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Mansforce Chocolate

Mansforce Chocolate is 3 in one and Flavored Condoms of Ribbed, Contour, Dotted. Buy best condoms online in sextoys india

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Product's Description

Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms it has a very strong flavour and fragrance of chocolate. A couple can easily enhance their pleasure with using this manforce chocolate condom and you can easily go wild with manforce chocolate flavour condom. Manforce chocolate condom comes in three different textures so that you can easily expect more pleasure. This condom is three in one so that ribbed, dotted textures and contour shape is perfect for easily enhance your stimulation of intercourse. Generally, ladies just love the fragrance of chocolate flavour. It is also long-lasting and lubricated condom. You can easily get 10 condoms in a packet of manforce condom.

Characteristics of Mansforce Chocolate

Material Latex
Length × Diameter 180 ± 2 mm x 53 ± 2 mm
Thickness Regular
Contents 10
Lubricated Yes
Texture Ribbed Dotted
Package 70mm × 25mm × 120mm

Details of Mansforce Chocolate


You should have to clean yourself properly before using the manforce chocolate condoms. Then next you should wear it from the front side because some people wear it in a dark atmosphere so they don’t know that how to wear. So roll it on the penis from the front side otherwise it may not be too stimulating. Please prevent it from the heat and the sun light otherwise it may damage. You should you one condom for one time otherwise it may not work properly.

