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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN japan-quality sextoys-test Tenga Magnum First time masturbator

Female Vibrators include egg & bullet, rabbit, remote control vibrators, mini wireless vibrators are here.

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Vibrator toys in India?

Vibrator toys in India?

Are you looking for a sex vibrator? Or is it a vibrator for masturbation? Here you acquire the knowledge of the correct vibrator and choose the correct vibrator.

It depends on where you want the stimulus if you want to be more pleasant with the vibrator. First check " How to choose vibes by erotic point (zone) " here to find out where you want the stimulus.

Depending on the type of orgasm, there are vibrators suitable for inside use and clitoris spectively. Also, if you are a male, the vibrator which stimulates the clitoris is good. Like EGG type and Bullet type are recommended. why? It is because these vibrators are easy to feel orgasm with clitoris as compare to finger.

You can see that if you use it. Just Try It! Lets check and find your favorite best sex vibrator!

What is Vibrator?

*Click on product's image to know more about it
vibrators map Magic Wand Vibrators Finger & Tongue Vibrators Butterfly & Wearable Vibrators Thrusting Vibrators G-Spot Classic Vibrators Clitoral Vibrators Egg Vibrators Rabbit Vibrators Remote Control Vibrators Bullet Vibrators

A vibrator is electronic sex toys that stimulate the female erogenous zones by generating vibrations. There are many toys for women, but sometimes that toy became toys for men. It is designed in a way that it penetrate women's vagina and stimulate the female organs internally as well as externally with the different level of vibration speed and different level of patterns. Of course, Indian vibrators are popular as sex toys. Currently there are influences from some movies and remote control vibrators etc. became more popular in India.

Vibrators sex toys able to give advance and an extra pleasure to the women. Vibrators allow extra swings and constant swing with various vibration mode that men's penis are enabled to do and impossible to do. Women are very attractive towards the vibrators sex toys because vibrators have a variety of variations by their structure, by their vibration mode, by their vibration pattern, by their material, etc.

Currently, Vibrators are divided into two categories, First one is dildo type and another one is capsule type. Dildo vibrators are bigger in size that used to penetrate the vagina or anus with the vibration. Where capsule type vibrators are smaller in size and used to stimulate the clitoris and nipple, and other sensitive parts to arouse the sexual sensation in the body.

Generally, female vibrator is designed for internal as well as external stimulation. But sometimes along with the women and lesbian men can also use vibrator over nipple, penis or other sensitive areas where they find sexual sensation. Due to this, they are also termed as vibrator for men or vibrater for men. Men can also use the vibrator to stimulate their prostate and anal. Many silent types, waterproof type, are available in these both categories. What type of vibrators users want, they can get there because almost every type and features are available in vibrators now. In addition, this vibrating toy is often used frequently as a pleasant tool even in the world of BDSM. Having sex with vibrator is most pleasurable.

Buy vibrator online in India is the easiest way to search for suitable vibrator for girls and women. With the increase in sell, vibrator with app is new and advance technique in sex toys vibrator. Couples can use it as sex toys for couples and pleasure each other by operating it through mobile or app.

Basic information

Basic information

Vibrators are most commonly used by people around the world for vibrating pleasure or vibrator sex. Every vibrating toy is known as vibrators. People may find vibrators through vibrators online medium and shops. Straight type, clitoris type, strange swinging function, different vibrating patterns, etc are options to achieve vibrator sex. While involving in the vibrator sex, you can easily used any types of vibrator toys.

User can purchase vibrators according to their preference. The simple and basic structure of vibrators is a built-in motor for vibrating effects but motor should be charged before using through USB cable if it is rechargeable. The vibrator motor which biases centre of gravity on the axis of the vibrator which forced it to rotate. The capacity of vibration depends on vibrator motor. You may also try some dildos along with the vibrator, if vibration is strong.

Magic wand, eggs vibrator, vibrator remote, bullet vibrator are some vibrators that use widely by couples and females during foreplay sessions. It is recommended to people around the world to use because it is easy to try and purchase vibrator online or offline.

History of Vibrator

It is always questionable when did first sex toy come? When did vibrator become sex toy? Here is a complete history of the vibrator. In the 19 century, due to congestion of the uterus peculiar women feel disease symptoms like hysteria, fatigue, depressive symptoms, etc.

Then doctor treat women by pelvic vibration massage. The treatment of female was treated by stimulating the female genitalia by manual practice, so the doctor was suffering from wrist pain due to hard work. So in 1880, a British doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville invented electronic vibrators to stimulate the women. Later in 1902, American household appliance company construct a hand-held electric vibrator for consumer use.

Day by day, people get aware of vibrators and vibrator use. Earlier women feel shame and pervert to use vibrators, so men prefer to grab the vibrators for their partner. But now it's got world fame and women not feel shy anymore to fulfil their sexual need by their own. Women feel comfortable to buy vibrator now.

