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New Product Sex Toys List

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Sextoys for Couple in India

Sextoys for Couple in India

There are many items in India that can make sex more comfortable for couples.

With sex toys for couples, you can make your partner feel more pleasure than usual, and you can also enhance your own pleasure even more.

If you are stuck in a rut at sex with your partner, but wanting to reignite the excitement and pleasure of sex again, you should use sex toys right now.

There are many types of sex toys for couples, and the features and recommended people are different.

We've put together a list of recommendations for each category, so click here for the category that matches your concerns!

Vibrating Cock RingsVibrating Cock Rings
  • Penis Enhancement
  • Improve premature ejaculation for men
  • Increase pleasure for women
Sex LubricantsSex Lubricants
  • Smooth penetration of the penis
  • Decrease pain during insertion
  • Increase pleasure
Remote Control VibratorsRemote Control Vibrators
  • Stimulate from a distance
  • New sexual pleasures
  • Popular category in India
  • Contraceptive effect
  • Smooth penetration
  • Reduces risk of STDs
  • Ideal for blindfolded play
  • Increases the excitement and pleasure of sex
  • For BDSM beginners
Chastity DevicesChastity Devices
  • Ideal for teasing play
  • Restrictions on the genitals
  • Prevents cheating
  • Increase female pleasure
  • Achieve external and internal orgasm
  • Can be used for anal play
  • Pseudo threesome
  • The woman can achieve internal orgasm
  • Anal penetration is possible
Anal ToyAnal Toy
  • Best for anal play
  • Anal expansion
  • Anal masturbation, prostate masturbation

Each one has its own unique characteristics that will enhance your pleasure. There are also many toys that you may not know about yet. You might as well try the inexpensive ones first!

Types of sex toys for couples

Types of sex toys for couples

You can't have fulfilling sex with your partner if you don't choose the right items that will solve your problems. Let's take a look at each of these sex toys.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Cock Rings

Wearing a cock ring on your penis can enhance your penis and increase the pleasure for women too.

By temporarily regulating the circulation of blood in the penis, it increases the length of erection. It can also improve premature ejaculation.

A cock ring with a vibrator allows a woman to enjoy sex for a longer period of time and also allows her to feel more pleasure than usual when the vibrator part contacts the clitoris during insertion.

Men can also tighten their penises moderately, causing sperm to stagnate temporarily. You can get the pleasure that you can't feel with normal masturbation by having the accumulated sperm go out at once.

Out Of Stock

This is a cock ring with a vibrator function. It strengthens your penis with a good tightening sensation and extends the time until ejaculation.

The vibrating part hits the clitoris during insertion, which also increases the chances of achieving female orgasm at the same time.

The price is also the lowest in India at Rs450. It is especially recommended for both men and women who want to enhance the pleasure of sex.

Recommended points:

  • Stimulates both inside and outside the vagina at the same time
  • Improves premature ejaculation
  • Enhance your penis
  • Improved stamina and insertion for a long time

If you are also interested in other vibrating cock rings, please look for them below.

Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants are effective in smoothing the insertion of the penis. Even if a woman has difficulty wetting her vagina, Sex Lubricants can help both men and women enjoy stress-free sex.

A woman's vaginal wetness may vary depending on her physical condition and fatigue. If you carry one lube with you, you can use it whenever you have trouble getting wet.

If you can't get the penis in because of lack of wetness, you will feel anxious and think about it all the time, making it even more difficult to get your vagina wet.

With the lubricant, you can achieve smooth penetration even when your vagina is not wet.

This lubricant is one of the lowest priced items in India at Rs.199. 30 ml is a small amount, so it is recommended for those who use it only in emergency situations when the vagina is not wet and insertion cannot be done properly.

If you want to use the lubricant every time you have sex, the larger 100ml type is recommended.

Recommended points:

  • The lowest price in India at Rs199
  • Smooth insertion feeling
  • For women who have difficulty in wetting their vagina
  • For those who want to increase the pleasure of sex

If you would like to know what other lubricant products are available, please look for them below.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators allow you to stimulate your partner by remote control. There are many different types of vibrators available, but this is the only one that can provide vibrations from a distance.

You can further enhance the pleasure by being stimulated in your sexual zones under the tension of not knowing when you will be stimulated.

The person you are stimulating can also send vibrations at their own timing and satisfy their desire for domination by watching them writhe in agony.

This is a very compact size Remote Control Vibrators with adjustable vibration.

It can be used for normal sex, or you can sneak the vibrator into a woman's pants while she is out and stimulate her from a distance.

Recommended points:

  • Stimulate from a distance
  • Expand the range of your play
  • Adjustable vibration

If you want to find out more about other Remote Control Vibrators, please refer to the following.



