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oshirinoana kireikirei

Best anal cleaner douches and enemas. Cheap right price anal toys for desi couples in India.

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Product's Description

Oshirinoana KireiKirei is Anus beautiful cleaner as the name states it is an anus cleaner in a beautiful look. Oshirinoana KireiKirei is work as to clean anus's bottom part. This cleaner has a long nozzle for deep cleaning and it removes all dirt particles from the anus. It can be used three times with glycerin and lavender extract formulation. This cleaner consists long valve that attached with a bulb or bottle where clean and fresh water will be stored. It is a liquid treatment also used for relieve constipation from colon and also for stool evacuation. Anal beautiful cleaner helps you out to remove filth from anus which is not possible by own hands. This Anus cleaner is durable and easy to use by both male and female. It helps you to get sensual experience inside the anus. Anus beautiful cleaner is made by the superior medical material or with good quality silicone material and it is non-poisonous. It will be ideal for those who want anal sex.

Characteristics of oshirinoana kireikirei

Material Plastic
Length 80mm
Color White
Capacity 25cc use for 3times
Package 47mm × 35mm × 95mm

How to Use oshirinoana kireikirei

If you warm the main body a little, you do not feel uncomfortable.


If your body does not fit, please discontinue use and consult your doctor. Don't do forcefully it may get swelling into anus. Never share with anyone to avoid harmful diseases. Keep it in a secure place where nobody can reach.


oshirinoana kireikirei is the best product for cleaning. It is too soft and flexible in use. It has a long nozzle for proper insertion which can easily insert inside the anus. oshirinoana kireikirei helps you to get the best experience if you want anal sex. It reduces all efforts which made by hands. It removes all the filthy particles which stayed inside the anus.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2019-05-28
This is small and portable. I used this tiny bottle for lubrication in anal as well as in vagina. Its tiny tip is easy to insert in the anus hole and easy to push lubricant inside the anus. It was easy for me to use and will for other beginners. I am satisfied with this anal toy.
अमर लाल जोशी
Reviewed: 2019-05-21
मुझे गुदा सेक्स बहूत पसंद है क्योकि इससे एड्स का खतरा भी नहीं रहता है | लेकिन गुदा सेक्स करने से पहले गुदा को क्लीन रखना बहूत जरुरी होता है | मैं जब भी गुदा सेक्स करता हूँ उससे पहले मेरी साथी के गुदा को अच्छी तरह से साफ़ कर लेता हूँ जिससे मुझे सेक्स करने मे आनंद आता है |
Reviewed: 2019-04-15
I tried this anal cleaner in my ass hole. It is good to use such anal toys for hygiene side. It helped me to clean with anus completely. It is no painful at all because its tip is thin and small. It is reasonable in price and wants more quick delivery.
Reviewed: 2019-03-25
It is very good and easy to have this product into the anal, immediate effect. It worked for me and give me and my artner a clean anal play.
Reviewed: 2019-02-21
I purchase the oshirinoana kireikirei for anal cleaning. This cleaner has a long nozzle which is useful for deep cleansing and it removes all dirt particles from the anus. I use it two to three times in one. After using I noticed that it gradually became cleaner. I was surprised about it and fully satisfied. After using this I can play with my partner with confidence. Thanks for this item. I recommended it for beginners.

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