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New Product Sex Toys List

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📷Piston Master VAGINA TYPE

Piston Master VAGINA TYPE can give you real stimulation with bottom suction cup and soft material.

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STI Point:85pt Check Detail
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Product's Description

[Check Available Similar toys]

Piston master vagina type (male masturbator) is a hands-free male sex toy. As its name suggest, it is structured in the vagina shape from entrance to the deep inside. This pussy toy with suction cup is a revolutionary convenient toy that will dramatically change the masturbation position for men.

It is basically a sex toy for men. Male can use for masturbation to resemble the sex feel by moving their waist. Piston master vagina type sex toy design in such way that it is looks like vagina shape. Piston master has many textures like dots, lines and various rigid bumps under the vagina mouth; it gives you more pleasure and sensation. The texture provides a realistic feeling of vagina. The vagina hole looks like a real vagina.

Piston master vagina type is made with skin safe material. This is also waterproof. So people can use it after wash it.

Sex like waist swing movement is key advantage of this product. It has strong suction base that can attach to the door, wall, and chair or wherever you want. To attach it’s suction base strongly, first decided your place, then lever up and suck it with pressure. Now put lever down. Men also need to screw the penetrative part to the suction base. It is adjustable, you can adjust the angle of penetration up to 180 degree. It has two screw, one for screw the penetrative part to suction base and another one to fix the angle in any of direction.

Piston Master is also available in other orifice like anus and mouth. If you want two in one types, then can go with the Piston Master Anal & Vagina Type. If you are interested and want Lips types in this suction base for blowjob, then Piston Master Lips Type.

If you are afraid to try suction based masturbator for the first time, then various simple masturbator we have. It is good for you to try Virgin Loop, Banji,etc.

[Piston Master Series ]

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

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Characteristics of 📷Piston Master VAGINA TYPE

Material Inside - soft real material
Length 10.7 inches (27.3 cm)
Weight 508 g
Color Black and Skin
Repeat Use Yes
Penetrating No
Waterproof Yes
Accessories Trial Lubricat, Sucker cup
Package 27 × 8.7 × 8.4 cm

Details of 📷Piston Master VAGINA TYPE

t can be adjusted at a desired angle stably by the suction cup
The mouth entrance is same like vagina entrance. you can see rigid texture from outside.
The internal rigid texture that will give pleasure on penis from all direction.
Usage example. It has a flat surface, It will stick anywhere.


Always clean before and after use *Check Masturbator Maintenance
After washing, dry inside out
Read instructions carefully before use
Use of sex lubricant and Condom is recommended
Applying babypower when storing will prevent bleed
It is ideal to store in dry and dark place
If you feel any discomfort, stop immediately
Do not share with others
Store separately from other toys

SEXToys India's Views


It can be fixed to the wall or floor by a powerful suction cup.
This means that with this Piston Master VAGINA TYPE, you can enjoy pseudo sex in many different positions.


