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Nipple specialty

Best Nipple vibrator for nipple irritation, masturbation, caressing. Nipple & Breast toys online.

Nipple specialty List

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Nipple specialty toy

Nipple specialty toy

Have you ever try the nipple speciality toys? Yes or No. If no, then you should try it to make your sexual life more excited and pleasurable. If you are new in the sex toys world then it is necessary for you to know about the nipple stimulation method. You should also know about the types of nipple toys. It helps you to select the nipple toys so that you can enjoy your sexual activity with more pleasure feeling.

What is nipple specialty toy?

As you know that in the market varieties of sex toys are available. Sex toys are available for both male as well as a female. Some of the sex toys or adult toys which user used during sexual activity are anal toys, general penetration toys, vibrating clitoris toys, massager, vibrator, nipple speciality toys, penis toys such as cock ring etc. The user can easily use these sex toys during the sex with their partner or during masturbation session. The different types of sex toys or adult toys are used for a different purpose.

Nipple speciality toys are used to stimulate the nipple during sexual activity. Nipple speciality toys are easily used by any of the users such as men, women, gay or lesbian. In the market varieties of nipple toys are available such as nipple clamps, suction cups nipple toys etc. The different types of nipple toys provide different sensation when applying on the nipple. Nipple clamps are generally made with metal and it also has a coated tips which help to protect the skin. In clams, both the clamps are connected with the chain. Most of the nipple clamps are adjustable. Suction cup nipple toys create a vacuum over the nipple which provides the more sensation.

A couple can select any of the toys according to their need and choice. Now a day, it becomes very easy for any user to purchase the nipple speciality toys. The user can purchase the nipple speciality toys either from the shop or from the vibrator online store or e-commerce sites or adult shop.

Nipple stimulation method

Nipple stimulation method

The user can stimulate their nipple during sexual activity or masturbation. Stimulating the nipple is very similar to stimulating a vagina or penis. A nipple is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Some years ago, the user uses their own hands or fingers to stimulate the nipple. But, now the time has changed. There are many nipple toys are available in the market. Now a day, most of the couple use the different types of nipple speciality toys to make their sex more exciting. Here, we explain the nipple stimulation method. The user can select any of the method in which they feel more comfortable.

Stimulation with fingers "kneads without slipping

If the user wants to involve in the women's nipple stimulation then they can slide sideways, play a bit or a lot. While stimulating the men's nipple, the method is different. First, the user should lightly hold down the nipple from the top, feel the best back and forth to the left and right.

Now, mode the nipple in any direction either up, down, left or right. While moving the nipple slight friction will occur. This is the easiest way to stimulate the nipple. While adjusting pressure, occasionally pushing the penis while pushing the man's nipple provides a pleasant feeling. This area is the creative ingenuity point of individuals.

While stimulation the nipple with the hand, if the couple want then they can also use the finger or tongue vibrator. Finger or tongue vibrator is very easy to use for any user. While using the finger or tongue vibrator, the user should only wear the vibrator in their hand and stimulate the nipple.

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Stimulation from clothes such as T-shirt

Stimulation from clothes such as T-shirt

User can also use the cloth such as the t-shirt, soft towel etc. to stimulate the nipple. Rubbing the nipple with a large stroke to provide the friction is not good.

But if the user provides the subtle friction then it increases the nipple sensitivity. The user can also make exquisite friction from above the clothes. While stimulating the nipple with cloths make sure that it does not hurt you. The user should always select the silk fabrics, light and smooth fabrics to stimulate the nipple. The user can stimulate the nipple more by reducing the resistance of friction.

If you are a beginner user and you don't have any toys to stimulate the nipple then this method is best for you. The user can use their own clothes or towels to stimulate the nipple. It is the easiest way to stimulate the nipple.

Lubricant is

If the user involved in the penis or vagina stimulation then it is better to apply the personal lubricant but in case of nipple stimulation the user should avoid using the personal lubricant because personal lubricant help to reduce the friction and in nipple stimulation, little friction is required. If the user wants to apply the personal lubricant they can apply it after nipple sensitivity has risen. Once the nipple sensitivity raised, it provides a pleasant feeling even if the user uses a personal lubricant.

