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Pepe Special Rose 50ml

This is a product sales page of Pepe Special Rose 50ml recommended for sexual stimulation. Here are usage and details

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STI Point:15pt Check Detail
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Product's Description

PEPE Special Rose 50ml, a special flavoured in the sex lubricant. It is exclusive flavoured available in India. The one who love roses and fragrance of rose, this is for them. This rose flavoured is special lubricant by the Japan famous “PEPE” brand. A fascinating rose fragrance that deepens love.

PEPE Special Rose 50ml is multipurpose lubricant that can be used in any types. It is versatile in nature. The viscosity of this lubricant is medium that is suitable for the vagina as well as from anal sex. Couples who want to have sex massage, they can also use this rose flavoured lubricant to enhance the sexual play with partner.

As, this is 50ml tube packages. It is easy to carry anywhere and in anything. It is that small that you can carry it in your hand bag. Due to small packaging, it is suitable for the traveller who does not want to spoil their travelling and love due to lack of lubricant.

If you are new for the rose flavoured, this small packaging is food to try it first and later analyze that it make you fall in love with it or not.

Rose is sign of love, that why we added this PEPE Special Rose 50ml lubricant to make your love more deeper with the partner. This is couples sex toys that make you and your partner happy with the slippery sexual life.

As, it is water based lubricant. If you feel lubricant is much thicker, then you can adjust its thickness by themselves. Just need to add hot water. Add hot water according to your need. If you are using this lubricant in anal, we recommend to use as it is. It is good to dilute in massage or vagina sex with partner or any of sex toys like dildo or masturbator. It is compatible with all.

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Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Characteristics of Pepe Special Rose 50ml

Lubricant Type Flavoured Lubes
Object Foreplay / Insertion
Bottle Type Tube
Volume 50ml
Viscosity Middle
Bottle size 122mm × 46mm × 30mm

Details of Pepe Special Rose 50ml


When it does not feel comfortable to your skin and feel like irritation or infections than do not use this lotion.
Only for external use.
Keep away from eyes and ears.
Check the expiry date before using it.
If the colour and the odour of the lube gets change then avoid using it.
Does not put in the direct sunlight.
Do not drink.
Before use read and follow the instruction carefully.

SEXToys India's Views

Best lubricant with best ever fragrance. All the women will like this rose flavoured lubricant. Men who want to impress their partner and want to show their love, should choice rose lubricant.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-08-30
This lubricant is multipurpose lubricant you can use for vagina, anal and for sex massage. I used this pepe special to make me deeper with my partner.
Reviewed: 2021-08-23
इस लुब की चिपचिपाहट मध्यम है जो योनि के साथ-साथ गुदा सेक्स से भी उपयुक्त है। यह काफी बढ़िया है|
Reviewed: 2021-06-09
The viscosity of this lube is moderate which is suitable for vaginal as well as anal sex. This is very good. And it is used for multipurpose. This rose flavored lubricant and rose is a part of love.
Reviewed: 2021-06-01
Not the quality of this lubricant is good, but the smell is just amazing. The viscosity is high, so if you want a thinner one, you can dilute it. It is very satisfied lubricant to use in sex. I am glad that color id pink and the design of the package is pretty cute. Thanks to such an interesting lubricant.
Reviewed: 2021-05-31
It is compact to carry anywhere. I brought to use in sex with by gf. But I forget that she is allergic to rose. Its my bad luck. It spoils my whole day. Wasted my purchase too.
Reviewed: 2021-05-27
मैंने अपने साथी के साथ और अधिक गहरा बनाने के लिए इस pepe special का इस्तेमाल किया यह मुझे और मेरे साथी को काफी अच्छा लगा
Reviewed: 2021-04-23
I used to by lubricant. Even I always prefer to use lubricant. But such flavor is something new for me. Its fragrance is amazing and so real. It creates a romantic environment from started. It is best to use in sex with partner. I loved this lubricant. It is reasonable to use.
Reviewed: 2021-04-19
This lube is good and enough sticky. I also like its smell. Work great. I had only complain that its expiry date is very closed, so I have to finish it within 1 months.
Reviewed: 2021-04-15
This flavoured sex lubricant is amazing. I had used this lube with my masturbator toy and it works great. No complain at all. I like this lube very much. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2020-12-25
I always hated the oily odor of other lotions. However, this lotion has a nice fragrant rose smell. I can get absorbed in my pleasure without killing my excitement.
Reviewed: 2020-12-21
This is a very nice scent of roses. Since Sex Lubricants is a fan to the extent that I think do not want to use only PEPE, we are considering the purchase again. I want to buy a larger size. This item can recommend really a lot of people.
Reviewed: 2020-11-05
I used this because sex with my boyfriend was getting into a rut. The way the lotion blends into my skin is just right, and even though I have a hard time getting my pussy wet, I was able to finish the sex without feeling anxious. I bought a small amount this time to try out, so this time I'm going to buy a larger amount!
Reviewed: 2020-10-23
A special kind of lotion which has rose fragrance. It is best for special date nights to heighten the mood. It works very well as a lubricant as well, so I'm very satisfied.
Reviewed: 2020-09-30
We use well at the time of sex. Scent of the Sex Lubricants is very healed. It will feel a little Mottainaku is washed away after sex. From using this Sex Lubricants, sex before going to sleep now very fun.
Reviewed: 2020-09-29
I wanted to try using the Sex Lubricants with a fragrance. Since the sweet scent is not good with fruit-based, rose scent of the Sex Lubricants it is very pleasant. We were able to slowly enjoy masturbating to relax.
Reviewed: 2020-08-11
PEPE Special Rose 50ml, a special flavoured in the sex lubricant. It is exclusive flavoured for me because I feel more erotic after the use it. I love roses and fragrance of rose, that why I like it very much. I like it very much.
Reviewed: 2020-07-30
PEPE Special Rose 50ml is the best lubricant for me because I want exactly like this. It is my multipurpose lubricant so it is versatile in nature and provide complete enjoyment for me. The viscosity of this lubricant is medium that is suitable for my vagina and anal sexual activity. I really imprassed with the lubricant because I want more pleasure.
Reviewed: 2020-05-18
yeh lube kafi acha h. Or lambe time tak rahreta h iski sugnd bhi bhut achi lgi Kisi bhi toy k sth use kr skte h.
Reviewed: 2020-05-13
waa badiya h iska use pani me bhi kr skte yeh pani me bhi acha kaam krta h iski khusbhoo mujhe lubhati h yeh bahut badiya h.
Reviewed: 2020-04-22
I always want a lubricant which smells good and then I found the pepe special rose on the sextoys india.shop and I purchased it on that time. When it comes on my door step opened it and it feels like rose everywhere I love the product. I just want to use it as a lotion. Hahahaha. Just kidding but seriously I love the smell but want that it is more long lasting.
Reviewed: 2020-04-20
I just want a bigger pack of this rose lubricant for my girlfriend please sex toy make a bigger pack of this because we loved this really. Thankx sex toy india to provide us such amazing product to use otherwise I am just tried to found a good lubricant.
Reviewed: 2020-03-23
This was comes in super cute packing which i loved it and the second thing is the good and discreet packing. i love the texture. this have a rose fregrance i love roses so i would like to thank sextoyindia and company because they always helps me to provide setisfection threw the sex toys.
Reviewed: 2020-02-19
OHHHH... this is so goodi just need to use few drops and this is so smooth and the quantity of 50 ml is just perfect for me. I also like the smell of this lubricant we both use during the foreplay and the time to penetration.

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