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📷Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- 20ml

It is a lubricant for STI original product. It is water soluble and can be used for multi. It is in a tube convenient to carry.

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Product's Description

Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- is a water-based lubricant. The origin of this name represents onomatopoeia of sticky and stringy in Japanese. SEXToys India dealing in Japanese toys started treating Japanese Lube, which I do not see much in India, as an original product. Couples can use Nururun lubricant during the intercourse and with sex toys during masturbation. Nururun lubricant is compatible with the entire sex toy whether it is made with silicone, rubber and latex. You can also use it with latex based condoms. Nururun lubricant is the best lubricant for reducing the friction and provides you painless intercourse and masturbation. The consistency of this lubricant is enough sticky, not less and not too much sticky. Because it is water-based slip is insufficient, if you think that it dries, a slip will revive just by adding water. The amount of 20 ml is an appropriate amount. If you use it for male toys (like a Fleshlights), you can use it for about two times, if you adjust the viscosity with water etc., you can use more. I recommend you to know the viscosity of your choice by using plenty, depending on the play. The more you use, the less friction between the skin and the less stimulus. Carry anywhere because of the tube type can, you Shimae easily in the bag. Please also close the lid tightly when carrying or storing. Storage is not permitted even in hot places.

Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- 20ml Movie

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Characteristics of 📷Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- 20ml

Lubricant Type Water-based lubricant
Object Multipurpose
Bottle Type Tube-Squeeze
Volume 20ml
Viscosity Medium

How to Use 📷Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- 20ml

Use it after clean your-self properly.
It is a cap that opens easily. It has become a screw cap, it is convenient for storage.
It is designed to make it easy to come out in appropriate quantity.
Please use it little by little for hands and toys.


Before using Nururun water based lubricant you should clean your hand properly. Otherwise, probably you can pass many harmful bacteria’s. During the use of Nururun water-based lubricant, if you feel dryness then you should re-apply this. Keep it dry place and away from the sunlight & flammable things. Please rinse thoroughly after use. Please be careful when storing it in high temperature. It may expand and content may come out.


I used Nururun with sex toys. It is absolutely best for the masturbation. It is water-based lubricant so do not leave any stain on clothes. I liked the Nururun experience. Although it is compatible with my every sex toys.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-04-16
The lube itself is a very nice water-based lube which works perfectly well as you would expect. The small tube is where I can really recommend this though. because it's good to try it once. it is very convenient and if you haven't tried a small lube tube before I would really recommend it. You never get too much or too little. You quickly work out how many pumps you need for different situations.
Reviewed: 2019-04-09
I found this small tube of lubricant with my dildo. It is safer to my skin. It does not have any smell. I do not like any type of fragrance and it was difficult for me to find. Thanks for this free sample. I liked your lubricant. It get easy for me to find the desire lubricant.
Reviewed: 2019-04-08
This personal lubricant is amazing. But it was too small in pack. I can only use this use package only once. I wanted a bigger bottle like 250-360ml. Please ping me whenever you avail the bigger bottle.
Reviewed: 2019-03-01
It is easy to use. It may be nice to close the cap more.
Reviewed: 2019-03-01
I would like to buy more Nururun. It is hygienic and it is nice because it is small in small quantity.
Reviewed: 2019-03-01
I tried challenging because it was cheap. It is very easy to use because it is a tube type. I massaged a vagina with this. I think it is a very smooth and good product.
Reviewed: 2019-03-01
When I see this NURURUN LUBRICANT I really like the cute little tube. When I used it’s like silky and enough watery. I used this lubricant with my dildo se toy and sometimes with my partner. I really like the texture because it is stick but when I wash my hands with water only it just gone. That’s why I don’t feel sticky ness after use and then no worry for irritation and itching.

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