Difference from other toys

Difference from other toys

Vibrator is a different and unique sex toy as compare to other sex toys. Vibrator provides jangling taste in whole body and genitals also. Dildos and many other sex toys are available for penetration but many of that do not have a vibrating function.

Though cock rings and prostate toys are available for males with vibrating function with different shapes and designs that offer the best stimulation to men's genitals. User can also called it men vibrator. Vibrators are widely chosen by females especially to stimulate their sensitive clitoris. Hence, now a day vibrators are one of the indispensable functions in sex toys for vibrator sex.

What kind of things are there?

There are lots of options available for males and females in vibrators. Vibrators for women are usually available in diameter between 3 cm to 3.5 cm with penis shape and some other too. These are 12 cm to 30 cm long in length. Bullet vibrators, egg vibrators, vibrating panties etc. are quite popular among people from another kind of vibrators.

So the functions and shapes may also vary to others. All these vibrators are used for stimulating the clitoris, anal and penis in solo or foreplay by couples.

Vibrator type

Vibrator type

As we known vibrators vary with shape, structure and function. According to shape, it is divided into two type, penis dildo type and non-dildo vibrator. Let known about vibrator more through their different material and different categories.

Penis dildo shape (basic)

Penis dildo shape vibrators are a basic type of vibrator for women. It is structured in the penis shape and provide the penis pleasure with different vibration function. This basic sex toy looks varied from what looks realistic.

This is not enough, with their unique structure it has various properties like different vibration mode, different swinging pattern, etc. Vibrators have been used worldwide, various have been developed in various countries just to make women feel better.

If you get bored with your regular dildo then you have an option to select the vibrating dildo. The vibrating dildo is designed just like a dildo sex toy but with a vibration function. You can use the penis dildo shape vibrator toys for vaginal massager or penetration. The penis dildo shape vibrator toys provide the feeling of the penis as well as vibration function. Some of the penis dildo shape vibrator toys are also made with the realistic material which provides the real feeling of the penis with vibration function.

If you like to experience the feeling of the realistic penis dildo shape vibrator toys then we sextoys-india have TENJOTENGE RASEN for you. The main advantage of using this vibrating dildo is that it provides you the real feeling of the penis because it is made with the realistic material. So, if you select this vibrating dildo for your sexual pleasure then you experience both the real feeling of the penis and the vibration function at the same time.

Size (thickness)

Size (thickness)

Here I introduce the various sizes of penis dildo vibrators. A user can get their comfortable diameter and thickness with their level of acceptance. There are roughly four sizes available.

S size:

Small size vibrators are less than 3 cm and suitable for beginners. The diameter is small, hence burden is small to use by beginner or little experience one. It is the size for them to enjoy the play.

If you are new in the sex toys world and want to experience the feeling of the vibrator toys then it is better for you to start with the small size vibrator toys. Small size vibrator toys are perfect for the startup. It does not matter which gender user you are. Small vibrator toy is easily used by any user for external as well as internal stimulation. It is small in size so the user can easily carry it in airport also. The small size vibrator sex toys are also easily used by

If you are a beginner user and wants to try the vibrator toys then S size is perfect for you. We sextoys-india have a huge collection of a small vibrator. You can easily select any of the small vibrators. Some of our most popular small vibrator are LOVE TOUCH, New Skeleton Rotor clear and PEACE BULLET Silver vibrator. Along with these small vibrators, you can also select some other vibrator toys.

Male can also use these small vibrator to stimulate their penis and glens. Some of the user think that vibrator sex toys are only for the female user. But it is not correct. Men can also easily used the vibrator sex toys just like a men toy or vibrator for men.

M size:

Medium size vibrators lay between 3 to 4 cm. It is the most abundant category because it is most similar to average penis size. It is characterized by many rare types.

If you are comfortable with the small size vibrator then move to the next level. Here you find the vibrator toys whose thickness is between 3 to 4 cm. In the M size thickness category, you can find many Kawaii series vibrator toys. Kawaii series vibrator toys are most popular in Japan and now gradually it becomes popular in Indian also.

You can use the M size vibrator toys for both internal as well as external stimulation. Some of the medium size vibrator toys stimulate both vagina as well as clitoris at the same time. So if you also want double penetration then select the vibrator toys such as CASPER Cutey or MARO Kawaii No.10 or MARO Kawaii No.5. These M size vibrator toys are the best vibrator for women because at the same time they can massager their pussy and clitoris.

L size:

Large size vibrators has 4 - 5 cm diameter. It is best for those who do not satisfy with the ordinary penis size. It allows rough and hard penetration because it is thick in size. It fulfils the women likes to insert the huge cock.

If you do not feel pleasure with the regular or medium size vibrator toys then you have an option to select the large size vibrator toys. Large size vibrator toys are generally used for hard penetration, deep penetration or G spot penetration.

