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Bikini Set

Introducing the exciting sexy Bikini Set that make nightlife even better for Indian couples. STI will help you spend a hot night with your partner in a different way

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Bikini in India?

What is Indian sexy lingerie?

If you are preparing to go on vacation like beaches, swim sites, etc, then bikini is the best option in lingerer. Bikini is the best swimsuit. It gives a sexy look to your body and flaunts your body. There are various styles of bikini that you should consider while purchasing.

What is bikini? what is Sexy bikini?

What is bikini? what is Sexy h2 bikini?

Bikini is basically a two-piece swimsuit. Bikini is specially designed for women. Bikini is specially made to covers only chest and the waist part of women. Bikini is similar to bra and shots which cover the breast and the bottom part. Mostly women wear bikini in the pool and the sea. Generally, you can see on the TV and in real life also that women at the beach always wear a bikini.

The size of the top and the bottom vary from full coverage of the breast, pelvic, and the butt, to more showcase the designs just like thongs or G-string that covers only the vagina and the nipples and surrounding area but it exposes the butt. In the present time bikini is the most favorable dress of models and also for common people in the panties category. It starts from the waistline and covers the vaginal part only in V-shape. We can say that it provides medium coverage from both sides front and back.

Due to its special coverage, every women want to wear it. If can be a good gift for a women, if a men want to give a surprise to her. You can pair it up with an affordable vibrator too, to give a more romantic gesture to your gift.

What is Sexy bikini for Indian women?

What is Sexy bikini for Indian women?

For some women in India bikini is such a strange thing it is just because of some orthodox mindset. On the other hand women are modern and wear bikinis fearless. Some of our Indian women also not wear any type of bikini because they can't feel safe in bikini

Bikini in India mostly wears by an actress. Bikini really suits Indian body and most of the actress adored bikini. Some people think that bikini is specialized for Indian body because it beautifies the Indian women's body.

If Indian women wear a bikini we think that bikini automatically became sexy because a bikini on Indian body is a perfect example of sexiness. All types of the bikini are perfect for Indian women body. Bikini almost covers the main parts of women so it is not a big thing but people who see women in bikini it is a big thing for them because according to some conservative mind and people think wearing a bikini is not in Indian culture.

Different styles of bikinis?

Different styles of bikinis?

Bikini comes in thousands of designs like sex toys. That is why it is important that enough knowledge is important to know what types of bikini is perfect for you. Bikini also comes in different types of shape and size also you have to also know that which one is perfectly fitted on you if you want to look gorgeous in your bikini. If you are the one who does not have known anything about bikini and you want a perfect bikini than it is not worth it because not only the color and fitting are not important. What if you are not comfortable in the bikini just because of lack of knowledge.

Buy a perfect type of bikini is not that kind of easy. We have to know that, which the perfect design is for the body, the perfect shape and size is. It is like because we have to know which type of bikini is perfect for different- different body type.

Low Rise Bikini

As it is explained by its name `low raise'. Exactly means of low rise bikini that bottoms which are low at the front, usually on or below the hip bone. Low rise bikini is especially for swimmers. This low rise bikini goes from the waist sides seams not more than 1.5 inches. The low rise of bikini is providing less coverage bikini. This type of bikini is gone best with the low waist garments. Women who have long lest and slim body looks awesome on the low rise bikini.

The low rise bikini also comes in many designs. You can see that some of the design on the left and the right side and some of the designs on one side of the bikini. So like these type low rise bikini also comes in many types of designs.

Low rise bikini is one of the sexiest bikinis. Women look gorgeous and super sexy and beautiful in the low rise bikini. All women can easily wear a low rise bikini. Low rise bikini is also super comfortable if women want than they can wear it on a maximum regular basis.

Medium Rise Bikini

Medium rise of bikinis are the most popular bikinis. Medium Rise Bikini is one of the most comfortable bikinis. These are also very styles and all women can wear this type of bikini. The amazing thing about this bikini is that provides medium to high coverage and this bikini is ideal for daily wear. Medium Rise Bikini is a seem up to 2.5 inches.

Women can feel confident after wear this Medium Rise Bikini for sure because this is the most comfortable and sexiest bikini. Women can easily wear this Medium Rise Bikini in nights. It is also easy to hold sex toys for women in bikini due to its medium rise. These come in many of verities and designs. Women can choose for their sexy body any of these. Women can wear the Medium Rise Bikini with all types of clothes whether they are low waist garments and high waist garments.

Women with any body shape and size can wear the Medium Rise Bikini. Most of the women always prefer the Medium Rise Bikini set for wear just because of its special characteristics.

High Rise Bikini

High raise bikini is best for the women who have heavier bottoms. The Medium Rise Bikini is providing side coverage so that it holds the heavy skin and helps to looks slim in that way. It also starts from the waistline just like the low rise bikini. So the women who are not able to gain the confidence to wear a bikini can easily try this High Rise Bikini. You just have to try this and then you will see how beautiful you are. Women can wear this bikini with full of confidence because of the full coverage.

Women how have slim body also can wear this High Rise Bikini. The shape of this bikini is perfect for all types of women. Women look sexy automatically just to wear this High Rise Bikini. These are safe and mostly come in high quality so women can wear this easily and without any worries. High Rise Bikini also comes with many design women who can easily buy them from any market and online stores to wear it. They are popular enough you can buy it from anywhere.

Non-Wired Bikini

Non-wired bikinis are those bikinis that have no wire in it. In that type of bikini set you have completed a smooth cloth not any wire and wired design. Non-wired bikinis are best because these are so comfortable they come in many designs and with all the coverage like low to high coverage. Women can wear this Non-Wired Bikini with full of confidence because this comes in all designs if you don't want a short bikini than you can get a full bikini dress with a deep backless neck or many designs.

