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Buy nipple clamps toys for Indian hot nipple online.Nipple tentacle rotation Vibrator.

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*There is currently no packaging for this product.*

CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy. It is a sex toy for woman and lesbian. Woman and lesbian can use this toy to stimulate their nipple and breast during their sexual act. Sometimes they also use this toy to stimulate the clitoris. It is a type of a rotor for tits and chestnuts because it sucks and rotates. Mostly woman loves to use this toy during their partner play or the masturbation session.

This nipple speciality vibrator sex toy is made with the soft resin material so any woman or lesbian can easily use it, even if they have sensitive skin also. The sucker part has small protrusions inside it. These small protrusions stick to the nipple or clitoris and rotate, reverse rotate and caresses.

It has 8 different types of vibration speed and function which you can easily change with the remote. The remote has two operation buttons. The right button is used to turn off and the left button is used to change the rotation. For example, in one stage 360 degrees right and 360 degrees left, in two stages 720 degrees left and 720 degrees right, the rotation width will expand to 8 levels.

For smooth rotation, we recommended you to use the good quality personal lubricant. To use this nipple vibrator, first, you should apply some lubricant and then place the sucker in the correct position and after that activate the power. Along with this nipple toy, you can easily use any other sex toys.

If you love to stimulate your nipple and breast then you may also like the CHICHIPITAMASSA MONDAROU and CHICHIKURI Paradise. All these nipple toys belong to the same series. So you can select any one which you like most.


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Material Soft resin
Atattch section 1.4 inches (3.5 cm)
Cable length 26.8 inches (70 cm)
Weight 100 g
Color Transparent and Heart
Power Type 3 x AA
Controller Type Wired - push button
Waterproof No
Vibration Speed & functions 8 functions
Package 8 × 5.5 × 13.5 cm


Atattch section is 1.4 inches (3.5 cm)
The prongs are very soft.
The rotating brush stimulates the nipples.
Use AA x 3 batteries


Read the instruction carefully before use
Always clean before and after use *Check Vibrators Maintenance
Use the correct batteries and remove them when not in use or when cleaning
Use of Sex Lubricant and Condoms is recommended
Start from weak vibrations
Stop immediately if feeling any discomfort
Do not share with others
Only use in intended ways
Check if it's properly functioning before use
Store in a dark and well-ventilated place

SEXToys India's Views

STI Girl

This is a suction type nipple vibrator. You can stimulate your nipples while clinging to them. I recommend using it for masturbation as well as for sex.


