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It is a toy that features a stylish and uniform design. There is so much cuteness that you just can't think it's a sex toy. Most are rechargeable and high spec toys. There are various types to suit the application, and for smaller ones we recommend the Kawaii series . The recommended insertion type is Kawaii Daisuki series . There are various shapes, so we will introduce them here.


TOKYO DESIGN is one of the oldest company in Japan. TOKYO DESIGN develops and manufactured the sex toys. The TOKYO DESIGN company made the sex toys with high-quality material and does not contain any chemical substance, so it is safe for the body. This TOKYO DESIGN brand has created many kinds of sex toys including Vibrators. We deal with various kinds such as Dildo, anal toy, Male masturbator and Sex Lubricants. We SEXToys India has especially special special toys. And on this page I will introduce the TOKYO DESIGN 's "Kawaii Series" toys with a spot.


TOKYO DESIGN company was established in the year 1989. The headquartered of this company is situated in Tokyo. This company expand their business all over the world. TOKYO DESIGN provides varieties of sex toys.



Tokyo Design is a well-known brand in Tokyo, Japan for the development, designing and manufacturing sex toys. It is established and working from 1989. I the year 2013, Tokyo Design has received the international design award "Red Dot Design Award 2013" for their unique Kawaii Series.

Kawaii series has a number of sex toys that are special in structure and made by the high-quality material. Tokyo Design wins the Red Dot Design Award 2013 among the 56 different nation and around 4,394 products. By gain, the good position as the oldest and best intimate lifestyle company, Tokyo Design expand their business network in other cities over worldwide.

Red Dot Design Award 2013 winner, Tokyo design's all products is made by high-quality Japanese material that are guaranteed not to contain any harmful substances. All of their product is first approved by the professional product testers. The company develop toys on the basis of customer feedback and preferences.

What's kawaii series?

What's kawaii series?

Kawaii is a Japanese word. The meaning of kawaii is cute in Japanese. Kawaii Series is roughly divided into three parts i.e. kawaii series, MARO kawaii and Kawaii Daisuki series. This series has been created with an awareness of the European market, each toy is extravagantly situated, and usefulness and comfort are incredible.

The price of the Kawaii series depends on the type of toys. But when a couple compares the Kawaii series toys with the same European toys then the price is almost double. Mostly the price of the Kawaii series is low because it is a Japanese technology.

Kawaii series is designed in such a manner that any people can easily use it. Each Kawaii series of sex toys has its own characteristics. Generally, Kawaii series is made with phthalate-free safe and high-quality silicone material. Almost all the Kawaii series sex toys have life waterproof specification, so people can easily use water to clean the toys.

kawaii series

In the kawaii series, there are 7 different types of toys are available. The different types of kawaii series sex toys are Kawaii , Kawaii , Kawaii , Kawaii etc. A couple uses the different types of kawaii series sex toys for a different purpose.

All these kawaii series sex toys have many features. The packet of the kawaii series is small because kawaii series toys have a compact body which is less than 10 cm in total length. Kawaii series toys are designed in such a manner that it has a rounded body which people can easily hold in their hands. The colour of the kawaii series toys is white and pink. Kawaii series toys is a vibrator toy which has different types of vibration function and speed. The quality of these toys is also excellent and it is a USB rechargeable.

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MARO Kawaii Series

In MARO Kawaii Series, 13 different types of sex toys are available. A couple uses all these 13 different types of toys for a different purpose. Each of the MARO kawaii series has a unique function. The MARO kawaii series toys are used for both internal as well as external stimulation. These toys are generally made with high-quality materials or medical grade silicone material, so it is safe for the body. The people who have sensitive skin can also easily use these toys because it does not contain any phthalate.

All the MARO kawaii series has life waterproof specification, so a couple can easily use water to clean the sex toys. These toys have almost 6 to 8 different types of vibration pattern which couple can easily change during the sexual activity. MARO kawaii series sex toys are available in varieties of colour.

Kawaii Daisuki Series

In Kawaii daisuki series, there are 5 different types of sex toys. In the 5 different types of kawaii daisuki series vibrator, 3 designs like a rabbit vibrator and 2 designs like a U form. The colour of the kawaii daiuki series is a vivid pink and erotic atmosphere. A couple uses these toys for both internal as well as external stimulation, at the same time.

Each of these toys has different motion pattern such as a clit train vibrator that rotates from a smooth body, and it continues stimulating clitoris even after insertion. The total length of the kawaii daisuki series sex toys is almost 15 cm and the diameter of the insertion part is 3 cm. These sex toys have a life waterproof specification and it is a USB rechargeable type. Once people can fully recharge it, they can continuously use it minimum for 30 minutes.