This type of vibrator toys are especially recommended for the expert users. If you have lots of experience then you can try this vibrator. We have huge collection of large size vibrator toys. You should pick the best vibrators toy for your sexual satisfaction.


Extra large has a diameter more than 5 cm. It is term as a monster class due to its extra large size. The one who is familiar with fist fuck, prefer this monster class vibrators.

If you are comfortable with the large diameter of the vibrator then only pick the XL vibrator. These vibrator toys are only for expert users. Mostly, porn star prefers this type of huge vibrator sex toys. If you select these XL vibrator sex toys for your sexual pleasure then be careful. You should also take some extra precaution with the extra large vibrator sex toys.

Size (length)

Size (length)

Various length option for the better and deep penetration. Check the length options available in vibrators that varies with the thickness size.

16 cm or less:

16 cm or less is suitable to hit G-Spot because it is easy to handle. This vibrator G-Spot is easy to transmit vibrator's vibration and motion to the G-Spot. If you want to stimulate the G spot or if you want the G spot orgasm or internal orgasm then it is suitable for you. This length of vibrator toy is easy to use and handle. Even beginner user can also easily used it. Men can also use this type of vibrator toy for their prostate massage.

17 - 20 cm:

It is average length for the most of vibrators sex toys. It is versatile length and easy to attack in the vagina back. Most of the user perfer these lengths of vibrator toys.

21-25 cm:

This size allow the deep penetration in the vagina and greater experience because it is larger in length as well as bigger in width. If you want a rough penetration or hard play then this type of vibrator toys are perfect for you.

26 cm or more:

It is exceed Indian length. For this length, there is big no for the beginners.

By function

There are different types of vibrator with a number of swinging features and vibrating patterns that work to stimulate the clitoris and other sensitive parts. Different swing movement, speed, kind and strength of vibration can be changed with every different vibrators.

Non penis shape

Non penis shape

Non-penis shape dildo that is not in the shape of a penis. Do you know there are such vibrators as well? Here check such a non-penis shaped vibrator.

Egg shape

Egg vibrators are the most popular vibrators. It has a small egg shaped vibrator that it is easy to hide and portable. Due to its unique small size, it is recommended for beginners. It is operated by battery type remote that is attached through the code. Egg vibrators are not too expensive, such as "New Skeleton Rotor clear" and "Sepia rotor".

So, if you are a beginner user and want to experience the sensation of the vibrator toys then egg shaped vibrator is perfect for you. You can use the egg vibrator for external body stimulation, which also helps you to get wet. You can also use the egg vibrator for foreplay to make yourself or your partner excited. Use this vibrator toy to massager the external body part such as nipple, breast, clitoris, penis, anal etc.

Bullet type

As clear by its name, bullet vibrators are structured in the bullet shape. It is narrow and long as compared to the egg vibrators. So it allows longer penetration. Bullet vibrators like PEACE BULLET Silver, etc are suitable for beginners who are resistant to the shape of bigger penis toys such as vibrators and dildos. Bullet vibrators give weak to strong vibrations with their types.

You can use the bullet vibrator either for internal stimulation or for external stimulation. It depends on you. Bullet vibrator is the perfect toy for startup. This toy provides the pinpoint stimulation.

Remote Control

Remote control vibrators have a codeless remote that operates the vibrator's functions and patterns. Vibrator remote control is easy to handle because it is wireless. Couples can enjoy vibration from the distance. With the increase in quality, the range increases up to 10 meters. LOCO MOTION is one of remote control vibrator with a ring remote.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrators are well-known sex toys in the sex toy world, not only in India but worldwide. Magic Wand Vibrators gives a level of vibration for stimulation. You can use the magic wand to massager the pussy or clitoris. We have a good collection to enjoy vibrator massage. SEXTOYS INDIA has prepared other categories too that you should check for exciting sexual life.



Do material differences in vibrators affect the pleasure? Yes, each material gives different texture and hardness to vibrators. Although it is easy to pick the vibrator with the colour, shape, what about the material. "Vinyl" "Silicon" "Plastic" "Elastomer" "PVC" has various materials. Below I guide you their characteristics and make it easy for you to grab the correct vibrator.


Silicone made vibrator has reasonable hardness and elasticity, that why silicone vibrators is the most famous type of vibrator. Silicone material is widely used in living goods, so it gives familiar feeling to the user.

Silicone material has characteristics that it transmits the heat easily so the user can feel each other body temperature while vibrator using. Due to its moderate elasticity and ease of use without big disadvantages properties, it is suitable to use by beginners to intermediate person. The Kawaii Spiral Sqweel from the Kawaii Series is one of silicone vibration that is made by high-quality silicone material. It has a very smooth texture and comfortable to use. It is environmentally friendly and can be used with peace of mind even with latex allergy. Couples and singles love to use such silicone vibrators.

