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Thrusting Vibrators

Best thrusting swing vibrators online in India. Rabbit thrusting vibrators for Pussy inside orgasm.

Thrusting Vibrators List

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Thrusting Vibrators?

Thrusting Vibrators?

Now a day, vibrator sex toys become more famous among the Indian women. If you are also sex toys lover then you definitely use some of the vibrator toys. But here we discuss the thrusting vibrator. The thrusting vibrator is different from the other vibrator sex toys. It is a vibrator for women. Here you can get all the information about the thrusting vibrator such as what it is? How to use it? etc.

What is Thrusting Vibrators?

Let's start with what is thrusting vibrator. A thrusting vibrator is a special type of vibrator sex toys which has the automated thrusting function at the head of the shaft, and it is a kind of sextoys for women. Thrusting vibrator provides great stimulation during the sexual activity which is very close to real sex. Gradually the popularity of the thrusting vibrator is getting higher. It is also a vibrator toy with special movement in toys.

What kind of function is piston function?

A piston is a function in which the vibrator toys move up and down. Most of the thrusting vibrator sex toys have piston functions. The thrusting vibrators which have a piston functions provide more unique and enhance pleasure. There are many women who have not use the piston function vibrator toys. If women use the piston function vibrator toys then the piston stimulation is obtained in the vagina by stretching and shrinking. The powerful piston function builds into the base part of the machine in thrusting vibrator toys.

Thrusting Vibrators that can be used for masturbation of men and women

Thrusting Vibrators that can be used for masturbation of men and women

Most of the women generally used the small vibrator such as egg vibrator and massager during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs.

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Out Of Stock

In India, most of the women do not have much knowledge about the different types of the vibrator so they prefer vibrating dildo. Not only women but girls also use vibrator toys because they are not able to have enough sex with the male partner.

Now a day, a male partner can also use the vibrator toys during the masturbation. Most of the men involved in the prostate masturbation. While involving in the prostate masturbation men can not only touch the prostate but also stimulate it with the help of prostate toys. The electric thrusting machine solves the masturbation circumstances of men as well as women.

Recommended Thrusting Vibrators

If women use the thrusting vibrator during the sexual activity or masturbation then it provides the stimulation which is very close to sex. Women can easily use the thrusting vibrator during their masturbation period. If women regularly practice with the thrusting vibrating then it definitely helps them to achieve the orgasm during the sex with the partner. Women also use the thrusting vibrator for inside orgasm or portio stimulation. In the market varieties of thrusting vibrator is available. Women can select any of the vibrators according to their need, choice and budgets.

Thrusting Vibrators for inside orgasm

Thrusting Vibrators for inside orgasm

Inside orgasm is most beneficial in masturbation and stimulation with dildo or vibrator. During sexual activity, if women achieve the orgasm while stimulating the clitoris then it is called the outside orgasm or external orgasm.

Inside orgasm is the process in which women achieve the orgasm while stimulating the vagina or inside the vagina. For women, it is a little difficult to stimulate the back of the vagina during masturbation. But if women use the thrusting vibrator it becomes easy. So that thrusting vibrator is also said the toys for inside orgasm.

inside orgasm

Women can achieve the orgasm in two ways either by external orgasm or by internal orgasm. In outside or external orgasm, women can stimulate their clitoris and in inside or internal orgasm, women can stimulate the vagina or inside the vagina such as G spot etc. G spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the women body.

How to get inside orgasm

How to get inside orgasm

Women can easily achieve the inside orgasm just by stimulating the vagina, G spot and portio. Women can easily stimulate the G spot, clitoris, entrance of vagina etc. with the help of different types of thrusting vibrators or dildo. But it is a little difficult for women to stimulate the portio.

The women who have lots of experience can easily stimulate the portio. The pleasant which women achieve while stimulating the portion is outstanding. It is important for women to start with the outside orgasm. First, women should stimulate the clitoris to feel orgasm. After that, it is better to start stimulating the G spot inside the vagina and at last stimulate the portion. It provides women with more unique and pleasure feelings.

G spot

G spot

It is easy for women to stimulate the G spot and feel inside orgasm when compare to portio. G spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman's body. G spot is located 5 to 8 cm up from the front vagina wall and in between the vaginal opening and the urethra. Women can easily stimulate their G spot by using their fingers or sex toys like dildo and vibrator.

To stimulate the G spot, women should insert their fingers deep inside the vagina. In the market varieties of vibrator toys are available which help women to stimulate the G spot. G spot stimulation also helps women to achieve the orgasm.



Women can easily achieve the orgasm while stimulating the clitoris and G spot. The next step is to stimulate the portio. Portio is located near the entrance of the uterus in the back of the vagina. To stimulate the portio or to realize the existence of the portio, women should insert the big penis or big sex toys like large dildo. If women feel the pleasure in the portio then it is best.

Piston vibe inside orgasm

If women do the orgasm in portio, then they can feel a deep pleasure that is unimaginable. But, it is a little difficult to stimulate the portio because it is deep inside the vagina, near the uterus. With the help of thrusting vibe, women can easily stimulate the portio. Thrusting Vibe help women to push up to the far end of the vagina, so that they can easily stimulate up to the depth.

Four types of piston function

Three types of piston function

Let's talk types of piston function and vibration function in the thrusting vibrators. Different type gives different pleasure and fun at bedtime.

