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New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex Toys for Beginner

Sex Toys for Beginner

Sex toys can make masturbation and sex more pleasurable.

However, many people who are thinking of buying a sex toy for the first time are surprised by the variety of them and at the same time are confused about which one to choose.

This article is designed for you. I will be introducing beginner sex toys for both men and women, as well as recommended sex toys for different purposes such as masturbation and sex.


This article will tell you everything you need to know about the first sex toy you should buy.

Why SEXToys India is chosen by sex toy beginners?

Why SEXToys India is chosen by sex toy beginners?

First, let me give you a little introduction to SEXToys India (STI) so that you, as a first-time sex toy buyer, can shop with confidence.

STI is an online store that is friendly to sex toy beginners.

Isn't the confidentiality and price of purchase a particular concern?

STI is committed to keeping these things confidential and operating from the user's perspective.

With STI, you can buy sex toys without anyone knowing about it and at a lower price than other online stores.

So feel free to enjoy your sex toy selection.

If you have any other questions, please contact us through the FAQ or chat here.

Sex toy for beginner men

Why SEXToys India is chosen by sex toy beginners?

While the are many sex toys out there, the sex toy that has gained the overwhelming support of men is, after all, the Masturbator.

The artificial vagina made of soft material makes masturbation feel as good as sex.

I will now introduce three types of masturbators for beginner men.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear

Of all the STI products, the STI original The first hidden pussy toy Clear is the one that has sold the most. The most attractive feature of this masturbator is its price of Rs 895.

The price of this masturbator is Rs895, which is a very reasonable price, and yet it gives you the same pleasure as sex, which is why many users appreciate it.

Masturbators are expensive at around Rs. 2,000 at other online stores, and many of them are so obscene looking that they are instantly recognizable as sex toys, making it difficult for men who live with their families to buy them.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear solves both of these problems, making it the perfect masturbator for men who are new to sex toys.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

If you think it is important to have the security of being used by many users, then Vaginal Male Masturbator is for you.

Vaginal Male Masturbator is a replica of Fleshlight, the most famous masturbator in the world. Even though it is a replica, it still has the same soft material that clings to your penis and the comfort of the bumps.

The price is less than half the price of the regular product, which is a big plus.

The fact that it comes with a case and is easy to hide is also great, making it possible for men who live with their families to buy it.

My masturbation pet

Out Of Stock

My masturbation pet is a masturbator made in Japan, which is rare in India.

It is more expensive than The first hidden pussy toy Clear, but still Rs1326 is one of the cheapest compared to others.

The feel of the material is moist and comfortable, and the masturbator's unique oil smell is minimal, making it stress-free to use.

Sex toys made in Japan are very high quality, but they are limited in number and you never know when they will be back in stock, so if you want to use a rare masturbator, this is a good choice.

Sex toy for beginner women

Sex toy for beginner women

The most popular sex toys for women are the dildo and vibrator.

If you want to masturbate with a feeling similar to sex, the Dildo is the right choice, and if you want to stimulate your nipples and clitoris, the vibrator is the right choice.

I will now introduce three popular and inexpensive dildo and vibrator models.

XXX Indian Dick Man 5 [S-size]

XXX Indian Dick Man is STI's original dildo and is one of STI's most popular products, available in a variety of sizes.

Among them, the 5-inch one is a size that even women with no experience in sex can handle with ease, and is immensely popular among beginners.

The price is Rs 990, a low price that no other online store has been able to offer.

The price is Rs 990, a price that no other online store can match, and yet it is made of highly durable silicon, so I recommend it with confidence as the most cost-effective Dildo in India.

If you are worried that 5" might be too big for you, there is also a smaller 4" version, which is also recommended.

New Skeleton Rotor clear

Out Of Stock

The New Skeleton Rotor clear is a popular vibrator for women who want to stimulate their nipples and clitoris.

Since it is very small, it can be inserted into the vagina like Dildo and can be used in a variety of ways depending on the user.

The price is Rs500, which is cheaper than all other products, and the appearance is not obscene, which is another reason why it is so popular.

The vibrations can be freely changed, and it is loved by a wide range of users, regardless of whether they have experience with sex toys or not, because of its small size and powerful vibrations.

Lipstick vibes

Lipstick vibes is a vibrator with a cosmetic appearance that makes it hard to tell at first glance that it is a sex toy.

It is designed to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the handle, which makes it easy to apply to the nipples and clitoris, making it very easy to use.

It is inexpensive at only Rs. 980 and is highly camouflaged so that you cannot tell that it is a sex toy by its appearance.

Recommended set purchase

Recommended set purchase.

From here, we will introduce you to a set of sex toys that will suit your purpose so that you can comfortably enjoy your sex toy.

We have selected these sets based on their popularity within STI and their low prices, so we recommend them to anyone who wants to try out what sex toys are all about.

Men who want to masturbate

Men who want to masturbate

If you are a man who wants to make masturbation even more pleasurable, you should not hesitate to buy a masturbator.

STI recommends the most popular one, The first hidden pussy toy Clear.

STI recommends The first hidden pussy toy Clear, which is also the most popular, and Sex Lubricant, which is a must-have when using Masturbator, to complete your order.

With these two things, your masturbation will change dramatically and your masturbation will be more fulfilling.

Women who want to masturbate

Men who want to masturbate

For women who want to enhance their masturbation experience, STI's original Indian Dick man is still a good choice.

If you can feel pleasure in your vagina, it will amplify the pleasure of sex, so Dildo is highly recommended.

If you are a woman who has had sex before, it is recommended to choose size M. If not, choose size S.

In addition to Dildo, you can also order Sex Lubricant to reduce the burden of penetration.

Couples who want to enjoy sex

Men who want to masturbate

If you want to use sex toys to make sex even more exciting, I recommend the cock ring and vibrator.

The cock ring delays male ejaculation, and the attached vibrator adds pleasure to the female.

The double vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris while inserted into the vagina, and can be used in a wide variety of ways to enhance sex.

In addition, you can also purchase a Sex Lubricant with flavor to make sex even more exciting for both of you.

Masturbate to anal sex

Men who want to masturbate

Some of you may be interested in trying anal masturbation.

STI also produces original products for beginners in anal masturbation, so we can meet their needs.

The Butt Plug and Anal Dildo are both about the thickness of a man's thumb, so even beginners can enjoy smooth insertion.

Both products are the cheapest in India, and there is no one else but STI that can fit this with Sex Lubricant for less than Rs3000.

What to look for when using sex toys on your partner

Men who want to masturbate

Finally, if you are interested in using sex toys on your partner, it is important to observe the following points

It is bad manners to suddenly use a sex toy without telling someone you have purchased it.

Some people feel uncomfortable using a sex toy, so choose a smaller size to start with, and be sure to have a Sex Lubricant for added safety.

By following these tips, you will be able to have a better relationship with your partner.


Have you found a sex toy you like?

A sex toy is a tool that can make your masturbation and sex experience more pleasurable and fulfilling.

If you have a sex toy in your life and you don't know about it, your fulfillment will be very different.

Once you try it, you will be shocked.

If, after reading this article, you still want to think for yourself and choose your own product, click here to go find a product.