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New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex toys India??

Sex toys India???

Sex toys are gradually becoming popular in India in recent years, and a way for adults to enjoy sex and masturbation.

Although they are currently somewhat taboo in India, there are no legal problems with them.

Sex toys can be used to enhance the pleasure of daily masturbation and sex.

Sex toys are designed to provide vibrations that cannot be produced by humans and to stimulate sexual zones with precision.

These structures make it easy for people who have never achieved orgasm before to feel climax.

In this article, we recommend sex toys for each gender. If there is a category you are interested in, you can find it below.

If you are new to sex toys and want to know more about what they are and the benefits of using them first, keep reading.

What is Sex Toys??

What is Sex Toys?

There are a number of different types of sex toys available, and the item you should choose depends on your gender, ideal play, and where you want to stimulate yourself.

There are even those that can enhance the pleasure of masturbation and those that can be used during sex with your partner.

There are also items on the market that can help you solve your sexual problems and increase your satisfaction with sex.

There are some people who are not comfortable with sex toys and may feel uneasy about using them.

However, there is nothing illegal about using sex toys in private, and the number of people who use them to enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation is increasing every year.

Advantages of sex toys

Advantages of sex toys

The male masturbator is made to realistically reproduce a woman's vagina, right down to the penis insertion opening and internal structure. This allows you to experience a more sex-like pleasure.

Some vibrators and dildos used by many women are made to mimic the shape of a penis, so you can experience the sensation of being inserted by a man during sex.

Sex toys are designed to precisely stimulating the sexual zones that are hard to grasp with your fingers, giving your partner a deeper pleasure.

There are also items that expand the range of sex play, such as eye masks and handcuffs that make BDSM possible, and double-headed dildos that can be inserted into the vagina from both ends.

Using sex toys can improve the quality of sex, reduce daily stress, and even help you sleep better.

If you have the same sex with the same partner every day, you may get bored. It's a good idea to use sex toys to enhance your relationship as a couple by increasing your mutual satisfaction with sex like never before.

What is the current status on sex toy in India?

What is the current status on sex toy in India?

Many Indians are concerned about whether or not sex toys are illegal in India.

As it turns out, sex toys have never been proven to be against the law in India.

In fact, it is not a common view in the legal profession that sex toys are against the law, as the Calcutta High Court ruled in 2011 that sex toys are not illegal.

The court held "emphatically" that such charges weren't "legally sustainable". Court added that just because such toys aroused sexual desires, they couldn't be labelled "obscene".

About the legality of sex toys

It is true that India has what is commonly referred to as "obscenity law" and the Penal Code Section 292 prohibits the sales or display of obscene materials.

However, as you can see from this 2011 case, the definition of what is "obscene" is extremely subjective, and the conclusion is that this law is not effective when it comes to sex toys.

In addition, attitudes surrounding personal sexuality have continued to change at a particularly fast pace in recent years, as evidenced by the 2013 overturning of a law banning same-sex intercourse in "section 377" on the grounds that it was "unreasonable and contrary to constitutional and human rights".

Seeking pleasure through sex toys is not illegal at all, and it is one of the rights that should be recognized as an individual freedom.

However, it is a fact that there are still many people who think that using sex toys is indecent or have a sense of resistance to it.

For those people, online stores are the best place to buy and enjoy sex toys without any worries.

We at STI are especially proud of our "discreet shipping" and "privacy policy" , which means that many people can shop with confidence.

The trend of respecting individual freedom, including the use of sex toys, will not stop in 2021 and will continue to accelerate in the future.

In the near future, we will be able to enjoy sex toys without any worries.

Benefits to buy from Sextoys India

Benefits to buy from Sextoys India
  • Privacy protected
  • Fast shipping/delivery, Discreet Packaging
  • Excellent quality of products

There are several e-commerce sites in India where you can buy sex toys, so you might be wondering where to choose your sex toys from.

At Sex Toys India, we provide clear explanations of our products so that even beginners who have never used sex toys before do not make mistakes in choosing the right products

There are also values and benefits that can only be experienced by shopping with us.

Let's check out each of these advantages.

Privacy and account information is protected

Privacy and account information is protected

Sex Toys India offers a safe and secure shopping experience.

Sex Toys India uses a state-of-the-art encryption system for credit card payments to ensure that your financial information is protected.

You can rest assured that no one outside of our company will be able to view your information.

The website uses the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which means that only Sex Toys India can decrypt your personal information.

We are committed to protecting your privacy, so we do not collect or store any of your account information.

We are committed to safety, including the security of your personal information, and we rigorously monitor our security to ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible.

If you don't want to pay by credit card, don't worry, we also accept COD.