Silicone material vibrator toys provide the soft and smooth insertion feeling. So most of the women prefer the silicone made vibrator sex toys. But for the beginner user, it is better to select the elastomer made vibrator toy. The silicone made vibrator toys are more expensive as compare to other vibrator toys and the beginner user does not have much knowledge about the vibrator toys such as how to use vibrators etc. So there is a possibility that their toys become damage. Once the beginner user get experience with the elastomer made vibrator toy then they easily select the silicone made vibrator toys.

But, if you select the silicone material vibrator toys then be careful about the personal lube. You can not use the silicone based lubricant with the silicone material vibrator. If you used then there is a possibility that your toy gets damages due to the chemical reaction between the silicone lube and silicone material.

Plastic (polyethylene)

Plastic (polyethene) is a hard material and plastic vibrator (polyethene material) gives the hard feeling as compared to other vibrators. Due to hardness, vibration is easy to transmit. The one who wants to enjoy the vibration movement itself, then plastic vibration is a good choice.

These hardness properties have an advantage with some disadvantage. If you are not familiar with the vibrator usage, then you might feel uncomfortable. So it is recommended only for the intermediate to advanced users.

Out Of Stock
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Elastomer material vibrator toys are perfect for the beginner user. Elastomer made vibrators are too softer. Even softer than silicone vibrators. Elastomer vibrators are able to give a close feel to the human skin and men's penis. The elastomer is also used for medical purpose, hence it is too familiar material for the human and their skin. Those users use a solid material vibrator like plastic or some other can surprise by the true feeling of Elastomer.

It gives a different feeling of use and very close to the human skin just because of its softness. These vibrators are highly recommended for beginners. A beginner can use it with less resistance, they can try Roommate Pink or any other vibrators. If you are beginner user and want to select your first vibrator then it is best for you to select the elastomer material vibrator toys because elastomer material vibrator toys are very soft so the beginner user can easily insert it or used it.


Polyvinyl chloride material is most similar to silicone material means in terms of elasticity. PVC is also used in medical use like Elastomer material. PVC vibrators are slightly hard as compare with Elastomer, but its feeling of the surface is totally different among all.

PVC is highly known for its slippery property. It is too slippery in use. PVC vibrators might give different feel of the human skin, it might not be for the beginners but beginners get use it if they start using it. Although, PVC vibrators has moderate hardness, elasticity, surface feeling and highly recommended for the intermediate level users.

By category

>By category

Here are the categories covered by our SEXToys India site.

Bullet Vibrators

The bullet vibrator is a big favourite vibrators for girls and women. It looks very erotic in appearance because it is simple and small. It is used as massager toys which are used on both, the clitoris and on vaginal walls. So you can also call it vaginal massager or pussy massager toy. Due to being small in size, it is a good choice for those who want to keep sensation while travelling.

Bullet vibrator is easy to use and it usually comes with a simple on or off buttons. It also came with wired remote control whereby you may enhance your pleasure according to their facility. We sextoys-India have a huge collection of the bullet vibrator. Select the best vibrator and enjoy your sexual session.

If you are a beginner user or you regularly travel then bullet vibrator is the best vibrator for you. Bullet vibrator is very small in size so it becomes easy for anyone to carry it. You should select the bullet vibrator as your first vibrator toys.

Butterfly & Wearable Vibrators

Butterfly Vibrator is a sex toy that made in a butterfly shape, creates a vibration on the clitoris and also makes pressure on a vagina. This is a wearable type of vibrator means women can wear it for a long time. It is also known as vibrator for panties or sex vibrator for women. Women can easily wear this vibrator under their panties and do all the daily work. This toy is only for women so it is called the vibrator for women or vibrator for girls. Butterfly & Wearable Vibrator is a simple way to get sexual stimulation, whether you wear it around the waist or set it on the vagina. Such vibrators are most suitable to enjoy the public play.

If you have experience with the vibrator toys then you easily used this butterfly & wearable vibrators. You can wear it and do all your daily works. No other people should know your secret.

Classic Vibrators

Classic Vibrators are straight shaft vibrator. They are a uniquely first sex toy. Classic Vibrators are works like bullet vibrators but they are larger, longer than bullet vibrators. Classic Vibrators is smooth & used for stimulating the clitoris, vaginal & anal walls too. So, this vibrator sex toy is easily used by men as well as woman. Couple also use this toy for vibrator sex to stimulate each other sensitive body part.