This is a wonderful masturbator that allows you to experience simulated sex. If you are a man who has never experienced sex before, this is a great way to learn how to make thrusting movements.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2022-03-24
The material was soft and realistic experience. I wanted to use it quickly but it took a long time to deliver.
Reviewed: 2022-01-24
With suction cups, you can enjoy masturbation in various positions. Personally, the back position feels good.
Reviewed: 2021-07-30
इसमें मजबूत सक्शन बेस है जो दरवाजे, दीवार, और कुर्सी या जहां भी आप चाहें संलग्न कर सकते हैं।
Reviewed: 2021-07-02
One of the best products of my life. Its internal sleeve is very soft and smooth which gives me the unique pleasure. This product is just perfect for hand free masturbation session. I like it very much. Your service is also good. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2021-06-15
An excellent and pleasurable product. This is my first time buying anything like this, so I did not know what to expect. I had fun using it thought. It provides the real feeling. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2021-06-09
Love the comfort of soft real material and it makes insertion easier. There is no headache to wash it carefully. Its all part is waterproof. It gives me hand free masturbator felling. This product is amazing.
Reviewed: 2021-05-18
I had used many masturbator toys but this one is really amazing. I had never used any product like this. It has enough strong stand so I don’t need to hold it with hands. I had tried this masturbator toy for different sex position and it gives me very pleasant pleasure. Must try it.
Reviewed: 2021-05-06
the Piston master vagina my best masturbtaror sex toy. this is hand free sex toy is the best for me because this is comes with section cup so i can set this any stayle. its textures like dots, lines and various rigid bumps under the vagina mouth; it gives me more pleasure.
Reviewed: 2021-04-20
यह अधिक आनंद और अनुभूति देता है। बनावट योनि की एक यथार्थवादी भावना प्रदान करती है। बहुत ही बढ़िया आनंद आता है में इसे अपने साथ सफर पर भी ले जाता हु|
Reviewed: 2021-04-15
the Piston master vagina is the best masturbation sex toy for me becuise this is hand free. its touch very soft and smooth due to i always excited and enjoy the masturbation. i like this.
Reviewed: 2021-04-07
Overall good toy. I ordered the vagina one but instead of the vagina, I received the lip one. I talk to customer care and they told me that they will again send the vaginal one. So, feeling a little disappointed because I have to again wait for some days.
Reviewed: 2021-03-29
WOW...this toy is amazing. I like it very much. It has also a stand so no need to hold it with hands. Its material and inside structure is super. Honestly, I feel like a real thing. Thank you very much.
Reviewed: 2021-03-11
This masturbator has given me a very pleasurable masturbation experience. The Masturbator can be used in the same way as the regular Masturbator, but it is also great for masturbating with the suction cups and swinging your hips. the Masturbator allows you to experience both masturbation and sex.
Reviewed: 2021-02-10
I bought this product because I thought it would be revolutionary to be able to masturbate while wearing it on various parts of my body. The tightness was great, and I could feel as if I were inserting it into a real pussy. I've tried a lot of masturbators, but I think this one is the most sensitive.
Reviewed: 2020-12-22
Mouth type of this product had, but since very good type is wanted different, I bought a vagina type. Impression of the more mouth type it did not, but it is still good products. Since I am the type that you want to masturbation in a hands-free, is perfect. Fun that can be adsorbed to various locations.
Reviewed: 2020-11-16
I bought because it was looking for masturbators of hands-free. You will feel you have sex with a real woman. Material will also be greeted as soon as the climax, but it was not good enough just packaging. Perfect after.
Reviewed: 2020-11-04
If you want to penetrate and thrust your penis as much as you want like having real sex, this masturbator can make your dream come true. The suction part is strong enough that you can hump your hips as strong as you like.
Reviewed: 2020-09-13
Convenient to the extent that it will not be considered anymore this without Masturbation, is close to a real genitals. Except for one thing regrettable is, you leak too with a lotion. However, the use feeling if you stick care is the best.
Reviewed: 2020-08-25
Sucker did not think that it is dramatically convenient to where it is attached. Touch also comes with sucking well the moment you put the penis. This is no pleasure more and put plenty of lotion.
Reviewed: 2020-07-09
Amazing toy. Its entrance is in real look. I don’t have any regret to use. It is best to men to use in their free time. It is comfortable and soft to use. You can use it for multiple times even. Loved it.
Reviewed: 2020-07-07
Amazing toy. Its entrance is in real look. I don’t have any regret to use. It is best to men to use in their free time. It is comfortable and soft to use. You can use it for multiple times even. Loved it.
Reviewed: 2020-06-09
This toy is really amazing. I feel like having a sex with the real woman. Honestly, it is very closed with the real thing. After using this, I become a huge fan of this. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2020-05-25
Wonderful toy. This masturbator toy looks very sexy. I like the way it designed. Its internal structure is very good. I am completely satisfied. It also has a strong suction cup which helps me a lot.
Reviewed: 2020-05-14
Very unique toy. I had never used this type of toy before. Its stand helps a lot. Its sleeves look very similar to the real things. Just the right size. Looks fantastic. Great assembly quality. Highly recommended.
Reviewed: 2020-04-27
First time I had used this product. Completely satisfied. I really love it. Very easy to clean and attractive to look at. No need to hold with the hands. After using this, I become a big fan of this toy. must purchase it.