Fast shipping/delivery, Discreet Packaging

Fast shipping/delivery, Discreet Packaging

At Sex Toys India, we take the privacy of our customers very seriously in our packaging so that they can shop with peace of mind.

No one but you will be able to identify that the package contains sex toy related products.

Your order will be shipped within two business days after we receive your payment.

The number of days it takes for delivery varies depending on the courier company, but express items will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days and other items within 10 to 15 business days.

We provide a tracking number or code to all our customers, both domestic and international

The tracking number or code will be provided immediately after shipment. This tracking system will allow you to track your items.

You can always keep track of what condition your purchase is in and how long it will take to reach your home.

Excellent quality of products

SexToysINDIA makes considerable efforts to ensure the quality of its products by purchasing carefully selected products and also making sex toys at our own factory.

This allows us to carefully hand-pick high quality products that meet our customers' needs from a massive number of items.

Naturally, all products are brand new and are carefully packed by our staff to prevent the contents of the boxes from getting dirty or damaged.

Customers who have used Sex Toys India have been satisfied with the quality of our products.

If I had tried to buy a fresh light at the head office, it would have cost me close to Rs10000, but at Sex Toys India, I was able to buy it at a low price of less than Rs4000. I was worried about the quality of the product because it was so cheap, but it gave me pleasure that I can't feel when I masturbate normally. The product was also packed carefully without any dirt or scratches.

Fleshlight Reviews

I've never had sex or masturbated before, so it was hard for me to insert it the first time. I've never had sex or masturbated before, so I had a hard time inserting it the first time.

Dildo Reviews

As you can see above, we take the best possible care of our products until they reach our customers. You can rest assured that there is no chance that the product is fake or that the product is broken when it arrives at your home.

Types of sex toys

Types of sex toys

We have compiled a list of popular sex toy categories in India by gender. Check out what types are available and try to find the right item for you.

There are some that can be used for sex with a partner while being used for personal masturbation.

It's a good idea to look for products while imagining which situations you can actually use them in.

Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

First, let's take a look at the popular sex toy categories for men.

*Click on categorys image to know more about it

  • Realistic vagina insertion feeling
  • Texture like a woman's skin
  • Many products in collaboration with porn stars
  • Increase the pleasure of masturbation
  • Pleasant sensation of penetration into the vagina
  • Lower price than Fleshlight
Sex Doll-category
  • Pseudo-sex with a woman
  • Masturbate while shaking your hips
  • You can play as you like

In addition to the above, there are many other sex toys for men. There are cock rings and penis sleeves that can increase the size of your penis and improve premature ejaculation.

This is especially good for men who have trouble ejaculating before the woman achieves orgasm during sex and are unable to fully satisfy their partner.

If you are curious about those items, please look below for other items for men.

To learn more about popular sex toys for men, click below!



Fleshlight is one of the most popular sex toys for men in India.

It comes in a hard case with a built-in sleeve, which allows you to feel a realistic vaginal insertion sensation with steady strokes.

The insertion port and internal structure are all made to replicate a woman's vagina. It is recommended for men who want to experience simulated sex with a woman.

There are also other Fleshlights that have collaborated with famous porn stars, allowing you to have simulated sex with beautiful women.

If you are looking for your favorite item among the many fleshlights, please look for it in the Fleshlights category.

Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

Although it is not well known, Fleshlights is another brand within this group of Male Masturbators.

Fleshlights spends a lot of money on production and advertising, and many of their products are over Rs10,000, but Male Masturbators has many items that are much less expensive and will enhance the quality of your masturbation.

The masturbators are designed for a variety of situations. Some are designed for blowjobs, some are designed to be placed on the wall or floor for doggy style or cowgirl position masturbation, and some have an anal opening.

You can find a wide variety of other products in the masturbator category. If you want to find your favorite masturbator, try looking for it below.

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

The sex doll is the same size as a woman, with a masturbator that reproduces a vagina and large breasts, so you can enjoy simulated sex.

You can masturbate while shaking your hips, which is not possible with the Fleshlight or masturbator.

It is highly recommended for men who want to enjoy simulated sex with a beautiful woman in an atmosphere similar to sex.

Air sex dolls allow you to enjoy masturbation with a feeling closer to sex at a lower price than Fleshlight.

Out Of Stock

There are also other real dolls that are made from realistic reproductions of humans, and dolls that are designed with one part of the doll, such as the buttocks or breasts.

If you are interested in other sex dolls, please click below.

Sex Toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women

Next, we will check out the sex toy category for women. The sex toys we will be discussing can be used for masturbation as well as for sex with a partner.

  • Provide vibrations to your sexual zones
  • Can achieve inside orgasm, outside orgasm
  • A wide variety
  • Ideal for inside orgasm
  • Penis insertion sensation
  • Masturbate with your favorite penis size
  • Clitoral and nipple stimulation
  • Easy to achieve orgasm
  • Strong vibration

There are many types of vibrators, including those that can be inserted into the vagina and those that stimulate the nipples, clitoris, and other sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina.