They are specially designed with medium-sized and hard-shelled with a controller in the base. Classic vibrators are very smooth and perfect for beginners. Beginners should use a classic vibrator if they want to gain orgasmic experience. If the beginner user wants the deep penetration or G spot orgasm then they should prefer the classic vibrators. Along with the beginner user another level user such as intermediate or expert can also use it for internal stimulation. We have a huge collection of the classic vibrator. You should pick the best vibrator for your sexual pleasure.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoris vibrator is a vibrator for women and girls. Clitoris Vibrators are those vibrators that are specially designed to stimulate the clitoris. A clitoris is the most sensitive zones in women and women loves to stimulate the clitoris. Clitoris vibrating devices provides stimulate on the clitoris as well as make good work in penetrating the vagina. Clitoris vibrators are available in many shapes and sizes, and also includes a battery controller, which may enhance your sexual pleasure and excitement. Sometime men can also prefer the clitoris vibrator to stimulate the penis glens.

Generally, clitoris vibrator toys are used only for external stimulation. The couple can use the clitoris vibrator toys during their foreplay session also to make their female partner wet or more excited. Some of the clitoral vibrators are also used for vagina stimulation. It depends on the clitoris toy structure and shape. Some of the clitoris toys which you used the vagina penetration are MARO Kawaii No.1 and Sonic A. Women should also prefer the clitoris vibrator toys during their masturbation session to make herself ready for penetration.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrator is a vibrating device which is similar to bullet vibrator. But it is in shape of an egg that comes with wireless and with wire too. These vibrators create a sensation in the clitoris and vagina. The Egg Vibrator may easily fit in lingerie, so women can use it in public place too. Because of their relatively small size, egg vibrator is more focused and able to give powerful vibrations than other vibrators.

Egg vibrator is the perfect vibrator toys for the beginner user. If you also want to use the vibrator toy for the first time then you should select the egg vibrator. We sextoys-india have a huge collection of egg vibrator. This egg vibrator is not only used by the women but another gender user also used it. For the men, we have Aqua MANTA 101. It is an egg vibrator with a cock ring.

Extra Powerful Vibrators

Extra Power Vibrators are available for expert users. When experienced users are not satisfied with the feeling of the normal vibrator, then they prefer Extra Power Vibrators. Basically, these vibrators are similar to regular vibrators but they have an extra capability to deliver strong strokes for more pleasure in vibrating sex. Extra powerful vibrator helps couples to reach their orgasm with clit stimulation and vaginal deep penetration. Extra Power Vibrators are especially recommended for the expert user. Beginner user should not try this. The expert user who gets bored with their regular vibrator can try this vibrator for more unique and enhance pleasure. We have most popular Peni Ana Special vibrator for our expert customer.

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra Quiet Vibrators are most silent vibrators and perfect for those who do not want any disturbance in the sex or masturbation. These vibrators are made by quieter motors and material that muffle the noise of the vibrations. There are no vibrators that are completely silent, but extra quiet vibrators are quietest one. It does not spoil personal privacy and user can use in the public play without letting know anyone.

You can use the extra quiet vibrators either for internal stimulation or for external stimulation. It all depends on you. If you live in a joint family then extra quiet vibrator is the best option for you.

Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Finger & Tongue vibrators are special vibrators that are used in masturbation and in oral sex only. Such Finger vibrators were worn on the fingertips and use on the most sensitive parts to stimulate them like a nipple, clitoris, etc. Where Tongue vibrators enhance the oral sex and make it more thrilling and satisfying. Such vibrators are most suitable to use in foreplay and safer to use even by beginners. These are easy to use and versatile to use.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators are used to stimulate the women's major sensitive spot, The G-Spot. It is a women vibrator. G-Spot is a bean-shaped area in front of the vagina. By stimulating G-Spot, women able to produce a strong and unforgettable orgasm. G-Spot vibrator is available in many shapes and sizes. Basically, these vibrator has broad tip by a straight shaft. The broad tips direct hit the G-Spot while penetrating the vagina. G-Spot vibrator is able to give several vibration modes from low to high. You can use the G spot vibrator along during your masturbation session or with your partner. If you want to experience the G spot orgasm or internal orgasm then G spot vibrator is the best option for you.

Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators are the elite class in the vibrators category. It is modern vibrators to stimulate the sensitive areas in a very deluxe manner. Luxury vibrator is made by high-quality & long-lasting material that adds extra smooth in masturbation and vibrator sex. There is a wide range of luxury vibrators with their design and feature. Every type comes with its own properties. It is available from clit vibes to prostate vibes and from rechargeable to battery operated. The luxury vibrator is generally expensive. So the user who has experience with the vibrator toys can only prefer this vibrator.

Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are small in size. It is a portable vibrator, the user can take this in office, travel, wherever they want. Mini vibrators are also known as Pocket Vibrator. Although it is small in size, it is effective in stimulating the erogenous zones. Mini vibrators work on the clitoris as well as on vaginal insertion. It is most suitable for beginners in the sex toy world. Women often use mini vibrators on the clitoris to bring the fast and powerful orgasm for sexual intercourse.