SEXToys India's Views

I used this condom during intercourse. It feels so great and stimulating and the second thing it is lubricated condom so, I don’t need to apply any lubricant on this manforce chocolate condom. The small dotted texture is feeling so stimulating and pleasurable and the contour shape also looks sexy. The material is really good and soft and this also long-lasting.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2020-09-14
Although the smell and taste was also willing lifelike To partner, I'm using only at the time of oral sex is like did not fit the size. It has confirmed the shortage. Fit in size, it is a commodity that can be really recommended for people who like sweet things.
Reviewed: 2020-08-26
It is totally a real chocolate. So delicious can continue to lick all the way, our Oral Sex time thanks was substantial. Strong there is also a projection stimulus. I am very satisfied. It plans to buy be consecutive in the future.
Reviewed: 2020-07-13
Nice condom. Quality is very good. I feel very pleasure. Its very easy to wear and remove. Great experience with it.
Reviewed: 2020-07-09
I love the chocolate so i ordered this flavoured condom for my husband. Its smell and taste is very good. Me and my husband both like this condom very much. In future again, I will purchase it from your site.
Reviewed: 2020-06-02
ओरल सेक्स के लिए यह कंडोम यौन संपर्क के लिए नहीं है क्योंकि यह एक सुगंधित कंडोम है और यदि योनि में प्रवेश किया जाता है तो यह ph स्तर और समस्या का कारण बन सकता है। हालांकि मेरे साथी ने मुझे इस कंडोम का उपयोग करने के लिए कहा और उसके अनुसार उसने कहा कि चॉकलेट का स्वाद बहुत अच्छा है। ठीक है अगर आप एक ही महान अनुभव के लिए देख रहे हैं
Reviewed: 2020-06-01
मुझे यह कंडोम बेहद अच्छा लगा काफी लम्बे समय तक चलता है, बहुत ही अच्छी गुणवत्ता के साथ बन्याया गया है मेरी राये में यह सबसे अच्छा कंडोम होगा इसकी खुसबू बहुत ही बढ़िया है, मुझे और मेरी वाइफ को इसे खरीद कर बेहद ख़ुशी हु।
Reviewed: 2020-05-20
maine yeh first time khrida mujhe or meri wife ko yeh bhut acha lga iski khusbo bhi bhut achhi h.dil khush kr deta yeh condom kbhi bhi mod bn jata h.
Reviewed: 2020-04-28
Mere bf yeh condom use kiya mujhe bhi kafi acha lga. Yeh penis m phen k bd mujhe bahut bacha lgta h. Or iski khusboo hi bhut achi h kafi der tak iski khusbhoo rahti h.
Reviewed: 2020-04-24
Meri gf ko comdom k sath sex krna pasnd nhi but use chocolate bhut pasand isliye maine chocolate felower khirda jb maine iska use kiya toh meri gf kafi khush hui or wo humesa yhi use krne k liye boli. Iski sungand bahut hi achhi h
Reviewed: 2020-04-10
Mujhe comdom pasnd nhi par maine jb iska use kiya toh the or condom se acha lga yeh kafi patla or sugndhit h mai ise ka estmaal kr k khush hu
Reviewed: 2020-02-25
यह कंडोम एक में तीन निकलते है, ताकि आसानी से संभोग की उत्तेजना को बढ़ाने के लिए काटने का निशानवाला, बिंदीदार बनावट और समोच्च आकार सही हो। आमतौर पर, महिलाओं को सिर्फ चॉकलेट के स्वाद की खुशबू पसंद होती है। यह लंबे समय तक चलने वाला और चिकनाई वाला कंडोम भी है।
Reviewed: 2020-01-28
मैनफोर्स चॉकलेट फ्लेवर्ड कंडोम इसमें चॉकलेट का बहुत तेज स्वाद और खुशबू होती है। यह मेरा पसंदीदा कंडोम है युगल इस मैनफोर्स चॉकलेट कंडोम का उपयोग करके आसानी से अपनी खुशी बढ़ा सकते हैं और आप आसानी से मैनफोर्स चॉकलेट स्वाद के साथ सेक्स मजा ले सकते है|
Reviewed: 2020-01-07
Reviewed: 2020-01-07
awesome This condom is same as I expected. Packing was also good and product name was not written. This condom is already lubricated so I do not need to apply the lube. It is available in three different textured dotted, ribbed, and contour. Me and my girlfriend we both love all the three textured of this condom. It was the mind blowing condom. I recommended it.
Reviewed: 2020-01-03
It is too sweet in taste. I am unhappy with this product. But i like your service. We keep it completely discreet. Thanks for that.
Reviewed: 2019-11-01
Best it my favourite condom brand and favourite flavourer in condom. Basically, it is favourite of my gf. She like it, so i always brought this condom. IT is affordable and easy to use. I do not have any complain with it. Totally satisfying condom for couples.
Reviewed: 2019-10-22
me jb bhi date pe jati thi to mujhe codoms ki jrurat pdati thi or me esko hmesa sath rkhti thi mujhe wese to bhut se codoms ka upyog krti thi lekin esme me jyada and leti hu
Reviewed: 2019-10-04
Nice flavoured condom. The smell of this condom is superb. Me and my girlfriend are fully satisfied. It is long lasting condom. This condom is really awesome just go for it.
Reviewed: 2019-09-24
The product is same as I expected. Me and my girlfriend want to try something new so we decide to use the chocolate flavoured condom. The feeling is different as compare to other condom. It was usually last longer than regular. Seriously we both enjoy our play. I am very happy for receive this condom.
Reviewed: 2019-08-21
mujhe mery wife ki protaction ke liye ek codoms chiye tha to mene esko online mgwane ka socha or men sti se ye mngaliya uske bad jb mene eska use kiya to bhut hi sandar anubhav rha mera es konda ke sath
Reviewed: 2019-07-28
ये कंडोम मुझे बहुत ही पसंद है और सायद ये कंडोम हर पुरुष की पहली पसंद है | इस कंडोम को मैं बहुत बार उपयोग ला चूका हु | और हमेशा नए तरीके से सेक्स का आनंद प्राप्त किया है | ये कंडोम मेरे लिए बहुत ही इम्प्रेसिव रहा है |
करीम भाई
Reviewed: 2019-06-16
मेरे साथी को खुश करने और अच्छा सेक्स पाने के लिए मैंने इस कंडोम को मंगाया था क्योकि महिला को चोकलेट फ्लेवेर बहुत पसंद आता है जिससे वे अच्छा सेक्स उतेजित कर पाती है और सेक्स का आनंद बड़ी इच्छा के साथ दे पाती है |
Reviewed: 2019-05-01
It was frustrating for me. The size of this condom is not perfect on my penis. My partner likes this chocolate flavour but it spoils our act. I know it was my mistake I don’t not notice the size of condom while purchase. Plz avail some more chocolate condom with small size.
Reviewed: 2019-04-26
I received my parcel before two days. I was original mansforce condoms. I was worried about it. Usually I buy from the mansforce official site. But this time i brought from you because I purchase a masturbator too. Masturbator was amazing. Satisfied with your service and with your products. Thanks
Reviewed: 2019-04-15
My girlfriend love chocolate so I ordered the chocolate flavoured manforce condom. This condom is same as I expected. Packing was also good and product name was not written. This condom is already lubricated so I do not need to apply the lube. It is available in three different textured dotted, ribbed, and contour. Me and my girlfriend we both love all the three textured of this condom. It was the mind blowing condom. I recommended it.
Reviewed: 2019-02-25
My partne loves chocolate very much so I prefer the Mansforce chocolate condom. When I purchase this condom I found that in the packet of Mansforce chocolate condom there are three different textured like ribbed, contour, and dotted condom available. The different textured of the condom provides the different sensation which increase the pleasure. I highly recommended to all my friends.It is one of the best condom I have never used.

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