Dildos also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you buy a dildo that matches your partner's penis size, you can experience a more realistic pleasure.

You can also masturbate and enjoy the pleasure of real sex, and if you use it during sex, you can enjoy the feeling of three people having sex.

If you want to see a list of sex toys for women, please click below.

To learn more about popular sex toys for women, click below!



There are vibrators that are perfect for sending vibrations to the vaginal area and those that are perfect for stimulating the clitoris and nipples.

There are also vibrators that can stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, such as the Rabbit Vibrator.

It can provide vibrations that cannot be felt during normal masturbation or sex. Even women who have never had an orgasm before can achieve one.

Out Of Stock

If you are interested in other vibrators, you can find them below.



A dildo is a sex toy that is made to replicate a man's penis. The dildo is a realistic reproduction of a man's penis, including the shaft, rod and blood vessels, so you can enjoy the visual excitement.

The shape and hardness also resemble the real thing. You can also enjoy the realistic feeling of insertion and pressure during insertion. This is a good choice for those who want to experience the pleasure of sex with a man.

You can also practice sex. You can learn how to move your hips and experience blowjobs during sex. It is recommended that you choose a dildo that is close in size to your partner's penis.

There are also big size dildos for advanced users and dildos with vibration. If you are interested, please choose your favorite dildo below.



Massagers have a very strong vibration and are ideal for stimulating the vaginal area and nipples. You can achieve orgasms with intense vibrations that you can't feel with vibrators or dildos.

Some of them are so compact that they can fit in one hand, so you can masturbate with less stress on your arms and hands.

Having sex with a partner who stimulates you with Massagers is also very popular. This will increase the sensitivity of the woman, and her partner will be excited to see how you feel with the strong vibrations.

Out Of Stock

There are other Massagers that come in many shapes and designs. Some can provide stronger vibrations, others are rechargeable, and many more.

If you want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation or sex with Massagers, you can find them below.

Sextoys for Couple

Sextoys for Couple

We have reviewed the recommended sex toy categories for men and women. Next, we will check the recommended sex toys for couples.

Vibe Cock Rings
  • Male premature ejaculation improvement & penis enhancement
  • Stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time
Sex Lubricants
  • Always a smooth insertion feeling
  • Reduces pain during insertion
Remote Control Vibes
  • Remote stimulation
  • Can be used during sex or on the go

There are also BDSM products such as vibrators, massagers, eye masks, and chastity belts I mentioned earlier.

If you want to expand your sex play even further, please look for other sex toys for couples below.

To learn more about popular sex toys for Couple, click below!

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Cock Rings are beneficial for both men and women who have sex. Cock rings tighten the penis moderately, temporarily slowing down the blood flow and increasing the time until ejaculation.

Men can expect to improve their premature ejaculation and enjoy longer penetration of the vagina. Longer penetration will also help your partner achieve orgasm.

Vibrating Cock Rings have a vibrator attached to the ring so that the vibrations can be applied to the clitoris during insertion.

Women can also enjoy the pleasure of having their penis inserted and their clitoris stimulated at the same time.

Out Of Stock

There are many other Vibrating Cock Rings available in various designs and shapes. If you are interested, you can find vibrating cock rings below.

Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants are effective in smoothing the insertion during sex.

Some days, a woman may have difficulty getting her vagina wet due to her physical condition or fatigue, and if she tries to force herself into the vagina, she will not be able to feel pleasure.

If you carry one Sex Lubricants with you, you can enjoy sex with peace of mind. You will be able to concentrate on having sex without worrying about whether or not you can insert yourself due to lack of wetness.

There are many other types of Sex Lubricants, such as flavoured and silicone types. If you want to enhance the pleasure of penetration, you can find them below.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators allow you to provide vibrations by remote control.

It allows you to stimulate your partner at a distance, whereas before you could only stimulate him/her within arm's reach.

It can be used for sex at home, but can also be used on the go.

The Remote Control Vibrators can be placed in a woman's underwear so that she can walk around in public where she is not allowed to speak, and the man can stimulate her from a distance.

The person being stimulated will be tense, which increases the pleasure, and the person being stimulated will be excited to see the other person writhing in agony.

There are other items that can stimulate your partner from a far distance. If you would like to check out other Remote Control Vibrators, please click below.

Sex Toys for Gays

Sex Toys for Gays

There are also sex toys that are great for gay sex, anal sex, and anal play.

