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Silicone Lubes

Best personal silicone-based lubricants. Cheap natural lubrication & gels,Liquid for desi couples.

Silicone Lubes List

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Silicone Lubes

Silicone base lubes are slippery in nature so that it will reduce the friction during sex. Silicon lubes make sex pleasurable and increase sexual experience better. Silicone lubes are long lasting so they are highly recommended for Shower base or water base sexual activity. They safe while using condom it will not destroy latex of condom. IT will enhance sensation for both partners.

The use of silicon base lubes are not harmful because it will not absorbed by skin. Because they contain silicone on the behalf of water so they will never dry. Silicone lubes are not water soluble so it can give a good experience when you will take a shower with your partner or want a sex with your partner in shower after you are done than you have to use soap and warm water to wash it.

Silicone lubes don't stain cloths and your sheets. So your choice for you and your partner and which is easy to use or long lasting than the silicone lubes are best. Silicone lubes are not appropriate with toys because it will ruin your toys edges .In silicone lubricants many type of ingredients are present which enable you to have sex without discomfort and pain.


  • Material:Glycerin, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone,etc.
  • Type: Personal Lubricant.
  • Gender: Male or Female.
  • Flavor: Flavorless.
  • Usage: Anal specialization.
  • Viscosity: Smooth.

In Silicone lubes Most of the ingredients are chemical in nature rather than organic and the ones happen to be Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol.

How to Use

If you want intimation under water than silicone base sex lubes are highly recommended because they are not water soluble. If you are using silicone lubes than for wash the lubricant than use antibacterial soap or warm water. Use it during foreplay. Use it for massage when you want to go close to your partner to turn on your partner.


Taste of silicone base lubes are not good so don't use it for oral sex. It is expensive than water base lubes but If You want a product when stay longer and not spoil your joy in between sex than use it. Silicone lube will leave coating of lubricant on your skin because it is not even soluble in water so to wash it use warm water and soap.


Silicone lubes are good when you want a formula which can stay longer and give good experience during sex than it is good choice. Silicone based lubes are perfect to use with condom also. If you want a good experience of underwater sex that it give more pleasure sexual experience. Itwillmake sexual life easy and give smooth and non-frictionrelax feel during sex.