If you are a beginner women and want to try something different then a mini vibrator is perfect for you. Women can use the mini vibrator during their masturbation to make herself excited or wet. The couple can also use it for foreplay. Mini vibrator are not so expensive so any user can easily purchase it through vibrators online or offline.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrator is a special type of vibrators for women. It is special in structure with bunny ears that stimulate the clitoris externally when the main shaft stimulate the vagina internally. Due to its pair of bunny ears, it named as rabbit vibrators. Vibrator rabbits are complete packages so most the women prefer rabbit vibrators over other vibrators. Rabbit vibrators are available in many different forms, like wiggle, rotate, or vary in intensity and vibrations.

Rabbit vibrator is the most popular vibrator toy because at the same time it stimulates both internal as well as external body parts. If you have some experience with the vibrator toys then definitely you should try it. It really provides an amazing feeling. We sextoys-india have a huge collection of the rabbit vibrator. You can select any one of them to spice up your sexual life.

Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Realistic Dildo Vibrators are the most famous vibrators in the women. Such vibrators are designed to deliver the real feel of the penis to women while penetrating. It is a vibrater for women. Realistic vibrators have real penis veins, a glans and testicles with the skin colour. Accept that, it has various vibration mode that makes it better than a penis. Vibrators dildos are able to fulfil the desire and more pleasurable than the man's penis. It gives maximum strokes, but it is recommended for the expert.

If you have experience with the regular vibrator toys or large dildo then you prefer these realistic dildo vibrators. Realistic dildo vibrator provides the real feeling of the penis with some vibration function which you never experience with the regular vibrator or with your partner penis. Realistic dildo vibrator is the best vibrator for women who live alone. If you don't have any partner then select this realistic vibrator toys to fulfil all your sexual desired.

Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable Vibrators India eliminate the worry about that batteries running out between the play. Rechargeable vibrators get recharge by USB charger cable. These vibrators are high-tech vibrators designed for better work by eco-friendly motors. The user can recharge it for an hour and can enjoy it for hours. It is easy to handle and maintain. Rechargeable vibrators are available in many shapes, colours, sizes and vibration patterns.

Geadually rechargeable vibrator becomes more popular in India. If you also tired while replacing your batteries then bring the rechargeable vibrator. Reachargeable vibrators are available with the charging cable, so it becomes easy for you to use it. At any time you can use it just by charging it like a smart phone.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are a sex toy that can operate from a distance. Some of the remote control vibrators are wireless, some are wired. On/ Off and vibration patterns & mode is operated by an attached remote. As the use of vibrators increase, the distance of remote also increase. The user can use it from several feet away. Such vibrators are used in foreplay or submission to tease the partner from distance and add fun in sexual play.

Couple can also use remote control vibrator in a public. This type of vibrator helps to excited both the partners. If you want to try something different then select this remote control vibrator for your sexual pleasure.

Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting Vibrators add an additional form of vibration and stimulation for the women. It is a special type of vibrator for women. Thrusting Vibrators has automated thrusting function at the head of the shaft. With these thrusting function, women experience unforgettable experience and lead to most pleasurable and intense vibrator orgasm. Thrusting Vibrators come with a various function on different parts of vibrators.

Nipple specialty

Nipple speciality are vibrating sex toy that works only on nipple or breast. Nipple vibrators give massage and correct vibration on nipple or breast make moment exciting. It gives an amazing feel on the nipple and helps to arouse your mood for sexual intercourse. Couples use nipple speciality in the foreplay act and submission act.

Tips on how to choose

Tips on how to choose

Among the various vibrators, how we know that it fits me? At the first, no one is ever aware of their size, their place, their perfect product. If you are also confused about what suits for insertion, then here is refer about how to choose.

How to choose vibrator for women and girls

As you know vibrator toys are more famous among women and girls. If you are women or girls and want to experience the pleasure of the vibrator sex then you have many options. First, you should decide which type of stimulation you want. According to your stimulation, you should prefer the vibrator for sex or masturbation.

For example - If you want to stimulate the G spot and purchase the egg vibrator then its no meaning. Your money will be wasted. So, first, decide the type of stimulation you want and according to that stimulation buy vibrator of your choice. If you are still not able to decide then start with the bullet vibrator. You can use the bullet vibrator for both internal as well as external stimulation.

What is the size of a female vagina? Entrance size

Usually the entrance size of women is about 2.5 centimeters. The size of the vagina is varied with the experience. For virgin women, the entrance size of women is same as usual like i.e. about 2.5 centimeters. It is expended to the 4.0 centimeter for un virgin women.

It gets bigger at the time of delivery. During delivery, the vaginal opening spreads to 9.5 centimeters. This is not common to spread that much but it will be functionally expanded to that extent. After experiencing pregnancy the entrance size of women is about 5.5 centimeters.

