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pepe SP Backdoor 150ml

Pepe SP Backdoor Lotion 150ml best natural lubricant for an anal lover.Water-based & silicone lube.

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Product's Description

Pepe Sp Back door is a famous anal lubricant. It is specially designed with an extra thickness in special method to keep moisture and enhance your anal play. Its special thickness is finished for an anal purpose only. Anal doesn't have a self lubricant and causes extra friction on anal sex, to keep this in mind Pepe introduce Pepe Sp Back door 150ml that give you enough slippery touch and reduce the friction. It provides you smooth and long lasting anal sexual life. Pepe Sp Back door is incredible and offer you smooth and warming sensation of sex and enhance your anal sexual life or foreplay. Its thick lotion has plenty of moisture and easy to use. It can be washed off easily too. It reduces the friction and prevent you from roughness and getting hurt too much. It helps to stimulate your partner and make your moment memorable.

Characteristics of pepe SP Backdoor 150ml

Lubricant Type Watar base
Object Anal
Bottle Type Squeeze
Volume 150ml
Viscosity Medium
Package 60mm × 60mm × 120mm

How to Use pepe SP Backdoor 150ml


This lotion has high viscosity, so they are much more slippery, so be careful while using. Never use anything oily like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, cooking oils, butter, hand creams or body lotion. If you feel any irritation and discomfort, first discontinue use immediately and then please consult your physician. For better pleasure, use as soon as after opening. Place at a cool dark place.


This lubricant becomes a special lubricant for famous brand anal. Basically, it can be used for multi as well as anal, but also for anal. The PEPE brand is very famous and high quality with brands not known in Japan. Because it is a trial size of 150 ml, it is convenient to carry.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-06-06
इस कंपनी ने मुझे बहूत ही कॉपरेट किया है | इस कंपनी ने ये सेक्स लुब्रिकेंट मुझको 2 दिनों के अन्दर ही प्रोवाइड कराया | ये लुब्रिकेंट बहुत ही अच्छा लगा ये मेरे लिंग को सेक्स खिलोने के साथ चिकना बना देता है |
Reviewed: 2019-05-08
ये मुझे बिलकुल शुकनुओ का जैसा लगा है | जो मेरी योनी मे जाकर पुरुष सुक्रनुओ का आनंद प्रदान करता है | इसके अन्दर चिकनाह बहुत ही कम है | और ये कंपनी द्वारा मुझे सही समय पर प्राप्त हुआ है |
Reviewed: 2019-03-22
I loved this Japanese PEPE lotion. I previously ordered a vaginal lubricant from you. It was also PEPE lotion. I don’t remember its name but it is in orange bottle. This vaginal lubricant gives me experience and soft feel. So i thought to brought a anal lubricant with same brand and of course same site. Hope It will work for me like your vaginal Pepe lotion.
Reviewed: 2019-03-18
I tried anal play with my partner twice but it was not good for me. My anus muscles are too strong and it cause pain. So I brought to you for anal lubricant. This anal lubricant cannot cure my pain problem but yeah it reduces the pain. I like your Japanese product.
Reviewed: 2019-03-11
I knew Pepe was a Japanese brand. Purchased for anal sex as being for anal. Because it is a safe Pepe brand, it is done very well. I am very familiar with anal. I think that it is good for anal beginners.
Reviewed: 2019-03-06
I brought the small bottle of this anal lube. I wanted to try how this anal lubes work for me. I tried many of lubricants, but do not satisfy. I found that PEPE is one of famous personal lubricant in Japan. When I received it and used it. It decreases my anal pain and worked for me. We, I and my partner liked to have anal play. This lubricant is thicker than other dildo. I liked it and want to order the bigger bottle.
Reviewed: 2019-02-20
I thought that any lubricant was the same, but for anal it is good for anal. Oil is also nice, but this lubricant lasts wonderfully long and yet slippage is very good. I painted around my anal and injected it further. Up to now I added oil, but in this case I will hold it for a while. I thought it was wonderful as it is made in Japan.
Reviewed: 2019-02-20
I purchase the pepe SP Backdoor 150ml for anal sex. While using this I feel that it has a high viscosity. My partner was also excited by using this lubricant. I also used this lube with the anal sex toys. It helps me to feel the smooth insertion. Sometimes I used this lotion during anal masturbation also. It is also very easy to remove and compatible with all types of sex toys. Lube is thick and is exactly what I am looking for.

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