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Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Best Finger vibes for anywhere. And endless Cunnilingus with Tongue vibrators for desi women and couples.

Finger & Tongue Vibrators List

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What is Finger Vibrators?

What is Finger Vibrators?

Finger vibrator is a special type of sex toys which people used with the fingers. Finger vibrator is used by any of the people. We deal with various vibrator toys, but this Finger Vibrators category is popular for both men and women. Since it can be worn on the hand, the stimulation of vibration is given without escape, it is a safe toy for beginners as it will lead easily to orgasm.

Features of Finger Vibrators

Features of Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrator sex toys are designed in such a manner that people can easily wear it on their finger. Finger vibrator sex toys are very similar to the wearing type of mini vibrators. A couple uses the finger vibrator for both internal as well as external stimulation. With the help of finger vibrator, people can stimulate the clitoris, nipple, vagina or anal. During sexual activity, if people use the finger vibrator then they should not worry about how to handle.

Some of the finger vibrators have only one vibration function whereas some of the finger vibrators have different types of vibration function and speed. With the help of finger vibrator, people can easily stimulate the pinpoint of the sensitive area. In finger vibrators, people can improve the handling just wearing it on their fingers.

This sex toy has a very lightweight, so it becomes easy for many people to use. Most of the finger vibrator has a life waterproof specification, so people can easily use some drops of water to clean it.

Good point and bad point of Finger Vibrators

The finger vibrator has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we are going to discuss the merit and demerit of the finger vibrator.

Good point

Finger vibrator is perfect for simple stimulation and pinpoints stimulation. People also use the finger vibrator during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs. When people just want to do light masturbation without being willing to insert then they should prefer the finger vibrator. People can easily fit this toys in their hand and stimulate where they want.

This toys also help people to get excited. Its operability is outstanding. During sexual activity or masturbation, people can easily change the vibration function and select any combination of vibration function and speed according to their choice.

Bad point

A couple can also use the finger vibrator to stimulate the G spot which is situated inside the vagina. But finger vibrator does not provide the strong stimulation. If people want a strong stimulation then they should prefer the sex toys which is specially designed to stimulate the G spot. Finger vibrator does not have a strong vibration function.

Finger Vibrators Recommended People

In the market varieties of a finger, a vibrator is available. All the fingers vibrator is different from one another in colour, shape, size, style and textures. It depends on people which type of finger vibrator they prefer.

Finger vibrator also help people to stimulate together at pinpoint and use in various. Finger vibrator is not so expensive, so many people can easily purchase it. Some of the fingers vibrator is very cheap.

How to choose Finger Vibrators

How to choose Finger Vibrators

People can select the finger vibrator according to their need. First, people should decide where they want to stimulate. As you know that the finger vibrator is used for a different purpose such as some are used for clitoris stimulation, some are used for nipple stimulation whereas some are used for G spot stimulation. It is also made with varieties of material. A couple can select any of the finger vibrators according to their need, choice and budgets.

How to use Finger Vibrators and notes

How to use Finger Vibrators and notes

While using the finger vibrator, it is important for the people to use it in a correct manner. If people do not use the finger vibrator in a proper manner then instead of pleasure feeling, it hurts them. While using the finger vibrator people should also take some precautions.

How to use Finger Vibrators

First, people should wear the finger vibrator properly in their hands. It is necessary for people to apply the personal lubricant near the genital area to reduce the friction. After applying the personal lubricant, people can easily apply it to any sensitive part of the body.

Finger Vibrators are advantageous because they can work with their feeling of expansion of their bodies and have a high feeling of unity, and they don't need to be aware of the sentiment of utilizing toys. It becomes very easy for many people to use the finger vibrator. While involving in sexual activity, people can easily switch on/off the finger vibrator.

Attention point

Finger vibrator is a reusable sex toy, so it is important for people to clean it properly before and after every sexual activity. If a couple is using the silicone made finger vibrator then they should avoid using the silicone-based lubricant because silicone based lubricant damage the surface of the silicone made sex toys.