Tips on how to choose for beginners

Tips on how to choose for beginners

Tips for purchasing the vibrator for the first time. At the first, it is good to go with the inexpensive toys whether for a vibrator or some other. If you like the taste of inexpensive toys, then explore modern and higher toys.


If the user is inexperienced and new in vibrators, then use of a big vibrator can hurt and will not enter easily. The thinking to use of the same size of the toy with penis size allow the same insertion, it your biggest mistake. If penis entered, it does not means same size vibrator will enter. So, choose a smaller size vibrator to compare to usual size. If you feel comfortable and unsatisfied, then choose bigger one next time.

Function, shape

It is good ideas to challenge herself with the simple and cheap vibrators because rigid and special shapes and functions tend to divide preferences. If the simple ones fit your desire and taste, means the special one is more pleasant for you. What if the special ones are uncomfortable to you and become unnecessary. Hence, it is better to use simple things with reasonable price at first attempt.

How to choose vibes by erotic point(zone)

How to choose vibes by erotic band clitoris Gspot portio cervix
*Click on sexcial point(zone) image to know more about it

Different kind of vibrators is used with the different erogenous zone. Let's check them and how to choose for each erogenous zone.


The women who like to stimulation on the clitoris, then Egg Vibe and Bullet Vibrators are for them. There are also other vibrators that specialize only in the clitoris stimulation. Rabbit vibrators are one of them. It is pinpoint vibrators that directly hit to the clitoris and embeds the most pleasant clitoris stimulation. As we known clitoris is the most sensitive part, so it is better to use lubricant over clit while stimulating.

Women can taste different fun and pleasure with vibrator than stimulating with fingers and hands. The one who like cunnilingus, then cunnilingus vibrators are there. We treat it as Tongue Vibrators that work like real cunnilingus and stimulate the clitoris and vagina and continues to lick forever until you are satisfied and it fulfils that desire.

G spot

The G-Spot is the most common word in the erogenous zone. It is the most pleasurable spot in the women that allow a different feeling to them. G-Spot is situated deep in the vaginal about 5 to 6 cm away from the vaginal opening. Many exciting vibrators are available especially for the G-Spot if you like to feel it. There are several types of g-Spot vibrators on Sextoys India because the stimulation of pleasure in a vagina is stronger than the clitoris.

The swing function type is one of a type in G-spot vibrators. Such vibrators swing in the vagina with various vibration modes and stimulate the G-spot completely. Princess who caught your ear in rabbit pink", "G and Queen of Pearl" and "Roommate Pink" are our product that allows swing function in the vagina.


Portio is best pleasure spot and can feel for a long time than clitoris and G spot. Portio finds in deep inside the uterus. With the constant rhythm move towards the back of the vagina's stomach side, you will arrive in the Portio Spot. If you like to feel the Portio stimulation, the thrusting vibrators are perfect to hit portio. Vibrators stimulate portio by giving eternity and stimulation even if men are tired at normal sex with different level of vibration and different level of patterns and swings.

How to choose vibrator for men

As I said above that vibrator is also used by men so if men want to buy vibrators then they can select any of the vibrator sex toys which is specially designed for the external stimulation like a bullet vibrator, egg vibrator etc. If male want to stimulate their prostate then they can also select the prostate vibrator. With the help of a prostate vibrator, men can easily stimulate their prostate. The prostate vibrator is specially designed for the male so it is also called vibrator for men. The female partner can not use this vibrator toy.

Vibrator how to use?

Vibrator how to use

It is well portrayed in everyone's mind that Sex toy is Vibrator. Vibrator sex toy is available in various types according to shape and features. Women face difficulty at the first time. It might be okay to use egg vibrators at first attempt without any resistance, but they have a bit of anxiety about the vibrator sex toy that is in the shape of a penis. Everyone had some doubt and risk to penetrate their delicate part.

It is natural in men as well as women that they feel the anxiety to put a thing in delicate parts. But if you should follow the procedure and use vibrator properly, you will never be scared. You just want a correct vibrator usage. First, you should know about each other's pleasant places properly, that will change sex properly. The girls who do not feel an orgasm should try vibrator as testing. Please find out where you feel and how you feel.

The stimulation will be delightful and it will urge you for more. But you must be know about particular vibrator because it may hurt you. At that time, how to use and how to choose becomes important.

What to prepare

What to prepare

It is compulsory to prepare yourself before using a vibrator. Tissue, towel, sex lubricant, condoms are there. Tissues are almost available in every home so it is easy to use with vibrators. But kept a tissue nearby. Take a towel and keep it under your private area so it will secure you from any dirt.

It will be comfortable and will keep you safe from any kind of dirt. Sex lubricant is necessary for every penetration process. If couples are using, wet conditions are already there but using sex lubricant makes it more comfortable and pleasant. You may cover sex toy vibrator through a condom that will be enough hygiene.

