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New Product Sex Toys List

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Luxury Vibrators

Best luxury vibrators for women online. Buy personal vibrating dildos & toys, realistic sex toys in India.

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How to Choose a Vibrator and Popular Items in India
Choose a Best Vibrator in India
How to Use a Vibrator – Way to Have More Orgasms
How to Use a Vibrator in India
How to maintain and store your vibrator in India
How to maintain your vibrator in India

Luxury Vibrators?

Luxury Vibrators?

Do not get satisfied with the normal vibrator? Then its time to change your sex toys. Try something new and different i.e. luxury vibrator. Luxury vibrator is very expensive. So before purchasing it, you should decide for what purpose you are going to use the vibrator. According to your purpose, you should choose the vibrator sex toys. There are varieties of luxury vibrator brands. You can select any one which you like most. If you have any confusion then click here to know more about how to choose the luxury vibrator.

What is Luxury Vibrators?

Luxury vibrator is a sex toys which provides more pleasant feeling during the sexual activity. The luxury vibrator has the best features and highest quality materials. Any user can easily use the luxury vibrator for sexual pleasure. The Luxury Vibrator sex toy is often expensive as compared to other toys such as vibrators and dildos. It is an impression that it is completely different from what is cheap even from a function or material. There are also models used by celebrities in the world.

Luxury vibrator toys are made with high-quality material so it is very soft and smooth while touching. User can easily purchase the luxury vibrator sex toys either from the vibrator online store or from the shop. But for Indian user, there is only one option and i.e to buy vibrator online.

Why is Luxury Vibrators hard to buy?

Luxury vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators, available now a day in the market. Although popular things are introduced in various places and there is also a sense of security, compared to it, the number of reviews is pretty low for high-grade sex toys. Most of the user also does not buy the luxury vibrator because luxury vibrator has only a few reviews and reference information is also missing. Almost all the luxury vibrator is very expensive, so most of the user cannot afford so much money for sex toys. Most of the Indian user select the cheapest vibrator sex toys like a bullet vibrator or egg vibrator because they do not want to spend lots of money on sex toys.

Features of Luxury Vibrators

Features of Luxury Vibrators

Luxury Vibrator is a high-quality vibrator which is available in the various brands. The prices of the luxury vibrator start from $50 or more. If you calculate it in Indian Rs then it becomes more than 3000. The material which is used to make the luxury vibrator is either high quality or medical grade, so it is safe for the body and does not make any harm. The luxury vibrator has many excellent features. The luxury vibrator is available with wonderful functions such as vibration, wireless, charging etc. It also has a life waterproof specification so the user can easily use water for cleaning purpose.

Luxury Vibrators' Good point and bad point

As the other vibrator toys, luxury vibrator sex toys also has merits and demerits. Here we are going to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the luxury vibrator toys.

Good point

Good point

Luxury vibrator is very easy to use and handle. Luxury vibrator is reusable, so user can easily use it for more than one time. If the user uses it for the long-term play then also it does not get a break. The design of the luxury vibrator is stylish. The luxury vibrator has different types of vibration function and speed which user can easily change during the sexual penetration. Now a day, almost all the luxury vibrator have life waterproof specification, so the user can easily use water to clean the luxury toys after the sexual activity.

Bad point

Bad point

Luxury vibrator is very expensive, so most of the user does not purchase it. When luxury vibrator is compared with other vibrator sex toys then the luxury vibrator is not like selling a lot. Couple always purchase the sex toys after reading the reviews. But in case of luxury vibrator there are only few reviews. Luxury vibrators tend to have less realistic information. There are many luxury vibrator which is made with silicone material. If a couple uses the silicone made vibrator then they should avoid using the silicone-based lubricant because silicone lubricant damage the surface of the silicone made sex toys. Please use water-based lube or multi type as lubricant. Luxury vibrator also need extra care.

Luxury Vibrators Recommended People

As you know that the luxury vibrator is available in many excellent designs. It is recommended for those users who regularly use sex toys during the sexual activity for pleasure feeling. Most of the user use different types of sex toys because they want a new stimulation. If the couple selects the inexpensive vibrator sex toys then it will be just like something similar in shape and vibration stimulus which make the couple unsatisfied. If a couple wants a unique stimulation then they should prefer the expensive vibrator toys such as a luxury vibrator. If the user has lots of experience with the regular vibrator sex toys then they can easily use the luxury vibrator.

