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Surperring 3p set Clear

It is a product detail page of Surperring 3p set Clear which can be used according to the level with 3 rings. It is an elastomer material and a pen ring-friendly Cock Ring.

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Product's Description

Surperring 3p set Clear is a cock ring which is used by the men so it is also called the sex toys for men. Men wear this ring around their penis. This cock ring is easily fit in any men. Surperring 3p set Clear cock ring is very easy to use, handle and maintain.

The male who has the problem of premature ejaculation can use this cock ring to overcome from this problem.

Surperring 3p set Clear is made with the super soft TPR material. It is also a skin-friendly material so safe for all types of skin. Its total length is 20mm or 0.78 inches and its inner diameter is 18mm or 0.70 inches. Its external diameter is 4 cm or 1.5 inches. It is available in a clear white colour.

This 3p set of the cock ring is loved by most of the men. If men love this 3p set of the cock ring but want some another colour then they have an option to select the black colour cock ring. Surperring 3p set smoke is available in the black colour. Surperring 3p set smoke is very similar to the surperring 3p set clear. Along with this, the male partner has many other options also.

The big difference between smoke and this clear is shape. Each ring has a distinctive shape. Both are very attractive and exciting shapes. There are various ways to use this toy. Please try changing the texture according to the mood at the time, such as how to use it in single, double or triple, or try changing the number of rings. Each size is the same, so you can customize which one to wear, etc.

In case, if men like the vibration effect then they have an option to use the vibrating cock ring. Men can select any of the vibrating cock rings such as a good bull beat ring or good bull glants cover.

Surperring 3p set Clear is compatible with all types of sex lubricant so men can use any of their favourite lube with this cock ring.

[Viaring Series]

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Characteristics of Surperring 3p set Clear

Material Super soft TPR material
Length × Diameter 20*40 mm or 0.78*1.5 inches
Internal Diameter 18 mm or 0.70 inches
Color Transparent while
Waterproof Yes

Details of Surperring 3p set Clear

At the very first, apply the good quality personal lubricant. There are difference shape so you can eanjoy various stimulation.
Check how to wear the cock ring.
Wear the cock ring near glans
You can also wear it at the base of the penis.
Wear the cock ring in a proper manner and adjust it. Use single ring or all the three ring at the same time.
Left: Surperring 3p set Smoke/Right: this toy


Before and after every use please clean it properly with water. If you do not feel comfortable or feel any types of irritation then remove it immediately. Always use the good quality personal lubricant. Place it in a safe, cool and dry places.

