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Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Best realistic dildo vibrators for Indian women. Get cheap personal large cock vibes online

Realistic Dildo Vibrators List

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Realistic Dildo Vibrators?

What is Realistic Dildo Vibrators?

Realistic dildo is one of the most popular dildo types and most of the Indian women try it. But have you tries the realistic dildo vibrator. It is a combination of a realistic dildo and the vibration function it means that it is a realistic dildo with the vibration function. If you don't have knowledge about the realistic dildo vibrator then no need to get worried. We sextoys-india are here to help you. Here, you can get all the information about the realistic vibrating dildo such as function type, which realistic dildo is best for you etc. Before purchasing the realistic dildo vibrator, you should know how to use and store it. It helps you for better sexual pleasure.

What is Realistic Dildo Vibrators?

Realistic dildo vibrator is a sex toy which is design in such a manner that it looks very similar to the real penis. People use the realistic dildo vibrator during the sexual activity for pleasure feelings.

What is Dildo?

A dildo toy is a sex toy which looks like a penis. It is one of the most popular sex toys not only in India but also all over the world. In dildo, vibration function is not available. The couple uses the dildo sex toys either for vagina penetration or for anal penetration. Most of the women also use the dildo toys during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs. Some of the dildo sex toys are designed in such a manner that women easily stimulate the G spot inside the vagina.

Dildo sex toys are made with varieties of materials such as glass, rubber, plastic, cyber skin, silicone etc. All these materials are either high quality or medical grade so it is safe for the body and does not make any harm.

What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is a sex toy which is available with the vibration functions. In the world, varieties of vibrator toys are available. The different types of vibrator sex toys are clitoris vibrator, rabbit vibrator, egg or bullet vibrator, G spot vibrator, anal vibrator, butterfly vibrator, pocket rocket vibrator, cock ring vibrator etc.

The user uses the different types of vibrator sex toys for a different purpose. Generally, the user uses the vibrator sex toys to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, G spot, anal etc. A couple uses the vibrator sex toys for both internal as well as external stimulation. Now a day, most of the user prefer the vibrator sex toys for sexual pleasure.

Vibrator sex toys are either battery operated or rechargeable. It depends on the user which one they select for their sexual pleasure.

What is Realistic Dildo Vibrators? Feature and charm

What is Realistic Dildo Vibrators? Feature and charm

Realistic dildo and vibrator both types of adult toys have their own merits and demerits but the realistic dildo vibrator is situated between them. The realistic vibrator dildo is designed in such a manner that it provides the real feeling with the vibration function. There are many women who do not feel satisfied with the normal realistic dildo, so they use the realistic dildo vibrator. A couple uses the realistic dildo vibrator toys to stimulate the G spot, vagina, anal etc.

In the market varieties of realistic dildo vibrator is available. Some of the realistic dildoes have one vibration function whereas some of the realistic dildo vibrators have different types of vibration function, speed and rotation.

Realistic dildo vibrator is easy to use and handle. Not only women but another gender user such as lesbian, gay or men can also use realistic dildo. The realistic vibrator dildo is either battery operated or USB rechargeable. Now a day, almost all the realistic dildo vibrator has a life waterproof specification, so the user can easily use water to clean the toys after the sexual activity.

Why is Realistic Dildo Vibrators good? Reproducible toys

Why is Realistic Dildo Vibrators good? Reproducible toys

During sexual activity or masturbation, if the female prefers the realistic dildo vibrator then she experiences the real feeling of the penis with the vibration function which she never experiences with the simple dildo or vibrator toys or her male partner penis. Realistic vibrator dildo also provides a unique sensation and enhance pleasure.

Let's polish sex tech

Now a day, most of the women use dildo sex toys during sexual activity or masturbation. To make the sex more pleasurable, it is important for the women to do the penetration in the proper technique. The women should know how to move the waist during the sex with the partner. A woman can also practice blowjob to improve the technique. The sex method is difficult to counsel with individuals, the partner's feeling way and the charming point are likewise each. So women can use the dildo to practice and develop their own body. Most of the women prefer the realistic dildo vibrator during the masturbation to satisfied all their sexual need and to experience more pleasant feelings.

How is your hip movement?

How is your hip movement?

While involving in the sexual activity, most of the couple use the fixed position and they always do the same movements. When a couple changes their sex positions then they do not know how to move their waist. Sometimes they get worried about their partner whether their partner feels comfortable or not. In this case, one partner should leave their body to him or her who leads in normal positions. If both the partners want to feel pleasure feelings then it is necessary to practice how to move the waist and the number of times.

Hybrid toy with dildo function and vibrator function

Now a day, most of the women use the dildo sex toys during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual need. Women can select the dildo sex toys by its shape, colour, textures etc. Some of the women also prefer the realistic dildo vibrators because these dildoes are equipped with vibration function and swing functions. If women use the realistic dildo vibrator then it added the real sense of insertion and provides the maximum pleasure. This is the main reason, realistic dildo vibrator becomes more popular now a day.

Function type

Function type

The functions of Realistic Dildo Vibrators can be roughly divided into three types. Here we are going to discuss the types of the realistic dildo vibrator functions.


It is a vibration function of a normal vibrator. Realistic dildo vibrator has different types of vibration function and speed. It is important for the couple to start the vibration function with low speed and then gradually increase the speed of the realistic dildo vibrator for more pleasant feelings. The realistic dildo vibrator also has a simple on and off power button.