Difference between Luxury Vibrators and Inexpensive Vibrators

Difference between Luxury Vibrators and Inexpensive Vibrators

The cheap sex toys or vibrator sex toys are recommended for beginner couples. In the cheap vibrator sex toys, the vibration functions and the other functions are very simple, so beginner user can easily use and handle it. If the couple is satisfied with the cheap vibrator then no need to purchase the expensive toys.

On the other hand, the luxury vibrator has complex and unique, vibration function and design which makes it more popular. The user who has lots of experience or the user who do not get satisfied with the simple vibrator toys can use the luxury vibrator for sexual pleasure.

Luxury Vibrators brand

Luxury Vibrators brand

Luxury Vibrator is available in the market with different brands. The different types of luxury vibrator provide different sensation during sexual activity. Here we are discussing some of the luxury vibrators brands which helps you to select the best products.


The LELO brand was started in the year 2003. It brags high fame among import brands with its superior functionality and luxurious design. INA Wave with the world's first design and SONA stimulating with sound waves are well-known luxury toys. LELO brands use high-quality material to make a luxury vibrator. LELO luxury vibrator is designed in such a manner that it is very soft and any user can easily handle it.

Pico Bong

Pico Bong is the e-commerce sites from where user can easily purchase the LELO brand luxury vibrators. Pico bong is one of the perfect places to purchase a vibrator. Here varieties of LELO brand vibrator toys are available which help the user to enjoy their sexual life with more fun and pleasurable.

If a couple purchases the LELO luxury vibrator sex toys from Pico Bong e-commerce sites then they can do the payment via net banking, credit card, debit card or COD(cash on delivery).


Swan is a sensitive brand from Canada which becomes very famous among women all over the world. Swan brand vibrator toys are made with high-quality materials, so it is secure and safe for the body. Most of the swan brand toys are made with medical grade silicone materials and it is also soft and flexible as compared to other silicone toys. Swan develop the sex toys which is deep pursuing women's orgasm and women's feel very comfortable when it touches the sensitive spots. Now a day, it becomes very popular all over the world.



TOKYO DESIGN is one of the oldest company which is established in the year 1989. This company design, develop and manufacture sex toys in Japan. The headquartered of this company is situated in Tokyo. In the year 2007, TOKYO DESIGN company expand their business all over the world. This company also won the Red Dot Design Award in the year 2013.

All the TOKYO DESIGN sex toys are made with high-quality Japanese material which does not contain any harmful substance. The company designed the sex toys according to the user need and feedback.


Iroha is a company which made sex toys. It is a series of goods for women born from TENGA. Women or Men can use the Iroha design sex toys during sexual activity with the partners or during masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs. It is Japan's luxury brand. Iroha brand sex toys have different types of vibration function and speed which user can easily change during sexual activity.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory is the Germany brand sex toys company. Fun Factory company was established in the year 1996 and the founder of the company is Engineers Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl. This company generally use silicone material to make sex toys. The first subsidiary of the Fun Factory was opened in the USA in the year 2003. The maintenance of fun factory sex product is very easy. This company also won the many mainstream awards.


We-Vibe is a vibrator which is design generally for couples. The couple who wants deep penetration can use these sex toys. It is designed in such a manner that it has smooth and soft tip enters inside, while the other tip vibrates as if clipping the clitoris, bringing a blissful pleasure. This toy has excellent flexibility. It provides a comfortable feeling during sexual activity. This toys also help a couple to achieve the orgasm.


SVAKOM is a brand which incorporates new function in sex toys. Some of the SVAKOM sex toys are designed in such a manner that it has ergonomic form, some are available in the market with heat functions whereas some are designed with a high-performance camera. SVAKOM becomes more popular in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Je Joue

Je Joue is one of the most popular brands in the UK. Je Joue won the vibrator design award for the three consecutive years. Je Joue brand sex toys are made with high-quality material which is safe and secure for the body. This brand eliminates all waste and creates reliable toys with necessary functions.


VeDo is a sex toys brand from Hong Kong Asia. It is one of the high quality and highly designable brand. Its price is also not so high so the user can easily purchase it.