Once the battery run out, people do not change the battery. Every time when a battery gets run out they should purchase the new toys. Also please be careful not to come off in the vagina or inside when stimulating the anal. Finger vibrator is very small in size, so people should store it in a safe place.

What is Tongue Vibrators?

What is Tongue Vibrators?

Do you like to be licked? Tongue vibrator is a type of vibrator which is design in such a manner that it provides real feelings like a tongue. When a couple starts the power of this toys then it starts licking until it turns off. This is one of the most popular sex toys among women.

Features of Tongue Vibrators

Most of the tongue vibrator provides the real feeling of a tongue. The different types of tongue vibrator have different function and speed. Most of the tongue vibrator is reusable and has a life waterproof specification, so people can easily use water to clean it. Most of the tongue vibrator is made with high-quality silicone material.

Tongue vibrator sex toys are easy to use and handle. Tongue vibrator provides a pleasant feeling during the sexual activity. It is a toy which gives real stimulus has a stage of stimulation, and it also gives a stimulus more than real.



Cunnilingus is the method in which people can stimulate the female genital area by licking with tongue, lips or teeth. It is a type of a oral sex. Cunnilingus is a type of caress from mouth to genitalia, making an extensive variety of sexual inclination the beneficiary, and among them the feeling of the clitoris is imperative. In Japan, it is called "cunni". Here we are going to discuss the cunnilingus technique and basic information about the cunnilingus. The couple also uses the saliva and personal lubricant to make the stimulation more smooth.

Cutnilingus is clitoris only?

A clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman's body. Most of the people lick the clitoris with their tongue, mouth or teeth to enhancing pleasure. Along with the clitoris, people can also caress the labia, caress in the vagina etc.

For more pleasure feeling, people should start licking from the base of the thighs and gradually wander off. There is a various technique which people can use while involving in the cunnilingus. If people involved in the cunnilingus in a proper manner while watching the reaction of his partner then it provides more pleasant feelings. People can satisfy their partner by mastering Cunnilingus with infinite possibilities.

Cunnilingus Basics

Cunnilingus Basics

The people who familiar with cunnilingus can easily involve in it. But the people who involve in the cunnilingus for the first time should know the basic technique and information about the cunnilingus.

Flying Cunnilingus is effective

To make the cunnilingus more successful it is important for people to do the cunnilingus in a proper manner so that women can feel the more pleasant feelings. If a couple does not know the technique then no problem. They should simply lick the clitoris. If a male partner wants to excite his female partner then they should start the stimulation gradually from the round of the clitoris.

Men should start licking from the base of the foot and around the vagina. First, men should start stimulating the sensitive part weakly and once women get comfortable then provide them with a strong stimulation. If a couple uses this process of cunnilingus then it provides a more sensitive and pleasant feeling.

The foreskin of a clitoris. . .

Most of the women have foreskins wrapped in the clitoris like a man's penis. While involving in the cunnilingus, men should peel this foreskin slowly and smoothly, so that his partner does not get hurts. If men can do hardly or roughly then there is a possibility that the women get hurt. The women's foreskin wearing method is different when compared to the men's penis foreskin.

There is a various method to peel the foreskin such as pulling it up, pulling it sideways, trying to raise it at V etc. men can select any of the methods.

Firmly wet with saliva

While involving in the cunnilingus, it is important for the people not to let dry their tongue. A couple can also use the personal lubricant to avoid the dryness. Along with the personal lubricant people also use the saliva. During cunnilingus, men can also use the saliva to make the genital area wet.

If men use the saliva then it provides a better feeling for women. While involving in the cunnilingus, people should always wet the tip of the tongue with personal lubricant and saliva. Some of the people have very poor saliva, in this case, people should accumulate the saliva in their mouth before cunnilingus.

How to move your tongue is important

It is important for people to move their tongue in a proper manner. First, people should move their tongue left and right to stimulate the clitoris. At first, people should start to caress the clitoris gently.

