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Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators that specializes in clitoral stimulation, popular in India. Can also be used for clitoral orgasms and nipple stimulation!

Clitoral Vibrators List

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Clitoral Vibrators?

What is Clitoral Vibrators?

Want to achieve the external stimulation(Clitoris Orgasm) before the internal stimulation(Inside Orgasm)? Have you used the clitoris vibrator for external orgasm? No? Hey, you should try the clitoris vibrator. It is the best way to achieve external stimulation(Clitoris Orgasm).

But, first you should know what is clitoris and how to stimulate clitoris with hands or fingers. Once you are comfortable with hand then you can easily use the clitoris vibrator sex toys. Here, we provide you the basic information about the clitoris vibrator which help you to choose the clitoris vibrator. If you are compeletly new in the world of the vibrator or sex toys then click here to know how to use the clitoris vibrator.

What is Clitoral Vibrators?

A clitoris vibrator is a sex toy which is available with the vibration function to stimulate the clitoris. A clitoris vibrator sex toys are designed in such a manner that women only use it for external such as clitoris stimulation. It is only used by lesbian or women. So you can also call it sex toys for women. The female partner uses the clitoris vibrator during the sexual activity with their partner or masturbation session to stimulate the clitoris for pleasure feeling.

Women can easily use the clitoris vibrator sex toys with dildo and BDSM. It is a toy for women but the male partner can also use it over their partner clitoris during the partner play. The women who only want to stimulate their clitoris and do not interested to insert something in the vagina during the masturbation session then in this case, clitoris vibrator is the best option for her.

Mostly, clitoris vibrator sex toys are available in the market with the vibration function. The different types of clitoris vibrator have different types of vibration function. Some of the clitoris vibrator sex toys have only one vibration function and speed whereas some of the clitoris vibrator sex toys have different types of vibration function and speed. Clitoris vibrator is made with varieties of material such as silicone, rubber, plastic etc. The couple can easily purchase the clitoris vibrator either from the shop or from the online store.

Characteristics of Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoris vibrator helps women to increase pleasure. Along with the vibration function, some of the clitoris vibrator sex toys also have a rotation function to stimulate the clitoris. The different types of clitoris vibrator provide a unique sensation. Women do not use the clitoris vibrator for inserting into a vagina or anal, so it is small in shape and many clitoris toys are design in such a way that it does not look like a sex toy.

Now a day, most of the clitoris sex toys have a life waterproof specification, so women can easily use water to clean it after or before the sexual activity. Clitoris vibrator is either battery operated or USB rechargeable. Clitoris vibrator is made with high-quality material so women can easily use it without any worry.

Good point and bad point of Clitoral Vibrators

Good point and bad point of Clitoral Vibrators

Here, we are going to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the clitoris vibrator sex toys. If you are new in the sex toys world then you should the good and bad points of your toy.

Good point

Clitoris vibrator is specialized in clitoris stimulating. The women who do not experience the orgasm in the clitoris can prefer the clitoris vibrator sex toys. When women use the clitoris vibrator then it provides the sensation in the clitoris which helps women to achieve the orgasm. Women can also use the clitoris vibrator before the partner play or intercourse to make herself excited. Clitoris vibrator also helps women to get wet.

The clitoris vibrator sex toys have a waterproof specification function and it is hygienically safe toys. During sexual activity, women can stimulate the clitoris with pinpoints which help to raise the sensitivity leave to provide a more pleasant feeling. Women can also use the clitoris vibrator to stimulate the nipple and beside clitoris. Most of the clitoris vibrator is small in size, so women can easily use and handle it. Some of the clitoris vibrators are very cheap, so any women can easily purchase it.

Bad point

Women can use the clitoris vibrator only for external use. It is not used for penetration. The women who are interested in the insertion stimulation does not use these sex toys because it is specialized to stimulate pinpoint from the outside. Some of the clitoris vibrator toys are big so women can not use it with a dildo or any other sex toys because it covers the vagina also.