Using this to stimulate your partner will also increase your chances of achieving orgasm. Try using it on women who are more likely to feel it in their nipples.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2022-03-12
It enhanced the pleasure of masturbation. Even though I don't feel much with my nipples, I was able to get satisfaction from them. I was a little disappointed that it took so long to deliver.
Reviewed: 2022-03-04
I could not feel much. I may not be able to achieve orgasm with nipples. The vibrations were pretty strong, so if someone else used it, they could achieve orgasm.
Reviewed: 2022-01-07
Stimulating a woman in sex with this easily achieves orgasm. You should use it if your partner is easily sensitised by your nipples.
Reviewed: 2021-12-08
I bought this one because I tend to feel it on my nipples. I felt a stimulation that I have never experienced before. It was the first time I achieved a nipple orgasm. I will continue to use it for masturbation.
Reviewed: 2021-10-20
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy for me and I really enjoyed with this sex toy. I can easily stimulate my nipple and breast during my sexual activity. I really enjoyed with this sex toy. I like it very much and always enjoyed with this sex toy with the partner.
Reviewed: 2021-09-24
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy for me. It is good but I want more vibration in it because I am beginnner user so I feel little happy with this sex toy. It is best for beginnner users. The quality was ok of this product but I want more enjoying sex toy to improve my sexua life. Overall it is good for any female user.
Reviewed: 2021-07-16
I love the material and these are small so i love it. i can easily just store it anywhere in my purse and anywhere in the smll place it doesnt need full space.
Reviewed: 2021-06-15
Amazing toy. It’s rotating function and vibration function is amazing. Your service is also good. I received my parcel within 3 days. The material and the suction of this product is awesome. Highly recommended.
Reviewed: 2021-06-02
I order this toy for my wife. She loves this toy. It works wonders, it was better than my expectation. Its 8 different types of vibration function helps a lot. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2021-05-27
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT made with the soft resin material so I easily use it, and find complete enjoyment with this sex toy. It has 8 different types of vibration speed and function which give me complete enjoyment and pleasure. The right button is used to turn off and the left button is used to change the rotation so that it is easy to operate and find the best results for me. I really impressed with this sex toy and always use in free time.
Reviewed: 2021-05-21
I always want something to the nipples and than i found one from the sextoyindia. without any further doughts i just bought it. and seriously i love it. i have to say that this is the best thing to stimulates my nipples and i would sugest it all women. my two or three friends are already bought it.
Reviewed: 2021-04-23
इसे आसानी से रिमोट के साथ बदल सकते हैं। यह काफी बढ़िया है मुझे यह अच्छा लगा स्तन काफी तेजी से उतेजित होते है|
Reviewed: 2021-04-21
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy for me. I used this toy to stimulate my nipple and breast during sexual activity with the partner. It is a type of a rotor for tits and chestnuts because it sucks and rotates. so it's feeling osm for me. I really enjoyed with the sex toy because It is give me a lof of enjoyment and fun. It is all time the best sex toy for me and give me best results forever.
Reviewed: 2021-04-09
यह अच्छा है मेरे निप्पल में काफी खलबली मचलती है शुरुवात में मुझे थोडा दर्द हुआ पर बाद में बहुत मजा आया| मुझे लगता है इसे एक बार इसे हर महिला को इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए|
Reviewed: 2021-03-26
This is a my unique sex toy because made with the soft resin material so it all time best for sensitive skin. The sucker part has small protrusions inside me and always pleasurable for me when I use it. It has different type of vibrational capacity for me. I really imprassed with this sex toy.
Reviewed: 2021-02-25
I like how this can continuously give me nipple sensation while I'm stimulating other parts of my body. Hands down the best ever addition to my masturbation arsenal. Sucking is very strong too which speaks for the quality.
Reviewed: 2021-01-12
It is a cute look of the vibrator. So easy to be driven by the battery, I think that may feel free to try out. Since the thought that happy if a little cheaper price, was at this evaluation. The product itself is very good. Delivery is satisfied because the corresponding also was faster, such as arrange. Also I would like to buy other things.
Reviewed: 2020-12-14
