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We have put a ring on double rotor haha vibrator Normal

Best cockring with egg & bullet vibrator for women. Cheap vibrators online.Usage, notes, etc.

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Product's Description

We have put a ring on double rotor ha-ha vibrator normal is joking name egg vibrator and cock rings toy. The double rotor vibrator with ring as name suggest is a sex toy containing two rotors and a penis ring. The rotors are of different sizes, one is large and other one is bit smaller. This sex toy is designed in such a way that both male and female partners may stimulate their sex pleasure at a time. The pleasure ring is wearable in penis along with that the two rotors used to give pleasure on nipples of female partner. This is very popular among couples due to its simple and flexible in nature. The couples may enjoy dual pleasure during intercourse using this sex toy. Using of water based lube or lubricants along with this sex toy may add flavor to your sexual experience. This sex toy is very useful for those who are effected with erectile disinfection, the cock ring resist the blood flow and increase the pleasure time. So ,this sex toy is also very useful to make your relationship much more strong, satisfied and pleasurable. The double rotor vibrator with ring can used for vaginal as well as anal sex. This sex toy can be used by gay couples and lesbian couples. Some males and females also used this sex toy during masturbation and body massaging. This is a remote control device with silent features.

Characteristics of We have put a ring on double rotor haha vibrator Normal

Material Safe plastic
Egg Length 32mm, 62mm
Egg Diameter 12mm, 17mm
Color Pink
Power Type 3 x AAA Battery
Controller Type Wired - slide base
Waterproof No
Vibration Speed & functions 3 step speeds
Package 85mm × 28mm × 110mm

How to Use We have put a ring on double rotor haha vibrator Normal

Clean the sex toys before use.
First set the battery of product and switch on the power button, confirm that the battery runs normally.This toy works with 3 x AAA Battery.
Mount the cock ring and set the egg vibrator at the top.
Adjust the speed and functions of vibration to 3 step speeds with the Wired - slide base controller.
You can use another egg vibrator to stimulate your favorite places.


Please use the correct battery. Use water based lubricant to make your drive more safe and easy specially during anal sex as it not produce lubricant naturally. Relax your body before use these vibrators. keep your sex toy always clean. Should be washed properly between consecutive uses. Do not use this sex toy on swollen area or wound area, it may harm you. Increase vibration slowly for long time sex pleasure. Slow down vibration when you feel pain during sex. Use condom for safe and pleasurable sex. Be sure that the toy may not fully inserted during anal sex.


The double rotor vibrator with ring is a small sex toy ,consist of penis ring and two rotors with fully remote control and water proof. This sex toy is gives dual pleasure during intercourse. This sex toy is very useful for those who are effected with erectile disinfection, the cock ring resist the blood flow and increase the pleasure time. So ,this sex toy is also very useful to make your relationship much more strong, satisfied and pleasurable.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-05-30
कल रात हमें एक नया अनुभव मिला। मुझे यह पसंद है कि यह एक छोटा खिलौना है उपयोग करने के लिए बेहद आसान; आप केवल 1 बटन दबाकर मोड बदल सकते हैं। यह बहुत लगता है हम इससे पूरी तरह से संतुष्ट हैं। आशा है कि यह लंबे समय तक चलेगा।
Reviewed: 2019-05-08
वास्तव में अच्छा सा वाइब्रेटर! आने में कुछ हफ़्ते लग गए लेकिन इंतज़ार के लायक था। अपने प्रेमी के साथ उपयोग करने के लिए इस विशेष मॉडल को खरीदा क्योंकि यह विवेकहीन वाला है। सिफारिश जरूर करेंगे।
Reviewed: 2019-03-19
when on the sleeve is very comfortable and although the ribbed texture doesn't add anything for myself it does add extra sensations for my OH. It's not earth-shattering pleasure but definitely pleasant and better than with just a plain cock. The additional tightness around my shaft was also nice and probably helped give me a slightly stronger erection like a condom could do.
Reviewed: 2019-03-14
I used in the missionary position. Use the ring on the penis to turn on the vibrator! Vibration is also transmitted to the penis, but it is not a pleasure because it is the root. However insert and hit deeply to the partner's clitoris when it inserts deeply. Another one stimulates the nipple. This is fun
Reviewed: 2019-03-04
I liked this combo. I found a vibrator with a cock ring, so I brought. I and my partner used it in our play. It was first time for him to use cock ring. The vibrator of small vibrator makes it more happening.
Reviewed: 2019-02-28
It is a sex vibrator for the sex feeling. Me and my partner used it in foreplay. Its vibrating speed is good and very likely speed. I purchased peace bullet previously from your site. Then I found this vibrator with cock rings. It was interesting toy. So I brought one more. It was surprised for my partner. He like it
Reviewed: 2019-02-12
It's fun just vibrating cockling, but if you stimulate clitoris with a nipple with a vibe remaining when you are in a cowgirl style like a package, it will be AHHHHHH. It is a wonderful fun and wonderful toy. It is designed to be perfect for people who have never tried cockling and is very easy to wear. Vibe is outstanding strength.
Reviewed: 2019-02-12
This Vibrator sex toy gives me pleasure during masturbation and intercourse. I did not have any type of infection while using it. While putting on the ring in the penis, it prevents blood flow and increases the time of sex. Ever since I have used it, I able to have a long period of time and my girlfriend also get very happy with me during sex. After using it, I can satisfied my girlfriend in sex.

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