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Jumbo Silicone Extender For Men clear

Details such as notes and usage of Jumbo Silicone Extender For Men clear. Best Penis sleeves(Penis Suck) for Indian from SEXToys India.

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Product's Description

Jumbo Silicone Extender for Men clear is one of the best penis sleeves for men that why it is called as sex toy for men. This penis sleeves helps to provide you a large penis sleeves and with this large penis you can experience also different typed of stimulation and enjoyment with your partner. Jumbo Silicone Extender for Men clear is better for penetration for women because she can feel sensual with this penis sleeves.

Jumbo Silicone Extender for Men clear is a made with high quality of silicon material. Silicon material is best for the genital areas. Silicon material made this penis are so soft during used them during masturbation or sexual activity. It is available in transparent color. It is a large penis sleeves. Its total length is 6.5 inches and width is 2.5 inches. You can easily insert up to 6 inches. This penis sleeves gives you to smooth insertion.

This penis sleeve is a transparent penis sleeve you can see your penis directly in this penis sleeve. Beginners and experienced users can use this penis sleeves for normal sexual activity without any difficulty. This penis sleeves has been designed to increase your sexual desire. This clear penis sleeve is a looks like clear penis sleeves and it also best and satisfying for those women who want extra sexual pleasure always.

If you want to take smooth insertion with this penis sleeves then you can apply sex lubricant before wear this penis sleeves. Sex lubricant can give you pain free sexual activity. You can apply water-based lubricant because it is best for the all types of material sex toys. Water-based lubricant will not damage any sex toys. Condom and penis sleeves both are same. Both they protect your genital area having any infection so you can use this for relax free sexual activity enjoyment and pleasure with this penis sleeves and condom.

Jumbo silicone extender for men is a waterproof penis sleeve sex toy. You can wash it comfortably with water. You can easily wash this penis sleeve by immersing it in water and because proper maintenance helps you to protect your toy from damage that you can use for a long time.

If you do not like transparent penis sleeves then you can try some realistic penis sleeves like PENIS EXTENDER SLEEVE WITH RING Skin, PENIS EXPANDER SLEEVE Skin, Stud man max man pro expander penis sleeve and Jumbo Extender Sleeve Silicone.

Characteristics of Jumbo Silicone Extender For Men clear

Material Soft Material
Length × Diameter 6.5×2.5 inches
(16.5×6.3 cm)
Insertion Length 6 inches (15.2cm)
Weight 68 gm
Repeat Use Yes
Washable Yes

Details of Jumbo Silicone Extender For Men clear


Clean the toy properly before and after every use to make it free from germs and bacteria.
It is ideal to use it with lubricant to eliminate the friction.
You can use either of lube- water based lubricant.
Always wash the penis sleeves before and after use it.
Do not store it under direct sunlight and flammable thing.
Place it at dry and dark place.
Read instruction before use it carefully.
Use this penis sleeves with safety.

SEXToys India's Views

Jumbo Silicone Extender for Men clear is the best penis sleeves for any men because it has large penis sleeve in transparent color which is give you more pleasure and enjoyment. Men and women both feel complete enjoyment with this penis sleeve during sexual intercourse.

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