These bikinis are more comfortable than the wired bikini. It's obvious that bikini has not the reason for itchiness, unwanted rashes, and other harmful problems like wired bikini have. Most of the people prefer that Non-Wired Bikini for daily basis wear. These are also best for swimming and impress your partner. Women will look most beautiful and gorgeous after wearing this Non-Wired Bikini no matter the bikini is just two pieces or with full coverage. Non ?wired bikini is just awesome and sexiest.

Bikini is the best swimsuit? How?

Bikini is the best swimsuit? How?

Bikini fluent your curves of the body. There are many reasons for a bikini is the best swimsuit. The most important is women need to focus on their swimming not to focus the dress. If the swimmers wear any other dress instead of bikini/swim suit then they are not able to concentrate on swimming. So for swimmers bikini is best. They just look like beautiful fish during the time of swimming. Bikini and the swim site are not so different they are the same mostly only the name is different. The difference is only the designs in between the swimsuit and bikini.

Next thing is women feel confident in the bikini swimsuit. The bikini is not disturbing any women and swimmer during the swimming and during other things. Next thing is bikini is best for summers. Women need to feel free and confident. All swimmers have a fit and slim body so why they do not wear bikini.

Women mostly wear the bikini to showcase your body and their own happiness. Women look so beautiful in bikini. Bikini helps to show the curves of the women. Women look impressive, sexy, hot, and gorgeous and beautiful in the bikini then why not women prefer wears a bikini.

Tips while purchasing first bikini?

Tips while purchasing first bikini?

Purchase bikini for the first time is not so difficult only you have to take some things in your mind:-

Make sure that you know the actual size of yours. This thing is the most important. If your bikini is not fit for you than how can you wear the bikini, you are not able to wear the bikini and bikini is not a thing which can you stitch it. Another thing is bikinis come in many of designs make sure you choose a perfect design according to your body and size. Not all types of bikinis are meant for all women so keep the thing in your mind. If you are going to use the bikini for swimming than make sure you select one well fitted and plain type of bikini in one color, this will make you feel positive and more confident during the swimming.

Try to purchase a non-wired bikini for more comfort. If you are a person who has a heavy body than try to buy High raise bikini. High raise bikinis are best for the beautiful chubby body. Make sure that you are purchasing a bikini according to the atmosphere always buy a bikini in which you feel good, positive, and confident.

Choose non-wire bikini is good? Why?

Choose non-wire bikini is good? Why?

It's important to be confident and comfortable. If you want both of these than purchase a non-wire bikini. Yes it is right that a bikini with wire makes your body in shape but feel comfortable is also necessary. Non-wire bikini gives you comfort with a perfect body shape because they have enough tightness and laces to lift up your body especially the boobs.

The most important thing is non-wire bikini is so gentle on your skin. It is not hurt you. It did not hurt your genital parts. Wire-free bikinis are usually so softer on your skin. They are usually made with cotton and some designs from lace that's why these are perfect from the comfort site. You have to wear which type of bra also depends on your body shape, size and also age. If you are getting tired from itching and hurt yourself from wired bra then purchasing a non-wire bikini is best.

Can buy bikini easily in India?

Can buy bikini easily in India?

Yes, why not? India has a great market of cloths that infect any women who can purchase bikini in India at such inexpensive rates. There are some markets in Delhi, Goa and Mumbai and many online stores where you can buy lingerie's and bikini as like you want according to the design according to the time. In India women are free to buy from the stores too.

For women who are too shy and cannot buy a bikini from the market than they also try online bikini and lingerie through online shopping. It is easy too. Women can buy any type and size of bikini from online shopping like us. We have payment option like credit card, cash on deliver. Presently women adored bikini too much. Indian women also have enough knowledge that which type of bikini is suited them. In some cities like Goa women wearing bikinis on a regular basis because the maximum beaches of India is in the Goa.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If we have to recommend the best bikini or lingerie items to you then trust us to buy you will definitely not regret the things. If you want sexy, hot, gorgeous and beautiful bikini than try the One rise bikini. One rise bikini has only some coverage just likes thong panties, so you can try these easily. Thong panties are so sexy and elegant women can also wear thong panties and bra for impress his partner easily.

Knot Type Thong Panty-Pink

Thong panties- there are nothing sexier than thong panties and specially Knot Type Thong Panty-Pink. If I have to recommend than I always recommended the Knot Type Thong Panty-Pink. Knot thong panty has one of the sexiest lingerie because these are mostly designed with laces and net. Knot panty has a beautiful knot type design in it which makes this is more sexy and hot.

Where I actually used was like this

To be very honest wearing a bikini in India is not cool but it is strange for me. But after some time I was feel great and open minded and confident also. So the overall experience is too great. I was tried Elegant Thong Panty-Black and Knot Type Thong Panty-Pink and many others like one rise and medium rise bikini. I am a skinny women so the thongs are suits my body so much.

Elegant Thong Panty-Black

Elegant Thong Panty-Black has thin strip which goes in your hip line and around the waist and it also covers the vagina and the few part of hip too. It looks so sexy on women body. The V- shape covers your vagina well. It comes in black color and black is just looks awesome on the women's body and specially the Indian women's. if you are a men and wants to see your women in a sexy way then there is nothing sexy than Elegant Thong Panty-Black.

Where I actually used was like this

Bikinis are one of the sexiest things ever in the whole world's dresses. People started to wear bikini from the roman era and from that time all women and people who have a nice thinking not so conservative adored the bikini. After roman era athletics and swimmers mostly started wear bikini and not it becomes a fashion and trend.