Slow play slowly

Slow play slowly

It is good to play foreplay to get a little wet. You can play foreplay with a partner but you need to be slow. You should have foreplay until you get wet. If you are single or playing solo sessions at that time you can try a sex lubricant to getting wet easily. You may play with a vibe and then you will get wet while touching sensitive part. Body power is weak at the moment. You start with weak vibration then raise the motion. A vagina is a sensitive part of females so stroke it slowly and then will start to get warm-up.


Start insertion with a tip of the vibrator sex toy, make weak penetration with weak vibration mode then leave it for a moment. When you get familiar with this vibration speed and insertion then start to push or insert slowly to explore g-spot. Now you need to set the strength of vibrator to medium. You can set the intensity at weak if it start hurting. Then slowly insert back. It nicely stimulates clitoris well. You can rotate to other direction for more intense vibrating sex.

G spot

To hit g-spot, you will insert your finger towards pubic bone from the entrance of the vagina. When you find a point of pleasure, you will set strength at strong from the middle. If you feel deeply, you may squirt too that time. That will teach you the pleasure of g-spot at an end.

Thrusting Vibrators (Piston)

When vagina gets loose at that time you may start to thrusting by up and down. Make sure that do not only make up and down movements but trying to control by shallow, deep, turning, scrubbing and pulling. The pleasure point is different for person to person. The feeling will be good and you can check your body reaction. It may get changed a bit if swing function or vibrating pattern is affixed.



If vagina gets loose from inside that moment will approach for orgasm. A movement will be raise when you will feel orgasm. There are many vibrators as sex toys for people. You will not get tired after using a vibrator toy.

Women feel orgasm if they never get orgasmic experience before but they should exercise at least for 15 minutes. You will reach surely to end level. Set the piston speed between 3 to 4 reciprocations per second. You may lead to orgasm if use precisely as well as properly. The pleasure of orgasm will be incredible for women and partner will also feel incredible experience at the end.

Easy way to buy vibrator

As you know that in India it is very difficult to buy vibrators from the shop. If you try to buy the vibrator from the shop then first you have to search for the vibrator store. According to my experience, you can't even find the proper sex toys store in India.

So, if you live in India, then you have only one option and i.e. to buy a vibrator from an online store. Buying the vibrator from e-commerce sites is the easiest way. Now a day, you can easily find many e-commerce sites which offer varieties of vibrator toy. So, select the best vibrator and enjoy your vibrator sex.

Our site provides you the fast and discreet delivery. If you have any confusion about how to purchase the vibrator then click here. Here, you can get all the information such as how to use the shopping cart, how to do the registration etc.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you are confused to find the best vibrator from all, then here I recommended some vibrators that work for you.


Peace bullet silver is bullet vibrators. It gives strong vibration and stimulation on the clitoris. Peace bullet is highly recommended for the beginner because it is small in size, It is easier for the first time to use vibrators on the clitoris and in vaginal for penetration.

Where I actually used was like this

I had use Peace bullet silver as a beginner. It has been an amazing experience for me as my first attempt. It is comfortable to use and easy to handle because it has a single button on the top that manage everything. At the second attempt, I used it with my partner. He also loved this bullet vibrator.


Casper Cutey is G-Spot Vibrators. During use of CASPER Cutey, The broad shaft aim the G-Spot parallel his additional two ears stimulate the clitoris externally. Women love such toy that works for both, vagina and clitoris. It has inbuilt batteries that generate the vibration mode.

Where I actually used was like this

I first time buy such special vibrator that has extra ears. I am very happy with my choice. The material was so soft and its ears are flexible. It is very pleasant on the clitoris and in a vagina. At the time of use, i used with low vibration for warm, later go for penetration. It is very elegant and great in design.

Orgastar Smoke

Orgastar Smoke is remote control vibrator. It is unique in structure and has attached remotely to operate the function f vibrators. The main shaft has the broad tip with a rigid clit stimulus. It is made of a flexible and soft material, so also better for beginners.

Where I actually used was like this

I have bit obsessed with sex toy and always try to find something new to experience. One of my friends suggests me, Orgastar Smoke. She said that it surely gives me a new experience. I bought and used it. Yes, she is right. I love the structure of this vibrators and enjoy my personal pleasure session.


Chichikuri Monmon Eight is nipple pump type that gives vibration with an attached remote. It has a suction cup on both edges. The suction cups stuck over the nipple or even on the clitoris. It is a new sex toy on the market for the women to arose their sexual excitement with the nipple vibration.

Where I actually used was like this

Me and my boyfriend usual try SM toys in the sexual intercourse. Once he brings Chichikuri Monmon Eight for SM act. I love such nipple vibration on my nipple. It is easy to use for us. The attached remote has a button that manages the vibration from low to high easily.