What's Macaroon Vibe?

Macaroon vibrator is designed in such a manner that it looks like a macaroon, baked goods originating in France. Macaroon vibrator is an egg vibrator. It is very popular among women. Macaroon vibrator has 3 different types of rhythm and vibration pattern. This toy is used for external stimulation. A couple can use these toys to stimulate the clitoris, nipple or any other part of the body.

Macaroon vibrator is designed in such a manner that it is very small in size and easily fit in hands. It has a life waterproof specification, so people can easily wash it without any worrying about a breakdown. The women who are concerned with hygiene can easily use this sex toys. It is a USB rechargeable type. It takes 2 hours to get full recharge and after getting full recharge it works for 60 minutes. Macaroon vibrator sex toys provide the unique sensation and enhance pleasure during the sexual activity.

High quality secrets made in Japan

High quality secrets made in Japan

As you know that Tokyo Design is a Japanese company which manufacture sex toys. The material which Tokyo Design company is used to make the sex toys is high quality. Tokyo Design staff continues to make constant efforts on a daily basis in order to maintain and develop excellent quality among them. Tokyo Design manufactured the sex toys of high level which is safe for the body.

Tokyo Design Recommended Pickup Item

Tokyo Design Recommended Pickup Item

Let's use some of the best products from the Red Dot Design Award winner Kawaii Series from Tokyo Design.

Kawaii series

Kawaii series is one that won the Red Dot Design Award title. These toys are waterproof, rechargeable and fine silicon material and silent designs.

Kawaii Lip Sqweel

Kawaii Lip Sqweel is one of Kawaii series. It is a special rotor of drum rotation type with small ten feathers. These feathers spin around for stimulate to lick and lick. It has six different patterns and can manage by pressing the button. Kawaii Lip Sqweel is made by body-safe silicon material, so it is moderately soft and comfortable to use. It is USB rechargeable.

Kawaii Rabbit Kiss

Kawaii Rabbit Kiss is rabbit type vibrators. It has two ears that resemble the V motion. It is used to stimulate the clitoris and pinch on nipple and breasts. It has eight kinds of patterns that mange by button. This motion is work in a loop. It is made by waterproof silicon material, that is safer to body. It is also USB rechargeable.

Kawaii Tan kiss

Kawaii Tan kiss is Kawaii tongue vibrator in the shape of a tongue. It is made by high-quality silicon material that means it is safer and phthalic acid-free. Kawaii Tan kiss has eight different motion that works on repeat. As it is in the shape of a tongue, so can stimulate the vagina and clitoris with left and right motion.

MARO Kawaii series

Kawaii series has 12 kinds vibrator that is named as MARO Kawaii series. Manufacturer work for their unique form and mechanism. Here are some of the toys from MARO Kawaii series.

MARO Kawaii No.1

MARO Kawaii No.1 is a silicone vibrator with a special Pinpoint structure. It Pinpoints structure gives Pinpoint vibration in vaginal and on the clitoris. It is two in one vibrator for girls, it doubles up the pleasure. MARO Kawaii No.1 is rechargeable and waterproof, so women love to use it. It has a single motor that promises intense power for better pleasure.

MARO Kawaii No.3

MARO Kawaii No.3 is almost tongue shape vibrator. It is also rechargeable and waterproof, a user can recharge it and use it without the battery running out a problem. MARO Kawaii No.3 generate six different vibration function and work by swinging back and forth in the vagina, over clitoris, nipple or breasts.

MARO Kawaii No.5

MARO Kawaii No.5 is good looking silicon vibrator for women. It is like a rabbit vibrator with one extra crib or ear. Its main shaft has a curved tip that stimulates the vaginal and parallelly the extra cribs to stimulate the clitoris. It has a unique rubbing stimulus that satisfied user with the vertical movement of the built-in pearl.

Kawaii Daisuki series

Kawaii series has 5 different kinds of vibrator that named as Kawaii Daisuki series. These vibrators are unique and have special properties for the clitoris stimulation. Check some of Kawaii Daisuki series toys.

Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.1

Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.1 is new G-Spot vibrator and hit the G spot accurately. It has a distinctive tip that works for G-Spot. It has an extra clitoris crib. The biggest feature of Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.1 is its clitoris cribs. It is rotating cribs. This new stimulus drives user crazy. It has eight different type of mode with three pattern of strength and 5 different rhythms.

Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.4

Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.4 is a U shaped vibrator with ten rotating tongue feathers. These set of ten rotating tongue feathers gives pleasure on the clitoris with large vibration. Use can feel being licked with the use of Kawaii Daisuki Cerise No.4. It is also known as waterproof tongue vibrator. Naturally, t is pleasant to caressing the nipples and breasts as well.