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Here is a list of the most popular female vibrators sex toys in India. Highly recommended for clitoral stimulation and inside orgasms with penetration!

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How to Choose a Vibrator and Popular Items in India
Choose a Best Vibrator in India
How to Use a Vibrator ? Way to Have More Orgasms
How to Use a Vibrator in India
How to maintain and store your vibrator in India
How to maintain your vibrator in India

Vibrator toys in India?

Vibrator toys in India?

In India, vibrators are items that make female masturbation more pleasurable

There are two types of vibrators: those that stimulate the female clitoris, nipples, and other sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina, and those that can stimulate areas inside the vagina.

By using a vibrator, you can experience the same level of pleasure and excitement during masturbation as you would during sex.

It can also develop the clitoris, G-spot and other sexual zones, so it is recommended for women who say, 'I have never had an orgasm during sex.

You can also use it when you have sex with your partner, so you can ask your man to stimulate you with the vibrator.

If you are not satisfied with your current masturbation or sex and want to feel a new kind of stimulation, I recommend you try it.

There are so many different types of vibrators that it's hard for beginners to decide which one to buy. By looking at the most popular vibrators and choosing the right product, you will have a better chance of finding the right sex toy for you.

So let's take a closer look at the different types of vibrators in India.

Types of Vibrators Popular in India

Types of Vibrators Popular in India

SEXToys India has categorized 17 types of vibrators in India, but we will focus on the most popular categories.

  • Stimulate both vagina and clitoris
  • Designed similar to penis
  • For internal orgasm
  • Stimulate nipples and clitoris
  • For external orgasm
  • Stimulate nipples and clitoris
  • For external orgasm
  • Remotely controllable
  • Stimulate nipples and clitoris

These are some of the most popular vibrators in India that can be inserted into the vagina to feel orgasms in the vagina, and others that can stimulate the clitoris, nipples and other sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina for pleasure.

You can say which type is the best since each person's preference will vary. If you want to reach orgasms through internal stimulation, or if you feel the most pleasure when you are inserting a sex toy or penis into the vagina, you may want to use a rabbit vibrator or dildo vibrator.

On the other hand, if you are more likely to feel stimulation in the clitoris or nipples, Egg vibrators and Bullet vibrators are suitable for you.

  • Orgasms inside the vagina:
    Rabbit Vibrators, Realistic Dildo Vibrators
  • Orgasms outside the vagina:
    Egg Vibrators, Bullet Vibrators, Remote Vibrators

Now let's take a closer look at the features of each category and who they are suitable for.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit Vibrator is a specially shaped vibrator that can stimulate both the vagina and clitoris at the same time. You can get pleasure like you've never experienced before by stimulating these major sexual zones simultaneously.

Not only that it can be inserted into the vagina, but it can also provide vibrations that cannot be produced by fingers

You will be able to feel orgasms easily while using this item, and you will be more satisfied with sex.

The basic shape is the same as other insertable vibrators. The only difference is that it has a protrusion that stimulates the clitoris. It is designed to touch the clitoris when it is inserted.

With other straight vibrators, if you want to stimulate the clitoris when you insert it into the vagina, you have to stimulate it with your fingers.

The biggest advantage of the Rabbit Vibrator is that you can stimulate your vagina and clitoris at the same time just by inserting it in and out.

By stimulating the vagina and clitoris at the same time, you can increase the sensitivity of the vagina's sexual zones and make it easier to develop the G-spot and portio.

Recommended for:

  • Stimulates both the vagina and clitoris at the same time
  • Vibrator designed for only internal stimulation is not enough
  • Want to train your body to be easier to feel orgasm

Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Realistic Dildo Vibrator

This vibrator is a penis-shaped vibrator that can stimulate the inside of the vagina while sending vibrations.

Until recently, dildos and vibrators have been used separately. But the Realistic Dildo Vibrator was created by combining the best parts of the two.

You can enjoy the benefits of both dildos and vibrators. This is the perfect item for women who want to improve the feeling while pursuing the realism of the penis.

There are vibrators that are made to reproduce the shape of the glans and even the design of the blood vessels in the penis.

In addition to sending vibrations, they also come with suction cups that can be attached to the floor or wall to recreate various sex positions.

There are also dildo vibrators available in penis-like colors, as well as full-body pink and black, which are penis-shaped but in playful colors.

This is a great option for women who want to feel as if they are masturbating and having sex with a man.

Recommended for:

  • Penis shaped vibrator
  • Want to practice sex
  • Worried about whether partner's penis can fit
  • Not satisfied with simple dildos anymore

Egg Vibrator

Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators can also be used for both female masturbation and sex with a partner. These vibrators cannot be inserted into the vagina, but are excellent for stimulating the clitoris, nipples and other sexually sensitive areas.

