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New Dolls AZUSA

Details such as notes and usage of New Dolls AZUSA. Best Air Sex Doll Toys sex toy for indian.

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Product's Description

New Dolls Azusa, an especial sex doll for men. It is special because of its structure. It is fully body air sex doll that is light weight but give real presence of women to the men. Men can enjoy dual penetration fun with a single sex doll.

New Dolls Azusa is structured in the back style sex position, so men can have real life position penetration with it. It is totally adult in appearance. The body gap in the body part id provocative and modest feature stand out. It can be used nay way. Men can penetrate in face to face position or from back. It is trendy fashion in sex doll to perform the normal and back door position.

It adult appearance is complete by huge breasts on top. These big breasts can use to act as foreplay and enjoy complete presence of women.

It has two holes, the vagina and hole. You can replace the attachable masturbator according to the hole. The position id holes suitable at the correct place that men comfortable enjoy the back and front missionary position. The diameter of hole is 4.5cm and death is 15cm, so you can also use other masturbator in the same size.

Its masturbator is not structure straight from inside. It has dotted texture from the inside. This rough texture feels good over dick and can match the fun of real vagina. The material of doll and masturbator is soft. There is no strong odour to create discomfort for you.

Such air sex dolls are affordable for all men and easy to hide. You can easily pump in air and ump out air. It is easy to store in its small package box.

Characteristics of New Dolls AZUSA

Material Soft Vinyl
Length × Diameter 129 × 910 × 880cm
Weight 599g
Repeat Use Yes
Position Back Style position
Package 220 × 163 ×72mm

Details of New Dolls AZUSA


Always clean before and after use
Use of Sex Lubricant and Condoms is recommended when using
Don't overfill with air
If you feel any abnormality, stop useing
Store away from direct sunlight
Do not store together with toys made of other materials

SEXToys India's Views

Men who want to upgrade himself in masturbator. This sex doll is perfect for you. It is affordable, gives better pleasure and designed in sex position. It will be exciting for you to experience new fun in the sex.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2021-06-09
New dolls Azusa are great sex doll, I enjoy masturbation with this doll, it feels like being a women. I enjoyed it completely. I know how to have safe sex with it and I know to take full pleasure of this doll.
Reviewed: 2021-05-27
New Dolls Azusa, an especial sex doll for me and I really imprassed with this sex toy. I like it very much and it is given a lot of pleasure and enjoyment on the bed. It is fully body air sex doll that is light weight but give real presence of a partner to me.
Reviewed: 2021-05-24
New Dolls Ajusa has two holes, vagina and orifice so I feel fantastic and very good with it. I can change my abusive attachment masturbation. The hole has a diameter of 4.5 cm and is 15 cm, so it has become my favorite sex toy.
Reviewed: 2021-05-11
New Dolls Azusa is structured in the back style sex position so that so I really enjoyed with this sex doll. I feel more pleasure and enjoyment with this sex doll. My masturbation session become more enjoyable after the used of this sex doll. I mostly penetrate in face to face position or from back with this sex doll and find best stimulation.
Reviewed: 2021-04-23
New Dolls Azusa is a very happy sex toy in my real life. It is completely adult in appearance which I find very spectacular. According to myself I can enter its position or back. I love spending time with it.
Reviewed: 2021-04-13
New Dolls AZUSA is a great sex doll, I bought it for myself, enjoyed sex with both the vagina and the hole. When it has to be used, air has to be added to it, I am happy to use it.
Reviewed: 2021-03-30
New Dolls AZUSA is a great sex toy. Enjoys masturbating with this doll, it feels like being with a woman. I enjoy it completely, I know how to have safe sex with it. And I know to take full pleasure.
Reviewed: 2021-03-17
I bought New Dolls AZUSA by mistake. In fact, I wanted New Dolls MINAMI. However, she also has a cute face, and I've grown attached to her. It is very comfortable to use and I will definitely use it for masturbation.
Reviewed: 2021-02-08
I was satisfied to experience more pleasure than I imagined. The tightness of the masturbator and the feeling of insertion was similar to the real thing. However, when I thought that I was not a human being while inserting it, it made me feel sad.
Reviewed: 2020-12-09
sex doll in this series has everything. None easy to use, I like it is possible to experience the pleasure close to sex. And, I feel as actual sex is also progress. Practice to shake the waist is a good person who had been absolutely.
Reviewed: 2020-10-23
Relatively cheap and reasonable sex doll. The masturbator is quite normal but you can always switch out to another one. In conclusion, I very much enjoyed the activities with her, and I wlil be taking good care of her.
Reviewed: 2020-08-12
Amazing product. It takes time to blow it. Otherwise, totally good in terms of material, softness, and use. Its masturbator is real, feel like vagina and its body feels like women. Best sex doll.
Reviewed: 2020-07-21
I was so curious to use sex doll. This is big than I expect. I use it same day. I loved it. This is comfortable to use because it is big in size. It is perfect to have sex just like with real women.
Reviewed: 2020-05-18
yeh dall bahut badiya h. Mujhe yeh bilkul real maja deti h ise lene ke baad mujhe kisi sathi ki jarurt nhi h. Yeh ek sath ki kami ko puri karti h.mujhe yeh bhut jada pasand h. Mujhe bhut achi lagi mujhe ise pyar h.
Reviewed: 2020-05-12
ek dum badiya h. Mujhe bhut maja aaya iska upyog kr ke m bhut jada khush hu ise khrid kr yeh mujhe acha sukun deti mujhe lgta nhi mai kisi toy ke sath sex krta hu.
Reviewed: 2020-04-23
Azusa, whenever i want to penetrate with her i just take the name azusa and boom. I love it and just because of azusa i don't need any Girlfriend who hurt me or cheat me all the time. I have azusa and i don't need anyone. Thankx to STI seriously i love it so much... And i also recommend this to my friends so we can replace and and use it again and again.
Reviewed: 2020-04-13
OMG.. i love the product actually my girlfriend bought it for me and later i broke up with her because of some personal reasons. But now i love azusa my sex doll..
Reviewed: 2020-03-18
What a great price! It's an incredibly good buy for being so cheap, and I love getting good things for little money.Just the perfect fit for me.
Reviewed: 2020-03-11
Nice and discreet packaging.. i love the sex doll product also...highly recomanded to all people who are sex dolls lover.
Reviewed: 2020-03-03
When I took it out of the box I immediately noticed how real it felt. I used it the first time and I was VERY pleased with how it felt and the results it produced.
Reviewed: 2020-02-19
Seriously i love the sex dolls and i only and only belive that products of sex toy india's is geniuan otherwise i am not trust any other site to buy such expensive products. sextoy india is one of the trustworthy site i have trust on sextoy india site.. thankx...

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