Condoms are basically used for contraceptive purposes and to avoid STDs. Most condoms have a gel on the surface to make insertion smoother.

The use of condoms is recommended for safe and smooth insertion.

Without a condom, there is no way to recover from an unintended pregnancy or an STD.

If you want to minimize the possible risks of sex, please use a condom.

Out Of Stock

This condom is very low priced at Rs180 for a pack of 10. The condoms are made of thin rubber, which is less likely to tear, making it safer and more enjoyable to insert.

The thin rubber gives you the feeling of inserting it into your vagina without rubber.

Recommended points:

  • The price is as low as Rs180
  • Sensation of the penis as if it’s inserted raw
  • The rubber does not tear easily

If you want to know about other condom products, please refer to the following.



Eye masks are often used in BDSM sex. Blindfold play can take away your partner's vision and stimulate them.

When people are blindfolded, their bodies become more sensitive and pleasure is heightened.

People who did not feel stimulated by their regular partners may feel surprised by just being blindfolded.

This is a great item for couples who want to increase their sex satisfaction. It might be a good idea for couples to take turns wearing the blindfold to stimulate each other.

A cloth eye mask allows you to enjoy blindfold play without worrying about your face. Eye masks are often used in conjunction with other sex toys.

This product comes with not only an eye mask, but also a ball gag to take away your partner's words during sex and a breast clamp to stimulate the nipples.

The biggest advantage of this item is that it can maximize the range of your sex play.

Recommended points:

  • A set of BDSM products
  • Rs.3049 for the set
  • Enhance the pleasure of sex

Chastity Devices

Chastity Devices

Chastity belts can be worn on the male organ to control ejaculation, making them ideal for teasing play.

By limiting a man's sexual desire to ejaculate right now, a chastity belt allows a man to have sex while his sexual desire is at its maximum after release.

Locking the male genitals with a chastity belt and having the woman hold the key will also help prevent cheating. If you don't want your man to have sex with other women, I recommend this chastity belt.

The crotch part can be seen from the outside, and even with the restriction in place, the woman can see the penis and increase her excitement.

It has a lock so that the woman can completely take control of the sex while wearing the chastity belt.

Some chastity belts can cost over Rs10,000, but this item can be purchased for as low as Rs3,634.

Recommended points:

  • Great for teasing play
  • Stimulate your libido
  • Great for couples who are in a sex rut
  • Prevent cheating



Many couples use vibrators for sex, and they can quickly enhance the pleasure of sex.

There are two types of vibrators: those that stimulate the sex zones outside the vagina and those that stimulate the sex zones inside the vagina and allow the user to feel the sensation of coming inside.

You can further increase the satisfaction of sex by choosing a vibrator that matches the sexual zones that women tend to feel.

Out Of Stock

This is one of the most popular vibrators in the world and is very popular in India.

It is divided into a controller and an egg-shaped vibrating part, which is ideal for stimulating the clitoris, nipples and other sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina.

It's a great way to stimulate the clitoris, nipples and other sexually sensitive areas outside the vagina. Having sex with this item while it vibrates will make you more sensitive and increase your chances of coming inside when you insert your penis.

Recommended points:

  • Cheapest in India at Rs.500
  • Clitoral and nipple stimulation
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Compact size

There are many other vibrators in India, including insertion type vibrators and vibrators that reproduce the shape of a penis. If you are interested, you can find your favorite vibrator below.



A dildo is a sex toy that is made to resemble a man's penis, allowing you to enjoy masturbation and sex while feeling the realistic insertion of a penis.

If you use a dildo in sex, you can experience a pseudo threesome with two men and one woman. When your boyfriend gets tired of inserting his own penis or is about to ejaculate, he can switch places with the dildo.

This will conserve your penis and allow you to enjoy sex for a long time. You can enjoy sex for a long time, and the woman can also experience a powerful penetration for a long time and achieve a internal orgasm.

The shape and design of this dildo are elaborately reproduced, so you can feel the real penis insertion feeling when inserting it.

The size of the dildo is the average size of an Indian man's penis, making it easy for beginners to handle.

By using it during sex, women can enjoy the insertion of two penises, and men can enhance the satisfaction of sex for both parties without achieving orgasm any sooner than women.

Recommended points:

  • Average penis size of Indian men
  • Allows to have pseudo three-some
  • Realistic penetration feeling
  • Low price of Rs1,650

There are many other dildos that are reminiscent of a man's penis. Use dildos in sex to make sex more comfortable.

Anal Toy

Anal Toy

Inserting a penis or sex toy into the anus can be a strong pleasure experience. Many couples have anal sex because the sensation of opening and closing the anus when it is inserted is addictive.

Some people even shift to anal sex because the pleasure of anal sex is more pleasurable than the pleasure of inserting into a regular vagina.