Winding your body with food wrap

A couple can also use the food wrapper to stimulate the nipple from above. A couple can wrap the food wrapper around the body to stimulate the nipple. It helps the user to reduce the friction and also improve the sensitivity to a nipple. Using this method, the user can increase the sensitivity. In this method, a couple can touch the nipple from the top of the wrapper with a smooth feel. If a couple uses the food wrapper then the degree of excitement also rises and the effect is great. This is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the nipple. The user can prefer this nipple stimulation method during the partner play or sex with the partner.

Use baby powder

Most of the user also prefer baby powder during the stimulation of the nipple. The user who does not easily feel pleasure or the user who hurt more than pleasant come first can use the baby powder. The user can easily purchase baby powder from anywhere. There is no technique to apply baby powder.

The user can just apply the baby powder on the nipple. After applying the powder the user should caress the nipple with the help of fingers. The user can also use puffs to stimulate the nipples. The user can easily prefer this method to stimulate the nipple during the masturbation. In this method, the user does need a partner to stimulate the nipple.

For example - suppose a lady is using the suction cup dildo to stimulate the vagina then at the same time she uses the baby power on her nipple and use her hand to stimulate the nipple and breast. It is the easiest way to stimulate the nipple during the masturbation session.

Attention point with nipple stimulation

Attention point with nipple stimulation

It is very easy for any user to involve in the nipple masturbation or nipple stimulation. While stimulating the nipple, the user should take some precautions otherwise instead of pleasure feelings they get hurts.

Simple stimulation gets used

If the user does not involve in the nipple stimulation in a proper manner then it hurts because the stimulation is too strong. If the user stimulates the nipple continues with one pattern then the sensitivity of the nipple get decrease. The nipple sensitivity is delicate so if the user uses the same motion and repeat the same stimulus content then the sensitivity gradually becomes dull. So it is necessary for the user to change the pattern and motion of the stimulation every time when they involve in the nipple stimulation. While stimulating the nipple with finger or massager or vibrator toys, the user should apply it with different motions and pressure. It helps them to make the nipple sensitivity lasts longer and the pleasantness continues.

Does a nipples grow too big?

Different user have different size of nipples. If the user regularly stimulates the nipple then the size of the nipple effects. The size of the nipple depends on the method of stimulating. If the user continues to involve in the sucking stimulation for a long time with a nipple pump or any other devices then there is a possibility that the men or women nipples become large. Once the nipple becomes enlarge then after some intervals of time, it automatically gets a shrink.

If the user spends too much time with the metal nipple toys to stimulate the nipple then there is a possibility that the nipple gets to stretch. Basically, there is no appropriate treatment for hypertrophy of nipple.

If the nipple becomes enlarged then there is no serious problem. Some of the women get worried about the enlargement of the nipple and feel embraces to consult with the doctors but it is highly likely that it will end only with the doctor's follow-up observation. If the women consult the doctor and discuss the nipple irritation then they can easily overcome these problems.

Blackhead nipples?

There is a possibility that the colour of the nipple change if the user regularly involves in the nipple stimulation. The user can easily judge the colour of the nipple just by seeing it with their own eyes. In the case of men, there are many cases that are dark innocently but there will be no one to mind when it gets dark. Here we will discuss why the nipple becomes dark.

In pregnant women, the colour of the nipple becomes dark. In the middle month of the pregnancy, the nipple will bulge puffery and the bead grows bigger. In pregnant women, luteinizing hormone that comes out when pregnant causes pigmentation. This is the main reason for becoming the nipple dark. When it gets birth, it returns to its normal colour.

Melanin pigment also helps to protect the body from ultraviolet rays. If the women or men regularly involved in the strong stimulation to the nipple then the melanin pigment active on the nipple which makes the nipple dark.

Types of nipple toys

Types of nipple toys

There are various types available in nipple toys according to the level of stimulus and level of pleasure. Let's check them.

suck, suction pump

Suction pump

A classic ancient stimulation of nipple is suction. When the user sucks a woman's nipple, then they feel pleasant. In the same manner when a man's nipple is sucked then a panting voice will come out. The suction pump work like that. It gets fixed over the breasts and stimulates the nipples. However, the suction power of any suction pump is considerably strong.

