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G-Spot Vibrators?

G-Spot Vibrators?

Are you looking for the sex toys which help you to reach the inside orgasm? G spot vibrator is the best option for you. Do you know about the G spot? Have you ever stimulate it? No. Then first you should know some basic information about the G spot.

Click here to know how to find the G spot. Once you find the G spot then it becomes easy for you to reach the G spot orgasm. You can also do the squirting and female ejaculation with the G spot.

Select the best G spot vibrator from the various types of G spot vibrator and enjoy your sex or masturbation. If you never experience the G spot orgasm or inside orgasm then first you should know how to use the G spot vibrator.

What is G-Spot Vibrators?

A vibrator sex toys which is used to stimulate the G spot are called the G spot vibrator. G spot vibrator is a special type of vibrator which is only used by women. So it is also called the vibrator for women or sex toys for women. Women use theses vibrator to stimulate the G spot during the sex with the partner or during masturbation. The vibrator sex toy is designed in such a manner that it is little curves so women can easily reach the G spot.

To stimulate the G spot, women can also use the dildo but G spot vibrator provides more pleasant feelings. Women can use the G spot vibrator during vibrator sex with their partner or during masturbation.

Vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys in India and all over the world. Women can buy vibrator online or from the shop.

Features of G-Spot Vibrators

The G spot vibrator is designed in such a manner that it is little bend. All the G spot vibrator has a life waterproof specification, so women can easily use water to clean the G spot vibrator after the sexual intercourse.

Some of the G spot vibrators has only one vibration function whereas some of the G spot vibrators have different types of vibration function, speed and rotation. Most of the G spot vibrator has a strong vibrator function which helps women to achieve orgasm. G spot vibrator is either battery operated or USB rechargeable. Women can select any one which she likes more. Some of the battery operated G spot vibrators are -

Difference between G-Spot Vibrators and Vibrators, Dildo

G spot vibrator is designed in such a manner that it is little curved whereas the simple vibrator and dildo are designed in a straight manner or it is designed like a penis. A couple uses the G spot vibrator only to stimulate the G spot whereas vibrator and dildo are used to stimulate the vagina or anal.

G spot is situated deep inside the vagina, so the simple vibrator and dildo do not reach the G spot. G spot vibrator easily targets the G spot which also helps women to achieve the orgasm. But with the G spot, it is a little difficult to stimulate the back because it is designed in a curved manner.

Recommended people for G-Spot Vibrators

The women who want to experience the inside orgasm can prefer the G spot vibrator. During sexual activity, only stimulating the clitoris with the clitoris vibrator or any other vibrator is not enough. Some women do not achieve orgasm very easily. So the G spot vibrator is recommended for the women who do not achieve the orgasm easily. The g spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the women body. The women who have already experience the orgasm in the clitoris with the help of clitoris vibrator can use the G spot vibrator to feel more pleasure during the vagina intercourse.

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What is G-Spot?

What is G-Spot?

G spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the women body. G spot is a famous erogenous zone which is next to the clitoris.

Do u know about G-Spot?

It is a female urethral sponge body discovered by a German gynaecologist and is a sensuous zone spot deeply felt by sexual activity. It is situated inside the vagina which entered 3 to 5 cm from the vagina wall. G spot becomes famous because it is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman's body and just after the clitoris in the erotic belt of a woman so it may be a word that even sexual experienced person knows.

Features of G-Spot

As you know that the G spot is one of the most sensitive parts. During sexual activity, stimulating the G spot provides strong sexual pleasure but a little bit of training is required. Some of the women get a strong pleasure while stimulating the G spot. Stimulating the G spot also help women to reach the orgasm.

Location of G-Spot

G spot is also called the Grafenberg spot. It is situated 5 to 8 cm up between the vaginal opening and urethra. The g spot is located just around the back of the pubic bone.

How to find G-Spot

How to find G-Spot

To find the G spot, women should lie down on their back and let their knees stand up. First, insert the middle finger while making it a little curved. This is one of the easiest positions to find the G spot. Similarly, as long as the second joint enters or does not enter the passage, the belly of the finger of the main joint of the centre finger contacts a bit, it is said to be "G-Spot" (sexual It appears that there are numerous individuals who feel expanded while getting stimulation).

Step 1

Step 1

First, the women should lie down on their back. Now, they should take a deep breath and get relax. The muscles of the vagina do not get relax if women are in tension, so it is important for women to get relax before sexual activity.

Step 2

Step 2

Now, women should place both the knee and move their body slowly for preparation. Women should slowly take off their clothes to get relax. A couple can also get relax by applying a blanket.

