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Sexy Lingerie

Introducing the exciting Sexy Lingerie that make nightlife even better for Indian couples. STI will help you spend a hot night with your partner in a different way

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Sexy Lingerie India?

What is Indian sexy lingerie?

A comfy, fitted and attractive lingerie is best to have a good outfit. Shopping a lingeries is different than shopping a bra and panty. There are kinds of sex lingerie that you should know first.

What is Indian sexy lingerie?

What is Indian sexy lingerie?

Sex lingerie is the first attire that you carry every morning. It is not surprising that good lingerie can set a tone of a good day. Hence, sexy lingerie is more than undergarment. It set a character of the wearer in starting morning or at night.

As sexy lingerie focuses on visual impact rather than heat retention, protection, and sweat absorption, like the lingerie (underwear) used on a daily basis.

There is various range of sexy lingerie in the market that attract the eyes and gives confidence and happiness in the boredom life. A good sexy lingerer is good to boost up the nightlife, date night, and bring back your happiness and confidence.

When it comes to sexy lingerie, everyone who has fond of having one feels embarrassment and shy to buy it from the store. Online portal like us helps you to scroll all types of sexy lingerie and buy it easily.

Are sexy lingeries available for purchase in India?

Are sexy lingeries available for purchase in India?

Yes, all range of sexy lingeries is available for purchase in India. As we know that lingeries are different than sex lingeries. The situation of sexy lingeries is not same like sex toy. It can easily find in any normal store. In Indian can find all range of sexy lingeries online. It is difficult to find all the range at a store or it is a bit embarrassing for Indians too to ask and find a multiple ranges. Online portal is best option.

What type of sexy lingerie are there?

What type of sexy lingerie are there?

Check out all kinds of sex lingerie you can purchase in India.


Bikini is two piece lingerie for women. It is trending in the summer season when women going to the swimming pool or beaches. It gives a sexy look to the women. Bikini enhances the women's body line. This two piece lingerie is paired with color code and decoration. Many women love to use bikini at the date nigh and arouse their love one. Well bikini covers all areas of breasts, pelvic and butt. There are many types in bikini that is more revealing in design like Thongs and G-Strings.


Thongs are highly fashionable now a days. It is nearly similar like regular panty from the front view. But it get thin from the rear view. Basically it used to hide the embarrassing panty lines which is visible under the body fit dress, legging and pants. From the back, tongs just cover the hips line.

Thongs are available in many materials from cotton to silk and simple to highly decorated. It gives clean and smooth look to the garment and completely invisible.


G-String is more smaller than the thong. It is based on string and goes around the women's waist. The front piece of fabric is connected to the string and with a band that goes between the butts from the back. Women get free from the panty line with G-String. It is not visible from tighter and fitted dress.

G-String is sex appeal lingerie and highly preferred by women to impress their partners. It is comfortable to use and available in many of fabric and decoration.


Camisole is a tank top like lingerie that covers the top part of the body. It is sleeveless, loose fitted garment. It is highly comfortable to wear under all types do outerwear. Camisole is a versatile wardrobe option that you can carry with all dress with missing and matching. Camisole is available in all silk and satin fabric and decorated with the laces.


Bustier is a long bra type lingerie. It is like corset. Bustiers or corset are used to enhance the waist curves and flatter the bust. It has been used for centuries to make the waist thinner even as lingerie and outerwear. It looks classic and modern touch gives a mind-blowing look to women.

As it is an extended version of bra, so it covers most of the torso area. Most of bustiers are strapless from shoulders. Bustier is best for women who can sacrifice their comfort for the erotic looks. It is perfect to add to your wedding night or on your special nights.


Teddies lingerie is one and done piece. It is a single piece of lingeries with decorative material and fabric. There are meant to spice up the bedtime and perfect for the wedding night. Many of teddies shape are based on leotards, with sharp ends, open bust and transparent fabric like lace and mesh. It creates an erotic visual effect at the quality time.

Teddies cover the body from shoulder to the crotch areas. Its looks sensual and highly comfortable to wear. They are meant to move with your body. It is comfortable and erotic at the same time.


