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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
Thrusting Vibrators

Best thrusting swing vibrators online in India. Rabbit thrusting vibrators for Pussy inside orgasm.

Thrusting Vibrators List

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Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting vibrators are sex toys. Thrusting vibrators are included in vibrating sex toys that can be used by women for foreplay, masturbation and during sex. Thrusting vibrators are use to stimulate anus , vagina .Thrusting vibrators will provide stimulation in sexy parts of body. Thrusting means that vibrate the pines inside the vagina which is a rocking movement .Thrusting during intercourse is a erotic movement.

Thrusting vibrators will provide you a great sensation in body and it will massage you deepest inside the vagina or anus. Thrusting toys or thrusting vibrator will provide you realistic sex pleasure. Thrusting vibrator are designed for adult women for masturbation without partner or during sex with partner in intercourse. It will provide you sensation in your body in sex intercourse and will create sexual pressure.

During thrusting or we can say the 1/3 part of vagina can feel touch or sensation but rather than 1/3 part can't sense the touch but it will feel starch or pressure due to nerve receptors so the thrusting vibrator will generate vibration in the 1/3 part of vagina which is leave a great sensation or sexual pleasure.


  • Material: Available in, Plastic, Elastomer, Silicon, Rubber.
  • Size: Sizes Varies.
  • Color: Multicolor.
  • Power Type: AA or AAA batteries, USB Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof: water resistant.
  • Controller Type: Built in type.
  • Vibration: Multi speeds.

How to Use

The Thrusting vibrators machines will apply on sexual parts to generate sensation. Thrusting vibrators are use solo or dual for sexual pleasure. To use a vibrators first apply a lube on the vibrator as well as erogenous area too for the sexual pleasure. Then check the battery is filled or not because it will generate the sexual pleasure by sensation created by vibration or it will a portable devices. After apply lube than insert it into vagina or anus and move it slowly slowly to make sensation.


Sometime use of vibrators cause of infection so clean your vibrator time to time. Use lubes for ease of sex. Do not use silicone base lubricant with silicon vibrator toys because it will destroy the toy. Carefully wash with antibacterial soap. Never drop vibrator on hard surface.

Our Views

Thrusting vibrators are sex toys which is use to generate sensation. You can give a sexual pleasure to your female partner by using this. Via using thrusting vibrators you can generate vibration in vagina or anus which will give great joy.