Step 3

Step 3

Before involving in the sexual activity, it is important for women to use the masturbation method to moisturize the vagina. The women who normally do not involve in the masturbation can prefer the personal lubricant to make the vagina wet.

Step 4

Step 4

After applying the lots of personal lubricants, now it's time to start searching the G spot. Women should search the G spot slowly and smoothly otherwise instead of pleasure feeling it hurts and causes injury.

Step 5

Step 5

Women should push their palm upward and slowly insert it with the middle finger of their dominant hand slightly bent. Some women feel difficulty while inserting the fingers. So it is important for women to insert their fingers slowly.

Step 6

Step 6

Women should insert about 3 to 4 cm fingers inside the vagina. Women should stop once the second joint of the middle finger enters the vaginal opening.

Step 7

Step 7

Once women insert their fingers into the vagina then they should move their fingers left and right. Women also gently rub the belly to stimulate the G spot. This is the place where every women feel pleasure.

Step 8

Step 8

The point where the women touch with the fingers is G spot. The clitoris is located outside the G spot. Women can also stimulate the G spot and clitoris with the help of sex toys like rabbit vibrator at the same time to increase the pleasure. To stimulate the G spot it is easy for women to use the G spot vibrator.

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Sensitivity and range of G spot

Once women know the range of the G spot then they can easily achieve the sexual pleasure and G spot orgasm. Here we are going to discuss the condition and how to search the G spot is details.

sensitivity of G spot

As you know that the G spot is one of the most sensitive parts which help women to achieve the orgasm. The g spot is the place where many women feel pleasure during sexual activity. G spot also helps women to get excited during the sexual activity.

Range of G spot

G spot is located 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina. The size of the G spot is individually different but its size is very similar to the coin.

G-Spot development, training and orgasm

It is said that the G spot is one of the most sensitive and erogenous zones that is developed, trained and felt. Here we are going to introduce the relationship between G spot training and orgasm.

Development and training of G-Spot

G spot does not develop immediately. Development and training of G spot take time. If the women regularly involve in the masturbation and sex then gradually the G spot will develop. G spot gradually develops into an erogenous zone which provides the pleasure feeling when women stimulate it. To stimulate the G spot varieties of sex toys are available in the market like G spot vibrator, G spot dildo etc.

G-Spot and Orgasm

Once the G spot gets develop into an erogenous zone, women can easily stimulate it with their fingers or sex toys for pleasure feelings. Stimulating the G spot help women to achieve orgasm. It is said that pleasure is stronger than orgasm in clitoris.

Squirting and female ejaculation with G-Spot

Squirting and female ejaculation with G-Spot

Stimulation of G-Spot and development of G-Spot is only referring to the orgasm. But at the same time, there is a pleasure to blow out like a fountain called Squirting when women feel satisfied. We can also say that it is female ejaculation. But what are its mechanism and how it relates to the G-Spot? I will explain here.

What is Squirting and female ejaculation?

The Squirting phenomenon is leaking of type of urine. However, according to recent studies on sex science that it is love fluid that secreted when stimulating the Skene's glands. The actual urine has ammonia smell, but love fluid is tasteless & odourless. The touch feeling is smooth. In rare cases, urine is left in the bladder and it may be mixed.

The relationship between Squirting mechanism and G-Spot

Squirting is a physiological phenomenon caused by stimulating the erogenous zone in simple words. Secretion causes by stimulating the Skene's gland, which is called the G spot in the vagina. But according to embryological, the Skene's gland is an organ equivalent to the male prostate. Because a component in female Skene's gland fluid is very similar to the secretion from the prostate or male semen. But they differ from male ejaculation form. Female ejaculation is that Squirting which does not relate to orgasm.

How to do Squirting and female ejaculation?

How to do Squirting and female ejaculation?

Within incitement and improvement of G-Spot isn't just inside climax. In the meantime, there is a pleasure to blow out like a fountain called Squirting. It is also called female discharge or ejaculation, but what are its segments and components? Here we are going to discuss why it is G spot.

1: Relaxing

Some women feel shame during the squirting which hinders the success. Some women feel the urine to leak before squirting. In this case, it is important for women to keep towels before squirting. MAle partner can relieve the women's tension by kissing or caressing. To get the women excited male partner should change the location of kissing or caressing such as breast, clitoris, neck etc. While involving in the squirting, it is important to create a safe atmosphere even if women do squirting by steadily preparing and relaxing.

