to find out more about anal masturbation and anal sex, please click below.

Precautions when using sex Lubricant

Precautions when using sex Lubricant

Sex lubricant enhances the pleasure of masturbation and sex, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Basically, if it doesn't suit you or if you feel any discomfort while using it, stop using it immediately.

Use according to the expiry date

Use according to the expiry date

Some types of sex lubricant have an expiry date, so always check the expiry date on the packaging before use.

Some sex lubricants have an expiry date.

It is important to be aware of the expiry date and to use up the product as soon as possible after opening.

Store away from direct sunlight to maintain the quality of the product for longer.

Rinse well after use

Rinse well after use

After using a sex lubricant for masturbation or sex, it should be rinsed off immediately.

Water-based lubricants are easy to wash off, but silicone-based lubricants and anal lubricants take longer to clean.

Anal lubricants can be very difficult to clean, but using a cleaning product can make it easier.

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So far, we've talked about the benefits of sex lubricants and recommended sex lubricants. Have you found your favourite sex lubricant?

There are different types of sex lubricants, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For Sex Toys
For Sex
For Anal

If you want to increase the pleasure of masturbation or feel pain during sex, try using sex lubricant right away.

The pain you have been feeling will disappear and you will be able to have a happy sex life with more pleasure.

If you buy the large capacity type, you can use it for a long time. You can use it not only for sex, but also for masturbation and enjoy it in many different ways.