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Fairy Vibrater

Best Magic Wand Fairy Vibrators online. Cheap price women's Vibration mastrubator for Indian kinky girls.

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Product's Description

The Fairy Vibrator has a smooth power control. This vibrator is designed with a built-in cooling ventilation system. The Fairy collection is an additional powerful wall vibrator with a very softly head and a built-in cooling setup for carefree happiness. The Fairy Vibrator falls under the category wall vibrators. A Fairy Vibrator is a massage tool which is also suitable for special stimulation. The Fairy Vibrators have a microphone like focus and deliver powerful, deep vibrations. Fairy Vibrators are additional powerful and best for intimate massages. The wall vibrator has infinitely adjustable vibration modes that are controlled by the knob on the handle. The Fairy Vibrator has a rotation of 12500 rpm Indulge yourself with this delicious Fairy Vibrator Massage Wand. The Fairy Vibrator has better for an intense massage. The Fairy Vibrator can be used inside and outside the clitoris, vagina and anus simulation. The Fairy Vibrator is a silicone attachment. This admits the vibrator can continue frequently after overheating. Fairy Vibrator is also smaller hot and he remains very happiness to use, like when the massager more in sequence vibrates at the highest setting. The head of this model is made of comfortable silicone that feeling very better on the skin. In addition, the Fairy wall vibrator is more powerful than most wall vibrators. The handle is outfitted with an especial anti-slip coating still that the vibrator continually stays firmly in the hand. The additional-long cord 2.5 meters support ample freedom of feeling movement.

Characteristics of Fairy Vibrater

Material Plastic
Length × Head Diameter 345mm × 55mm
Weight 558g
Color White and Pink
Power Type Plugin(Japanese plug)
Plug Type AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
Controller Type Built in - scroll wheel
Waterproof No
Vibration Speed & functions Adjustable Multiple speeds
Package 65 mm × 60 mm × 335 mm

How to Use Fairy Vibrater

Make sure the plug of the magic wand is inserted correctly and confirm that there is work properly.
Adjust the speed of vibration to multiple speeds with the slide of the scroll wheel controller.
The neck of Magic Wand is so flexible that it can be applied to various places to stimulate.


Please plug firmly into the outlet. Please check the operation (Japanese plug) Start with the slow process, not get overexcited. First clean vibrator, before use. If feels discomfort, use some lubricant, Place at a dry place, for better use. Please make sure that you put the plug firmly in the outlet before turning on the power. Please do not use for a long time. If it gets hot, please discontinue use and cool down.


Fairy Vibrator is important to get satisfied happiness in your love life.This toy is the most famous massager vibrator in Japan. In Japan, women are popular as a handy masturbation tool. It is an enormous experience. Lubricant allows you and your partner's better variety stimulation on the contraception. It is a fantastic product.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-02-19
Speaking of Magic Wand is HITACHI. But I chose this Fairy Vibrater. As a result of various investigations, I learned that this is popular in Japan in recent years. Although it understood after actually trying it, it is very easy to use and very GOOD because it has fine vibration and neck flexibility. I think that quality is also no problem. Japanese toys are wonderful.
Reviewed: 2019-02-19
I was a little weary of the larger size because this be my first wand. I used this fairy vibrator for external stimulation. This vibrator provides me the powerful vibration function and it's nice not having to worry about batteries. It's made with the good quality material, and very cute. It worked as well as I was hoping it would. It is a great device! and I think that it is a perfect valentine day gift for my partner!

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