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Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps

Nipple clamps BDMS sex toy. Buy breast clamp, ball gag, eyemasks, Blindfolds, breast clamp, mouth gag.

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Product's Description

Iron ring mouth stop are a O Ring to force the mouth, & to pick up the nipple additional abuse Insult fun feeling. They are permission away unspeakable voices, saliva spilling from the mouth evokes additional excitement fun elegant feeling. If you can be Iron ring mouth stop used in affiliation with a confirmed of eye masks a additional abuse insult feeling closely UP. Iron ring mouth stop is a O-ring mouth gag with addition able nipple clamps for middle fair domination play for a person. The Compatible O-rings - pick against with a nickel-free iron or rubber used for the material for this product. Iron ring mouth stop is a chain can be free detached for independent gag and clamps usually best use for a person. Iron ring mouth stop is a Elegant baroque strap with flexible buckle closure built the better fit on. Iron ring mouth stop is a PVC-tipped clamps component screw pin for custom-fit intensity. Playing with nipple clamps not at any time exclusive results in greatest sensitivity, it further delivers a ridiculous natural highly, arrange a original taste of giving-in satisfaction and offers excitement a like not at any time before. For a more everyone person should additional a pinch of nipple rough play to their play, take a look the body feeling the better excitement. This is a material used for Metal ring mouth restraint(Iron ring mouth stop) + nipple clipper (with eye mask). The Nipple clipper can adjust strength with knob use. The color design of the attached eye mask will be odd. Please use this sex toy and knock your BDSM feeling.

Characteristics of Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps

Eye mask 185mm × 75mm
Head size 420mm × 560mm
Weight 194g
Color Leopard and Black
Waterproof No
Package 88mm × 58mm × 162mm

How to Use Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps

It is a very simple eye mask. It is firmly fixed with rubber.
You can safely wear this toy from anywhere, but the easiest way is from the mouth ring. Fix it with a belt behind the head.
Once you have taken the nipple clamps you idea on playing with, firstly start by fun gently rubbing or feeling pinching the nipples to have it erect. Fasten the clip to the nipple and tighten the screw.


Clean the BDSM toy before and after sexual activity, so that it can further use. Properly clean the toys otherwise get hurt your body. Avoid if your partner is not comfortable. Avoid if your partner is allergic to any certain natural fibre. We recommend that you decide the stop signs for safety. Do not get excited too much. Clean thoroughly after use, please save in a dark place with good ventilation.


Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps are the best iron ring to give a real feel of nipples. It is used by many females to excitement themselves and makes sexual life awesome. It is compatible with any type of belt and chain use. Iron ring mouth stop + nipple clamps have high sufficient to give you enough stimulation in self-best excitement or in foreplay with your partner.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-06-15
Sexy even to look at! My husband loves it. Me and my hubby both like the gag. The nipple clamps work very well. Great design. Also thanks to you for your excellent service. In future, again we order from your site.
Reviewed: 2019-03-22
I ordered this iron ring mouth stop and nipple clamps. As soon as it arrives I used it with my partner. At first, my partner does not feel comfortable but after using it two or three times she experience the unique sensation. We both love this.
Reviewed: 2019-03-22
This is my first SM toy. One of my friends suggests me to use this so I ordered it. I used this with my girlfriends. She also loves this BDSM toys. In this SM toy, mouth gag, breast clamp, and blindfolds are included. In one pack you can get three different toys. Sometimes we used all the three toys together whereas sometimes we only used blindfolds.
Reviewed: 2019-03-11
The mouth is always open with metal O-ring. I like gagging, but this is very exciting because I can not see the inside of the mouth with a ball. If you insert the erect dick into the hole as it is, the blowjob can also be forced, unlike usual. Then we blindfold and clip to the nipple. This set is complete at once and this is convenient.
Reviewed: 2019-03-07
when I m in clever mind-set I m utilizing iron ring mouth stop and areola in addition to I said statue to my accomplice and after that I do sex with my accomplice I feel very appreciate with this thing on the grounds that just I do all sex as indicated by my thought and my accomplice is stand and keep quietness like statue its working like robot because when you do sex you have an inclination that you are doing sex with hard of hearing lady. It is valuable for doing diverse sort of sex.
Reviewed: 2019-02-13
With this toy you can do a perfect attack. This is enough for people if it is troublesome for you to purchase variously. The blindfold feels a little cheap, but I work firmly. The nipple clip is pretty nice. It is best to work with your mouth.
Reviewed: 2019-02-13
When I m in funny mood I m using iron ring mouth stop and nipple plus I said statue to my partner and then I do sex with my partner I feel very enjoy with this item because only I do all sex according to my idea and my partner is stand and keep silence like statue its working like robot bcos when you do sex you feel like you are doing sex with deaf woman. It is very useful for doing different type of sex.

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