The Egg vibrator can be used to stimulate the nipples and clitoris before inserting a sex toy or penis into the vagina, making it easier to achieve orgasm.

Egg vibrators are less expensive than other vibrators, and some can be purchased for less than Rs 1,000. It is highly recommended for women who want to improve the quality of their masturbation at a low price.

You can also use the Egg vibrator for sex, so you can have your partner use it to stimulate your sex zones.

Recommended for:

  • Want to stimulate my clitoris and nipples
  • Compact and lightweight size
  • Low price
  • Vibrators for Beginners

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrator

The Bullet vibrator has the same basic functions and usage as the Egg vibrator, and is suitable for stimulating sexual zones outside the vagina.

It is larger in size than the Egg vibrator and can stimulate a wider area. You can masturbate smoothly by stimulating your clitoris and nipples to relax your whole body before masturbating.

  • Egg Vibrator:Separate controller and vibrator
  • Bullet Vibrator:Only the vibrating body

The Egg vibrator I mentioned earlier has a separate controller and body, so there are cases where the cord gets in the way during masturbation or sex.

The Bullet vibrator does not have a controller, but rather has a vibration function included in the body, so there is no separate controller with buttons to adjust the vibration. The biggest advantage is that you can stimulate your clitoris and nipples with just the simplest and stylish body.

The small size is also suitable to be easily stored in your bag or pouch.

Recommended for:

  • Compact body
  • Stimulating clitoris and nipples
  • No wiring

Remote Vibrator

Remote Vibrator

This remote vibrator allows you to stimulate yourself or your partner even from a distance. This vibrator is also suitable for stimulating the clitoris and nipples, which are sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina

Because of its small size, some couples sneak the vibrator into their pants or bra and use it in public.

If one person places the vibrator in the sexual area and the other person stimulates it remotely, they can get pleasure from the tension of not knowing when the stimulation will come.

Also, the person giving the stimulation can further satisfy their sexual needs by stimulating the other person beside them as they writhe in agony in a situation where they cannot speak throughout.

This item is recommended for women and couples who want to realize a play that they have never experienced before.

Recommended for:

  • Remote controlled vibrator
  • Stimulating clitoris and nipples
  • Want to enjoy a new kind of play

Other types of vibrators

The vibrators introduced so far are the most popular category in India, and there are countless other types of vibrators available.

There are vibrators for the clitoris, vibrators for the nipples, and even items that simulate the sensation of being given oral pleasure.

The above are just some of the popular categories, so if you want to check out the other types and find the right one for you, please refer to the following.

Magic Wand Vibrators

  • Stimulate nipples and clitoris
  • More powerful than mini-sized vibrators
  • Some designs are less like sex toys

Magic Wand Vibrators are popular with women not only in India, but all over the world. You can stimulate your clitoris and nipples while adjusting the vibrations.

They have a large stimulation area and can provide a stronger stimulation than egg-shaped vibrators or Bullet vibrators.

The large size of the vibrator makes it possible to have an orgasm with very strong vibrations, but it also has the disadvantage of being difficult to store due to its large size.

Clitoral Vibrators

  • Specializing in clitoral stimulation
  • The clitoral vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris

The Clitoral Vibrators is a vibrator that specializes in clitoral stimulation. They are designed to stimulate the clitoris, so they are especially good for women who are sensitive to the clitoris.

Most women are more likely to have orgasms in the clitoris and nipples than in the vagina. Women who want to improve the quality of their masturbation by focusing on the clitoris should use this product right now.

Finger & Tongue Vibrators

  • Enjoy oral pleasure
  • Like fingering stimulation

With this item, you can enjoy the stimulation as if your partner is giving you a cunnilingus. If you like the pleasure of having your vagina licked by a tongue, this is the vibrator for you.

In this category, you will find Tongue Vibrators, which are made to replicate real cunnilingus with a fully extended tongue design that repeatedly moves up and down.

The shape and movement of the tongue is elaborately reproduced, so if you are interested, please check that out as well.

G-Spot Vibrators

  • Specializing in G-spot stimulation
  • Want to experience what it feels like to come inside
  • Never had an internal orgasm

The G-spot is located inside the vagina, and it is one of the places in the vagina where you can feel the most pleasure.

The G-spot is located inside the vagina and is one of the most sensitive areas in the vagina.

If you try to stimulate the G-spot with your own hands, it is not easy to find and difficult to stimulate precisely.

This item is recommended for women who have experienced orgasms in the clitoris and nipples but have never climaxed in the vagina. If you don't know where the G-spot is, you can use this item first to explore the location of your sexual zones.

Nipple specialty

  • Specializing in nipple stimulation
  • Want to have an orgasm with my nipples

This Nipple specialty was developed to stimulate nipples.