2: Foresight G spot with fingers

Stimulating the G spot is the key to the squirting. The g spot is situated 3 to 4 cm inside the vagina. If women stimulate the G spot in a proper manner then it does not take time to squirt. Before starting the G spot stimulation, it is important for women to apply lots of personal lubricant near the genital area. Some of the women also involved in the masturbation to get their vagina wet.

In case, if the vagina does not get dry then it is difficult for women to insert their fingers into the vagina. Once women complete their foreplay then they should little bend their fingers and insert their fingers into the vagina. It is enough to just use a finger's belly, rhythmically gently raise the bulging G spot vertically, or lightly press it to enhance pleasure.

3: With G-Spot Vibrators

Most of the women use the G spot vibrator toys to stimulate the G spot. With the help of vibrator toys, women can easily reach the G spot. The G spot vibrator toys have different types of vibration, rotation and speed which women can easily change during sexual activity. Women should always start the vibration function with low speed and once women get comfortable then gradually increase the speed of the vibrator toys. It provides more unique and enhances pleasure. Before using a vibrator sex toy, it is important to make the woman excited, so that vagina get soften. This help women to enter the vibrator sex toys easily.

If women want then she can also use the condom with the G spot vibrator sex toys. Condom helps women to male their G spot vibrator clean.

4: Stimulate G-Spot with penis

If women involve in the sexual activity with their male partner then, in this case, the male partner can also use their penis to stimulate the G spot. But if men use their penis then it is a little painful for women. When men insert their penis into his partner vagina then the glens of the penis hits the G-Spot. It takes some time. If the male partner has lots of experience with fingers and sex toys then they can easily stimulate the G spot. But in case, if the male partner does not have experience then it is a little difficult for him to stimulate the G spot with a penis. Sometimes there is a possibility that beginner's partner gets hurt because they don't know the actual position of the G spot.


Before involving in the sexual activity it is important to get relax. Women should start touching the genital area with low irritation. To make the squirting more effective women should use the personal lubricant and cunnilingus. For cunnilingus, women can use the tongue vibrator.

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Types of G-Spot Vibrators

Types of G-Spot Vibrators

There are many types of G-Spot vibrator are available in the market with their shape, function and properties. Although it is sex toys that professionally stimulates G-Spot of the erogenous zone and parallelly clitoris as well. Let's known various kind of G-Spot vibrators. Basically, the curved shape can grasp the G-Spot pleasure accurately for the user.

Things that can change the angle

G-Spot vibrator that can change the angle of penetration by their adjustable neck and swing neck properties. The "Cate Punch G GRANDE VIBE BLACK" and "Cat Punch P RABBIT PUNI VIBE PINK" is one of them. They are centred and can be used gently. The location of G-Spot is varied with individuals, so women should decide the angle in which they easily reach the G spot. Their neck is swingable and bendable, a user can handle it for more and continuous pleasure. The G-Spot orgasm can be easy to feel with such G-Spot Vibrators in the vagina.

Rollers and built-in pearls

G-Spot vibrator that has a roller and has built-in pearls for the extra stimulation. MARO Kawaii No. 5 is one of them. MARO Kawaii No. 5, G-Spot vibrator has a roller on the tip that moves forward and backwards when vibration begins. The forward and backward movement of roller also increases decrease with the level of vibration. The shape of such toys is also made to fit G-Spot, that directly hit the G-spot point and enjoys the taste the feeling by rubbing the vaginal wall. Women who like rubbing stimulation over the vagina, such roller and pearl vibrator is recommended for them.

Simultaneous clitoral stimulation

G-Spot Vibrator in the shape of Rabbit vibrators is work for the clitoris stimulation with G-Spot orgasm. These vibrators have main G-Spot shaft with the rabbit ears. Casper Cutey is one of them, it is G-Spot vibrator with two cribs. The one who never experiences G-Spot orgasm and stimulation, such kind of G-Spot vibrator is recommended for them. While penetrating, it can stimulate the clitoris and it helps a user to feel G-Spot orgasm easily.

What is U-shaped

U-Shaped G-Spot vibrator also works for both, the vagina and the clitoris. TOKYO DESIGN's and other U-shaped toys are also G-Spot Vibes. Kawaii series vibrator sex toys are one of the most popular sex toys. We have a huge collection of kawaii series toys which help to stimulate the G spot. As it clear with its name U, it has joined two shafts. One goes inside the vagina and another one goes over the vagina and stimulates the clitoris. Because the clitoris and G-Spot vibrators are connected in a straight line, such U - shape is very effective. It stimulates while pressing with G - Spot at the same time, so it makes it easier for you to feel orgasm with G - Spot. Some of the U shapes G spot vibrators are -

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How to use G-Spot Vibrators

If you do not know how to use G-Spot Vibrators effectively, then we will help to enjoy and increase the sensitivity of the G spot while using.