Because it was looking for items for the nipple, I tried to buy. It also joy is cute because the partners design, and love so easy to use. Night from encountering sex toys india will climax. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2020-11-16
You can give the optimal stimulation in a plurality of vibration patterns. People who like stimulus to the nipple think I should have the absolute. So can also be used to sex to masturbation, it is one of the sex toy that you want to recommend to many women.
Reviewed: 2020-10-16
If you want to pinpoint your nipples, this is the way to go. It has countless prongs that rotate and stimulate your nipples. I often use it when I want to feel it when I'm alone. It's much more comfortable than my boyfriend licking my nipples!
Reviewed: 2020-09-09
I was drawn to the design and bought it. It's so girly and I never get tired of it. I have been using it for about a year now because I can feel more pleasure than I imagined when I bought it. My boyfriend uses it not only alone but also for sex.
Reviewed: 2020-08-14
This is a great idea. And comes with a sucker, it transferred the direct stimulation it is possible to come into close contact with the nipple. I pass this to the boyfriend, I have been asked to always use at the time of sex. Sex with no this is not considered anymore. I like very much.
Reviewed: 2020-07-20
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple vibrator that has become my ultimate choice with its stunning vibrations. This nipple sex toy is a special vibrator sex toy that is made using soft resin material so I can use it easily, it has small protrusions inside the sucker part so they stick to the nipple or clitoris. And give you the ultimate happiness.
Reviewed: 2020-07-06
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT A nipple special vibrator that is very special to me and I love spending time with it. I consider this toy to be the best option to stimulate my nipple and breast during my sexual activity and also like to use this toy to stimulate my clitoris as well. This is a type of rotor that is great for my breast and chest because it rotates so well.
Reviewed: 2020-06-02
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy. I use this toy to stimulate my nipple and breast during sexual act with my partner. Sometimes I use this toy to stimulate my clitoris before sexual intercourse.
Reviewed: 2020-05-28
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a my special type of sex toy because I feel more pleasure and easily get excited with this vibrator sex toy. I mostly used it when me and my partner play sexual activity and sometime I used during masturbation.
Reviewed: 2020-05-28
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator for me. It is a type of a rotor for tits and chestnuts because it sucks and rotates so it provide complete stimulation for me.
Reviewed: 2020-05-11
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy. It is a sex toy for me. I can use this toy to stimulate their nipple and breast during their sexual act. It is best sex toy for me.
Reviewed: 2020-04-30
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy and can use this toy to stimulate their nipple during their sensational play. I really impressed with this sex toy.
Reviewed: 2020-04-22
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy. I love this sex toy and after the use it is best sex toy for me and completely enjoyable for me. I am happy to receive it.
Reviewed: 2020-04-13
CHICHIKURI MONMON EIGHT is a nipple speciality vibrator sex toy. Sometimes they also use this toy to stimulate the clitoris. I am happy to receive it and completely satisfied with this sex toy, It is my best sex toy.
Reviewed: 2020-04-02
I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised! I am a C/D cup and they fit really well, I can see how larger breasted women might have a little trouble but I still would recommend because of the price and function.
Reviewed: 2020-03-16
Item arrived super fast and just as expected! Was charged upon arrival so ready to use straight out of the box. The battery life seems to be very impressive. I was skeptical of this product, but it does what it claims! Very fun toy to incorporate into solo routine or to give as a gift. I have recommended to friends.
Reviewed: 2020-02-17
Although boyfriend gave me a gift, I really like this. So it is easy to wash than a vibrator, we use more than a vibrator. Because it is prepared many patterns of vibration, it is fun to use while with the change.
Reviewed: 2020-01-21
This is the cutest sex toy i ever used in my whole life this is so good it is the best sex toy to give me nipple orgasm. the quality is also superb. What im saying about the packaging i think when i see this first time i thing that is seriously a sex toy packaging. this is so great.
Reviewed: 2020-01-14
