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Mansforce Pink

Mansforce Pink is a detailed page of colored conds of bubble gum flavor. Natural feel smooth Encourages your sex life with a condom.

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Product's Description

Manforce pink condom is available in the market with bubblegum flavour. It is a ribbed and dotted condom. In this condom there are extra dots are available on the outer surface to stimulate the genital area.

Manforce pink condom provides the smooth and natural feeling for both the partner which help to enhance the sexual pleasure. This condom stimulates both the partner. If a couple uses this condom in a proper manner then it provides the complete protection from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Manforce pink condom is made with the natural rubber latex. A couple used this condom during the sexual intercourse, foreplay or oral sex.

Enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation with these Flavoured Condoms, which are priced as low as Rs 80 for a pack of 10, so once you buy them, you won't need to buy them for a while.


Characteristics of Mansforce Pink

Material Latex
Length × Diameter 7.1 x 2.1 inches
(18 x 5.3 cm)
Thickness Regular
Contents 10
Lubricated Yes
Texture Regular
Package 7 × 2.5 × 12 cm

Details of Mansforce Pink


Check the expiration date
Be aware of latex allergies
Read the instructions before use
If you do not feel comfortable stop using
Use only once per product
Do not flush down the toilet after use
Do not use damaged condoms
Keep out of direct sunlight

SEXToys India's Views


You can increase the pleasure for your partner during insertion.With this condom, you can enjoy smooth insertion.