People can also use the vulgar sound to make his partner excited. While involving in the cunnilingus people should change the position of the tongue such as instead of moving left and right people also move their tongue in a circle manner, lick the entire genital area from bottom to top, lick it up, take a various movement in various direction for more pleasant feeling.

Praise at the end of basic

During cunnilingus, many women feel embrace. At the very first, women do not feel comfortable due to the smell and appearance etc. during the time of licking. So it is important for men to make his partner relax and comfortable. Male partner should make his partner relax and comfortable by kissing and caressing the genital area. Some of the women do not care about this things, so they can enjoy their cunnilingus with more pleasure.

Cunnilingus technique

If people know the basic information about the cunnilingus then it is easy for them to learn about the technique. With the expansion of method, it is somewhat more than the best Cunnilingus that cannot become tired of women.

Over the panties

There are many women in all over the world who generally masturbates over the panties. Some of the men feel hesitate to rub the wet clitoris, so they can lick the clitoris over the fabric or panties. Licking the clitoris over the panties or fabric creates a calming effect. It is good to wait for women to shift their panties by themselves. It also helps women to get excited when men directly touch the clitoris.

Insert the tongue in the vagina

Once people complete with the clitoris stimulation then they should move to the vagina. First of all, men should lick and caress the vagina with their tongue and insert their tongue into the vagina opening up to 5 to 1 cm. Once women get comfortable then insert your fingers for more pleasant feelings.

Just not only to lick but to suck it

Only stimulating the clitoris and vagina is not enough. Some of the people also squeeze the clitoris with their lips and gently suck. Particularly clitoris in a state where the foreskin is peeled is sensitive, so in the event that you have a craving for seeing her responses, you can include sweet bits also. Sexy sound helps people to get excited.

Stimulation of G spot together

While involving in the cunnilingus, people can also use their hands to stimulate the breast and nipples. During cunnilingus, some of the people also stimulate the G spot. To stimulate the G spot people should insert their finger into the vagina and the second joint is bent to the stomach side. Women can feel the inside orgasm by stimulating at the same time.

Breathe in and out

As you know that the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman's body. To make the sensitive clitoris more excited people should change the temperature. People can change the temperature due to breath.

Change your posture

While involving in the cunnilingus, coupe can select any of the position. Most of the women open their feet and do it. But when women change the position then the degree of excitement will also be changed. The different position which women can use during the cunnilingus is doggy style, 69 etc. Six-nine is also called the bold posture. This sex posture is unexpectedly popular among the female who are embarrassed to be able to lick gender unilaterally.

Cunnilingus Conclusion

If couple know the basic knowledge and technique of cunnilingus then the level of cunnilingus will rise. If couple involve in the cunnilingus in a proper manner then it provides the pleasure feelings. For cunnilingus couple can also use the tongue vibrator. Cunnilingus also help women to achieve the orgasm when people do it gently, slowly and carefully. Cunnilingus foreplay is necessary for best sex life.

Good point and bad point of Tongue Vibrators

Good point and bad point of Tongue Vibrators

I summarized here the good points and bad points of Tongue Vibrators. Let's known them.

Good point

By using Tongue Vibrators, Cunnilingus can enjoy it even if you do not have a partner. It is common in sex toys such as other vibrators and dildos, but being able to do pseudo sex play is a big advantage. Also when using it as a partner, toys are not tired. It continues to give stimulus until ever satisfied until the battery runs out.

Even if you actually do Cunnilingus, you will get tired if you do it for a few minutes. In such a case you can do Cunnilingus on behalf of this toy, you can stimulate other places, and you can also do something you cannot imagine in the usual way. While inserting a penis into Cunnilingus, you can also use the unique toys.

Bad point

Tongue Vibrator is like a tongue, as it clear by its name. Tongue Vibrators are best for Cunnilingus pleasure, but it is not suitable for the insertion. Although, tongue vibrators stimulate by licking the clitoris and nipples before the insertion, where other vibrators and dildos stimulate the user even after the insertion.

