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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN japan-quality sextoys-test Tenga Magnum First time masturbator

This is the product introduction page of the highest quality Male masturbators' PREMIUM TENGA STANDARD (BLUE).

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Product's Description

TENGA, a world famous sex toy brand in Japan, came to SEXToys India. This Male Masturbator toys is a stylish design men's toy attracting men all over the world. This cup series is a TENGA classic item used up. In the premium series, you can enjoy the highest quality premium pleasure using top quality gel ingredients specially formulated, even more specifically developed internal details, urethane of highest quality and lubricant.

PREMIUM TENGA STANDARD (BLUE) is the standard of stimulus even among its premium. Please use it when you want a special stimulus different from usual.


Material Inside - Real material
Length × Diameter 69×155mm
Color Blue
Repeat Use No
Waterproof No
Vacuum adjustment Yes, use Bottom hole
Package 69×69×155mm



This toy is disposable. Please refrain from reuse. If you feel uncomfortable during use stop using and follow the judgment of your doctor. Please note similar products. This is a regular product of the Japanese brand "TENGA".


What is a premium stimulus? What? I will answer such a question. It is a toy which made it possible to further control delicate stimulation by using higher quality materials than ordinary products. A stimulus that has not been experienced even more softly wraps you. Please try.

Customer Reviews

पिंटू चावला
Reviewed: 2019-05-08
मेरा लिंग इसमें बिलकुल ही सटीक आया और मुझे बहूत ही पसंद आया | इसने मेरे हस्तमैथुन को सेक्स मे बदल दिया | इसको मैंने कंडोम के साथ भी उपयोग किया था |
Reviewed: 2019-05-04
सेक्स के लिए बहूत ही प्यारा से खिलौना है ये जो पुरुष के हस्त्मथुन मे बहूत ही अच्छा फील कराता है जिससे पुरुष अपनी सेक्स इच्छा को बड़ी ही आसानी से इसके द्वारा पूरा कर सकता है | ये बहूत ही चिकना और अन्दर से बिलकुल नरम रहता है जिससे लिंग पर किसी भी प्रकार की कोई दिकक्त नहीं आती है |
मनोहर कुमार
Reviewed: 2019-04-19
इसने मेरे को सेक्स से लालायित नहीं किया | इसके साथ हस्तमैथुन करके मुझे थोडा ही फील हुआ | इसको हाथ मे पकड़ने मे थोडा प्रोब्लम हो रहा था लेकिन फिर भी मैंने इसके साथ सेक्स का आनंद लिया | इसके अन्दर मेरे लिंग भी थोडा ढीला सा पड़ रहा था |
Reviewed: 2019-04-10
l purchased this not recognizing what's in store. When voyaging I was extremely wonderfully amazed the amount I appreciated this. The surface, snugness, estimate - it was impeccable. There is an opening on the back you can cover to make suction as you use it which will make it feel a lot more tightly. In any case, when utilizing it I found that it made a great deal of commotion that I found off-putting. In the event that you are cautious and haul out before you are done you can get a couple of employments out of this. Since I delighted in this so much I purchased another for my movements.

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