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[Set] Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml S, N, H

Details such as notes and usage of [Set] Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml S, N, H. Best Set and Sale product for Indian from SEXToys India.

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STI Point:19pt Check Detail
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Product's Description

[Set] Nururun Lube - Nururun - 100ml S, N, H is a set of three of STI's most popular Sex Lubricants, recommended for those who already have a sex toy or have a current partner, as they can enjoy the difference in viscosity of the Sex Lubricant.

Nururun Lube is STI's best-selling Sex Lubricant, and it is made of body-friendly ingredients that are very safe. It can also be easily washed off in the shower, making it easy to dispose of after use.

The smooth type works well with Fleshlight and Masturbator, making it easier to feel the internal details compared to the more viscous Sex Lubricant. It can also be used as a lubricant for women who have difficulty wetting themselves.

The normal type has an average viscosity and is used for sex toys such as dildo and vibrator as well as for the purpose of adding variety to sex. It can be used for a variety of purposes, so it will be used most frequently.

The hard type has a higher viscosity than the others. Since it does not dry out easily, it is suitable as a lubricant for anal play. You can use it as it is, or dilute it with hot water to use it as a warm lube.

If you want to try a small amount first, buy [Set] Nururun Lube - Nururun - 30ml S, N, H.

Characteristics of [Set] Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml S, N, H

Set Product Nururun Lube - ぬるるん Smooth type - 100ml
Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml
Nururun Lube - ぬるるん High viscosity type - 100ml
Total Weight 300g

Details of [Set] Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml S, N, H


Wash off immediately if you feel any irritation
Check the expiry date before use
Do not drink
If you feel any abnormality, stop useing
Do not store under direct sunlight
Store in a dark and well-ventilated place
Only use in intended ways
Read the insturctions carefully before use

SEXToys India's Views


Sex Lubricant has a completely different feel when the viscosity changes. This set is perfect for enjoying the difference.

STI Girl

This set of Sex Lubricant is available in three different viscosities and at a low price of Rs998 for 300ml.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2023-07-20
sex lubricant, and it is made from body-friendly ingredients that are very safe. It can be easily washed off in the shower, making it easy to dispose of after use. You can use different types of sex lubricants depending on the kind of play you want to do and the sex lubricant you enjoy the most. I am quite happy with the lubricant
Reviewed: 2023-06-01
[Set] Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml S, N, H This lubricant creates perfect lubrication and if you use any sex toys, you can use this lubricant by applying it on it Smooth lubricant Which melts well, normal lubricant gives you smoothness like water and if you use high lubricant, then even one or two drops of it can work. can use for themselves
Reviewed: 2023-02-11
Nururun Lube- 100ml S, N, H it is water-based, it can be used by people with sensitive skin as well. That’s not all, even if it falls on your clothes or sheets, it can be wiped off without any difficulty. In fact, it’s going to be more fun for you and your partner.
Reviewed: 2023-01-14
This lube is great it is long-lasting and my wife is very happy with it cures dryness by applying it on the penis it goes inside easily. Easy to use and remove also.
Reviewed: 2022-05-01
Nururun Lube - 100ml S, N, H set is a grand set order for all masturbationers. We can use different sex lube as my different mode. I love these all.. Price is too cheap as this quality.
Reviewed: 2022-02-27
I was not sure whether to buy a set or individual products. At first, I didn't know which viscosity would work best for me, but I think I'll buy the individual products in the future.
Reviewed: 2022-02-03
यह चिपचिपा नहीं है। मेरी राय में यह स्टोर से खरीदे गए स्नेहन से बेहतर है, यह पानी जैसा महसूस नहीं होता है और यह प्यार के साथ एक और मजेदार बनाता है।
Reviewed: 2021-12-09
इस उत्पाद में कुछ भी गलत नहीं है! अन्य सभी स्नेहक मुझे वास्तव में खराब जलाते हैं और मेरे लिए सेक्स को बहुत असहज करते हैं। मुझे थोड़ा संदेह हुआ क्योंकि हमें ऐसा ल्यूब नहीं मिला जिससे मुझे समस्या न हो। यह सामान अद्भुत है !!! यह मुझे जलाता नहीं है। यह पहली बार में बहुत पानी जैसा लगता है लेकिन एक अच्छे स्लीक जेल की तरह बदल जाता है। साथ ही, पैकेजिंग इतनी अच्छी है कि इसे देखकर आप सोच भी नहीं सकते कि यह ल्यूब हो सकता है।
Reviewed: 2021-11-17
You can experience different viscosities of sex lubricant. You can use different types of sex lubricant depending on the kind of play you want to do, and sex lubricant will give you more pleasure.
Reviewed: 2021-10-29
I was very happy to be able to try three different types of Sex Lubricant. I learned for the first time that each Lubricant has its proper use. The Hard Lubricant is the only one that keeps running out for me. I should have bought the 30ml set first.
Reviewed: 2021-10-11
I use Sex Lubricant so often that it runs out quickly, so this set was a great help. Moreover, the viscosity is totally different, so it's fun to use different types. I wish they'd release a larger capacity type, over 100ml!

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