The Nipple specialty was developed to stimulate nipples and is recommended for people who have orgasms with their nipples. It can be used by attaching it to your nipples and vibrating them to give you more than just the pleasure of being licked or touched by your partner.

Some women experience the most excitement and pleasure when their nipples are tortured. If you use Nipple specialty during sex and insert your penis after foreplay to increase sensitivity throughout your body, you are more likely to have an orgasm in your vagina as well.

Thrusting Vibrators

  • Automatic piston movement
  • Less tiring on your hands

With Thrusting Vibrators, the tip of the vibrator moves up and down repeatedly after insertion to stimulate the vagina and allow you to have an orgasm. With ordinary vibrators, you have to operate them by yourself after insertion.

This vibrator can precisely stimulate your sexual zones with a power that cannot be produced manually. Moving the vibrator with your own hands puts more than a little strain on your wrists and arms.

This vibrator will provide you with the best orgasms while reducing those burdens. If you are using it for sex, your partner can move the vibrator for you, but if you are masturbating alone, you will need this item.

This is especially recommended for women who want to stimulate their vagina with a little more ease.

Butterfly & Wearable Vibrators

  • Lesbian couples
  • Stimulate vagina and anus at the same time

This vibrator is a popular item especially among lesbians. It has a vagina stimulator and an anal stimulator.

This allows your partner to feel double the pleasure and maximizes the range of play for lesbian couples.

There are also items that have a vibration function so you can enjoy stimulation like you have never experienced before.

Suction Vibrator

  • Suction Vibrator
  • Specializing in nipple and clitoris stimulation

Unlike the vibrators we have introduced so far, this is a divine vibrator that shakes violently while sucking on your sexual zones. By stimulating your nipples and clitoris while holding it against them, you can experience the soft pleasure of being licked by a man.

There is no other item that can give you the pleasure of vibration and licking at the same time. If you want a vibrator with this new sensation, it's worth a try.

How to choose a vibrator

How to choose a vibrator

I've introduced the different types of vibrators so far. When it comes to finding the one that actually suits you and makes you feel good when you masturbate, it can be difficult to choose.

When buying a vibrator, keep the following points in mind.

  • Point of the body to stimulate
  • Price
  • Popularity

When choosing a vibrator, think deeply about where you want to stimulate yourself during masturbation or sex. Unfortunately, if you choose an item that has a function that you do not expect, you will not be able to masturbate to your satisfaction.

First of all, the vibrator you should buy will depend on your wishes, such as whether you want to insert it into the vagina, stimulate the outside of the vagina, or stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time.

Each vibrator has different stimulation areas and functions. If you are looking for a vibrator that can stimulate your clitoris at the same time, then you should consider the vibrator that you want to buy.

The price of vibrators can vary greatly depending on their function and type. If you start with an expensive vibrator and it doesn't fit your body and you can't masturbate satisfactorily, you will have a big financial burden.

It is recommended that you start with a vibrator that is not too expensive.

If you are choosing a vibrator for the first time, you can reduce the risk of making a mistake by choosing a popular product.

The most popular sex toys have their own appeal, so as long as it suits your taste, you can buy it.

Let's take a look at some of the popular items at Sex Toys India and find the right one for you.

Popular Vibrators

Popular Vibrators

Now that you know about how to choose the right vibrator, let's check out some of the popular products at Sex Toys India.

If you want to find your favorite vibrator from the most popular products, please refer to this page.

Realistic dildo w vibe Skin

Out Of Stock

This vibrator is in the shape of a penis and can be inserted into the vagina while electrically vibrating.

The surface of the vibrator is smooth, and even the blood vessels of the penis have been elaborately reproduced in detail.

It can also be used for female masturbation, and can be stimulated by a partner during sex. It is similar in size and shape to a penis, so you can practice insertion before sex.

It is especially recommended for women who want to practice masturbation and sex while feeling the design and insertion feeling similar to a man's penis.

Recommended for:

  • Vibrator that is close to a real penis
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Practice sex

New Skeleton Rotor clear

This is an item that can give intense vibrations to your vagina, nipples and other sex points to make you feel orgasmic. The price is Rs500, which is the lowest among sex toys, and the operation is simple and easy to operate even for beginners.

When you masturbate, you can use this item to stimulate your nipples and clitoris outside the vagina to increase the sensitivity of your whole body, and use your fingers or other sex toys to stimulate your vagina to make it easier to come inside.

You can further increase your sensitivity by having a man stimulate you during sex as well as masturbation.

This vibrator is essential for those who want to improve the quality of their masturbation and sex and feel more orgasms.