Since the anal area is very delicate, it is recommended that you use anal toys designed to develop and stimulate the anal area.

Especially if you are a beginner in anal sex, it is a good idea to prepare for anal sex by using the Butt Plug to dilate your anus.

Out Of Stock

This item is a Butt Plug designed to help anal beginners dilate their anus.

It has a thin tip, and if you insert it into your anus while using lubricant, you can expand your hole without feeling any pain.

It has a handle at the base for easy insertion and removal.

Recommended points:

  • The price is low at Rs1,600
  • For anal beginners
  • Anal expansion
  • Anal masturbation

There are many other items that can be used for anal sex. If you want to enjoy anal sex with your partner, please refer to the following.

How to choose a sex toy for couples

How to choose sex toys for couples

When it comes to actually choosing sex toys for couples, there are so many different types that it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

The following tips will help you choose the best item for you.



The first thing to keep in mind when choosing is the size. If the size of the sex toy is not right for your body, it will decrease your pleasure rather than increase it.

As with any sex toy, be sure to pay attention to the size of the product you choose.

When choosing a dildo, consider whether it can be inserted into a woman's vagina without stress, and when choosing a cock ring, consider whether it can be worn without causing pain to the penis.

As for the size of the product, it can be found in the product details. Always check before the product.



Naturally, the items you use will vary depending on your purpose. Decide on the kind of play you want to do before having sex, and choose the right item for it.

There are a wide variety of sex toys for couples, so it is a good idea to check beforehand how to use them and what kind of play they can be used for.

Choose with your partner

Choose with your partner

When choosing sex toys for couples, be sure to discuss the items you use for sex with your partner.

Unlike masturbation, it's not just a matter of making one person feel good. You need to increase the pleasure for both of you, so choose products while listening to your partner's opinion.

If you are a couple having sex for the first time, you may not know which sex toy to use. For those who do, we recommend choosing from the most popular items in India.

Next, we will check the recommended sex toys for couples in India.

Popular sex toys for couples in India

Popular sex toys for couples

Choosing from the most popular sex toys for couples will increase your chances of finding the right item for you.

Below we have prepared a list of items that are popular among Indian couples. Use your favorite items with your partner to have comfortable sex.


This item is a vibrator that can be stimulated by remote control. You can stimulate your partner's sexual zones from a distance.

It can be used for sex in the house as well as when you are out. It can be placed inside a woman's pants and the man can provide the vibrations at his own timing.

The man will feel excited to see her writhing and writhing while holding back in a situation where she should never make a sound in public. This is recommended for couples who want to have thrilling sex.

Recommended points:

  • Remote control
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Experience new pleasure
  • Have fun even when you are on the go

Nururun Lube - Nururun - 100ml

This water-soluble lube enhances the pleasure of sex for couples. If you have trouble getting your vagina wet and inserting your penis, this is the lubricant for you.

It is water soluble, so it is very smooth on the skin and easy to clean. The price is also the lowest in India at Rs499.

The price is Rs499, which is the lowest in India. If you have one of these, you can get a steady feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from sex.

Recommended points:

  • The price is as low as Rs499
  • Smooth penis insertion
  • Great for lube play
  • Easy to wash off

Realistic dildo w vibe Skin

Out Of Stock

This is a dildo with vibration that is made to replicate a real penis. You can feel the realistic sensation of penetration, as well as vibrations inside your vagina, which makes it easier for you to come inside.

The price is also low at Rs.1,699, which is not that much more than other common dildos. The price is also low at Rs1,699, which is not that much more than other common dildos. If you are a man who wants your woman to feel more than ever before with realistic insertion sensations and vibrations, I recommend buying this product.

Recommended points:

  • Realistic design and insertion feeling
  • Vibrations that cannot be produced by humans
  • Low price

Smart cockring for desi pink

Out Of Stock

This item is a cockring with vibration. When worn on a man's penis during sex, it can temporarily regulate the blood flow to the penis, increase erection strength, and improve premature ejaculation.

The vibrating part hits the clitoris, so you can feel more intense pleasure than ever before.

It can increase the pleasure of sex for both men and women, so it is highly recommended for couples who are in a sex rut.

Recommended points:

  • Delays the ejaculation of the penis
  • Allows you to have sex for longer
  • Clitoral stimulation while inserting
  • Low price



We've been looking at sex toys for couples so far. There are many types, and you may be wondering which one you should choose.

Make sure you understand the characteristics of each sex toy and choose the right one for you.

If you would like to learn about sex toys for couples again, please click below.

Maybe you have been feeling resistant or insecure about sex toys.

However, there is nothing illegal about using them in private, and they can be used as a way to enhance the pleasure of sex for couples.

Use sex toys with your partner to make sex better.

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