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Femini Olga For Fairy mini vibrator

Femini Olga is a magic one vibrator attachment where moderate hardness produces more stimulation. Here are the details.

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Product's Description

Femini Olga For Fairy mini vibrator is a attachment for some of fairy vibrators. It increases the usage of magic wand massager like, with such attachment you can use massager for insertion too. This attachment is not too long, due to its size, it can be used by men and women.

This fairy attachment is 4.13 inches long in size with 2.5 inches insertable length that means this length can be easily used in the anus. It is common toys, can say couples toys. Both men and women can use at the same time either with vibration or without vibration. It can be used by without attaching it over the any of massagers.

It is compatible with Fairy mini and Fairy turbo. It is easy to use and easy to fix on massagers.

The texture is similar like real penis. Top part is structure in the glans shape and followed by the folds that feel like penis muscle in the vagina or anus. There are wings on the other side with the dotted texture. These wings stimulate the clitoris/balls and anus at the time of insertion. Its structure is strange that cover the whole vagina and anus.

We also recommended to use condom with the insertable toys, but it is little difficult to fit condom over it. But you can use lubricant freely without any issues.

This attachment is made by elastomer material, that why it is extremely easy and bendable at the time of use. It is suitable to use by beginners too.

If you are interested to buy a long toy, then Tenjotenge Rasen, Cuchu Sticky Nachu.

Characteristics of Femini Olga For Fairy mini vibrator

Material Rubber
Length × Diameter 105 × 85 mm or 4.13 × 3.34 inches
Insertion Length 65 mm or 2.55 inches
Weight 100g
Color White
Waterproof Yes
Package 140× 95 × 65mm

Details of Femini Olga For Fairy mini vibrator

Its base is fitted on fairy mini vibrator.
Both side stimulus for clit and anal.
Its Insertable dildo part is 65mm in length.
Insertable dildo part is in middle.
Compare its length with hand.
The material is extremely soft and bendable.


Clean the toy properly before and after every use with water or toy cleaner. Carefully attach it to the vibrator. Read the instruction before use and attachment. It is good if you store it in dark place, away from direct sunlight and flammable. Likewise you can maintain it for longer time. You should apply water based lubricant or silicone based lubricant before insertion.

SEXToys India's Views

User can use it for vagina as well as anal. Its small dildo work for both. If you are supposed to use it for deep play, you can’t use it. Although best in term of material, structure, shape, etc

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2020-09-15
I tried to use gay couples. This is anyway amazing. Easy to know and feel the orgasm and blame anal in the power of an electric massager. Also the hardness you like. Partner was also pleased. Also patronized the future.
Reviewed: 2020-02-25
Don't underestimate what this adds in size, you will get at least an inch on girth. This is an incredible sight, especially when your partner puts their hand around your newly scaled up member and can only say "this is big". Rest assured it will fit if you warm up and use lube.
Reviewed: 2020-02-05
From the first touch, I knew this would be comfortable to wear. The stretch on the material means this will fit anyone of average size perfectly, it fits to you and there is none of the air trap that happens with the more rigid sleeves.
Reviewed: 2020-01-24
The material of this toy is very soft and smooth and i love the material. This vibrator is good for me. I used it . I feel comfortable with this toy . I can able to use it for a long time because the material is good and I always used it with water based lubricant because its my personal favourite.Its texture is good.
Reviewed: 2020-01-09
The packing of this toy is good. When I get this product and when I used it I feel comfortable.I am happy to buy this product. This toy is waterproof.
Reviewed: 2019-11-22
its size is perfect for me , i likes to use it, it s the very useful for me. i have a great expience after using it.
Reviewed: 2019-10-31
मैंने इसका उपयोग किया मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा इसके छोटे छोटे रबड़ के दाने योनी में जाकर रगड़ करते जिसे उतेजना तेजी से बढती है
Reviewed: 2019-10-11
i purchased it for my friend, and she told me after using it ,its very useful and enjoyble for her.
Reviewed: 2019-10-02
मैंने इसे मेरी पत्नी के लिए मंगाया वेह इसका उपयोग कर के बहुत खुश है इसका उपयोग कर वो जी-स्पॉट ऑर्गेज्म प्राप्त करती है यह महिलायो के लिए भुत अच्छा सेक्स खिलौना है|

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