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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN japan-quality sextoys-test Tenga Magnum First time masturbator

Nipple clamps suction pump Vibrator for sado maso Indian.BDSM vibes and sex toy online.

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Product's Description

CHICHIKURI Paradise are capability rotary pump you can be stimulate the clitoris and nipples with the helpfully of use remote control. The rotor control attributes 3 stages IC seismic up once get self satisfied. CHICHIKURI Paradise are born changed the feeling delightful and simplicity of usability. It can put the pumps in a more several places for the good effect for enjoyable fun sensual feeling. CHICHIKURI Paradise are popular favored to used with lubricants. Smoothnessprotrusions that stimulate conscious parts and powerfully equipped with IC function of three stages function do not accumulate strongly. Later pursuing proficiency of used and proficiency of feeling, there is paradise. It can be used in different places such as anal and chestnut, yet let's generate more erogenous areas. CHICHIKURI Paradise are casually speed full rotate to the left and right tentacles smooth mixture component. The CHICHIKURI Paradise are exclusive vibrating stimulation, a recent mechanism for rotating feeler our originative and working utile products made up with the suction pump. CHICHIKURI Paradise are very huge experience, staged in a shorter gear motor to plug the rotation revolution turn is not extraordinarily powerful. The CHICHIKURI Paradise state will again sell for the use of suction pumps, I am also not blamed for more than one place at the alike time unthinkable. We get self satisfied the mixture composite of satisfying lotion for enjoy feeling.

Characteristics of CHICHIKURI Paradise

Material Soft resin
Diameter 35mm / One Sucker
Color Transparent and White
Power Type 2 x AA Battery
Controller Type Wired - push button
Waterproof No
Vibration Speed & functions 3 functions
Package 155mm × 45mm × 105mm

How to Use CHICHIKURI Paradise

Clean the Nipple specialty Vibrators before use.
First set the battery of product and switch on the power button, confirm that the battery runs normally.This toy works with 2 x AA Battery.
Put the sucker on the nipple and fix it and turn on the power.


Please use the correct battery. Check battery is properly working or not. Use water based lubricant to make your drive more safe and easy. Wash the toy with water or antiseptic soap to make it free from germs and bacteria. Please stop using it if you feel uncomfortable. After sexual activity, remove the battery otherwise motor of your toys get damage. Wash thoroughly after use, please save in a dark place with good ventilation. When washing, remove the battery, please do not wash with water because the controller part is not waterproof. Read the instruction carefully before use.


CHICHIKURI Paradise are essential to have satisfied delicious satisfaction in a arousal feeling for sexual life. It is a extensive experience. It is a good product for CHICHIKURI Paradise.

Customer Reviews

ललिता सैनी
Reviewed: 2019-06-15
मेरे स्तन का आकार बहूत छोटा होने के कारण मैं अपने पार्टनर को संतुष्टि प्रदान नहीं कर पा रही थी लेकिन मैंने इस खिलोने को मंगवाया और कुछ दिनों अकेले मे उपयोग किया अब मेरे स्तन का साइज़ थोडा बढ़ गया है जिससे मेरे पार्टनर और मुझे बहूत ही अच्छा लगा |
कल्पना चोरसिया
Reviewed: 2019-05-13
योनी सेक्स के साथ स्तन के निप्पल को प्रेश करना मुझे बहूत पसंद है ऐसा करने से मुझे सेक्स से संतुष्टि प्राप्त होती है | मेरा साथी योनी सेक्स पसंद करता है मेरी स्तन इच्छा के लिए मैंने इस सेक्स खिलोने को मंगवाया और अब मुझे सेक्स से पूरी तरह से संतुष्टि प्राप्त होती है | ये सेक्स खिलौना बहूत तेजी से कम्पन करता है जिससे मुझे आनंद आता है |
Reviewed: 2019-04-22
I was bought this nipple sucker for my partner. when i gifted this toy to her, she is very happy. when she is alone and with me then she use it. the suction power of this nipple suckers are very strong. i can feel that when she moaning. my partner loved this and me too so we recommend this to all of you.
Reviewed: 2019-04-17
Reviewed: 2019-04-02
You should use a lubricant or spit when using a suction cup. It is a technique that does not create a gap between the suction cups. The sucker of this toy is not so strong so it is kind to the skin. Vibration also stimulates the nipple firmly. i used by masturbation, so i am satisfied.
Reviewed: 2019-03-26
I love nipple play. My nipples are sensitive to pleasure, but also sensitive to pain. I wanted nipple sensations while on my own, but too afraid to use suckers. Bought some cheap little crappy vibrating stick on things, which did nothing. Found these and instantly bought them as I've never seen anything like them. Got them in the mail and one bullet didn't work.
Reviewed: 2019-03-25
Easy to use with a controller like a mouse. But personally I like being stronger. If you use a lubricant and pump too much, the torque will be insufficient. Is it good for beginners?
Reviewed: 2019-03-07
I purchase CHICHIKURI Paradise because one of my friends suggests me. As soon as it arrives I used it. It is very soft and smooth to use. I used it to stimulate the nipple and clitoris. It is very easy for me to use this vibrator. When I used it over my clitoris, it provides me the unique sensation. During masturbation, I easily change the vibration function. I really love this vibrator toy.
Reviewed: 2019-03-05
When I am separated from everyone else in my home I am getting a charge out of with chichikuri monmon eight its vibration and silicone body its vibe like creativity and it's sufficient for my fulfilment I feel more sex by utilizing chichikuri monmon on my areola its vibe like any man are contacting my boobs and squeezing very gradually . It's useful for use.
Reviewed: 2019-02-08
I like nipples. I really want you to stimulate my nipple. But it's embarrassing. This toy will serve me such a wish. A suction pump intensely sucks and stimulates my nipple to the limit. The best, I love that!!
Reviewed: 2019-02-08
It is very easy to use with a controller like a PC mouse. There are many things to insert as sex toys and vibrators. This site is wonderful with attention to nipples. I love nipples. I am a male but I like a nipple. There should be many people like me. I hope many such toys will be developed in India too.
Reviewed: 2019-02-08
CHICHIKURI Paradise I used this sex toy on my clitoris part and it’s beyond my thinking it is Soooooo good. It gives me all satisfaction; I used it with few drops of nururun lubricant. The suction of this sex toy is very good it holds my clitoris for really long time. The control is very good, next thing is the vibration OMG. This contains three types of vibrating function and I used each one of these.

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