Recommended people for Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoris vibrator is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris. It is perfect for the women who want to feel the orgasm in the clitoris. It helps women to reach orgasm in the clitoris. The women who want to experience orgasm in the clitoris can use any types of clitoris vibrator. The couple also uses it to stimulate the clitoris during the sexual activity.

Most of the women prefer the clitoris vibrator during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual need. Women do not use the clitoris vibrator only to stimulate the clitoris but they also use it to stimulate the other external part of the body such as nipple, breast etc.

Stimulate clitoris

Stimulate clitoris

Here we are going to discuss the clitoris, stimulation clitoris, being a hypersensitive organ etc. This information help women to stimulate the clitoris with pleasure feelings.

What is clitoris?

What is clitoris?

The clitoris is a female orgasm which is situated above the vagina opening and urethra. It is one of the most sensitive parts of the women's body. The clitoris is made out of numerous parts: the glans, the clitoral body, and the combined crura and vestibular bulbs. The clitoris is the primary anatomical source of the women sexual pleasure.

Clitoris and penis

The clitoris is sometimes also called the female penis or pseudo-penis. But the clitoris is also used to refer to the glans which is visible. As with the penis, spongy body tissues are mostly confined. The clitoris glans is a part of the outside body part which is easily visible to the eyes. Generally, the size of the clitoris glans is about 5 mm for an adult. The clitoris glans have a number of nerves when compare to the penis glans, which makes the clitoris more sensitive. A clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body.

The role of clitoris

The clitoris is an organ specialized in sexual excitement. The main function of the male penis is ejaculation and urination but the clitoris has no such type of functions. The clitoris is an organ which provides the unique sensation and enhances pleasure during the sexual activity or masturbation when men or women herself rub it or press it.

Clitoris is super sensitive

Clitoris is super sensitive

Before involving in the clitoris stimulation, it is important for women to know basic knowledge about the clitoris pain and caress. Some women feel pain and not much pleasure while stimulating the clitoris. Women can solve this problem by using a clitoris vibrator.

Adjustment of stimulus strength

As you know that the clitoris is most sensitive, so it is important for women to stimulate it smoothly and softly. While stimulating the clitoris, the couple should avoid looking at the porn video. As we have discussed that the clitoris and the male penis is the same but the clitoris is not always come out like a penis.

While involving in the clitoris stimulation, if women hurt then they should tell their partners. Male partner can understand the feeling of their female partner because it is necessary to become comfortable for both the partner during the sexual activity. If a female partner tells their feelings then both the partner can enjoy their sex with more pleasant feelings.

Stimulate without peeling

Clitoris is very small which is located above the vagina opening and urethra. It is a little difficult to see the clitoris directly because it is enveloped in the upper part of the urethra. When men or women pull the urethra skin upward, a clitoris will appear which looks like a pink ball. Sine clitoris is very sensitive, so it is protected with the urethra skin.

A couple can stimulate the clitoris after peeling or above the urethra skin. It depends on a female partner which type of stimulation they prefer. Before doing the peeling, men should first start stimulating his female partner clitoris from the top of the skin. It provides more unique and enhances pleasure.

Use Love juice and sex lubricant

While involving in the clitoris stimulation, it is important for the women to use the love juice or personal lubricant. The couple should apply personal lubricant near the genital area to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery so that people do not feel pain during sexual activity. Some of the personal lubricant we recommended for women to use during the clitoris stimulation.

If women do not use the sex lubricant then there is a possibility that they get hurt during sexual activity. Women also use their partner's saliva instead of personal lubricant. It is better for the couple to start with the cunnilingus.

Feel pleasure by yourself

Feel pleasure by yourself

Before involving in the sexual activity, it is important for the couple to know about each other. Different types of people have different points of pleasure. It is better for a couple to communicate with each other during, before and after the sexual activity. Most of the woman achieve orgasm and feel pleasure while stimulating the clitoris. The couple should always change their technique to stimulate the clitoris for more enhance pleasure.

