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Best Douches & Enemas, washing anal tools for anal sex, anal masturbation.Beginners anal toys online

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Product's Description

MEDY No.5 Easy Pump specifically used to clean anal when it contains dirt after washing even with water. MEDY No.5 Easy Pump is available with squeezable bulb where water can be store & with the help of this little warm water anal will get clean. It is widely used to flush out impurities from anal before having an anal play. MEDY No.5 Easy Pump attached with silicon bulb or with any hygienic bulb or bottle where water can be stored inside it of approx. 300 ml to the cleaning rectum. These are designed in a sleek & thin size that makes it easy to clean anal . The nozzle is very soft & flexible made from high-quality soft plastic for insertion into anal that gives relaxation during washing of rectum. It is impossible to remove dirt particles from your rectum through hands so we can use MEDY No.5 Easy Pump that makes it easy to cleaning anal without making any efforts by including some water or gas in this product to the cleaning rectum. Same way MEDY No.5 Easy Pump can also be used to apply lubricants in anal.

Characteristics of MEDY No.5 EASY PUMPS

Material ABS, Plastic
Length × Diameter 155mm × 57mm
Insertion Length 62mm
Folding size 30mm × 57mm
Color Transparent and White
Capacity 130cc
Waterproof Yes
Package size 90mm × 80mm × 170mm


Just fill the bulb with warm water or lube& insert the nozzle inside your anal gradually.
Pour water or lube in rectum gradually.


Use with clean warm water or clean lubricants only. Don't make forcefully, it may affect your rectum. Don't share with everyone. Wash thoroughly after use, please save in a dark place with good ventilation. Keep it in safe & secure place.


MEDY No.5 Easy Pump is ideal for both gender for cleaning the anal or vagina. It provides sensuousness & comfort during use of it. MEDY No.5 Easy Pump gives you best results by washing anal part which can be not possible by your hands. MEDY No.5 Easy Pump is designed to reduce your efforts which you make by your hands. It will be an awesome experience for you to use at the first time.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-05-23
Amazing toy. I used this pump to insert the lube deep inside my anal before anal masturbation and it works perfectly. Your service was also great. Thank you.
Reviewed: 2019-05-20
I need to get used to it. It was difficult for me to insert it in the anus for the first time. I checked a video on the YouTube about how to use it. I brought it because It was not good to have anal sex with lot of dirt. Now i always used this. This anal cleaner helped me for better anal play.
Reviewed: 2019-04-15
Well i know it is for the anal cleaning, but i used it for the lubricant. It was difficult for me to apply lubricant inside the masturbator. Yes, i have many large masturbators. Even pump bottle cannot work for me. So i brought this anal cleaner for lubrication. It is easy to use and easy to wash.
Reviewed: 2019-03-25
I purchase the Medy No.5 Easy Pumps for anal cleaning so that I easily involve in the anal sex or even anal masturbation. Medy No.5 Easy Pumps is very easy to use. Along with pump, small bottle is available in which water is stored. I used this water only to clean the anal. The nozzle part is very sofy and flexible so that I easily used it. I think every people should used this before involving in the anal sex for cleaning purpose.
Reviewed: 2019-03-05
sometime a couple wants hard sex. vaginal sex is not only what a man needs from female, he also needs anal sex and that is more important for man to have anal sex. I use Medy no.5 easy pump to clean my girls back hole which will clear the hole from backside and will not let the dirt flow out of her anal hole. she is very happy because sometimes she needs to have anal blowjob and for having anal sex the hole must be very cleaned or else no use of having anal sex. so we clean by using this product and have a horny sex.
Reviewed: 2019-02-21
this is cleaning pump which clean the anal and vagina . this product must for women vagina and anal cleaning. It is a pump then press the back side then drop water and oil. this is must after sex because not come the smell after again sex. this is a plastic product.

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