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Rechargeable Vibrators

Best rechargeable vibrators for Indian toys beginners & women. USB charger vibes and luxury vibrators.

Rechargeable Vibrators List

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Choose by orgasm! How to Choose a Vibrator
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How to Use a Vibrator? Way to Have More Orgasms
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How to maintain and store your vibrator in India
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Which is better for your first sex toy, a dildo or a vibrator?

Rechargeable vibrator?

What is a rechargeable vibrator?

Rechargeable vibrator is one of the most popular categories of the vibrator. Most of the Indian user prefer the rechargeable vibrator toys for sexual pleasure. If you also feel that battery replacement is troublesome then try the rechargeable vibrator sex toys. Here, you get all the basic information about the rechargeable vibrator toys. If you are a beginner user then it is necessary for you to know how to use the rechargeable vibrator. To check the good points and bad points of the different types of vibrator like a rechargeable vibrator, battery operated vibrator etc. click here.

What is a rechargeable vibrator?

As you know that in the market varieties of vibrator sex toys are available. The vibrator is one of the most popular categories in India. The vibrator sex toys are either battery operated or USB rechargeable. Now a day, most of the vibrator toys are USB rechargeable. A couple uses the rechargeable vibrator toys for sexual pleasure.

Gradually, rechargeable vibrator becomes very famous in India. In the market varieties of the rechargeable vibrators are available. A couple uses the different types of rechargeable vibrator for a different purpose. Some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for the internal stimulation, some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for the external stimulation whereas some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for both internal as well as external stimulation.

Now a day, it becomes easy for any user to purchase the rechargeable vibrator. The user can purchase the rechargeable vibrator toys either from the shop or from the vibrator online store. In daily life, almost every user uses the mobile phone which is also rechargeable. Various things are switched to a rechargeable type and it evolves day by day. Vibrators of electric sex toys also evolved and charging type is becoming common. In addition, electric male masturbators, vibrators cock ring, Massager toys (Magic Wand Vibrators) etc. are also increasing the number of rechargeable toys.

Characteristics of rechargeable vibrator

If the user purchases the rechargeable vibrator then there is no need to worry about the replacement of the battery. In the rechargeable type vibrator, a couple does not need to put in and out of batteries. Once a couple recharges the vibrator toys then they continuously used it minimum for 30 minutes. Now a day, most of the rechargeable vibrator toys have life waterproof specification, so the user can easily use some drop of water to clean the toys. Rechargeable toys are relatively uniform output power. The rechargeable type vibrator is very easy to use and handle.

The user can charge their rechargeable vibrator sex toys in the same manner as they charge their smartphone. Rechargeable vibrators are available in many different design and styles. So the user has lots of option with the rechargeable vibrator.

Reason why rechargeable ceremony increased

Reason why rechargeable ceremony increased

In the past, many sex toys are not reusable, so the couple uses them only for one time. Now a day, most of the vibrating sex toys are reusable. In the rechargeable vibrator sex toys, the user does not need to worry about battery replacement.

It becomes very easy for any user to use the rechargeable vibrating sex toys. In the past, vibrating sex toys are not so good and also expensive. But in the recent year, the adult market hurdles falling all over the world and gradually it becomes popular. Recent vibrator sex toys are available in the market with varieties of technique. Some of the vibrator toys are also available with some time period settings. Recent vibrator sex toys are more safely to use because the manufactured company used either high-quality material or medical grade material so it is safe for skin. Subsequently, rechargeable toys are expanding.

Types of rechargeable toys

In the market varieties of rechargeable toys are available. A couple uses the different types of rechargeable toys for a different purpose. Generally, the dildo shape vibrator is a rechargeable type. Most of the couple prefer the rabbit vibrator type rechargeable toys and thrusting vibrator type rechargeable toys. The rechargeable vibrator has different types of vibration function, speed and rotation which user can easily change during the sexual activity.

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We sextoys-india have huge collection of KAWAII series sex toys. Most of the kawaii series toys are rechargeable. The user can easily select any of these rechargeable vibrator sex toys for their sexual pleasure.

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Popular persistent battery formula

Popular persistent battery formula

The battery type vibrator toys are not old-fashioned. There are many sex toys are available now a day which is battery operated such as Bullet Vibrators and Egg Vibrators. There are additionally rechargeable and battery controlled mixture toys are available. Each toy has its own advantage and disadvantage. It depends on a couple which types of vibrator sex toys - battery operated or rechargeable toys they prefer.

Tips for rechargeable vibrator

Before using any of the rechargeable vibrator toys, the couple should fully recharge it. Normally rechargeable vibrator takes one hour to get fully recharge. Once a couple can fully recharge it, they can use it minimum for 30 minutes. If the user uses the rechargeable vibrator every day then there is a possibility that the sex toys are discharged in the middle of the play. If a couple uses the rechargeable vibrator occasionally then their toys work for a long time and there is no need to charge in the middle of the sexual activity. It is recommended to charge the rechargeable toys once a week.

What is the power type of electric sex toy?

What is the power type of electric sex toy?

Generally electric toys can be divided into the following types. Every type has benefits, etc. It is clever to use properly according to usage frequency and usage.

  • Rechargeable type
  • Battery formula type
  • Code expression type(AC)

Here we will explain the types of such power supplies.

Rechargeable type

Rechargeable type

Rechargeable type vibrator sex toys are one of the most common and popular sex toys. In the rechargeable vibrator sex toys, the USB cable is included with the packet of the vibrator sex toys. Here we are discussing merit and demerit of the rechargeable type vibrator sex toys.