For women, it is important to develop their erogenous zone. Women can develop their genital area by involving in the masturbation. Masturbation is the process in which women can stimulate their own genital area for pleasure feeling. While involving in masturbation, women can also use different types of masturbator toys. Women do not develop their erogenous zone immediately. At first, women feel hurt but gradually when women stimulate the erogenous zone then it provides more pleasure by developing it.

If the female does not have the clitoris vibrator then she can also use any other vibrator toys such as bullet vibrator or egg vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. Some of the egg vibrators which women can easily use during their masturbation session to stimulate the clitoris are -

How to stimulate clitoris

How to stimulate clitoris

If you do not know how to pleasantly stimulate the clitoris then here we are. Below is a little description that might help you.

Touch from over the panty

Women and men have a different way to feel over the surface of the skin. And what is important is that women can get full pleasure even with stimulation from the top of the fabric. Means women can feel and get enough pleasure above the underwear. Men can stimulate their clitoris fabric. Please begin with vertical stimulation along with the shape of the vagina at first. Male partner can use the clitoris vibrator also. But in case, if they don't have clitoris vibrator then they can use the egg or bullet vibrator.

Let's stimulate many times. If a couple doesn't have any toys then the male partner should use their fingers. When male partner or female herself move their finger, clitoris erects. As soon as it gets pleasant, the pleasure will also increase. Even if men or women stimulate a little stronger from the top of the panty is okay. Remember, the women panty made of cotton or silk. The rough fabric may spoil the pleasure. This method is effective for those who feel hurt with direct clit stimulation.

After vertically, stimulate and rub sideways. The level of pleasure in sideways movement depends on women. The couple can do it by their preference. Likewise, add two finger and different stimulus for more soft pleasure over the vagina.

Direct touch

When women touch the clitoris directly, for strong stimulation rub vertically or horizontally with fingers over the clit. It is also good to touch and draw a circle gently over it.

The point to touch is gentle. Of course, it is soft to do with two fingers instead of a single finger. Instead of a dry state, the wet state makes stimulus for soft and decrease the friction coefficient. Soft stimulus matches also to the sensitive clitoris. Let's be aware stimulates softly with love juice, saliva, lubricant and so on.

Vibrate to clitoris

When touching the clitoris, lightly press down while gradually shifting the position of the fingertip and search for "where" and "how strong" to feel pleasant. Observe the partner's reactions, how she felt.

Move the fingers from that position, then move vibrator to push and pull and send the vibrations. Vibration preference is divided person to person. Everyone has their own points and want own rhythm. It is good to repeat it two or three times a second. Let's find their perfect rhythm.

Types of Clitoral Vibrators

Types of Clitoral Vibrators

Let's discuss the different types of clitoral vibrator that work for women's sexual needs.

Size, shape

As a difference in size and shape, from a little smaller to insertion bigger. Smaller is recommended for the beginner. It is. It is convenient to carry because it is a toy for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris.


A function like soft stimulus to strong stimulus, soft vibration to strong vibration, various vibration patterns, various vibration rhythms, etc differentiate the clitoral vibrators types. The user can select their one by their needs. A beginner should go with soft stimulus and soft vibration generating clitoral vibrators only.

Suction type

In recent years the suction type toy gets popular, even in clitoral vibrators. Suction clitoral vibrator's mechanism is that it sucks up over the clitoris by turning the motor on. Such toy has a soft suction on the head. Among all gentle suction, stimulation is popular. As a motor start, vibration also starts and make it move moves up and down in the piston. Likewise, the user can suck it up and reset it. Suction type clitoris toy is also available without the vibration function. Some of the suction type clitoris toys without vibration function is -

How to choose Clitoral Vibrators

How to choose Clitoral Vibrators

It is very important to choose a correct Clitoral Vibrators among various types of Clitoral Vibrators. In SexToys India we will teach you to go with the best.

Power supply type

Vibrators and electric sex toys should constantly think about this power type. So with the growing use, vibrators get types like USB, etc. Nowadays, USB type gets more fame, but it also happens that the battery runs out when using it.

Therefore the battery type is still popular. According to price, battery types are cheaper than charging type. The user can purchase according to their budget because both can fulfil a need. The way of using little bit changes only.


