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📷Metal anal plug C

Details such as notes and usage of Metal anal plug C. Best Butt Plugsfor Indians from SEXToys India.

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Product's Description

Product Introduction

This is a metal anal plug for beginners. The tip is thin and gradually becomes thicker. You can extend your anus and masturbate at your own pace.

Since it is made of metal, the surface is very hard and you can enjoy a good opening and closing sensation during insertion. The surface is smooth and can be easily inserted by beginners using sex lubricant.

The degree of penetration can be adjusted according to the level of anal dilatation. You can slowly expand your anus at your own pace.

It also has a handle on the bottom so that you can pull it back even when you have inserted it deep.

In addition to the gorgeous feeling peculiar to metal, the shiny stone embedded in the bottom gives it an even more luxurious feel.

Since metal changes temperature easily, you can enjoy anal masturbation while feeling cool or warm depending on your mood.

If you want to enjoy a stronger anal opening and closing sensation, we recommend the Stainless steel crystal anal plug S-size or the Stainless steel ribbed crystal anal plug S-size. You can leave it in your anal cavity for a long time.

[Different sizes]

Size and shape differ for each.

[Silicon plug series]

Made of soft silicone, popular with beginners

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Characteristics of 📷Metal anal plug C

Material Stainless steel
Length × Diameter 3.7 × 1.2 inches
(9.5 × 3 cm)
Insertion Length 3.5 inches (9 cm)
Weight 94g
Color Jewell : Clear Transparent
Vibration No

Details of 📷Metal anal plug C


Always clean before and after use
Use of Sex Lubricant and Condoms is recommended
Insert slowly
Avoid rough use
If you feel pain, stop using it
Do not share with anyone
Keep out of direct sunlight
Do not store together with toys made of other materials

SEXToys India's Views


There are not only metal but also silicone anal plugs.

STI Girl

Anal plugs are easy to insert if you use sex lubricant.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2023-07-21
Metal Jeweled Anal Plug C I love this plug. It's perfect for any beginner. I also use it to build up my larger plugs. I am also very sensitive to metals and have never had a problem. I want to try more anal plugs
Reviewed: 2023-07-19
Late delivery. I was waiting for it for so long.
Reviewed: 2023-07-14
I never knew we could get this kind of quality in India. This definitely looks like imported.
Reviewed: 2023-07-06
Metal Jeweled anal plug C This product was recommended to me by my friend so I wanted to buy it and I ordered it I liked it very much it has a jewelry design at the end I liked using it and I would suggest this plug to anyone. It goes in easy and feels great.
Reviewed: 2023-07-04
Great plug for beginners. It goes inside so easily with lubricant. My partner likes it so much.
Reviewed: 2023-03-02
I can't leave it inserted, so that's a bummer. I wanted to experience the pleasure of prolonged dilation, but that is not possible. I would recommend this item especially for anal beginners!
Reviewed: 2023-02-11
This anal plug is ideal even for anal beginners. It can provide the pleasurable sensation that only metal can provide. The thin tip allows for safe insertion, and it can be stopped immediately if you feel any discomfort.
Reviewed: 2022-12-09
I have always wanted to try a metal butt plug. It fits securely in the anus. However, it takes courage to use it for the first time. I was sore at first and it took me about 10 minutes to insert it.
Reviewed: 2022-11-21
It was smooth to the touch and inserted smoothly. It did not feel too thick, probably due to its gradually thickening shape. I think even beginners can use it easily. I recommend it.
Reviewed: 2022-06-01
Good product. The surface is smooth, not bumpy, and very beautiful. I am satisfied with the functionality of the product as it hooks tightly and is hard to pull out.
Reviewed: 2022-06-01
It is easy to use even for the first time. The curve over the base is gentle, so I didn't feel much pain. The metal's hinny texture is also a nice touch.
Reviewed: 2022-04-13
I had a pleasant anal masturbation session. The hardness unique to metal enhances the pleasure. When I first inserted it without using the sex lubricant, it was very painful.
Reviewed: 2022-03-14
Even as a beginner I was able to insert it easily. I thought it would hurt more. Anal masturbation is great, it feels even better than I thought it would.

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