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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Best Finger vibes for anywhere. And endless Cunnilingus with Tongue vibrators for desi women and couples.

Finger & Tongue Vibrators List

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Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Finger & tongue vibrators are new in the sex toys market, these are exciting products used by solo or couples play. Both are easy to use and Versatile. Finger vibrators simply wear on the fingertip, add fun way of masturbation and give strokes to you at targeted stimulation zones. Finger Vibrators are used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, anal and vagina too, it provide strong pulsating vibration direct to the nerves. while Tongue Vibrators used to add an extra fun in the oral sex and foreplay. Tongue Vibrators allow intense sensation to your partner externally around erogenous area like the clit & nipples. This introduce in the market due to sex health awareness. Human fingers and tongue contains bacteria and phthalates, but our finger and tongue vibrators are free from phthalates and bacteria. Finger & tongue vibrators are easy to portable, even you can carry it on their pockets. Many finger vibrators are remote control, you also manage vibration level.


  • Material: Available in Available in Elastomer, Silicon, Rubber.
  • Size: Sizes Varies.
  • Color: Multicolor, skin and pink is common.
  • Power Type: AA or AAA batteries, USB Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof: water resistant.
  • Controller Type: Built in.
  • Vibration: Multi speeds.

How to Use

Finger & tongue vibrators are easy to use. Simple wear the Finger Vibrators on the tip of the finger. You may also use some drops of lubricant if feel friction. Start with low speed and only on vaginal walls. After get arousal feeling go for penetration. likewise Tongue Vibrators place in the mouth on the tongue. It is totally safer to use. Both Finger & tongue vibrators are stimulate the clit, nipples, vaginal walls.


  • Avoid If you are allergic to product material.
  • Always check that batteries are properly working.
  • Do not use, if your partner is not ready to use.
  • Wash it properly before using it.
  • Always use lubricant while penetration.
  • If you are trying with another person too, avoid using it, it may causes infection.

Our Views

Finger & tongue vibrators are new in the vibe world. They are easy to use and safer, so every couples and singles should try it at once. It enhance the fun in oral sex and stimulation power too. Finger & tongue vibrators are easy to portable, you can carry it anywhere. Finger & tongue vibrators provide you enough stroke, easily acceptable to beginners too. Beginners should try this, it add spice in their foreplay life.