Reviewed: 2020-04-10
I tried this toy for the first time and I am completely satisfied with it. Its inside sleeves is very closed to the real things. I like it very much. Your service is also good. Keep it up.
Reviewed: 2020-04-07
WOW…what a toy. If you get bored with your regular masturbation toy then try this new toy. I love this toy because while using, no need to hold with hands. Best toy for me. The feeling of using it is also very close to the real things. Good job…
Reviewed: 2020-04-02
It is good enough. I am using it from last some weeks. Best tool for masturbation.
Reviewed: 2020-03-16
योनि की एक यथार्थवादी भावना प्रदान करती है। योनि का छेद एक वास्तविक योनि जैसा दिखता है।पिस्टन मास्टर योनि प्रकार त्वचा सुरक्षित सामग्री के साथ बनाया गया है। यह भी वाटरप्रूफ है। इसलिए लोग इसे धोने के बाद इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं।
Reviewed: 2020-01-13
Perfect toy, I just love it. I received this toy one week ago and from that day i have used this toy everyday. This toy is exactly want I expected. After using this toy, I must say that I have become huge fan of this toy.
Reviewed: 2020-01-07
Don't know what else to say other than just hot. You can enjout the masturbation session without holding it. The quality is best, you get what you pay for. Must buy it.
Reviewed: 2019-12-22
OHHH, i love this because i take it every place on my bedroom and i perosnally loved it.
Reviewed: 2019-11-25
When i give strokes in it, i can feel the squizing feeling which i loved it. I also recomand this to my friends.
Reviewed: 2019-10-16
I wanted sex that can be present with a suction cup and can satisfy me completely, it is exactly the same. I like it very much and it is also easy to use. I like its size because my penis goes inside. And by using it, I think it is a value for money product.
Reviewed: 2019-10-01
I order this product for my partner stimulation after using this product .I bought this sex toy for the massage of my partner's cunt and my penis and it has greatly impressed both of us. It vibrates in many ways, which makes us very happy. By feeding this sex, my partner gets excited very quickly and makes me completely satisfied.
Reviewed: 2019-09-15
i used this product in last night it si the best product for the male .it fell like a real pussy .
Reviewed: 2019-09-01
Piston Master VAGINA TYPE ko mene phlibar order krke mngaya hai esko me jb recive kiya to sabse phle eski paking me pury famly ke samne esko recive kr liya kyoki eski paking bhut mjedar thi kisi ko pta bhi nhi chla ki eske ander kya hai ek dm distric paking thi
Reviewed: 2019-09-01
A sex toy was needed for masturbation, which can easily satisfy me, easily found is easy to use. The material inside is very soft, which, if ever used, will also give pleasure to it.
samer singh
Reviewed: 2019-08-14
This a very good toy for me. Its give pleasure as a real pussy of female. And it is a portable and hand free. so its a attractive product. And your are provide me in just 3 days. It is amazing work thank to your team .
sarvan shah
Reviewed: 2019-08-09
Material of this toy is superb so its attract me too much. I have many type toy. But pleasure of this toy is very much in my life. Amazing toy and your service is also amazing thank too all
हजारी सोता
Reviewed: 2019-07-04
इस सेक्स खिलोने को मैंने अपनी साथी की योनी और मेरे लिंग के मसाज के लिए ख़रीदा था और इसने हम दोनों को ही बहुत ही इम्प्रेस किया है | ये कई प्रकार से वाइब्रेशन करता है जिससे हमको बहुत आनंद आता है | इस सेक्स खिलोने से मेरे साथी बहुत जल्दी समय मे उतेजना मे आ जाती है और मुझे पूर्ण रूप से संतुष्ट करती है |
अंकित चौहान
Reviewed: 2019-06-17
मुझे हैण्ड फ्री सेक्स खिलोने की बहुत ही जरुरत थी क्योकि मैं हस्त मैथुन का आदि था इसको कम करने के लिए मुझे महिला के साथ सेक्स की जैसे आनंद चाहिए था | ये खिलौना बिलकुल मेरी पूर्ण इच्छा के हिसाब से बिलकुल सही रहा है | यह सेक्स खिलौना बहुत ही सरलता से मेरे सेक्स को आनंदित करता है |
gullab khatry
Reviewed: 2019-06-10
mujhe Piston Master VAGINA TYPE bhut psand hai me hmesa ese hi use krta ayaa hu or mujhe ye bhut pasand hai lekin eski ek samsya hai ko me ese divar per hang nhi kr sakta to me ese hmesa glas adi per set krke hi use krta hu
Reviewed: 2019-06-10
शायद सबसे अच्छा पुरुष हस्तमैथुन मैंने कभी किया है। यह वास्तव में गुणवत्ता वाली सामग्री से बना है और यह निश्चित रूप से यथार्थवादी है।मैंने इसका उपयोग किया और मुझे एहसास हुआ कि यह वास्तव में बहुत अच्छा था।
Reviewed: 2019-04-09
मुझे काम के लिए अलग अलग शहरोमें जाना पड़ता है पत्नी से दूर रहना और इस तरह, इसे अपने बैग में में इसे रख लेता हु और इसे अपने साथ कहीं भी ले जाना बहुत बढ़िया है! इसके अलावा, इस हस्तमैथुन अद्भुत है! मेरे पास अतीत में 3 फ्लेशलाइट्स थे और यह निश्चित रूप से मेरा पसंदीदा है! और बहुत सस्ता !!!
Reviewed: 2019-04-08
I always want a hand-free masturbator that is best in size. And I found this product on your site. It is what I expected but i was worried about that it will be same as image or not. But when i found parcel, i was exactly like a picture of your site. I received this parcel in just 2 days. Thanks for quick delivery. It is easy to attach on wall. I tried only wall but i think it will suck on floor, table, etc too.
Reviewed: 2019-02-28
It was cracking when it reached home. I was shocked. But it was okay because we exchanged.
Reviewed: 2019-02-28
Using lubricants plenty will be tough! ! In the cylinder there are masturbators and a cushion sponge on the bottom. If the lubricant is too much, it will leak and the sponge will absorb and leak. Please be careful! !
Reviewed: 2019-02-28
मैं वास्तव में प्रसन्न हु।मुझे इसे प्राप्त कर के बहुत ख़ुशी मिली है सामग्री नरम और चिकनी है। यह अच्छा है कि यह कई वाइब को बदलने के लिए रिमोट कंट्रोल के साथ आता है। और इसका असर एक कमरे से दूसरे कमरे तक होता हैइसका कम्पन बहुत मजबूत ये मुझे इसका उपयोग करते समय मजा आ जाता है मुझे यह कहते हुए प्रसन्नता हो रही है कि यह उपयोग करने के लिए बहुत ही आनंददायक और आरामदायक है। मैं सिर्फ इतना कहूंगा कि मैं अपनी केगेल गेंदों का उपयोग करना कभी नहीं भूलता।

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