Love it the inner texture of the nipples massager is so great i feel like someone really suck my nipples and the touch of these nipple sex toys is so good for me.
Reviewed: 2019-12-13
This was really setisfying for me because it stimulates my nipples so perfectly. I just use it for few minitus and i totally to further activities.
Reviewed: 2019-11-28
I like the materal of this nipple vibrator, it stuck on my nipples to stimulates them, i serously love it.
Reviewed: 2019-10-30
these are the very useful toy for me. these toys are provide me sensetional felings on my nipple. so i love these toys.
Reviewed: 2019-10-14
these toys are increasing the pleasure of the sex. me and partner have more experince of the sex. but these toys are provide the new experiance.
Reviewed: 2019-10-01
मैं वास्तव में यह कहे सकती हु यह एक बहुत अच्छा निप्पल वाइब्रेटर खिलौना है यह कीमत के लिए यह अच्छी तरह से बनाया गया है, यह किसी को नुकसान नहीं पहुंचाता यह पूरी तरह से उपयोग करने के लायक है।
Reviewed: 2019-09-15
मुझे शुरू में इस पंप से प्यार नहीं था-लेकिन कुछ परीक्षण और त्रुटि के बाद,और उपयोग करने बाद पता चला यह बहुत तेजी से उत्तेजना को बढ़ता है। यह अब मेरा पसंदीदा पंप है। मुझे यह आरामदायक उपयोग करने में आसान और प्रभावी लगता है।
Reviewed: 2019-09-01
mujhe ye khilona bhut sandar laga kyoki es khilne ne mere ander kuch hi samay me sex utejna peda kr deta hai mujhe es kilone ko bhut pyar krti hu
Reviewed: 2019-08-27
This is Wonderfull product for me because when i used it i got good filling. My boobs's shape make good after that use this product. Realy nice sex toy it. It is make me happy and relex. It has vibrate almost same as mans hand touch. Osm Filing buying this Product.
Reviewed: 2019-08-16
I think this is a very good product for me. My breasts have grown so much. When I bought this product very quickly and enjoyed it after using it. Now I use it every day.
Reviewed: 2019-08-07
mujhe ek ese kilone ki jrurat thi jo mujhe utejit kre es kilone se me apne nipels per lagati hu or ye mujhe pury trha se utejit krta hai ye mujhe best kilona laga hai
Reviewed: 2019-07-31
mene es khilone ka upyog kiya hai ye khilona bhut hi bdiya hai esse mujhe turnt utejis krt deta hai or jb me ese apne nipl per lagati hu to bhut hi bdiya trike se annd milta hai
Reviewed: 2019-07-17
mene esko jb site pe dekha to mujhe ye bhut acha laga mujhe esko usi time order kr diya me esko prepaid krne ki kosis ki lekin mujhe thodi presani huai lekin ye prepaid ho gya or ajj mere pass hai
Reviewed: 2019-06-15
महान उत्पाद। विभिन्न स्तर वास्तव में उनके द्वारा दिए जाने वाले आनंद को दर्शाते हैं। मेरे पास अन्य निपल वाइब्रेटर हैं और ये अब तक के सबसे अच्छे हैं
Reviewed: 2019-05-13
मैं वास्तव में निप्पल खेलने का आनंद लेती हूं,आइटम विवेकपूर्ण और उत्पाद अच्छी तरह से बना हुआ दिखता है। क्लैंप भी उन्हें स्टोर करने के लिए एक अच्छा है,लेकिन मैंने पहली बार उन्हें चालू किया तो मैं कंपन की मात्रा से प्रभावित था इसकी आवाज आपको पसंद नहीं आएगी परन्तु आप संगीत सुनकर इसका इसका इस्तेमाल कर सकते है। मई इसे उत्पाद से बहुत खुश हु।
Reviewed: 2019-03-22
मैंने इसका उपयोग किया है मुझे इसका प्रबाव बहुत अच्छा यह काफी उत्तेजित करता है। इसका असर स्तनों पर बहुत तेजी से करता है।मुझे यह बेहद पसंद आया है। यह स्तनों मई दर्द सूजन को भी काम करता है।
Reviewed: 2019-03-22
मैंने कई प्रकार के खिलोनो का उपयोग किया है जब मैंने निप्पल पम्प को देखा तो मुझे यह आकर्षित लगा और मैंने इसका ऑडर कर दिया यह मुझे दो दिन में मिल गया। इसका उपयोग करने के बाद इसका असर शक्तिशाली है यह एक दम पैसा वसूल वस्तु है जो महिलाये सेक्स में दिलचस्पी या सेक्स खिलोनो का उपयोग करती है उनके लिए बहुत अच्छा है।
Reviewed: 2019-03-11
I'm so amazed with this toy, before buying this chichikuri monmon eight my boobs used to be very small in size, but when i start using this slowly the size of my boobs started becoming enlarged and it doesn't feel painful while we use suckers of this toy.
Reviewed: 2019-03-07
When I am distant from everyone else in my home I am appreciating with chichikuri monmon eight its vibration and silicone body its vibe like innovation and it's sufficient for my fulfillment I feel more sex by utilizing chichikuri monmon on my areola its vibe like any man are contacting my boobs and squeezing very gradually . It's useful for use
Reviewed: 2019-02-21
Although I was lost in the price difference, I tried hard to buy the higher one from memory that I bought cheap ones and failed before this time. As a result it is very good. It will not come off as it will suck in with the pump. Moreover, the brush of silicon obscenely makes various ways of rotation. Be careful as this will solidify if you suck on the nipple too strongly!
Reviewed: 2019-02-21
When I am alone in my house I am enjoying with chichikuri monmon eight its vibration and silicone body its feel like originality and it’s enough for my satisfaction I feel more sex by using chichikuri monmon on my nipple its feel like any man are touching my boobs and pressing very slowly . It’s good for use

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