There is no one who can suck with this strength by their mouth. I think it is stronger and painful than you imagine. Since the nipple is forcibly pulled out, there is a possibility that the nipple itself seems to have grown by changing the depression state of the nipple. It is not recommended to use it regularly, but it may be occasionally. If the user has lots of experience with the nipple stimulation then only use the such or suction pump to stimulate the nipple. Beginner user should avoid using this type of nipple toys.

scissors, clothes peg (clip)

Clothes peg (clip)

In terms of the stimulation the nipple, the easiest thing is cloth clips. It is a method called "pinching" as it is a classic stimulation method. Although cloth clips are used in washing and might be strong for a nipple. In sex toy word, clothing clip is replaced with Nipple Clamps.

It is metal and wooden clip and there are various types available that adjust the grasping power, some can be adjusted to the power of your choice. With the flexibility to adjust the function, women can use it. The force is stronger is suitable for SM play as well and such strong force toys term as SM toy instead Nipple Stimulus.



The stimulation of nipple with the vibrating toy like vibrators, magic wands, etc is quite popular and often used by women. Vibrators and magic wand provide continues pleasure with the level of different rhythm, But such vibrators give strong stimulation over the nipple. A user can start with low vibration level and according to acceptance increase level. Some of the most popular vibrator toys which is used by the women to stimulate the nipple are love touch, steck me purple, spia rotor etc. Along with these vibrator toys, most of the women also prefer the kawaii series vibrator toys. The kawaii series toys are most popular in Japan. Recently we sextoys-india introduce this series in India also.

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Lick it


In addition to the vibrating and suction toys, now a day's such toys are also available that can lick over the clitoris and nipples. These toys also known as tongue toys because it works like it. Silicone tongue toys able to do eternity and cunnilingus in the most effective way. Gradually it stimulates the nipple areas. This stimulation will also be special for nipples.

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Nipple point is common by both gender, men and women. But yet some men believe that few people who feel pleasure especially. The user who has not experience nipple point and pleasure yet will try once. While masturbation or stimulation the penis or vagina, please began to irritate the nipple by rubbing and rolling the nipples from above the clothes. Penis sensitive get more active and you will feel more intense pleasure than usual.

It is possible and good to give a pleasant feeling on other's nipple as long as you feel yourself with a nipple. The pleasure of stimulation of nipples is not developed all of sudden. It will develop slowly-slowly, so stimulate gradually.

If you want to develop the nipple sensitivity fun, then many Nipple speciality toys are available that I recommend to you for better nipple pleasure. Nipple speciality toys are able to give a long, steady, irresistible stimulus that is impossible by hand alone. But if you have low nipple sensitivity, then first began with the hand when you feel nipple raise then use a toy. Manage the strength and frequency of the toy. Too much frequency has risk on a nipple if your skin is thin. Sometimes people get excited and raise the level for strong stimulus, but it converted into pain and injury.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here is our best two nipple Specialty Toy that gives vibration and enhances your lovemaking by helping you to arouse. Let's check them.


CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is nipple vibrators. A user can use it over the nipple and clitoris. It is a suction type with an attached remote control. The suction pump will attach to the body and stimulating with the vibration generated by remote control. CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is made by the Soft resin material, so it gives a soft feel on the nipple, clitoris and other body parts.

Where I actually used was like this

These are so good to use over nipples and breasts. CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT does not apply excess pressure even it tighter. That being said, it definitely gives you a real pleasure and amazing foreplay with a partner if you like to use it. It first uses it in my first foreplay with my beloved partner. He helps me to pump it on the breasts. Yes, I also use it in the clitoris. It is also fun to use on the clitoris with correct vibration.

Kawaii Spiral Sqweel

Kawaii Spiral Sqweel is one vibrator from the Kawaii series. It is based on the USB rechargeable technique. A user uses it to stimulate the chestnuts, nipple and even clitoris. It is made by silicone that take part in stimulation and holding part is made by ABS. Both are safer to the skin.

Where I actually used was like this

All I can say it, it is really awesome. I always want a rechargeable vibrator for nipple and most sensitive areas because battery drowns out quickly. I recharge within 150 minutes, it gets full charges and enjoys the fun continuously about 120 minutes. I prefer to use it over nipple, clitoris, vaginal walls, etc sensitive body part.