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📷Just Fit Design Ssize

Best Just fit extra small condoms. Cheap small size condoms, lubricated condoms, big condoms.

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Product's Description

Just Fit Design S is a small condom made of rubber latex. This condom is used during the sexual activity to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, HPV etc. It is a type of small condoms, so it also called snug-fit. Just fit tight condoms are available in different size. You can select according to your choice. Just Fit Design S condom is tight fit condom. It fit perfectly and do not fall easily. It is very soft and silky and motivate for the sex and provides better sexual experience. It is recommended for those who are worried about dropping with normal size. You can insert easily by placing a lot of jelly-like lubricants.

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Characteristics of 📷Just Fit Design Ssize

Material Latex
Length × Diameter 33mm
Thickness Regular
Weight -
Color Pink
Contents 12 pieces
Package 75mm × 25mm × 135mm

Details of 📷Just Fit Design Ssize


This condom is not reusable. Each time you have to use a new condom. Never use the wrong size and way. After use, do not flush the condom to the toilet. Do not touch the condom with a sharp object like teeth, blade, scissors etc. Check the condoms expiration date before use. Keep it in a cool and dry place. If you feel any types of irritation or abnormality then immediately stop using it. Read the instruction manual carefully before use.

SEXToys India's Views

Just Fit Design S is a rubber latex condoms used during the sexual activity to prevent from sexually transmitted diseases. Just Fit Design S condoms are recommended for those people who like tightening tight.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2020-09-14
This "just fit condom" just fits perfectly on my penis. I don't need to keep looking for a perfect condom anymore.
Reviewed: 2020-08-17
Although penis had troubled to not find a condom that fits smaller than people, this is perfect. Because it can be a thin, it does not feel uncomfortable. Since
a little not want to buy in the shop, the also happy can be purchased on the net. The Buy.
Reviewed: 2020-05-09
I think it's good. But, sad to think myself that it is S size. Smell of rubber is worrisome.
Reviewed: 2020-01-31
Best Just fit extra small condoms. Cheap small size condoms, lubricated condoms, big condoms, and my pleasure increase after the use, this is best condom for me.
Reviewed: 2020-01-14
Just Fit Design S is a small condom made of rubber latex. This condom is used during the sexual activity to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, HPV etc. so it is best condom for everyone.
Reviewed: 2020-01-02
Good condom. Slightly tight but feels close to not having anything. The lube is already applied, so no need to apply the extra lube. I think this condom is best for the small guy but not for me.
Reviewed: 2019-12-10
Always thought I was ‘average’, but finally I found this condom. The quality of the condom is just WOW. This condom really fit nice and tight and does not fall off during the play. Honestly, I am fully satisfied with this condom. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2019-11-10
my penis is small. and these condoms are small. when i wear these condoms. then these are fit on my penis. and produce the very much pleasure.
Reviewed: 2019-10-31
these small condoms are provide me very much pleasure of sex. because thesea are fitted o my penis properlly.
rahul munjaal
Reviewed: 2019-10-08
मुझे लुब्रिकेंट कंडोम ही चाहिए था और मुझे इस कंपनी से वैसा ही कंडोम मिला मेरी ये इच्छा थी की मे चिकनाहट के साथ मेरी दोस्त को खुश करू मैंने वैसा ही पाया और इस कंडोम को उपयोग मे लेकर मेरी दोस्त को बहुत ही आनंद प्रतीत कराया | लेकिन यह मुझे एक दिन मे चाहिए था और ऐसा नहीं हुआ यह मुझे 3 दिन बाद मिला जिससे मुझे थोड़ी समस्या हुई |
Reviewed: 2019-10-02
These are pretty good, it does have a nice feel to them. Its size is just perfect for me. This condom does not have any rubber smell so my partner love it. In future also we will purchase this condom. So, we request you to make it available. Your service is also excellent. Really happy with the purchase.
Reviewed: 2019-09-16
Very good product and natural feeling...My wife is a bit sensitive to rubber but these condoms didn't give her that feeling rubber usually gives her.. So we both are very happy with our purchase and enjoy our time.
Reviewed: 2019-09-09
this is the very good condom for me. this condom is totally fit on my penis . now i am don't worry . becasue its cover the penis very tightly. so i like this condom.
kamal vijaya
Reviewed: 2019-08-19
इस कंडोम का आकार देखकर मुझे थोडा अलग फील हुआ क्योकि मुझे ऐसा लगा की यह मेरे लिंग पर फिट नहीं आएगा लेकिन जब मैंने इसको अपने लिंग पर पहना तो यह बहुत ही बढ़िया तरीके से फिट आ गया अत मैं इस कंडोम को बहुत ही सही मानने लग गया हु |
Reviewed: 2019-08-05
Perfect condom for me. But it little experience but its okay. It is best condom ever for me. It does not tear and fall down during sex. My wife is also so happy with safest sex. I would like to more.
Reviewed: 2019-07-30
condom of the my partner are break in the sex time. but now the use of this condom i am no worry about any problems. because this condom is very reliable.
Reviewed: 2019-07-24
It was difficult to brought small condom for me from the pharmacy shop. I feel embarrassment. So I choose to good with online. I found this condom. It seems me perfect and it was perfect for me. Now I prefer to good with you only. Delivery was also quick.
Reviewed: 2019-06-26
यह वास्तव में लंबे समय तक चला है यह पूरी तरह से मेरे फिट हो जाता है में इसे प्राप्त कर बहुत खुश हूँ ।।।
Reviewed: 2019-05-24
sextoys-india।shop द्वारा बहुत तेजी भेजा गया मुझे दो दिन प्राप्त हो गया और फिर उत्पाद बहुत अच्छा है। यह मेरे लिंग में एकदम फिट रहा यह अन्य कंडोम के तरह बहार नहीं निकला मुझे और मेरी पत्नी को बहुत अच्छा लगा और मजा आ रहा ****
Reviewed: 2019-04-22
The size was just right for me to feel tight. I used this condom with my girlfriend. We both are happy with this condom. I want to continue using this condom from now on.
Reviewed: 2019-03-27
This lubricated condom Best condoms by far I've used. My boyfriend really enjoyed these and it was great pleasure for him as well as me. Unlike condoms I've found way too lubed up, but these have the right amount and didn't irritate. It was close to skin to skin contact, which is just what I want. I've tried a number of condoms and I generally don't mind the feel of them but I wanted to give this a try after reading the reviews! I am glad I did. The package came in the usual brown unmarked packaging but I knew what it was.
Reviewed: 2019-03-26
Sometimes I feel sad because my size id S. Thanks to Just Fit Design S. I brought the small size condom. This condom is clearly easy to install than the other. I think that the thickness and durablity are normal. I used this condom with my partner. It was a great pleasure for me and my partner.
Reviewed: 2019-02-19
its good n fitting for mine!!
Reviewed: 2019-02-19
Just Fit Design S size condom can't say that you won't even notice its presence. But it is the thinnest I've seen till date. Fit it properly and you might as well forget that it is still on, Lubrication and testing standard as usual. It is very good product. It is one packet has 12 pieces. I recommend this condom to all my user friends. The latex material is also good.

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