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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
Bullet Vibrators

Best bullet mini vibrator.Cheap silver egg small vibrators for Indian female, vibrators online.

Bullet Vibrators List

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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators is one of the most famous vibrators due to its dainty size. Bullet vibrators are small and remote control that is used to stimulate your clitoris and vaginal walls. Bullet female Vibrators are easy to portable and easy to use. Bullet Vibrators are best for the first timer who want to use sex toys. Due to its mini size, beginners easily handle and use it without getting hurt yourself.

Bullet remote control vibrators is great choice to stimulate your sexual organs with their multiple vibration mode. Bullet Vibrators have easy on/off button to start and off the vibration in stimulation. Silver Bullet Vibrators give you enhanced pleasure when you tried it on vaginal wall or clitoris, even on anal, breast, labia too. Bullet Vibrators are available in different shapes, sizes, texture and material. You can prefer according to their need to get a desired feeling.


  • Material: Available in steel, plastic, rubber, Silver.
  • Size: Sizes Varies.
  • Color: Multicolor, Silver is common.
  • Power Type: AA or AAA batteries.
  • Waterproof: water resistant.
  • Controller Type: Built in - push button.
  • Vibration: Multi speeds.
  • Shape: Mostly Bullet like structure.

How to Use

Before get started, examine the remote control bullet vibrator pulse setting. Always start with slow speed. Take a little bit lubricant over the palm and rub both hand. Gently massage over the erogenous zones where you want to play. Vagina is too sensitive area, so don't get hurry and go with slow and around the vaginal walls. If you feel comfortable, then go with penetration and increase the vibration level if you want more. These provide you arousal feeling in your life.


  • Be sure that battery should be charge properly before use.
  • Keep your Bullet Vibrator always clean and consecutive use washed every time.
  • If feels pain, discomfort may use high viscosity lubricant or stop using it.
  • Always remember, never use Silicon Lubricant with this Silicon sex toy.

Our Views

Bullet Vibrators is best option for the beginners due to its dainty size and various vibration level. You can try with low vibration and go ahead if want. Bullet Vibrators are easy to use and portable too. Women prefer bullet vibrators in masturbation and foreplay with their partner. These silver remote control vibrators enhance the stimulation and provide you better sexual life.