1: Most Popular Piston Vibe

1: Most Popular Piston Vibe

Such Piston Vibe looks like a normal dildo type vibrator, but it is stronger than them. With the help of such vibe, thrusting stimulation is obtained in the deep vagina by stretching and shrinking the shaft part of vibrator. Most of thrusting vibrators are available in piston type and varies many properties.

Such vibrators are available in the same price range as a regular vibrator. It is affordable even by the beginners. The shaft top moveable part varies with the size depending on the type.

2: Quality-oriented piston vibe

2: Quality-oriented piston vibe

It is a powerful piston vibrator and looks like a machine. It has a powerful machine on the base part with an attached dildo. That's why it is term as the most powerful thrusting vibrators. There are many types such as chairs and large type. But it is special for the advanced user because is too unsimilar and advance as compared to ordinary dildo vibrator. It gives most pleasure because it moves at a speed that is impossible for humans.

3: Piston vibe of a new mechanism

3: Piston vibe of a new mechanism

Such new mechanism vibrators are still small in number but it has been increasing gradually. In the usual thrusting vibrator, the vibrator usually moves up and down whereas in piston vibe of a new mechanism the vibrator moves up and down by the magnetic force of the electromagnet and the stimulation similar to thrusting is born in the vagina.

This vibrator continuously grows in the market due to its new stimulation way. Our THRUSTING BULLET is one of example.

4: Simultaneous stimulation of piston and clitoris

Such vibrator type is an implementation of thrusting function in the rabbit type vibration. So it can give clitoris stimulation parallel with the stimulate with the up and down movement in the vagina. With the help of such vibrator type, orgasm is no longer unpredictable. It makes it fast. It is a great option when a woman wants a stronger and deeper pleasure. It is also suitable for beginners.

How to choose Thrusting Vibrators

How to choose Thrusting Vibrators

The thrusting Vibrators might be kind of regular vibrators. But it has some points to worry about as compared to a regular vibrator because it is more in thrust. Be careful while choosing the thrusting vibrator, do not just go with its appearance and price.

Check thrusting stroke length

A stroke is deep vibrator's movement created by the intensity of thrust. It is not specific about which user want longer or shorter strokes. It can't find which one of the longer / shorter stroke is better until the user uses it.

It is judged by when a user uses it in masturbation or sex. If beginner women select the longer strokes then it causes internal injury in the vagina, so let's choose a short stroke at first. If a woman gets comfortable with the short strokes then they can switch to the stronger and longer strokes.

Check thrusting stroke speed

While purchasing the thrusting vibrator, if a woman wants then they can check the thrusting movement in advance. During sexual activity or masturbation, women can select any speed of the vibration or thrusting function. But for more pleasant feeling, women should start the vibration or thrusting function with low speed and gradually increase the speed of the vibration and thrusting function.

Attention point

Attention point

Follow attention point should user concern for safety while using any of thrusting vibrators.

Do not force it

The first and most important point is that the user cannot force it anyway. When you feel little pain even with lubricant or caressing, then immediately stop using it. Also please use a condom on the vibrator toy and use it cleanly.

A vibrator is a toy which inserts directly into a female instrument and forcefully insertion only gives you pain. The women who are not familiar with the vibrators will feel a strong feeling. Thrusting vibrators are a vibrator that moves up and down in the vagina. Hence it makes more discomfort and you feel discomfort and more often pain. It is important to use a lubricant or start when you get wet.

G Spot Attack

While using a thrusting vibrator for the G-Spot stimulation, initial with the 50% vibration and movement. It is enough at the beginning. Try to hook the constricted part of the vibe to the G spot as much as possible. Make the movement of hand slow, instead of intense caressing. It is not good to follow porn video, woman feels pain only. If you cherish your foreplay and mood and stimulate G spot by attacking the most sensitive clitoris simultaneous than it will be better for you.

Understanding vibration and vertical motion

Before go for the thrusting vibrator and its vibration, it is important to check the movement first. There is a possibility that user makes strong stimulation beyond their necessity and beyond their vagina tolerance. Understand the needs and then use vibration and very motion.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here I recommended the most pleasurable vibrators that gives more thrust in the sexual act. Here we go:


Koubaku is silicone made thrusting vibrator in the vagina as well as over clitoris. User can fulfil their sexual wants successfully and effectively because it is rechargeable. User can recharge it and can continue use 2.5 hours approx. It has special ears like an extra nod that stimulate clitoris when user enjoying penetration.

Where I actually used was like this

It charging properties make me addicted to the Koubaku. The charging process was the east and performance was the easiest and best ever. It reaches all the way, clitoris, vaginal walls, G-Spot, everywhere in the vagina. Multiple rotation and vibration help me to reach to the most pleasurable spot, G-Spot when my partner is not there to my place.

Pink Wedding vibrator

Pink Wedding vibrator is in the shape of a real penis and also made by Elastomer material. Hence it is able to give real penis presence and pleasure. It is too flexible to you even with the different vibration modes. It gives strong pleasure on the clitoris and in the vagina. These thrusting vibrators move up or down without rotating for best ever fun.

Where I actually used was like this

Pink Wedding vibrator is powerful and amazing. I usually could not feel the vibrators pleasure, but with this thrusting vibrators. I enjoy the penetration and liked its special structure like a penis shape. I apply the correct vibration pressure according to the vagina. First I begin with the clitoris stimulation and later go the penetration that also allows clitoris stimulation to me.