Good point

  • Can use some drop of water for cleaning the toys because most of the rechargeable vibrator toys are waterproof.
  • No battery replacement required.
  • Can be used repeatedly.
  • In case of USB charging, you can charge even if the country changes
  • Many stylish items
  • Many quiet vibration sounds

Bad point

  • Can not use it unless they can charge it.
  • Little expensive, so every user does not easily purchase it.
  • Vibes itself is difficult to discard.
  • The number of charging cables will increase.
  • Charging plugs are not yet unified by the manufacturer
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Battery formula type

battery formula

Now a day, most of the user also use the battery operated vibrator sex toys. In some of the battery operated vibrator toys, the battery is included with the toy whereas in some of the vibrator toys the user should purchase the battery separately.

Good point

  • It is possible to use it immediately after purchase.
  • Easy to use for anyone because its structure is simple.
  • It is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased.
  • Light and easy to carry.
  • You can use it until it gets broken by replacing the battery.

Bad point

  • Battery replacement is troublesome.
  • When storing for a long time you have to remove the batteries.
  • It is difficult to get the battery if the battery is special.
  • Because there are many easy-to-make things, it is fragile.
  • Battery box is not waterproof.
  • User can not wash it with water.
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Code expression type(AC)

Code expression (AC)

In the code expression (AC) type vibrator, the massager is included. When compared to rechargeable type and battery type, the code expression is the number one in power. Here we are discussing benefits of power supply sex toys.

Good point

  • The user can easily use it endlessly without the battery replacement.
  • A couple can easily use it for a long-term play.
  • Best for the user who want a strong stimulation during the sexual activity.
  • Any user can easily use and handle this type of vibrator sex toys.

Bad point

  • A couple does not use it without an outlet and power supply.
  • During the sexual activity, if the code is tangled then the sex will be a disaster.
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How to use rechargeable vibrator

How to use the rechargeable vibrator is not much different from other vibrators, but first, you need to check the charge. Turn on the purchased rechargeable vibrator and check the battery level. Then charge according to instructions etc. Charging time varies depending on the type of toy, so read the instructions and precautions carefully. When charging is completed, prepare and use it.

Before using the rechargeable toys apply good quality personal lubricant on the surface of the toys. The user should also apply the personal lubricant near the genital area or where they want to use the toy. Personal lubricant helps to reduce friction and make the surface slippery.

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Along with the personal lubricant if the user wants then they can also use condom with the rechargeable sex toys. If the user prefer the condom then they rechargeable toys does not get dirty and it becomes easy for the user to clean it after completing the sexual act.

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Power shortage of electric toy

Power shortage of electric toy

Power shortage is a frequent occurrence of insufficient power when using sex toys. In the battery type vibrator, it mostly occurs. Although battery type vibrator is large in size, the power of the sex toy depends on the quality of batteries, not on its structure or size. Inexpensive batteries etc. may not be satisfied by the user due to power shortage issue. Therefore charging type may be preferred.

Because there are many types of USB charging, you can charge it in any country. Even in India, you can use it foreign products. It is the reason the rechargeable type without the power shortage is preferred most now. Currently, sex toys are often manufactured in other countries and may not be suitable for Indian voltage. Also, because the type of general battery also varies from country to country, things that can be charged with USB etc. are preferable.

I'd like to use "rechargeable battery as a toy! What?

Yes, rechargeable batteries are good to use a toy. It is cost effective and works repeatedly. Although the battery type also has many attractive toys as well. Do you know what the difference between dry batteries and rechargeable batteries is about the voltage level? A normal battery has 1.5 V, a rechargeable type has 1.2 V. If you mistakenly short-circuit, it is because of the rechargeable battery tends to become hot. So you have to be careful. It is recommended to remove the batteries after use and set it back when you are ready to use it.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Let's try this highly used rechargeable vibrator for the maximum pleasure and for a long time without any hassle.

Momo Brulee

Momo Brulee is rechargeable rabbit Vibrators. It made by Resilient soft material that helps a user to allow soft and easy insertion. As it is rechargeable, a user can fully recharge it in just 2 hours with the USB cable and then use it wherever they want. As it is a rabbit, means it has cribbed that stimulate the clitoris with vagina penetration.

Where I actually used was like this

I first feel it is a bit expensive, but it is worth full completely. Momo Brulee structure and properties make me addicted to this. I ever prefer to use Momo Brulee in my alone time and some time with my partner too. It is easy to use and easy to handle with their 4 buttons. I used it for an hour after a full recharge.


HOUBAKU is rechargeable thrusting Vibrators that generate strong thrust movement to hit the G-Spot. But it is a speciality in HOUBAKU that it also stimulates the clitoris with vagina stimulation. Its clitoris part and main part move in conjunction.

Where I actually used was like this

As my long experience, this is ever happening with me that batteries running down in the middle of the stimulation and it is the worst situation I ever faced. So I decided to switch a rechargeable vibrator. As I am an expert, so I prefer to use HOUBAKU. It gives me a mind-blowing experience. It allows heavy thrusting movement even batteries running out a problem.

Some batteries written as boxes are written in the box, but they do not work with that battery. Although I used it without a vibe function for missing Health, it seemed that the shape of a dual ball fits perfectly with the point of a young girl, and it caught in a stimulus aimed at a G sport.

MARO Kawaii No.7

MARO Kawaii No.7 is one of the vibrators from the Kawaii series. It is rechargeable based means it does not require batteries every time when you use. A user just recharges it with a USB cable. It is long in length and works to hit the G-Spot and reach to G-Spot pleasure.

Where I actually used was like this

I think MARO Kawaii No.7 is my first vibrator from the Kawaii series. I like its soft and quality material. It works well as its mention. I used it my alone time to clam my sexual needs. It works and helps it a lot. It is easy to use because of its neck it bendable, so go inside as I want. First I fully recharge it then go for the pleasure.