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White Big dick for Vibe

White Big dick for Vibe is made of Elastomer that is gentle on the skin and adjustable in vibration. It is a toy for women who can also swing for your favorite spot.

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White Big dick for vibe belongs to the Classic vibrator categories. It is a vibrator sex toy for woman and lesbian. Women use this vibrator toy for deep penetration during their masturbation session or with their partner.

White Big dick for vibe has a motor on the head. This toy has a swing function (rotate) and vibration function. The swing function (rotate) and vibration function both can be adjusted by the adjustable button. With the left button, you can adjust the swing function (rotate) and with the right button, you can adjust the vibration function.

With the help of swing function (rotate) and vibration function, you can enjoy the stimulation. When the toys rub the vagina wall then you feel a pleasant pleasure. The swing function (rotate) and vibration function both are so powerful.

White Big dick for vibe is made with the elastomer material so it is very soft and smooth to touch. Its total length is 9.2 inches but you can insert it up to 7 inches. Its width is 1.3 inches.

While using this vibrator dildo sex toy, it is better to prefer the good quality sex lubricant. If you want then you can also use the condom with this vibrating dildo. The vibrating dildo has small dots which provide you the unique pleasure during penetration.

If you love to use this vibrating dildo then you have many more options. You can also choose the TENJOTENGE RASEN and Pink Celeb. If you want to experience the feeling of the real penis then select the TENJOTENGE RASEN. And for the beginner users, we introduce the Pink Celeb. Pink celeb is the newly arrived vibrator toy.


Out Of Stock
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Characteristics of White Big dick for Vibe

Material Soft smoth Elastomer
Length × Diameter 233 × 34 mm/ 9.2 × 1.3 inches.
Insertion Length 177mm/ 7inches
Weight 250g
Color white
Waterproof 4 x AAA Battery
Waterproof Life waterproof specification(not inside)
Vibration Speed & functions Adjustable Multiple speeds and Swing

Details of White Big dick for Vibe

In this vibrator dildo, 4 AAA battery is used. You can easily remove the battery case and fix the battery
Check this image to know how to fix the battery case
It has two operation buttons. The left adjustable button is used for piston movement (rotate) and the right adjustable button is used to increase the speed of the vibration function
You cannot bend this toy. It has small balls which stimulate the vagina very well
This vibrator dildo is recommended for the intermediate and expert because its insertion length is 7 inches.


Read the instruction carefully before use
Always clean before and after use *Check Vibrators Maintenance
Use the correct batteries and remove them when not in use or when cleaning
Use of Sex Lubricant and Condoms is recommended
Start from weak vibrations
Stop immediately if feeling any discomfort
Do not share with others
Only use in intended ways
Check if it's properly functioning before use
Store in a dark and well-ventilated place

SEXToys India's Views

This vibrating dildo is perfect for deep penetration. It provides a smooth insertion feeling. This toy is a little bit sticky and has little smell. Don’t try to bend the toy.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-03-11
This uses 4 battery which is a lot when I first open this toy, but after using it once, I totally understand the requirements. This is a very strong stimulation vibrator that is massive as well.
Reviewed: 2021-02-08
Is a very simple Vibrators. Operation is strong easy and also vibration. And more than anything, it is a very long time for good. Does not reach a normal penis up towards the back of the vagina can be stimulated. You can very good masturbation.
Reviewed: 2020-12-02
This kind of toy will have some, but none I think I want just was was so little is exciting if there length toys intended for beginners, I found here was looking for variety. Consult in the chat will remember and were asked to recommend. While this toy I thought try using for some time, it is great. It was good to buy.
Reviewed: 2020-12-02
We use a partner. On their own or each other to insert because it is between women and or each other to show the place has been inserted. Now it worries have crushed the box when it arrived, but the contents were safe. Items that you want to recommend it to all couples.
Reviewed: 2020-10-22
I bought this because I couldn't get enough of a regular dildo. I am happy with the size and it is bigger than I expected. I have recently had my partner insert it into my vagina. It's electric, and it gives me stimulation inside my vagina. It is battery-operated, so I can replace the batteries as soon as I have them.
Reviewed: 2020-09-03
Large soft dildo. I am in possession of some of the toys, but this is the No. 1 favorite. Material is also good, you can feel immediately orgasm because it fit. I think color is also good. Also patronized the future.
Reviewed: 2020-03-02
The vibrating dildo has small dots which provide you the unique pleasure during penetration. i love that because this is long as well as. thankx so much to give me such amazing product sex toy india. i also can adjust the vibrating speed fuction.
Reviewed: 2020-02-25
White Big dick for vibe has a motor on the head. This toy has a swing function and vibration function. The swing function and vibration function both can be adjusted by the adjustable button. I love the dottes also.
Reviewed: 2020-01-17
I used many of vibrator. But it was my first that has rotor on top. It is more good feeling when i insert it. Its top rotor makes me ready in just some minutes. Its vibrator and point of vibration is actually satisfying. Every woman who want to have strong vibration and pleasure should go with it.
Reviewed: 2019-12-27
Its softness is surprising. I am not expecting it that soft. It is better than my expecting. Its softness is so good to use inside the vagina. It is totally friendly to use. There is no smell of rubber. I loved it.
Reviewed: 2019-11-08
This toy is one of my favourite. It has a good shape and adjustable multiple speeds and swings for every mood. The vibrations are really very nice, whether you want something intense, slow or erratic, this toy has it all. I enjoy it so much.
Reviewed: 2019-10-22
Overall good. But was not as I expected, thought it would have a little strong vibration function. I think it is good for the intermediate level user.
Reviewed: 2019-10-04
Its vibration function is effective to turn on after insert in the vagina. It makes the play for longer and makes be cum. The motor on top that it generates vibration in it and keep me erotic for a longer time. Amazing vibrator. Shape id also unique. Loved it.
Reviewed: 2019-09-30
I tried to use in anal before inserting the buttplug. Its tip is thin and after lubrication I used it. It is easy to loosen the anal tissue. It is not painful at all. Other user can also try it. My experience is good for both vagina and anal.

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