Recommended for:

  • Want to use a classic sex toy
  • Want to stimulate clitoris and nipples
  • Want to increase the satisfaction of masturbation and sex
  • Want a vibrator with a low price

Bullet vibe silver

Out Of Stock

The compact body of this vibrator is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. The vibrations provided by this small body can enhance the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

The price is low at Rs 1125, but it can be an essential part of a woman's sex life. It can be used in all kinds of situations with its vibration that does not look like a vibrator.

Most vibrators are too big to put away, but this one is small enough to fit in a pouch, so you don't have to worry about others finding out you have it.

Recommended for:

  • Want a vibrator that is compact in size
  • Stimulating clitoris and nipples
  • Small but strong vibration
  • Live with my family

JELLY SPL dildo 5.5

This is a dildo-type vibrator made to resemble the shape of a penis. It also has a vibration function, so you can insert it into your vagina for a stimulation that humans cannot produce.

Some users use it not only for female masturbation and couple sex, but also for lesbian and gay sex.

The jelly type is made of high quality material so that it can be inserted without stressing the vagina. You can also use lotion to make the insertion even smoother.

The base of the vibrator has testicles, which other vibrators do not have, so you can feel the realistic shape of the penis. This is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy masturbation and sex while feeling both the realistic penis design and vibration.

Recommended for:

  • Realistic penis shape
  • With vibration
  • Waterproof

Rockon Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Out Of Stock

This vibrator is a big size dildo vibrator. It comes with a controller that allows you to control the intensity of the vibrations it provides to your vagina.

The design of the penis is very similar to the real thing, with the veins appearing and even the curvature of the penis being elaborately reproduced.

There is also a suction cup at the base of the penis that can be attached to the wall or floor to allow you to masturbate in the back or cowgirl position during sex. Most vibrators are basically operated by your hands, but this item can be hands-free depending on how you use it.

In addition to the realistic penis design, powerful big size, and intense vibration, it is highly recommended for women who want to enjoy pseudo-sex in a position similar to sex.

Recommended for:

  • Realistic penis shape
  • Masturbation in various positions
  • Hands free

How to use a vibrator

How to use a vibrator If you use a vibrator in the wrong way, you will ruin the item that enhances your pleasure.
  1. Apply lotion to your vagina
  2. Put a condom on the vibrator
  3. Insert the vibrator
  4. Slowly stroke the vibrator to find your sex points
  5. Continuously stimulate the points that feel good

If your vagina is not wet when you try to insert the vibrator, it is a good idea to apply lotion. It will eliminate the vibrator's snagging and make for smooth insertion.

When using a vibrator for sex, both partners need to make sure that the vagina is wet enough when inserting the vibrator. If it is not wet, then you can either wet the vagina with more foreplay to increase the excitement, or use a lotion if it is still not wet.

Once you are sure that the vagina is wet, put a condom on the vibrator. This is not required, but it can reduce the risk of STDs and ease the cleaning process.

Once the condom is on, begin insertion.

Do not make violent up-and-down movements immediately after insertion, but rather move slowly at first to find the point where you feel comfortable.

When you become accustomed to the insertion of the vibrator, poke and prod the points you feel stimulated continuously until you feel an orgasm.

If you want to know more about how to have an orgasm while using a vibrator or how to use a vibrator, please refer to the following article.

As for the Egg Vibrator and Bullet Vibrator, they are very easy to operate. All you have to do is turn on the switch and touch the area of your body where you are likely to feel stimulation.

How to maintain your vibrator

How to maintain your vibrator

If you leave the vibrator for a long time without cleaning it after use, bacteria can grow and enter your body the next time you use it, which can cause STDs.

To prevent this from happening, proper maintenance is necessary.

In order to keep your vibrator clean for a long time, it is recommended that you cover it with a condom to prevent dirt from sticking to it. This will not only keep it clean, but also reduce the time and effort required to clean it.

The area around the vibrator controller is very sensitive to moisture, so when washing it with water, be careful not to get this area wet.

There are special cleaners available. In particular, the joint between the main unit and the controller is prone to water penetration, so cover it and the controller with a towel.

If the controller is a remote control type, cover the joint at the back of the main unit with a towel. At this time, leave the controller outside of the bathtub so that it does not get splashed with water. After washing, let it dry.


This article has explained the different types of vibrators and how to choose one for women who are considering using them.

Different types have different functions and parts that can be stimulated. Before purchasing a vibrator, be sure to understand the function of each and try to get an item that will help you achieve your ideal masturbation.

Vibrators allow you to feel vibrations and pleasure that cannot be produced by a human being, making your play more satisfying. It is recommended to use it not only for masturbation but also for sex with your partner.

Also, if you have read this far and are still wondering which one to choose, you can start with the most popular items in India. You will have a fulfilling sex life without having to regret not buying it afterwards.

If you want to check out the most popular vibrators again, click here.