SEXToys India's Views

Men wear this sex toy at the base of the penis. This cock ring has enough elasticity so any men can easily wear it. Men use this cock ring during the partner play.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-07-16
Surperring 3p set Clear is made with the super soft TPR material so I really impressed with its manufacturing process because it has skin-friendly material so safe for my skin. I really enjoyed with this sex toy.
Reviewed: 2021-06-23
पुरुष इस रिंग को अपने लिंग के चारों ओर पहनते हैं। यह कॉक रिंग किसी भी पुरुषों में आसानी से फिट होती है
Reviewed: 2021-06-09
जिन पुरुष को शीघ्रपतन की समस्या है, वह इस समस्या से उबरने के लिए इस कॉक रिंग का उपयोग कर सकता है। यह बहुत ही बढ़िया है|
Reviewed: 2021-05-20
Surperring 3p set Clear is a cock ring which is used by me and give me a lot of pleasure by this sex toy. I wear this ring around their penis. After that take sexual activity with the partner and feel osm sexual intercourse. I really impressed with this sex toy and mostly used when we want more enjoyment of our sexual life.
Reviewed: 2021-04-09
I tried various cock ring, but this is soft and comfortable. It’s all three cock ring is comfortable. My other rings are tight and was worried about blood blockage. But now i am using it without any problem. Thanks to you.
Reviewed: 2021-04-07
It is easy to use. I didn’t know my penis size and brought it. It is stretchable, I think all penis size person can use it easily. It is free-size cock ring. I used some lubricant to wear it.
Reviewed: 2021-03-31
Surperring 3p set clear This prevents the flow of blood. I had a problem that I used to fall quickly. My brother-in-law suggested that I use Surperring 3p set clear, it is really good, it got rid of my problem.
Reviewed: 2021-03-26
Surperring 3p set Clear is a great product. It has 3 different types of cock rings which you can choose according to the mood. Its quality is high. After wearing it, I can enjoy sex till more time.
Reviewed: 2021-03-03
This 3 piece cock ring set exceeded my expectations in terms of how versatile its use can be. The combination when using this set has so many patterns each with its different taste. Of course, I can use a single ring at a time and still feel more and give more pleasure too.
Reviewed: 2021-02-17
I thought this would be the best value for money since it comes in three different types, so I bought it. I thought it would be a little tight when I put it on, but it is not, and I can use it smoothly. I love how soft and comfortable it is. My partner is very happy with it because it helps him to maintain an erection longer than usual and also has a penis enlargement effect.
Reviewed: 2020-12-25
You can enjoy three types of Cock Ring at the same time. Hole felt like a very small, but it can be mounted without any problem because often extend. Because there is thickness, pain than normal Cock Ring were able to use less.
Reviewed: 2020-12-02
I purchased I wanted to raise the erection force. The result was large correct answer. We are also willing partner. Since the three with two or use only one, enjoys and or use in three. I feel that it is a very excellent products. Recommended.
Reviewed: 2020-09-27
You can use three different types of cock rings. They were easy to put on, even though they are large in size. The first time I had sex with this cock ring, I was surprised. It increased my time to ejaculation by twice as much as I normally do. I would highly recommend it to anyone with premature ejaculation.
Reviewed: 2020-09-02
This is a great cock ring. Has become a three sets, you can enjoy a wide range of variation. Also it is used during sex at the time of masturbation. We were able improvement of premature ejaculation thanks. It is really recommended.
Reviewed: 2020-07-31
Excellent prodult. I love it very much. It has three different ring with different style. This ring helps me a lot. Your service is also good. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2020-07-13
My decision to buy the Superring 3P Clear set out perfectly. It has 3 different shapes and designs to enjoy during sex.
Reviewed: 2020-06-15
जिस पुरुष को शीघ्रपतन की समस्या है वह इस समस्या से निजात पाने के लिए इस रिंग रिंग का उपयोग कर सकता है। सर्परिंग 3 पी सेट क्लियर सुपर सॉफ्ट टीपीआर सामग्री के साथ बनाया गया है। यह एक त्वचा के अनुकूल सामग्री भी है जो सभी प्रकार की त्वचा के लिए सुरक्षित है।
Reviewed: 2020-06-11
प्रत्येक अंगूठी का एक विशिष्ट आकार होता है। दोनों बहुत ही आकर्षक और रोमांचक आकार हैं। इस खिलौने का उपयोग करने के विभिन्न तरीके हैं। कृपया उस समय बनावट को मूड के अनुसार बदलने की कोशिश करें,
Reviewed: 2020-05-14
utpaad bdiya h jaisa daam h bilkul waisa hi kaam krta h. Mujhe khushi hui use khrud kr mere paise bekaar nhi gye yeh bhut hi badiya h.
Reviewed: 2020-04-28
wahhh bhut hi achi chiz mili h mujhe maine jaise socha use bhi kai jada acha nikla jaisa dikhta gya h. Bilkul waisa h hi.
Reviewed: 2020-04-24
Jb maine iska estemaal kiya toh mera ling kafi bhari ho gya tha par thodi der me mujhe laga or maine 25 mint tak sex ka aanand liya
Reviewed: 2020-04-16
maine yeh mere husband k liye khrida or mujhe khushi hui ki wo mere sath jada smye tak bad par rhe yeh bahut hi accha h maine yeh mere husband k liye khrida or mujhe khushi hui ki wo mere sath jada smye tak bad par rhe yeh bahut hi accha h
Reviewed: 2020-04-08
Jb maine iska estemaal kiya toh mera ling kafi bhari ho gya tha par thodi der me mujhe laga or maine 25 mint tak sex ka aanand liya
Reviewed: 2020-02-04
Well what can I say, I bought this product in aim to help maintain things and see if things could be heightened for me. It certainly did the trick and more. What caught me by surprise was how much of a size difference there was.
Reviewed: 2020-01-30
Works well. Creates a bigger, stronger . Feels tight at first, but then you get used to it. I probably shouldn't post photos with this review.Just arrived. Haven’t used yet. Nice, discreet packaging. Ring is nice quality silicone. Penis hole looks tight but stretches.
Reviewed: 2020-01-09
Clear set of 3 pieces that can be used level by level with 3 rings. This is an elastomer material and a pen ring-friendly cock ring, so I ordered it on sight and took it for myself at the right time. Now my partner enjoys sex with me.
Reviewed: 2019-12-17
I therefore felt like buying it because these cock rings have three rings. And it can bind the penis completely, which proved to be better sex after wearing it. Both me and my partner are enjoying sex thanks to the website for giving me.
Reviewed: 2019-12-16
My penis is very sensitive and I have to loosen up before enjoying sex, which is not right for my sexual life, but I used it as much as I think now that I can enjoy sex too.
Reviewed: 2019-11-08
I wanted a cock ring that was of small size and I could use it easily but I used it very often and thought it was exactly what I needed. This sex works very well and prevents me from loosening soon.
Reviewed: 2019-09-30
these cock ring have three rings. and these are provide the solution of the ed problems. and provisde the better sex for me. me and my partner both are enjoy the pleasure of the sex. by these cock rings
Reviewed: 2019-09-28
these are very intersting cock rings. these are provide the very much pleasure during the sex.and provide the better performence of the sex. these are really very good product

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