Tongue Vibrators Recommended People

If you like to stimulating the clitoris with tongue, then Tongue vibrator are especially for you. the stimulation of being licked with a lot of saliva has a different pleasure. It is also known as Cunnilingus. Cunnilingus is a also a big communication in sex. Continue Cunnilingus is not possible for long time.

If will get tired and stop Cunnilingus, then Tongue Vibrator are for you. It work until your satisfied. Tongue Vibrators is also good chose for those women, who feel ashamed to of saying Cunnilingus and cannot say it.

Difference between Finger Vibrators, Tongue Vibrators and Vibrators

Finger vibrator, Tongue Vibrator and Vibrator, all are electronic exciting sex toy that can be used in solo play and couples play for better sexual life. Finger Vibrator are used to hit the special area that can work to bring the orgasmic delights for you.

Tongue Vibrator is used for extra sensation on sensitive areas like clitoris, nipples, etc. Vibrator are used to penetrate the vagina, it is used for climax on the bed where with partner or not. Vibrators and finger vibrator are for internal use, where tongue is for external stimulation only.

Type of Tongue Vibrators

Type of Tongue Vibrators

Tongue Vibrators have many types that work differently to make women happy. Some are rotating type tongue vibrator, some are moving up and down tongue vibrator. As for the rotating type, these tongue vibrator rotates smoothly and continuously to stimulate the women, such vibrators are Kawaii Lip Sqweel.

Kawaii Tan kiss is example of moving up and down type vibrator. It is like artificial tongue and gives real cunnilingus pleasure by moving up and down. User can feel being licked. This tongue vibrator are absolutely cordless, so user can use with real feel.

How to choose Tongue Vibrators

While choosing tongue vibrator for foreplay or alone oral sex or pleasure, then you should consider the material of tongue vibrator. Like real tongue is too soft, same way tongue vibrator should be soft. Soft silicone material is mot preferable in the tongue vibrator. While choosing it, analyze various tongue vibrator with their type, stimulating pattern, vibration level, etc. You should choose your comfort level at first. Try beyond limit after some experience.

How to use Tongue Vibrators and notes

You use enjoy the toy pleasure, if you warm it the temperature of the human skin (about 37 ) before using it. So make your tongue vibrator warm first by rubbing it. If you are using it over clitoris and nipples, use plenty of lubricant for real licking feel. When you use tongue vibrator as partner, you can enjoy the Cunnilingus till you are satisfied. It keep cunnilingus you. So as we know, it is good in licking, not in insertion. And insertion of tongue vibrator in the vagina is also not recommended, so be careful and remember this always.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here I recommended some of our finger & tongue vibrator for your alone time and make cunnilingus better.

Good Bull Finger suck

Good Bull Finger suck is dual finger suck vibrator that enhance the pleasure of pitting finger in the vagina. It is made by soft Silicone, so easily get fitted to the fingers. It is special finger vibrator with mini bullet embed. This mini vibrator gives vibration while putting in.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought this amazing finger vibrator from here. I love to put it on in my vagina, but most amazing part of this vibrator is. it is sensor type. Vibrator start vibrating when comes to contact with the body skin. I used vibration first on clitoris then moves forward in the vagina to the deep vagina.

Kawaii Spiral Sqweel

Kawaii spiral sqweel is tongue vibrator because it has a capacity to gives tongue like feel over clitoris and vagina. It is made by silicon and holds a number of feathers that work like a tongue. It feather also made by soft silicone means it is soft to use. Kawaii spiral sqweel has 6 different types of vibration.

Where I actually used was like this

One friend recommends me that Kawaii spiral sqweel so brought it. I love it because its rechargeable and I used it constantly for hours to make me sexual active. It's 10 silicon tongues feather hit the right place, on clitoris and vagina wall. I love to use it and would use it always for cunnilingus.