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Fantasy Fur Handcuffs In Red

Details such as notes and usage of Fantasy Fur Handcuffs In Red. Best Handcuffs for Indian from SEXToys India.

STI Point:40pt Check Detail
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Product's Description

Fantasy Fur Handcuffs in Red is a couple sex toys. Couples can use this handcuffs during their sexual activity. Men, women, gay, and lesbians can use this handcuffs. Couples can practice the new sexual activities with different positions with handcuffs. Couples can these handcuffs on their hands, ankles, legs thumbs etc.

Fantasy Fur Handcuffs in Red is made with high quality of rubber material. It is available in red color with a comfortable adjustable strap. This handcuff is generally available with adjustable straps.

Fantasy Fur Handcuffs in Red is very soft to wear. You can feel free to enjoy your sexual activity. This is not painful activity and most special feature is that is easy to wear and easy to remove.

Before being to use handcuffs, you should take the sex positions. There is a different types of handcuffs positions like above head, behind back, crossed hand etc. beginners and experienced peoples can use this handcuffs without any worries.

Beginners should not try difficult positions for the first time. You should some easy positions with your partner help and after put handcuffs on in your comfortable zone. You can begin your sexual activity more excited and enjoyable.

If you do not like rubber type handcuffs then you should try mental chain and plastic handcuffs like Pekka - Inspector Handcuffs and handcuffs purple.


Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Characteristics of Fantasy Fur Handcuffs In Red

Material Rubber and fur
Length × Diameter 9×3inches (22.8×7.6cm)
Weight 20gm
Color Red color
Repeat Use Yes
Package Polythene Packaging

Details of Fantasy Fur Handcuffs In Red


Always clean before and after use
Read and use the instructions
Do not use if your partner is not comfortable
Ask your partner for permission to use
Avoid rough use
Use with safety
Decide on a stop sign for safety
Keep out of direct sunlight

SEXToys India's Views


This is a awesome handcuffs that will make you happy and You can play the erotic play during sexual intercourse.

STI Girl

If you have not try this handcuffs yet. I will recommend for this experience users. It has a great quality of value.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed: 2022-07-19
I chose it with my wife. My wife said she wanted to use these because she didn't feel scared. It seems that these BDSM toys should be chosen by the female initiative.
Reviewed: 2022-05-15
I was very excited to get it delivered, I have been interested in BDSM for a long time, but my wife was not receptive to it. But she was okay with this and accepted it.
Reviewed: 2022-01-06
The design is great as it is very soft and can be quickly removed by itself, so it doesn't give your partner a sense of fear. My partner was originally interested in BDSM, but he readily accepted it.
Reviewed: 2021-09-08
All I can say is wow. Overall this toy is good and also I think best for the beginner user. The toy is really unbelievable. Its material is very soft. Easy to use for a long time. Thank you so much for this amazing toy.
Reviewed: 2021-08-18
I do have a lot of fun with these fluffy cuffs. They are great, strong but not uncomfortable. Very easy to use, lock and unlock, not restricting and overall a lovely product. It’s nice to lock your partner in some position and let him enjoy your play! My partner enjoys that a lot.
Reviewed: 2021-08-11
I think it is very good for people who are trying BDSM for the first time. It is easy to remove and the outside is soft with fur material, so it is easy for women to accept. However, since I want to use BDSM toys in a variety of ways, I would appreciate a lower price.
Reviewed: 2021-07-30
This is one of the best adult products that I have purchased. The material of this product is very soft. The cuffs are very slink and easy to use. So far I am very pleased with my purchase and I am going to use it tonight with my girlfriend. Must purchase it to spice up your quality time.
Reviewed: 2021-07-08
For the first time, I had sex using handcuffs. By using them to restrain my partner, I was able to maximize my desire for dominance and enjoy new stimulation. Next, I wanted handcuffs that could be opened and closed with a real key. They are made of cloth, so they are soft and not damaging, but I think I would prefer other handcuffs if I wanted to do more intense BDSM.
Reviewed: 2021-05-24
It is very good, I liked it very much, you can also use it, but I am very happy to buy it,

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