The condom has the right amount of gel on it so that it can be easily inserted into a vagina that is difficult to wet.
If you do not want to get pregnant, be sure to wear it during sex.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-12-30
Mansforce Pink is good condom for every user. It gives me amazing sensation and ultimate pleasure. Me and my partner loves this bubble gum condom gives me lots of enjoyment in every sexual intercourse.
Reviewed: 2021-09-15
Mansforce Pink is a flavoured condom. I really liked this bubble gum flavour. It makes my mood more attractive to do sexual activity. It gives me lot of pleasure and enjoyment. Mansforce Pink condom have extra dots which is most pleasurable condom forever.
Reviewed: 2021-08-30
मैनफोर्स गुलाबी कंडोम प्राकृतिक रबर लेटेक्स के साथ बनाया गया है।यह एक दम सुरक्षित है इसका इस्तेमाल कोई भी कर सकता हिया|\
Reviewed: 2021-08-25
मैंने कई सारे कंडोम का इस्तेमाल किया पर मुझे सबसे ज्यादा यह ब्रांड पसंद आया है इस कंडोम का उपयोग करने से मुझे किसी भी तरह की कोई एलर्जी नहीं हुई यह मेरे पूरी तरह से सुरक्षित है|
Reviewed: 2021-08-19
My girlfriend love this brand of condom and me too its because everything is good with this condom everyone should buy this condom.
Reviewed: 2021-08-05
The material of this manforce condom is very good i really like this condom seriously. even i told my freiends also and now they will buy these condom soon.
Reviewed: 2021-07-11
Mansforce Pink condom give me a lot fo pleasure and enjoyment because me and my partner having great sexual activity when having sex with this condom. Mansforce Pink condom have extra dots which is most pleasurable condom forever. Me and my partner thanks to sex toy india website which is given the best condom for sexual intercourse.
Reviewed: 2021-05-28
मैनफोर्स गुलाबी कंडोम प्राकृतिक रबर लेटेक्स के साथ बनाया गया है। एक जोड़े ने इस कंडोम का इस्तेमाल संभोग, फोरप्ले या ओरल सेक्स के दौरान किया।
Reviewed: 2021-05-21
Manforce pink condom is the best condom for me because it is available with bubblegum flavour and I like it very much. It is a ribbed and dotted condom. I really impressed with this condom because it's extra dots are available on the outer surface to stimulate my partner easily and given supor sexual play. It is given the smooth and natural feeling for both of us.
Reviewed: 2021-04-15
मैनफोर्स गुलाबी कंडोम दोनों साथी के लिए सहज और प्राकृतिक भावना प्रदान करता है जो यौन आनंद को बढ़ाने में मदद करता है। यह कंडोम दोनों साथी को उत्तेजित करता है।
Reviewed: 2021-04-07
मुझे यह बहुत ज्यादा अच्छा लगा, क्युकी इसमें रिब्ड है और मुझे यह बहुत ज्यदा अच्छा लगता है मई और मेरी पत्नी बहुत ज्यदा खुश है|
Reviewed: 2021-03-26
I like sweets very much, so when I saw this product, I was very curious and bought it right away. I really like it because it feels like eating real gum.
Reviewed: 2021-03-24
I always use scented condoms because I don't like the unique rubbery scent of condoms. This is the first time I have used this product, but I was very interested in the bubble gum flavor, so I bought it right away. The actual feel is comparable to my usual condoms.
Reviewed: 2021-03-23
यह एक रिब्ड और डॉटेड कंडोम है। काफी मजा आता है मुझे मेरे पति को भी यह अच्छा लगता है किसी भी तरह की कोई दिक्कत नहीं होती सेक्स के दोरान डबल मजा देता है,
Reviewed: 2021-03-23
I bought it because I wondered what gum smells like, but it wasn't really my cup of tea.
Reviewed: 2021-03-12
These Condoms have an unusual smell to them. They have the sweet smell of balloon gum on them. These Condoms have taught me a new way to enjoy sex. I would like to try other scented Condoms.
Reviewed: 2021-02-22
I was surprised at the quality of the condoms for the price of RS80. I was surprised at the quality for the price of RS80. I will continue to use this product in the future, but I'm curious about other partners since there are similar products.
Reviewed: 2020-11-30
Delicious and was shocked. Like a real bubble gum. Previously become actively involved in oral sex than, I am also delighted husband. Also done smoothly to give. It was really good to buy it. Recommended for everyone.
Reviewed: 2020-11-20
Bubble gum flavore is quite interesting and my girlfriend actually enjoys the flavor and smell as well. It is very affordable because 10 pieces only cost 80Rs which is a steal.
Reviewed: 2020-10-22
It is condom flavor of bubble gum. Since the unique smell of condom hated, I was looking for and do not somehow a good idea, I found the item. This item will be able to have also attached dot in condom itself feel orgasm during sex with a partner. I think trying to Once also buy gone. It is a good commodity. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2020-09-24
Partners are very pleased. In my feeling, it is like does not match the subtle size. Use only in oral sex. Since the texture can also be good to use for a long time, we are really glad If you get also other sizes.
Reviewed: 2020-08-26
It is the feeling that chewing bubble gum. I tried a lot of flavor, this is not particularly like. Since the package is also cute I'm happy. Thank you to further enjoy as oral sex.
Reviewed: 2020-07-31
मैंने इसका इस्तेमाल किया और में इसका बार-बार इस्तेमाल करना चाहते हु| उत्पाद पैसे और आरामदायक के लिए अच्छा मूल्य है, यह एकदम सही कंडोम है,मुझे इसे खरीद कर ख़ुशी हुई |
Reviewed: 2020-06-02
My penis is big. I face problem with condom always. But this is good item for me. I used it twice and it was good. Now i used only this condom.
Reviewed: 2020-06-01
Amazing condom by color, by layer, by flavored. It is best for couples to use.
Reviewed: 2020-05-20
It is amazing. My gf always prefers it. She like tts color and fragrance. It is comfortable to wear it long.
Reviewed: 2020-05-01
Its fragrance and quality is best. I tried many condom from different brands but now stick to it. 5 stars without any doubt
Reviewed: 2020-04-24
Manforce condom are best. I tried its all possible types from you. I never check all these types on shop. but it easy from you to buy my favorite condom. This ink condom is different than durex condom.
Reviewed: 2020-04-15
I tired my condom bands. But manforce and durex is my favorite. i always buy condom from your site. Because it is easy to purchase in bulk. your service is also good. thanks to your amazing service
Reviewed: 2020-01-31
Mansforce Pink is a detailed page of colored conds of bubble gum flavor. Natural feel smooth Encourages your sex life with a condom, So my life full fill enjoyable after the use.
Reviewed: 2020-01-28
Manforce pink condom is available in the market with bubblegum flavour. It is a ribbed and dotted condom. In this condom there are extra dots are available on the outer surface to stimulate the genital area. My desires are full fill after the use it, I love it.
Reviewed: 2019-12-23
i used it for first time and i love the packging. and the last thing is this is a long lasting.
Reviewed: 2019-12-12
this is so good and the texture is also the amazing and awesome thanx STI.
Reviewed: 2019-11-01
Unique Flavour. I never found this flavour in Mansforce condom. It is difficult to check all the flavoured on the shop. Thanks god i found and i brought it. It is amazing in flavour. My gf is also like this flavoured a lot.
Reviewed: 2019-10-28
मैंने इस कंडोम का इस्तेमाल गुदा सेक्स करने के लिए उपयोग करता हु मुझे और मेरे साथी को बहुत मजा आता है|
Reviewed: 2019-10-07
मैंने कई तरह के कंडोम का उपयोग किया मुझे लग अलग कंडोम के साथ सेक्स करना काफी पसंद है पर यह मेरा अब तक बेस्ट कंडोम है यह मुझे आने से काफी बहार लगा मई इसकी सिफारिस करूंगा यह बहुत अच्छा कंडोम है|
Reviewed: 2019-10-01
I like this flavour less than the chocolate. Personally, my favourite is chocolate in the same brand. Other than this, fitting of condom is good and flexible enough to wrap on penis.
Reviewed: 2019-07-04
I do not like its sweet flavour. But i brought it because i want to enjoy the blowjob with my partner. She liked this sweet flavour and wants only this one. So it’s okay for her. I found this condom easily only on your site.
Reviewed: 2019-05-01
मुझे सुरक्षा के मामले में उत्पाद पसंद आया। कोई कंडोम ख़राब नहीं था। लेकिन उत्पाद के नाम के रूप में एक्स्ट्रा डॉटेड , मुझे सामान्य डॉटेड कंडोम की तुलना में कोई बदलाव नहीं मिला
Reviewed: 2019-04-15
सेक्स के समय बल और स्फूर्ति देने बाला कंडोम है ये कंडोम लिंग के उपर इतना फिट आता है की लिंग की नसों को दबाता है जिससे सेक्स का समय और तेजी बढ़ जाती है और इसमे चिकनाहट भी ज्यादा नहीं होती है इसमें उतनी ही चिकनाहट होती है जितनी सेक्स करने के लिए जरुरी होती है | इसका जो रबड़ होता है ये लिंग पर बिलकुल टाइट आता है जिससे सेक्स का समय बढ़ता है |
Reviewed: 2019-04-12
अच्छा उत्पाद। पर्याप्त स्नेहन है। फिट ठीक है। आपका साथी इसे प्यार करने वाला है।प्रयास योग्य। sextoys-india.shop से पैकिंग अच्छी थी।
Reviewed: 2019-02-25
Pink shading is in every case appealing shading and young ladies is additionally similar to the pink shading we can see generally young lady resembles the pink shading it is extremely alluring shading so my significant other need man drive pink condom regularly I buy this kind of condom since its plan of dabbed and quality is great so there is no uncertainty to state this is great item.

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