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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
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Dick sex toys for men to Penis enlargement and dick extension. Penis toys for Indian guys.

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Product's Description

ADESAI SISEIJYU SEIRYU is a smooth and soft material used. This sex toy perfect fit on this product. In the manufacturer's statement in the series in used four types, Blue Dragon product・ Adesai siseijyu seiryu, White Tiger is Adesai siseijyu byakko Small and Medium-size, Adesai siseijyu genbu in used・ Adesai siseijyu suzaku is Medium and Large size, still it does not change in display size, everything good feels for a like Medium size. It fits with "Novinobi" product material, it can be used on rough people. Meaning of "Novinobi" is Stretch in Japanese. As when wearing a condom roll it around and it is simple to install and use for a product. Adesai siseijyu seiryu are located in the special in such a great feeling. Four types of penis suck and used for white tiger in wearing it product. Adesai siseijyu seiryu are Hundred tigers wearing It is great to have a collapsing area that stimulates the up wall products. Genbu wearing product this undulating streak sounds to work for the piston. Adesai siseijyu seiryu Suzaka wearing It is a suck that you can feeling best the penis simple with a clear small growth for sucking. Blue dragon, Suzaku, White Tiger, The size and shape are varied depending on the type products. It's the aggressive layout, the touch is very soft and smooth. Even though Saku may say used by a male who is soon ejaculation may be powerful, it as well as makes sense to incorporate playfulness feeling into sex life. Yet, alike condoms, it may be a little painful to cover. Adesai siseijyu seiryu was struggling when it on a vibrator.


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Characteristics of 📷ADESAI SISEIJYU SEIRYU

Material Super soft sTPR
Length × Diameter 150mm × 25mm
Size S - M
Weight 30g
Color Transparent
Package 55mm × 35mm × 160mm


It is very soft material and it can be mounted easily because it has elasticity.
It is a very exciting shape, ADESAI SHISEIJU are base men function and sustainability , smooth fitting fit.


If you feel some friction, use some lubricant but make sure not a silicone-based lubricant. Remove Your Cock Ring Immediately After Ejaculation. Always use after cleaning it properly. Place at a cool dry place. Because it is silicon, if you cover some vibrators or dildos, the material melts.


Adesai siseijyu seiryu is important to relaxed happiness in an arousal feeling sexual life. It is a great experience. It is a perfect product for Adesai siseijyu seiryu.It is small to Middle size.

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