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📷[STIToys] Strapon penis belt 4.3in Xs-size

Details such as notes and usage of Strapon penis belt 4.3in Xs-size. Best Strap on(Harness) Dildos for Indians from SEXToys India.

STI Point:35pt Check Detail
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Product's Description

Product Introduction

This is a strap on dildo with XXX Indian Dick Man 4 [XS-size]. You can enjoy inserting it into your partner who is new to sex. Recommended for lesbian couples and gay couples.

The small size of the dildo makes it ideal for stimulating partners who are not used to vaginal or anal penetration.

It can be used by men to stimulate women and by women to stimulate men. It is also popular for lesbian and gay sex.

The design and texture of the dildo is similar to that of a real penis, giving you a realistic penetration sensation.

The belt around the waist can be adjusted in length so that it fits all body types and doesn't slip off the waist.

The dildo is fixed with a sturdy ring. The ring is also strongly fixed with a 4-point clamping system, so that it can withstand even the most vigorous bucking.

If you want a strap-on with a larger dildo, we recommend the Strapon penis belt 6.5in M-size or the Strapon penis belt 7.5in L-size.

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Characteristics of 📷[STIToys] Strapon penis belt 4.3in Xs-size

Material Silicone
Length × Diameter 4.3 × 1.3 inches
(11 × 3.2 cm)
Insertion Length 3.7 inches (9.5 cm)
Weight 205 g
Color Skin
Waterproof Yes (Dildo)
Vibration Speed & functions No

Details of 📷[STIToys] Strapon penis belt 4.3in Xs-size


Always clean before and after use *Check Dildo Maintenance
Use of Sex Lubricant and Condoms is recommended when using
Discard if damaged or destroyed
Avoid rough use
If you feel pain, stop using it
Do not share with anyone
Keep out of direct sunlight
Do not store together with toys made of other materials

SEXToys India's Views

STI Girl

It can make a woman feel good while shaking her hips. The small size of the dildo makes it suitable for women who are not used to penetration.


Can be used for anal sex. Due to its small size, it can be used to stimulate the man's anus.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2023-07-25
[STIToys] Strapon Penis Belt 4.3in Xs-Size It also comes with a belt, wearing it I inserted the dildo 👌 into my partner's anus, then he got excited, and then I started having fast sex😜 with him Then with the help of this belt and dildo, I put it in her vagina and in her mouth, so that my partner and I reached the climax of sex 😮 Then after using it, we cleaned it thoroughly with water and Kept it in a secret place whenever we have sex 💦 Happy to use it Will order bigger size next time
Reviewed: 2023-07-05
Strapon Penis Belt 4.3in Xs-Size I just searched this belt once on the net and I was looking for a product like this because I am a lesbian😎 so I love having sex with my partner so then I ordered this online, this is a small dildo and it also comes with a belt, wearing it, I put the dildo in my partner's anus, then he started getting excited, and then I started having sex with him faster, then with the help of this belt and dildo I put it in her vagina and in her mouth, so me and my partner could reach the climax of sex 😮 Then after using it, we cleaned it well with water and kept it in the secret station whenever we have to have sex 💦 use this toy
Reviewed: 2023-02-19
Dildo is secure and does not come off easily. I have used it several times now since I purchased it and have never felt inconvenienced. It is good.
Reviewed: 2023-01-12
This is the first time I bought something called Strap on dildo and it is very interesting. I think I understand a little bit how men feel. It's exciting to see a man feel good when I shake my hips.
Reviewed: 2022-12-08
Very easy to use. The dildo was the perfect size for anal use. It seems a little small for vaginal insertion. It seems to be replaceable, so I will consider buying the Dildo by itself next time.
Reviewed: 2022-11-13
Dildo is firmly in place and does not move. The pad against my stomach is soft and does not itch. It is very comfortable and I never felt frustrated using it. The quality of the dildo is good and I am very satisfied.
Reviewed: 2022-09-03
Stable insertion. I am satisfied with the low price. My partner was also pleased.
Reviewed: 2022-08-10
I think it is ideal for anal sex. The length of the belt is also adjustable. You can always keep a large penis.
Reviewed: 2022-06-11
STIToys Strapon penis belt Xs is a good product as this price and silicone quality, But this size is too short for my pussy. Will order another one.
Reviewed: 2022-05-13
STIToys Strapon penis belt Xs is the best toy for us. Yes we are a lesbian couple and we always trying different types of toys, But this one is the best in our opinion. Recommend for all..
Reviewed: 2022-02-16
It can make them feel good, but it is very embarrassing to wear it. I hope to get used to it gradually!
Reviewed: 2022-01-28
It is best used for sex between women. It stays in place and doesn't shift when you swing your hips. It's a great way to make your partner cum.
Reviewed: 2022-01-07
I enjoyed the anal sex. It can also be used to stimulate a man's anus. I was excited to find a new way to stimulate my husband.

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