Chemises is longer than camisoles. It resembles the older shirt and usual more revealing. It is loose garment as nightwear for a women. It is like one piece design gown or shirt. This lingerie allows the hem to expand naturally after switching underbust.

It is so comfortable compared to ordinary underwear. It is often used as clothing for women to relax in private. As a usage scene, it is often used as a prop for couples to liven up the night's production.

Bra And Panty Sets

Bra and panty set are a combination of both with coordination. These are available in set of options from regular to occasional, from simple to decorate. The fabric used for make them is cotton and many more. Laces types are highly famous in set. Addition point is, there are available in attractive color.

Gowns and Robes

Gowns and robes are fully long length dress. It is not just lingeries. It is perfect option to choose by women for their night. It is comfy and comes in many variations. Some gowns and robes are come with set. These are made with luxury fabric to satin fabric. It is up to women which types they prefer.

Lingerie Costumes

Lingerie Costumes are a creative version of bra- panty sets. There is no need for mixing and matching the set to make it appealing. Lingerie customers are already set and give a better look. Lingerie customer is available in every body type and every possible color and design. Women can use lingerie customers separately with other lingerie and outerwear.

See-through Lingerie

See-through lingerie is light and transparent kind of lingeries. It is made by transparent fabric and has laces design. It comes with many version and all types of lingerie lie corset to teddies and many more. See- thought lingerie are comfortable to wear all day.

Garters and Garter Belts

There are many sexy items to add in your wardrobe, but the royal road to the sexy lingerie is probably a set of garter and garter belts. Garter belts are belts that are traditional used to clip and hold the stocking. Some set of garter belt complete change the look of body stocking and make you look appealing.

Garter belts are suitable to use with any types of lingeries. You can match it with any pair of bra, panty, corset or stocking. It can enhance your ordinary bra-panty set to super seductive lingerie. It is easy to clip and comfortable to use throughout the play.

Body stockings

Body stocking is natural extension to cover the body with transparent or semi-transparent fabric. It has variation can wear over legs, torso, sometimes over arms and hands. Stocking generally refers to the pantyhose, but pantyhose is not often treated as sexy lingerie. Body stocking are often used a underwear for body suits, dance costume and even with the combination of cosplay costumers.

However, wearing body stocking gives a better body line to the women body and makes them looks attractive. Its erotic appearance is highly liked by male, so women used it as sexy lingerie.

When do you wear sexy lingerie?

When do you wear sexy lingerie?

Wear sex lingerie when you are happy. There is no special occasion to wear sexy lingerie. Women can wear them whenever you are happy or whenever you want to make your partner happy. Every woman wants to term as Sexy. Nothing more important than having a good pair of sexy lingerie. It can teddies, busters, gown or any thing. A lot of women prefer to go with sexy lingerie at their date nights and wedding nights. Where they want to impress their partner at first sight.

Knowing the other party's preferences is the first step

Knowing the other party's preferences is the first step

Going with their own preference in sexy lingerie is good. But to know the partner s preference is more good. Afterall you are wearing it too impress your partner. Mark- Partner s preference is the first step. Having a sexual life or sex is not just about penetration. It is more than that. The foreplay, roleplay and excitement is also important The good choice of sex lingerie scan boost up your mind and your partner s mind.

We are pleased if we present to our partners.

If you ask to women- why she wears sexy lingerie? She will reply- for her partner. As sexy lingerie is like an appetizer. It seduces the men and makes a good start for the fun. It is always pleasant for women to present a good lingerie look to their partner.

You can also surprise your partner with a good seductive look with us.

Spice up your sex life.

Spice up your sex life. . .

Sexy lingerie adds a spice to your sexual al life. Many erotic sexy lingerie, dress, and customer that looked erotic and add a sexual touch to the appearance. Many women choose sexy lingerie to impress their partner over a date, at wedding night or any occasion. Some couples use role-play t their sex life to try something in their boredom life. This sexy lingerie help them to bring back the excitement.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

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