Waterproofing is a new technique in electric vibrators and in recent years, couples also prefer this. Waterproofing clitoral vibrators are safer to use in heavy lubrication and even in the shower or bathtub. This new technique makes sex more exciting and sexual life interesting. It is also helpful to keep vibrator clean and make the maintenance easier. The user can wash the clitoral vibrators with lukewarm water.

Want to insert!

Clitoral Vibrators are especially for the clitoris stimulation only. They are not designed to insert, but most of the women want insertion with Clitoral Vibrators. The clitoris stimulation is not enough to satisfy the sexual need. So there are such Clitoral Vibrators also available in a market that works for both. Like Rabbit Vibrator, classic vibrator, etc. that can stimulate the clit and penetration of the vagina. Even the rabbit vibrator can parallelly work for both too.

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Design is also worrisome!

Clitoral vibrators are available only for female, so most probably they are produced by the female perspective. Female want attractive and stylish in everything, then why not in vibrator sex toys. So many clitoral vibrators are designed stylish and some of not only manufactured with sexual perspective. Our Kwaii series clitoris vibrator toys are very attractive. If women want something stylish and attractive then they should pick the kawaii series clitoris vibrator toy.

That why you find many colours, design, texture, etc in vibrators and clitoral vibrators. If you are women and you will find your favourite design it will increase your ownership and satisfaction. Grab your favourite colour, favourite design, and style.

How to use Clitoral Vibrators

How to use Clitoral Vibrators

How to use a clitoral vibrator if I try to use it immediately. Here is a little guide that might help you.

Gentle stimulation with toys

At the first, beginner taught how to stimulate and how to use for pleasure. Well, clitoris vibrator available with different types. The stimulation changes to stimulus change. Whatever the type, you should start slow. Begin the stimulation above the undergarment, touch the clitoris above then directly. Let use lubricant and clitoris vibrator together directly. To stimulate clitoris which is too sensitive, it is basic to make it soft with the use of a toy.

What is the attention point of Clitoral Vibrators?

What is the attention point of Clitoral Vibrators?

Although I have been touched many times here, the clitoris is very sensitive where clitoris in the women or clitoris glans in the men, The clitoris is also usually covered with foreskin and connected with the several nerves that are too sensitive and generate sensations.

If you feel pain while touching or stimulating the clit or sensitive areas near clit, stop immediately and change the way of stimulation. Clitoris and clitoris glans has mucosa member that it is very weak to dry. So use a good quality lubricant while touching or stimulating is also a one of important attention point. Use lubricant over clit part and your suitable clitoris vibrator.

Stimulation without lubricant might be okay at the correct time, on the next day it causes inflammation and pain in the area due to the wrong way of stimulation. Use high speed over the clitoris is also the wrong way. First, clitoris ready to begin with slow and steady vibration and strokes.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here is our best selling clitoris vibrator that we recommended to you to try at once. Let's know about them.


PRETTY LOVE Flowering, a clitoris vibrator that massage and stimulate the clitoris as well as vaginal wall, nipples, breasts, etc. As it is made of high-quality silicone material, so it is safer for sensitive skin. It is battery operated, a user just required two battery to explore the clit fun.

Where I actually used was like this

I use this PRETTY LOVE Flowering clitoris vibrator for sex with my partner. HE starts stimulating me with this. I enjoy the vibration directly on the clitoris and vaginal walls. It is easy to operate. Once I also use in my alone time for masturbation. It is totally handy. It flowers like structure makes it happen.

MARO Kawaii No.1

MARO Kawaii No.1 is rechargeable clitoris vibrator for women. It is pinpoint so beginner women can also use it for stimulation as well as for penetration in the vagina. It is made of high-quality silicone material, safer to every body type.

Where I actually used was like this

One of my friends suggests me to try MARO Kawaii No.1 because it is my first to use any toy for sexual pleasure. I brought it and follow her instruction that starts slow. I used first for clitoris stimulation, then after some minutes I feel aroused. I go for penetration. It makes my first sex pleasure an amazing.