Butt Plugs
  • Anal dilation
  • Practice anal penetration
  • Anal masturbation
Anal Dildos and Tools
  • The pleasure of having a penis in your anus
  • Ideal for anal play
  • Achieve dry orgasms
Anal Vibrators
  • Provides vibration to the anus
  • Ideal for anal play
  • Achieve dry orgasms

A dry orgasm is a pleasurable sensation that can be obtained by stimulating the sexual organs in the anus, and the climax is much stronger than the pleasure of ejaculating by stimulating the penis.

In a dry orgasm, the pleasure of penile masturbation ejaculation lasts for a long time, and you do not suffer from post-ejaculation fatigue.

There are plenty of other items that can improve the quality of masturbation and sex. If you want to check out other gay items, click below.

To learn more about popular sex toys for gay, click below!

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

In order to have anal play, you first need to have your anus dilated.

Butt Plugs are a great way to expand your anus, and even beginners can do so gradually and without stress.

There are other vibrators and dildos that can be used for anal sex, but we recommend that you start with Butt Plugs.

Out Of Stock

There are many other Butt Plugs that are suitable for anal beginners. If you'd like to find out more about other butt plugs, you can find them below.

Anal Dildos and Tools

Anal Dildos and Tools

Anal dildos are also sex toys that can be inserted into the anus for stimulation. These dildos are made to look like a penis, so you can feel as if you are being penetrated by your partner.

There are plenty of items that can be used to stimulate anal sex, but these are highly recommended, especially for those who want to feel as if a penis is being inserted.

When you are able to expand your anus enough to insert two or three fingers, try using an anal dildo to stimulate your anus.

Out Of Stock

There are other items that allow you to enjoy the sensation of opening and closing your anus while stimulating the inside of your anus. If you are interested in anal dildos, you can find them below.

Anall Vibrator

Anall Vibrator

When you are able to insert one or two fingers into your anus, you can use an anal vibrator.

The Anall Vibrator can provide vibrations to the sexual zones in the anus, allowing you to achieve a dry orgasm.

It is designed to stimulate the exact point of anal pleasure, and with the small increments of stimulation that humans cannot create, your chances of achieving a dry orgasm are greatly increased.

There are also other types of anal vibrators that change the thickness of the body in stages, and there are also dildo-type anal vibrators. If you want to have a dry orgasm with an anal vibrator, you can find one below.

Sex Toys for Lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians

The best items for lesbians are as follows.

Double Ended Dildos
  • Can be inserted from both ends
  • Face-to-face sex
Strap on Dildos
  • Belt with dildo
  • Stimulate your partner while shaking your hips
Nipple specialty
  • Ideal for nipple stimulation
  • Achieve orgasm with nipples

With a two-headed dildo or strap-on, you can have sex that you could never have before.

In lesbian sex, you can also use vibrators and massagers to effectively achieve orgasm. There are tongue vibrators that can provide stimulation as if you were licking the vaginal area with your tongue.

Choose the sex toy that's right for you below.

To learn more about popular sex toys for Lesbians, click below!

Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos are dildos that can be inserted into the vagina from both ends.

The double ended dildos are designed to be inserted into the vagina from both ends. During lesbian sex, both partners can face each other and enjoy insertion at the same time.

This makes it easier to achieve inside orgasm, as you can see your partner feeling in front of you, which increases your excitement as you piston.

You can either face each other or put the dildo in each other in a doggy style position.

Out Of Stock

Strap on

Strap on

Strap on is an adult product that allows you to fix a pseudo-penis (dildo) to your waist.

With this item, you will be able to stimulate your partner while swinging your own hips.

This can provide a stimulation that has never been seen before in sex between women. You can stimulate your partner's vagina with intense pistons instead of just caressing her.

Out Of Stock

Some strap-ons come with a dildo attached from the start, while others allow you to change the dildo attached to the belt according to your ideal play and stimulation.

Find your favorite strap-on below and enjoy satisfying lesbian sex.

Nipple specialty

Nipple specialty

Nipple specialty is an item that can be adsorbed on the nipple to provide vibration. This item is especially recommended for people who are people who can easily achieve orgasm with their nipples

It comes with a cup to create a vacuum around the nipple and a controller to adjust the vibration.

By sending vibrations after absorbing it to the nipple, you can experience a stronger pleasure than by tweaking or licking with your fingers.

While stimulating your nipples with the Nipple specialty, you can also stimulate your vagina to make it easier to come inside. It is the perfect item to stimulate your partner.

Out Of Stock

There are many other types of nipple stimulation items that exist. If you want to provide your partner with more stimulation during female-to-male sex, choose the one that is right for you from the following.


We have introduced sex toys that are suitable for each gender. We have focused on the most popular categories, but there are many other items that we recommend in India.

In each category article, you can find sex toys that were not introduced in this article.

You may be able to find an item that will help you realize your ideal play, or a sex toy with a use you never imagined.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the pleasure of sex or masturbation in the future, please try looking for it above.