Use G-Spot Vibrators with Masturbation

The preparation before and after you should consider during masturbation is essential. It helps you to feel the alone time and reach the G-Spot orgasm without any disturbance.

Preparation before masturbation

First of all, when masturbation for yourself, prepare with the tissues, sex lubricant and the condom. Use condom over your G-Spot vibrators. Well, use condom overall vibrators and dildos. Kept all the preparation items near the bed. Now you have to grasp the location of G-Spot by yourself if you are a beginner. If you use directly vibrators, it is not pleasant. Especially, for the one who never felt G-Spot means if she is beginners. It is necessary to take time to masturbate.

Try using a toy, before inserting

Before using G-Spot Vibrator in masturbation, it is recommended and necessary to stimulate clitoris and nipples for arousal. Women can also use nipple specialty toy to stimulate the nipple. It helps her to get excited.

Enhance the level of pleasure excitement before inserting G-Spot vibrator into the vagina. Also, include Fingering before masturbation session. As you are trying to hit G-Spot, so first search the G-Spot point with the fingers. G-Spot, where you find some different pleasure in the deep vagina. Search variously on my own. Remember it is the most pleasant point in the vagina, insert it till the mood rises.

Try using a toy, insert

After being comfortable, let go with G-Spot vibrator. Apply some lubricant over the vibrator and vagina. Hit the G-Spot, the most pleasant points. During masturbation with vibrator, it is recommended to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. G-Spot is also transmitted pleasure of clitoris and make you active for the orgasm. The sensitivity of your G - Spot should have increased while you are going over and over. It is also good to aim directly to the G-Spot point.

Using G-Spot Vibrators with sex

There are some women that want to have partners touch, then they prefer to use G-Spot vibrator in sex. Well using a sex toy in sex scenes is become common now. The way to use the G-Spot vibrators is the same as the use of any vibrator or dildos. Prepare yourself before insertion with lubricant and condom. Put a condom over the G-Spot vibrator.

Start insertion after foreplay session. Because the shape of G-Spot vibrator has distinctive, it gives stimulation to the G-Spot pin-point. However, because the shape is curved, it may be difficult to insert a little at first. Foreplay until you feel arose. Otherwise, it will be irritating, stimulate slow step by step. Penetration might be easy with the use of lubrication. During penetration, stimulate clitoris and nipples as well.

While envisioning where the men are feeling pleasant, utilizing forests enhances Foreplay's strategy, and in the meantime, it will be adding exciting for accomplices who are exciting by G spot stimulation.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

I will recommend some of G-Spot vibrators for you that help you to reach to your most pleasurable G-Spot orgasm.


Casper cutie is a G-Spot Vibrator for the G-spot stimulation with the correct intense G-spot pressure on the erogenous area. Casper cutie has a main shaft with the two tiny cribs. The main shaft has a broad tip, so goes and hit the G-spot directly. And its cribs work for clitoris stimulation. Casper cutie is strong and gives strong vibration.

Where I actually used was like this

When I insert it and the vibration makes me arouse instantly. It was bigger than I imagined. It is not possible for me to put deep in the vagina without lubricant. So I use water-based lubricant with Casper cutie. I like this Casper cutie, G-Spot vibrator. Its battery installation is also easy.


Cat Punch G GRANDE VIBE BLACK is a G-spot vibrator. Cat punch G grande is used to insert into the vaginal. This vibrator is very quiet. Although it is a powerful motor, the sound quietly shakes. It also stimulates the vaginal wall. It has a flexible body with free bending functions which help to bend it at any angle. It can bend back and forth from the centre part. Cat punch G grande is operated with a single button. Short press the button is used for power on and the long press is used for power off. During operation when the button is press,10 types of patterns vibration will change. The batter used in this is two AAA batteries.

Cat Punch G GRANDE VIBE BLACK is a high-quality G-spot vibrator for women. This vibrators id made by high-quality silicone material. It is a straight structure with a rigid body. It is pleasurable to take inside the vagina with 10 types of vibration patterns. It is easy to use and handle with easy on/off button.

Where I actually used was like this

I bought it for my partner. It powerful 10 different vibration pattern gives pleasure beyond what I thought when turning on the switch. It is perfect for her because she is not new in the G-Spot vibrators. Cat Punch G GRANDE VIBE BLACK satisfied her, even at first attempt. She loves my G-Spot Vibrator gift.