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[STIToys] Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml

Details such as notes and usage of Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml. Best Water-Based Lubes for Indians from SEXToys India.

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Product's Description

Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml is Sex Lubricants for multipurpose. It contains 100ML. It has High viscosity and feels really nice at every use. It is made by water so we can say it is water-based-lubricant.

The main ingredient of this lube is water so there is no side effect on your genitals. Any gender can use this sex lubricant for sexual activity or solo masturbation for taking real feel of self pleasure and satisfaction.

This lubricants can give you rough penetration with its high viscosity. Also used by every type of couple for sex just like lesbians, gay etc. This sex lubricants are beneficial for anal sexual activity because it can give you pain free enjoyment.

You can use this sex lubricant with any sex toy or Male masturbator such as handheld masturbator, fleshlight, penis sleeves, and sex doll also.

The packing of this lubricant is also a plus point for sex lovers so if you want to change your sexual life then use it. We can say, both of you feel awesome with this lube during any sexual enjoyment.

It contains many sizes according to the customers preference It has medium sizes also like Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 30ml, Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 30ml,Nururun Lube - ぬるるん Smooth type - 30ml. It will last you for long because it is water based. , etc.

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Characteristics of [STIToys] Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml

Lubricant Type Water-based Lubricant
Object Multipurpose
Volume 100ml
Viscosity High

Details of [STIToys] Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml

High viscosity, hard to dry.
Good for applying to the penis and masturbating.
It works great with Anal toy!
Also available in 30ml bottles.


Wash off immediately if you feel any irritation
Check the expiry date before use
Do not drink
If you feel any abnormality, stop useing
Do not store under direct sunlight
Store in a dark and well-ventilated place
Only use in intended ways
Read the insturctions carefully before use

SEXToys India's Views


I really enjoyment with this lubes as well as my partner also feel awesome. I feel awesome with this sex lubricant. High viscosity gives you a lot of pleasure during masturbation or sexual enjoyment. I like it very much.

STI Girl

There is no side effect from this. I feel happier with this sex lubricant. I can easily remove it because it is made by water based sex lubricant. Wonderful feeling, awesome sex lubricant with high viscosity.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2023-07-31
This lube is good, but it's not my favorite. The high viscosity is a nice change, but it's a bit too thick for my liking. It does make sex more comfortable, so it's worth trying if you're curious.
Reviewed: 2023-07-27
This high viscosity lube is decent, but not my top choice. It works well for both vaginal and anal play, but it's a bit thicker than I prefer. It does make sex more enjoyable, though, so give it a shot if you're continuation, especially if you need some extra lubrication.
Reviewed: 2023-07-10
I was hesitant to try a high viscosity lube, but this one is fantastic. It makes sex more enjoyable and comfortable, even with a partner who struggles with natural lubrication. Easy to clean up, too. I won't be without it now!
Reviewed: 2023-06-19
This high viscosity lube is amazing! It makes sex so much more pleasurable and smooth. It works great for both vaginal and anal play, and cleanup is a breeze. Highly recommended!
Reviewed: 2023-01-25
I like it because it is very comfortable to use and there is a lot of it. I like anal masturbation and I always have Sex Lubricant on hand, but the one I used to use was not for anal use. I will use this Sex Lubricant from now on.
Reviewed: 2023-01-12
Nururun Lube High Viscosity Type 100ml High type lubricant I ordered this for myself and my husband It comes in a big bottle It felt greasy even after a little application Just a little sis with it It would have been better if you had kept extra.
Reviewed: 2022-12-30
High viscosity Nururun Lube is a good quality sex lube and like a natural precum, But this price was expensive for me. And the quality was also not enough for me.
Reviewed: 2022-12-02
It is a very good anal Sex Lubricant. I used to need a lot of Sex Lubricant when I did anal play, but with this I use less. If you like anal play, you should definitely try it.
Reviewed: 2022-11-16
Nururun Lube High Viscosity Type 100ml A New Lubricant I Ordered For Myself And High Quality It Can Be Used By Rubbing A Little On Your Penis Or Sex Toys. The price was also good. Will order a big pack if have it there.
Reviewed: 2022-11-03
100ml Nururun Lube High viscosity is the best sex lubricant forever. It is recommended for anal masturbation or sex. Easy to use and remove also. I love it.
Reviewed: 2022-06-14
High viscosity type Lube is a good sex lube, but this size is too small for this price. And it did not enough for 1 month. Will order a big size.
Reviewed: 2022-05-01
High viscosity type Lube is the best lube in my opinion. Really it's awesome. It gives me a real precum feeling. I use it always during our sex time. It is also easy to remove.
Reviewed: 2022-04-19
It's one drop is enough for my one-time play, and I can get a natural feel like pre-cum from this lube. I use it every time on my play. Recommended for all.
Reviewed: 2022-03-27
It is a little too viscous and seems to have lost friction and decreased the pleasure. The pain during insertion was reduced, but the pleasure was also reduced. I would like to use the smooth type next time.
Reviewed: 2021-12-03
Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml is a high viscosity lubes for me. . I used with masturbation sex toys. I really enjoyed with this lube. This is a give way problem dryness of vagina and anal.
Reviewed: 2021-11-24
The highly viscous lotion made the insertion of my penis smoother. My partner's vagina is difficult to wet, so this item will be a must have. It also increases pleasure and is full of benefits for both of us.
Reviewed: 2021-10-14
Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml is avaiable in 100 ml. This one is my favourite lubricant. I recommended this to all my female friends but I suggest to use all during the penetration and masturbation too. And this is also good for my skin.
Reviewed: 2021-10-09
It was very viscous, and I enjoyed the completely different feel from regular Sex Lubricant. However, I use it less often than regular Sex Lubricant. I found out yesterday that there is a way to dilute it with water. I wish I had known about it earlier.
Reviewed: 2021-09-01
It's so good! I have a masturbator, but with the regular sex lubricant, it was too stimulating and I ejaculated too soon. I have a masturbator, but the regular sex lubricant was too stimulating and made me ejaculate quickly.

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