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Flavor Luxury Lubricant Lemon 150m

Flavor Luxury Lubricant Lemon 150m is Flavored Lubes, a multi-purpose personal sex lubricant that can be used in many ways.

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Product's Description

Flavor Luxury Lubricant Lemon 150m is a flavoured sex lubricant. This sex lube is available in the lemon flavour and it is water-based lube. It is “made in Japan” lube and very popular among the woman. As this lube is more famous among the women but it does not mean that another gender user cannot use it.

Flavour Luxury Lubricant Lemon contains plenty of hyaluronic acids. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common ingredients which are also used in the moisturizer lotion. So, you can also use this lube in your daily life as a moisturizer. This lube does not contain the chemical substance and it is gentle on all types of skin so anyone can easily use it.

As it is a flavoured lube which has a fresh and refreshing lemon scent, so it will help you to refresh and relax your mind. This lube excites your usual love time in a more gorgeous atmosphere. It is one of the best lube for the summer season.

This lube is water-based, so you can easily use this lube with your dildo, vibrator, massager etc. Male partner can also use this lube with their male masturbator toys. To use this lube, just open its cap and take a small amount of lube and apply it where you want. You can also use this lube for a blowjob.

If you love this lube then you have many more options. You may also like Flavor Luxury Lubricant Blueberry 150m, Flavor Luxury Lubricant Peach 150m, Flavor Luxury Lubricant Soda 150m etc. If you don’t like the flavoured lube then you have many more options. You can select multipurpose lube, silicone lube or any other which you like most.

Characteristics of Flavor Luxury Lubricant Lemon 150m

Lubricant Type Flavoured Lubes
Flavour Lemon
Object Lube for woman
Bottle Type Squeeze
Volume 150ml
Package 125 × 42 ×42mm

Details of Flavor Luxury Lubricant Lemon 150m

It is a water based flavoured lube.
It is available in lemen flavour.
This lube is very easy to use and carry.
Squeeze bottle to use lubricant.
First take the small amount.
Use for any types of play.
Viscosity is perfect.
Left to righr :Lemon/ Blueberry/ Peach/ Soda.


When it does not feel comfortable to your skin and feel like irritation or infections than do not use this lotion.
Only for external use.
Keep away from eyes and ears.
Check the expiry date before using it.
If the colour and the odour of the lube gets change then avoid using it.
Does not put in the direct sunlight.
Do not drink.
Before use read and follow the instruction carefully.

SEXToys India's Views

This lube is available in the lemon flavoured. This lube is perfect for the user who has an allergy with a strong smell. Its smells are very light with sweet and sour youth. The woman who wants to try the lube for the first time can prefer this lube.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-03-16
I wanted a scented lotion, so I bought this one. The price was cheap and the quality was good, but I used too much at one time and it ran out quickly. I will buy it again because of the low price, and next time I will use it a little at a time.
Reviewed: 2021-02-15
The lemony fragrance and flavor adds a freshness to our foreplay sessions which works great for providing more excitement for our sex. It is affordable with the Rs. 600 price tag, and the function as lubricant is great as well.
Reviewed: 2020-12-03
Like a bottle is a stylish juice. I like it. It used to partners and oral sex, but it is okay now but I had to be anxious to smell until now. Texture is very easy-to-use and smooth.
Reviewed: 2020-11-09
I think that it is very high quality lotion. Made in Japan of what is really there is no out. Fresh lemon scent is no longer discomfort at the time of oral sex since. I appreciate it very much. Gone After also purchased.
Reviewed: 2020-08-21
We are using at the time of masturbation, but very good and refreshing scent. I like it. Since the condom scent of unpleasant, we Magirawase here. Because look not like a simple lotion is also fond.
Reviewed: 2020-03-25
Fragrance is also comfortable to use is also very good. However, since the price is slightly higher, happy and become a little more cheaply.
Reviewed: 2020-01-09
I used many of flavoured lubricant, but this lemon flavour is something new. It is smooth and gives tingling sensation to the body part. Its fragrance is strong and make whole environment fresh with its lemon refreshing flavour. It is totally safer to use for oral sex and vagina sex.
Reviewed: 2020-01-06
It look like a lotion bottle and smells good. So i can say that it is lemon flavour body lotion. It is easy to store at home. No one can find it that it some kind of sexual lubricant. I was very shy about sexual thing and want to keep it secret. This flavour is good in smell and easy to store. Deserve 5 stars.
Reviewed: 2019-11-22
It comes with super duper packaging, i love the small tiny bottle. The amazing thing about this lubricant the lemonie flavour, i loved this lemon tangy flavour.
Reviewed: 2019-10-16
मुझे इसे प्यार है इसका उपयोग मई अपने पति के साथ पानी में भी कर लेती हु इसमें बहुत अच्छी सुगंद आती है जिसे सेक्स का मुड और बढ़ जाता है|
Reviewed: 2019-10-11
i loved the smooth application of this lemon lubricant and i also loved the smell of lemoin, i alewways wated a lubricant with lemon flavour.
Reviewed: 2019-10-04
यह सेक्स चिकनाई भुत अच्छा है ब्लूबेरी स्वाद में उपलब्ध है और यह पानी आधारित चिकनाई है।मुझे इसका इस्तेमाल करके बहुत अच्छा लगा क्युकी मुझे चिपचिपाहट पसंद नहीं है और लुब्रिकेंट में किसी भी प्रकार की चिपचिपाहट नहीं है इसलिए इ यह बेहद पसंद आया|

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