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Lubricant Applicators

Best personal lubricant applicators. Cheap best syringe use for water & silicone based lubrication and gels.

Lubricant Applicators List

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Lubricant Applicators

lubricant applicator are those devices which will help you to apply lubricant at exactly you want to apply. Lubricant applicator or lubricant shooter will help you to inject the intimate lubricant inside the vagina or asshole .It will help you to increase the sexual experience by using this you can use intimate lubricant at exact part will help you to more fun.

Lubricant shooter or applicator consist of 3 parts 1) first a thin tube which hold the intimate lubricant. 2) second is plunger 3) third is a rubber cap. Lubricant applicator will make applying lubricant will be easy by using this. If you want to inject the sex lubes deeper inside the holes than you have to use this which is highly recommended. lubricant applicator or shooter widely use to apply inside the anus.

Anal sphincter is too tight so you can't able to apply lubricant inside the anus so lubricant applicator is very helpful for those people who want to want good experience between sex . By applying lubricant inside the hole using applicator or shooter than it will stay longer and you will not disconnected in between sex with your partner.


  • Material: Plastic, Rubber, Silicon.
  • Color: Transparent, white etc.
  • Product size: abput 5 inches .
  • Capacity: 5ml - 50ml.
  • Usage: Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Mastrubator.

How to Use

First you have to remove plunger form the tube of shooter. Then fill the tube with your favorite lubricant. You can fill the shooter like injection by dip the tube in the lube than fill it with the help of plunger. When the lube shooter if fill and ready to use than remove the rubber cap that is the closer of tube. Make sure that tube does not contain air bubble. Than insert it in your anus or vagina. First the tube is inserted in the hole than press plunger. make sure that without inserting the tube don't press the plunger.


Lube applicator are reusable than you can wash it by warm water and antibacterial soap. use the applicator safely. Choice the good applicator which can't hurt you. Don't take too much wide diameter tube inside hole.

Our Views

Lubricant applicator is useful to apply lubricant inside the asshole or vagina. If you want to apply lubricant deeper inside than use it by filling tube and apply this inside holes.