There are several types of vibration patterns. There are also vibrators that are simple on and off only, and those that make complicated vibrations. There is also a type that has pearls and rotates in the dildo. The on-off type vibrator toys generally have only one vibration function. Most of the realistic dildo vibrators have different types of vibration function with different speed and rotation. It depends on the user which type of realistic dildo vibrator they prefer.


In some of the realistic dildo vibrator, swing function is also included. In the swing function, the dildo turns to draw the circles. The dildo in which the swing function is included, couple easily use it to stimulate the G spot inside the vagina. The swing function has different types of speed. A user can easily adjust the swing speed according to their need and choice.

The realistic dildo vibrator in which swing function is included is available in varieties of range. If the user selects the inexpensive toys then there is a possibility that the swing function is weak.


In the thrusting function, the dildo or sex toys move up and down. With the help of a thrusting vibrator, people can easily stimulate deep inside the vagina. Realistic dildo vibrator with a realistic penis like shape adds realistic thrusting stimulus to provides the real feeling like real sex. Thrusting vibrator divided into several parts. The different types of the thrusting vibrator are a silent type, complete waterproof specification etc. the user can use any types of thrusting vibrator for deep penetration and pleasure feelings.

Useful feeling of Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Here is a brief explanation about how to prepare yourself to play with Realistic Dildo Vibrators.



First of all, whether you are using a realistic dildo vibrator for the masturbation session or with a partner, the preparation is necessary in both the cases. Let's prepare a place, towels, lubricants, condoms and so on. Preparation is essential so that you cannot face any interrupt while playing or in the arousal flow.

In the case, if you have a rechargeable vibrator first let's charge it completely. Plug your vibrator an hour before using, so it gets a charge when you are ready. If you have battery type realistic vibrator, then check the battery or replace the running out batteries with the new one. Try to eliminate all the interrupt that causes.



Let play some foreplay with a dildo before move further. As it is a realistic dildo vibrator, forget the vibrator at first and play with it like a dildo. You are also excited visually with the shape of a real penis. The user feels the real presence with its shape and soft touch. Begin the foreplay by kiss your realistic dildo vibrator, Lick it make it warmer for the insertion. The warm dildo is more close to the penis. Try to switch your feeling and mood. When the mood gets on the wave, let's try blow job on realistic dildo vibrator. Sometimes it is okay to do embarrassing things.

Before insertion

Before insertion

When you get excited by kiss and blowjob, time to move down. Use the good quality personal lubricant and apply it on the surface of the realistic vibrating dildo and also near the geniatal area. Personal lubricant is very important because it helps to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery.

If women want then she can also use the condom and apply the condom in the same manner as male wear it. It is hygienic good to put on a condom over the dildo vibrator, it can be easier for a wash. Let's play at the entrance of the vagina and sensitive spot with only dildo, not vibration function. Continue the stimulation near the vagina and over the vagina to make it wet. It is good to make a dildo wet for the insertion. Now time to make vagina comfortable with the vibration function, start with little and gradually move up when you're feeling get better gradually. It is an advice for all even beginner or experienced that you do not endure it even yourself.

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After having fun with the vagina entrance, now its time to go for insertion. But before, I recommended using the lubricant on the realist dildo vibrator and vagina with the natural lubrication. Insert slow. Does it depend on the size of a toy, how much time you take to get familiar? Till then insert slow. There is a possibility to causes sudden pain. Let's insert a little bit at the beginning, move towards depth step by step, gradually insert it. Make the vagina used to the shape, size and texture of the dildo. Parallelly stimulate the most sensitive spot, the clitoris. After insertion, goo to enjoy the swinging or swinging. Let's enjoy orgasm as much as you want.



After hitting the G-Spot with the multiple vibration functions, turn off the vibration mode and gently unplug the dildo from the vagina. Now remove the condom over the realistic dildo vibrator and wash it. Well, the washing procedure depends on the type of toy, there are such things that cannot be washed by the water and strictly do no to the water. If your dildo is waterproof, then wash it otherwise wiped out with the wet tissues or towel. Be careful whiling washing with water because there is a possibility that the control roller part will be particularly broken.

If your toy is not waterproof then you can prefer the toy cleaner. With the help of toy cleaner, you can easily clean your toy. After cleaning the toy, use a clean cloth to make the realistic vibrating dildo dry.



Keep all the dildo vibrators in a well-ventilated place, away from the sunlight in the shade. If you recently wash your dildo, first keep it to dry so it's all moisture evaporates, then store it. The storage of all toys is also depended upon their material, there is fear of sticking. So it is good to storage is separately or cover every toy with tissue or towel to store at the same place. Also, remember to remove the battery before storing them. A battery on vibrators have risk and battery running out even without use, so better to keep aside.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you are interested to try some realistic dildo vibrator, then I recommended you to try these products once.


TENJOTENGE RASEN is a realistic dildo vibrator that gives real dildo feel with an extra pleasure by the level of vibration. Such vibrators are more pleasurable than real penis due to extra property. It is made of rubber material, so it has a soft tip and smooth shaft with veins, glans.

Where I actually used was like this

I bought TENJOTENGE RASEN for a masturbation session. Its vibration is so good then I expect. I like most in that product is its vibration with a real body. It looks like a real penis and surprisingly it feels like a real penis too. I enjoy too much and also prefer TENJOTENGE RASEN when my partner is too there.