OVO is a Germany brand sex toys company which won the red design award in the year 2013. All the products of the OVO brand are warranted for 15 years. The price of the OVO products is not so high, so it becomes more familiar. While using the OVO sex toys, a couple can enjoy their sexual activity with more fun and easy.

Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is a brand form London. Hot Octopuss used the material which is generally used to make the medical equipment. Hot Octopuss brand is developing innovative shapes and systems that were not found in conventional adult goods.


AVE is a sex toy design brand from Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Frederic Gooris who was also active in Italian kitchenware brand ALESSI is designed the AVE brand sex toys. AVE is a brand full of ideas.

How to choose Luxury Vibrators

There are varieties of the luxury vibrator are available. Luxury vibrator is different from each other in colour, style, textures, shape and size. The couple can select any of the luxury vibrators according to their need, choice and budgets.

First time sex toys

During sexual activity, if a couple is using the sex toys for the first time then they should select the small size sex toys. The sex toys which is especially recommended for the beginner couples are bullet vibrator, egg vibrator and mini vibrator. Once a couple is comfortable with the small size vibrator toys then next time they should select the slightly larger size vibrator sex toys.

Luxury vibrator toys are very expensive, so the couple uses it more than one time. Before purchasing any of the luxury vibrators, it is important for the couplet to know which type of stimulation they need. User can also use a personal lubricant with luxury vibrator. Personal lubricant increases moisture and provides painless penetration. A couple should always start the vibration function with low speed and once they feel comfortable then gradually increase the speed of the vibration function.

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Person who wants to feel orgasm

Many users use vibrator toys during sexual activity to feel the orgasm. Women can feel the orgasm in clitoris, vagina and anal. Some of the women feel the orgasm while stimulating the clitoris with the help of clitoris vibrator so they select the clitoris sex toys. Kawaii series provides many luxury vibrator. If you are interested in the luxury vibrator for your clitoris then check some of our most famous luxury vibrator which is used for clitoris stimulation. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts so always select the best quality clitoris toy.

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Some of the women feel orgasm while stimulating the vagina with the help of G spot vibrator or any other vibrator. If you also want to experience the inside orgasm or G spot orgasm then select the G spot luxury vibrator. We have a huge collection of G spot luxury vibrator.

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Some of the women feel orgasm while stimulating the anal with the help of anal toys. The user who wants to use the vibrator toys for the first time should select the thinner and more soft material type.

Vaginal training for all women

Vaginal training help women to improve the tightness of the vagina. Women can improve the tightness of the vagina by training the muscles of the vagina. The muscles of the vagina lose due to the lack of exercise, age, childbirth etc. If the muscles of the vagina lose then it decreases the sensitivity of the vagina. Women should regularly do vagina training to make the vagina muscles tight. Vagina training help women to improve the sensitivity of the vagina. Not only the sense of the vagina but it also helps women to experience the orgasm and provides the enhance pleasure for both the partners.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here I recommended our highest selling products with the customer review. If you feel okay, try at once.


G&C is a luxury vibrator that stimulates deep G-Spot and clitoris. It is special in structure, In U shape. One shaft is for penetration and another one is for stimulation. This luxury vibrator is made of high-quality silicon material and vibration type. Just by easy On/off it starts generating vibration over clitoris and vagina.

Where I actually used was like this

I used to use G&C vibrators. It works for both sensitive parts. It is recommended by one of my friends, so I bought it online. I do not only use this luxury vibrator in my alone but an outing too. Yes, I wear it under my dress. It is comfortable for me because I usually use such vibrators.

MARO Kawaii No.6

MARO Kawaii No.6 is one a product of famous Kawaii Series. It is mini rabbit vibrator with ear ears. It gives pleasure over nipple, clitoris and in a vagina. A special point of this luxury vibrator is, it is a rechargeable type and in 2-3 ours get a full charge. It is quite during the use in sex or masturbation.

Where I actually used was like this

I look cute and bought it. When I first use MARO Kawaii No.6, It seems to flexible. I first recharge it with a USB cable and stimulate my nipple, vagina and clitoris. I love being stimulated by this luxury vibrators. The most things I like about MARO Kawaii No.6 is, it is waterproof so I used sometimes in shower time as well.