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09/04 Update



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Sex Toys for Beginner

Sex Toys for Beginner

Everyone is Beginner at first. Let 's have the courage to step in. Let's start with the results of the investigation on sex toys in India.

Have you ever used Sex toys?

Have you ever used Sex toys?
  • Yes: 30%
  • No: 70%

People who have actually used sex toys seem to be about 30% of the whole. Although it is interesting, it seems to be unlikely to be less when it comes to having used it.

People who have used: What sort of sex toys was used?

People who have used: What sort of sex toys was used?

Men seem to be popular as Masturbators as toys. As a toy to support masturbation as well, it is popular in every country, but Masturbators are also very popular in India. While high-priced sex dolls are popular as masturbation toys, for beginners it is also wise to try inexpensive ones.

It was Egg Vibrators that many women used toys. It is a popular toy in India and other countries. Egg Vibrators are small egg-shaped toys. It is also popular as a toy for the first time because it has a vibration function that leads easily to orgasm and small operability.

People who have used it: Are you satisfied with sex toys?

People who have used it: Are you satisfied with sex toys?
  • Yes: over 90%
  • No: less than 10%

Satisfaction level of sex toys is very high, and once you use it you are often surprised by the high functionality. You can surpass far more than usual sex and masturbation pleasure. There are reasons why various sex toys are popular all over the world.

People who have never used: Reason why I have not used it

People who have never used: Reason why I have not used it
  • 40%: No sextoys shop
  • 30%: Embarrassed
  • 10%: Is it illegal?
  • 05%: High priced item
  • 05%: Where to buy?
  • 05%: How do buy?
  • 05%: Other reasons

The most common reason that I have never used sex toys is that India has no sex toys store. Naturally, it is difficult to use if there are few places to buy. But now you can purchase at various EC sites including us. The choices are increasing day by day.

The reason to follow is 'embarrassing'. People who have purchased condoms and the like think that you understand, but when you buy a condom at a shop, you confront with a clerk. I think it's embarrassing to choose a condom of my own type. It is the same to purchase sex toys and lubricants. If you feel embarrassed, you still hesitate to purchase.

People who have never used: Do you want to try sex toys?

People who have never used: Do you want to try sex toys?
  • Yes: over 90%
  • No: less than 10%

It is an interesting result. Most people think that they would like to use sex toys unexpectedly. Perhaps you are a pervert. Actually, everyone is supposed to think the same thing.


From the above results:

  • Easy things are chosen
  • Sex toys are pleasant
  • SEXToys India is no embarrassment
  • Want to use even people who have never used it

Many people use sex toys in both developed countries such as Europe and the United States and men and women.

Let's use sex toys to increase their sexual satisfaction and to make sex better with partners as well.

Recommended 1st sex toys for you

Recommended 1st sex toys for you

If u thinking like "I am interested in sex toys but I do not know what kind of toys I should choose ... "

We will introduce you to Sex Toys India recommended special first toys set like that. We also made cheap prices for sex toy beginners.

Egg Vibrator & Nururun Lube

This is a set product, New Skeleton Rotor(Beginner Egg Vibrator) and Nururun(Water-Based Lubes). It is perfect for women masturbation! It is nice to be partner used!

Product introduction

It is Egg Vibrator which is excellent in easy operability. Egg trembles and stimulates your clitoris and nipples at pinpoint. Because it is connected by a cord, it is easy to adjust the strength. Even you are only a finger, it is a product to notice the wonder of the vibrator. Egg Vibrator would be the best if you buy sex toys for the first time. Of course it can also be used by men. Please use it for sensitive parts. And NURURUN is a lubricant. Please use it by applying Egg Vibrator to the part to use because it will lubricate sufficiently with a small amount. It is a good idea to use gifts for partners.

Regular price Rs 500 + Rs 100 = Rs 600

Handheld Masturbator & Lube

This is a set product, My masturbation pet cup(Handheld Masturbator) and Nururun(Water-Based Lubes). It is perfect for men first toy for masturbation! Anyway, the man is Onaho(Masturbator)! Go into the fascinating unexperienced zone! Insert it!

Product introduction

This Masturbator is very simple. Lubricant is already in the plastic, just insert the erect penis. Of course, you can use it with a condom attached and you can insert it raw as it is. Ejaculation is possible in your favorite places. It is a revolutionary toy for your masturbation. There is a limit to pleasure with just your own hands. Why do not you try out unknown stimuli? The set of lubricants can be used for other purposes, so it is useful in many ways. Even if you use the lubricant only with the hand job, you will feel pleasure up.

Regular price Rs 981 + Rs 100 = Rs 1081

How to shopping

How to shopping

Sex Toys India does not leak security / safety, discreet or personal information. Since it is not face to face sales, you can feel free to purchase without feeling embarrassed.

Usually when you purchase such personal sexual things it is very embarrassing. It fits you for you who can not purchase at the shop. We keep your information safe security. Also, if you do not know how to operate our website if it is within business hours, we will also have a chat system and telephone correspondence, so feel free to consult us.

Notice after placed your order

Notice after placed your order

Sex toys do not end as you order. Please pay attention to the following until goods arrive at hand.

Order confirmation email

Please do not overlook the mail sent after order completion.

If the mail does not arrive, the address may be incorrect, or it may be in the spam folder.

If you do not receive the e-mail after 5 minutes, please contact us after checking.

Track your order

With tracking number you can see where your baggage is now and delivery date and time etc can be received with confidence because it can interact with direct delivery company. When the item is shipped, an e-mail with tracking number will be sent.

From the shipping company page, you can check where your order product is now. You can also check the status yourself and contact the shipping company when appropriate. Please receive goods reliably.

Name of sender

There is no notation of Sex toys India in the slip. There is nothing to be said that it is a sex toy even if the family receives it. The sender is "Lifestyle Lube".

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Let's open the door of sex toys!